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Order: 154720 Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Good Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Title: Body: I've ordered four coat of arms and all have been exactly what I wanted and were delivered within a day or two.


Order: 154360 Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: OK Shipping Options Rating: Bad Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Title: Body: The product was on time for a Christmas present and arrived in good condition. No problems. Shipping is high though, I paid more to ship it than to buy the actual item.


Order: 154218 Rating: Good Comments: Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Good Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Good Customer Service Rating: Bad Title: Body: Though it is easy enough to contact your company via e mail it would improve if there wse a person you can can call if you have a question. If not possible a live chat line will do


Order: 154200 Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Title: Body: My items arrived on time, as promised! EVERY email was responded to in a timely fashion. Thank you!


Order: 154002 Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Title: Body: Was very pleased with all of the Family Crests that I ordered. Will order more later. Arrival time very prompt.


Order: 153488 Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Title: Body: I was extremely pleased with the framed Coat of Arms I received for Christmas! It was a classy, tastefully done piece. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Julia


Order: 153448 Rating: Good Comments: Price Rating: Good Shipping Options Rating: Good Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Good Customer Service Rating: Good Title: Body:


Order: 153225 Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Good Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Title: Body: This was my 1st order. The staff was very helpful and responded to all my questions. Overall, it was a great experience and I will certainly purchase again. Thank you!


Order: 152979 Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Good Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Title: Body: We are very pleased with the quality of the goods supplied and we are happy to recommend this company to all potential customers


Order: 152718 Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Title: Body: Excellent product! I will purchase from this vendor again.


Order: 152503 Rating: Excellent Comments: Price Rating: Excellent Shipping Options Rating: Excellent Delivery Rating: Excellent Ease Of Purchase Rating: Excellent Customer Service Rating: Excellent Title: Body: So pleased to be able to log into something like this. Doing my ancestry the this information makes it all more real and interesting. Thank you.

Order: 33392

Title: Body: The response for information was with this company.

Order: 33384

Order: 33373

Title: Body:

Order: 33367

Title: Body: Superb selection and service! Very pleased.

Order: 33357

Title: Body:

Order: 33330

Title: Body:

Order: 33304

Title: Body: Item as promised no hassles everything went very smoothly Honesty of the company was wonderful they would rather be honest and make sure I am satisfied then to sell something. You dont find that much on internet shopping. Thank You Coat of Arms & Family Crests. Stephen Evanoff

Order: 33280

Title: Body: Very pictures.

Order: 33275

Title: Body: Delivery was as stated, product worth it for the price. My only concern is the design. I couldnt help but wonder if the same backround is the same on ALL of the Coats. Color was beautiful, didnt print out as richly as pictured. Overall, I was a satisfied and may be a repeat customer.

Order: 33252

Title: Body:

Order: 33234

Title: Body:

Order: 33228

Title: Body:

Order: 33162

Title: Body: very quick and service

Order: 33151

Title: Body: I had a question about the coat of arms sent that question was never answered I was very disappointed by this lack of customer service.

Order: 33130

Title: Body:

Order: 33115

Title: Body:

Order: 33059

Title: Body: excelent service and the acuracy of the document was amazing......will be perchasing from you in the future !

Order: 33011

Title: Body:

Order: 33008

Title: Body: Very Genaric coat of arms. Ordered my family coat of arms in Jpeg format. Los like they just filled in my name @ the bottom with bold italic print very poor and totally not what I described to them in what it loed like. Would not buy from again.

Order: 32998

Title: Body: Delivery would have been except for one order where I got a duplicate of the McEwan coat of arms, which was the first order I placed, instead of Bruce. The time of delivery, especially on small orders, was even better than promised. Several orders of one were delivered the same day. I also ordered from another website who charged $14.99 instead of $14.75, although on one of my larger orders, your website was also $14.99. Anyway, I digress. What I liked about the other website is that they included a short blurb about the origins of the name, for example: Name: Richmond Record: 42378 Highead Castle in Cumberland, England, temporal King Henry VIII, afterwards of Catterlen; Christopher Richmond, Esq., of Highead Castle, married Mabel,daughter and co-heir of John Vaux, Esq., of Catterlen; the daughter and eventual heiress of Christopher Richmond, Esq., of Highead and Catterlen,married John Hutchinson, Esq., of Framwell Gate. Arms: Gules, two bars gemel and a chief or. I found this to be a big plus, so I am sending my future orders to them.

Order: 32909

Title: Body: The price is way too much for something you probably have archived and just to email. It shouldnt take 4 or 5 days either to email. I tried somewhere else and they had it back to me withing 24 hours and was cheaper as well.

Order: 32907

Title: Body:

Order: 32901

Title: Body:

Order: 32815

Title: Body: It has been 15 days since I placed my order. Their literature states the product I ordered would be sent within 2 - 5 days. I followed up via email to check on the status of my order. The merchant said he would check to see why I have yet to received it. It has been 4 days since his Ill check on it response and I am still waiting.

Order: 32793

Title: Body:

Order: 32750

Title: Body:

Order: 32707

Title: Body:

Order: 32701

Title: Body: very responsive, customer service, would recommend to anyone!

Order: 32669

Title: Body:

Order: 32668

Title: Body:

Order: 32667

Title: Body:

Order: 32665

Title: Body: This company was extremely helpful! I made a special request and they happily abliged. I highly recomend this company

Order: 32648

Title: Body: Would have liked to have the option of viewing the crests before purchasing, but an overall wonderful experience and would do buisness with them again.

Order: 32597

Title: Body: I like that I was able to view my Coat of Arms before purchasing it. Other sights I went to did not let you preview your Coat of Arms.

Order: 32588

Title: Body:

Order: 32578

Title: Body: still waiting for my crest and its been 1 month already

Order: 32568

Title: Body:

Order: 32567

Title: Body:

Order: 32526

Title: Body: I received my purchase much faster than I expected. I am very pleased with this company and will undoubtedly buy from them again.

Order: 32516

Title: Body:

Order: 32512

Title: Body:

Order: 32506

Title: Body:

Order: 32481

Title: Body:

Order: 32453

Title: Body:

Order: 32423

Title: Body:

Order: 32398

Title: Body: The site is very easy to navigate, and very easy to buy from. There are lots of product options, and I found what I needed right way. I received my item by email right away, and the quality of the image was even better than I expected.

Order: 32372

Title: Body:

Order: 32319

Title: Body: love this site. i have ordered two coat of arms, and i am very pleased with the site, service, and speed. very pleasent to deal with.

Order: 32282

Title: Body:

Order: 32281

Title: Body:

Order: 32229


Order: 32175

Title: Body: I feel the item I received was too pricey for what it was.

Order: 32162

Title: Body: I am very satisifed with this transaction. Of course, I would like to have seen a lower price, but who would not. I would CERTAINLY do business with this merchant again and am planning to very soon!

Order: 32141

Title: Body:

Order: 32125

Title: Body:

Order: 32061

Title: Body:

Order: 32047

Title: Body:

Order: 32029

Title: Body: This merchant website is very user friendly. After I ordered the product online, the store sent me a confirmation email with estimated shipping date and the price charged to my credit card. But also stated if they couldnt find what I ask for, that they would not charge me. When the item shipped, I received another email confirming the shipping. My Coat of Arms document/Family Crest arrived in very condition and Ive been enjoying it since.

Order: 31997

Title: Body:

Order: 31981

Title: Body: ...got exactly what I asked for! No compaints. I will say that I didnt know the artwork done of my family crest is only an interpretation based on a text description. And the artwork is copywrited. If I want to dispaly the artwork I have to put a link back to another site. My own ignorance. But no complaints agaist this site. They were deligent and replied to every email/question I sent. Thanks!

Order: 31975

Title: Body: I ordered an engraved crest ring. It arrived quicker than I thought it would and it is a beautiful ring. I would recommend this company to my friends and anyone else who asked.

Order: 31919

Title: Body:

Order: 31905

Title: Body: The colors of the wreths or flowers anound the shield I think should be red. You sent gold, I dont thing they had gold paint back then. Please reserch and let me know Keith

Order: 31853

Title: Body: I contacted this company because I was interested finding my family crest. I placed the order and got confirmation of the order back and they to my money. This was for a plaque with my family history engraved on it and a couple of jpg renderings of my family coat of arms. the jpgs shouldve been e-mailed to me within 2-5 days its been 3 weeks and Ive still not heard or seen anything. The plaque itself was to be delivered in 2-5 weeks so there is still time on that. Ive e-mailed this merchant a number of times with no response and Ive called by phone a number of times with no response either. I would not recomend this merchant. I think this is fraud and I will be taking legal steps to rectify this.

Order: 31827

Title: Body:

Order: 31821

Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated Title: Body: I would have to say that they did an job. I had a rush order and the guys at CoA&FC did an job getting all of the information together, printed up and shipped out so that I would have them in time for the event. The only thing that would keep them from a perfect score is the slow response from email. Perhaps a direct email given to customers when completing an order would be helpful to talk to the company before the order is shipped. Thanks again!

Order: 31792

Title: Body: Delivered very timely. I received my coat of arms in about 2 weeks. The finished plaque los very nice over my mantle.

Order: 31778

Title: Body: Order fulfilled promptly, will definitely use this service again

Order: 31676

Title: Body: Product promised on 8/13/04 with 3-5 day delivery. Not received as of 8/27/04.

Order: 31667

Title: Body: customer service and very products - feel very confident in recommending this seller!!

Order: 31660

Title: Body: item did take a while but is very nice although much smaller than I thought.

Order: 31651

Title: Body: Very pleased with COAT OF ARMS AND FAMILY CRESTS

Order: 31638

Title: Body: Very pleasent.Didnt receive on time,but when notified sent imediately.Very easy to deal with.Would buy there again.

Order: 31625

Title: Body:

Order: 31597

Title: Body:

Order: 31563

Title: Body:

Order: 31549

Title: Body: Originally the Coat of Arms was supplied with the family name spelled incorrectly. When I informed them of the error, it was corrected and I received the products that I requested.

Order: 31538

Not Rated Title: Body: Since I ordered 2 family crests, I discovered too many similarities between the two. Which led me to believe these were only partially authentic. The items were electronically delivered, to longer than the three days as stated.

Order: 31497

Title: Body: We felt we received very service. We had a slight problem with the delivery of our emailed coat of arms due to the fact that we were trying to use a free email service. After we changed the email address to our email address that charges a fee we received the coat of arms no problem. The quality of the detail on the coat of arms was . We would definitely use this site again.

Order: 31453

Title: Body:

Order: 31452

Title: Body:

Order: 31433

Title: Body: Lots of Crest items and jpeg images of your family crest sent via email. The image arrives within the specified time. Their prices are competitive with other websites offering similar products.

Order: 31431

Title: Body:

Order: 31387

Title: Body: The merchant delivered the correct crests.

Order: 31341

Title: Body: I was very happy with my purchase, and it came a lot sooner than expected, which is always great!

Order: 31323

Title: Body:

Order: 31322

Title: Body: Very satisfied with family crest. It would be helpful to get a preview of your crest before ordering. I knew what mine loed like therefore I recognized it being correct. Others may not. Finished product was fabulous.

Order: 31290

Title: Body: Options a little hard to exploite. Other than that . However I payed for a family crest. Havent recieved it yet....deeep sigh.....

Order: 31287

Title: Body:

Order: 31259

Title: Body: The downside to this purchase was the fact I could not see what I was buying beforehand. It is unfortunate not to be able to see what a person is buying because there are so many variables in trying to match the right crest with the right description. What I was sent sounded like what I described, but it was completely wrong and I cannot use it. I have since requested a replacement crest and am waiting on a response. The person I was in touch with has been very courteous and I think the price is . Having said that, right now, I have spent $15 on something I cannot use. I am hoping this can be rectified. (I have requested a MCKINNEY family crest in place of the one I received. Since I do not process.) Sincerely, Fiona McKinney

Order: 31229

Title: Body:

Order: 31225

Title: Body: It to a little longer to send me my item , but overall it was pretty service.

Order: 31213

Title: Body:

Order: 31201

Title: Body: They have taken my money from my Credit Card and I never heard about them again. THEY DID NOT DELIVER ANYTHING. BE CAREFUL AND DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY

Order: 31192

Title: Body: Overall I liked the product and the service. I was unhappy when, led to believe that I would be receiving my merchandise in a matter of days, I received an order confirmation e-mail stating that the in a matter of days applied solely to the JPEG Crest purchase. Other than that, Im satisfied.

Order: 31096

Title: Body:

Order: 31076

Title: Body: They were very responsive to any questions I had! The info on the website was confusing about when item would be shipped. As far as I could tell, it would take 7-12 weeks to ship, but when I contacted them, they let me know it would be more like3-4 weeks. Also, there is no option to indicate that an item is a gift, and/or to include a gift card. Would definitely use them again!

Order: 30998

Title: Body: I was not happy with the results at all, very generic (los fake). I requested another (according to there site ther could be 100s)version of the family coat and received no response ar all! David Horacek

Order: 30979

Title: Body: and timely communication with buyer, fast delivery... Nice quality product... All sellers should take lessons from this one on how to please customers.!

Order: 30961

Not Rated

Not Rated Title: Body:

Order: 30953

Title: Body: The response from the Coat of Arms and family Crests company was very prompt.

Order: 30947

Title: Body:

Order: 30919

Title: Body: I originally received the wrong family crest which was emailed to me. I found the order process confusing and was told by this company about all of the things I should have done to receive the right product (lecture) but they did send me the right one without additional charge.

Order: 30916

Title: Body: From my original contact to the delivery of the product, this merchant did a very job. I would definitely come back to this merchant for any products that I may need in their category. Keep up the work.

Order: 30902

Title: Body: I placed an order on 20 July. This order included items to be shipped in 6-8 weeks, and items to be emailed in 3-5 days. It is now 1 October and I have not received the emailed items. I only received a small part of the shipped order. I am still loing at $40 worth of my order that hasnt arrived. When I emailed initially about the missing emailed order, the person who responded first told me I was incorrect, and included links to the descriptions of the items in my order. When I clicked those links, sure enough they said I was entitled to JPGs. I advised him in another email, and he admitted that I was right and he was wrong, and that they would be sent in a couple days. First of all, it was COMPLETELY wrong for him to correct a customer and be stupid enough to include links in his email that only proved he was incorrect. Second, whoever is responsible for this company needs to seriously lo at how business is done. I cannot find a phone number for this company, and that is unfortunate. I recommend everyon AVOID THIS COMPANY at all costs. They set a condition that you have to pay them before they will see if they can find your name, which means they could very well take your payment and make something up. And if this is how they deal with other customers with shipping and customer service, it is not worth the trouble. At this point, I have sent emails to multiple addresses, and am ready to consult a lawyer if I dont receive a response next week. Its been that .

Order: 30857

Title: Body: I ordered a crest three weeks agon and have not heard anything about it. Yet my wife found acrest on the internet immediately.

Order: 30844

Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated Title: Body:

Order: 30796

Title: Body: Great response - product

Order: 30741

Title: Body: Easy to use web site, fast delivery..

Order: 30657

Title: Body:

Order: 30639

Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated Title: Body:

Order: 30627

Title: Body: I just hope that what is contained in the docuement is all true! Even should the crest not belong to to the person bearing that name and it cannot belong to everybody, the etymology alone as well as the historical persons bearing that name make it worth aobtaining.

Order: 30618

Title: Body: Very nice to do business with. Quality product.

Order: 30564

Not Rated Title: Body:

Order: 30550

Title: Body: Coat of Arms and description does not coincide with the Coat of Arms in my familys possession. I described our Coat of Arms and the area of Germany my family came from. This appears to be a generic Coatof Arms that they sent me. If they can supply me with the Coat of Arms and Crest that I described I would gladly order it.

Order: 30532

Title: Body: I received my coat of arms in a timely manner and am very pleased.

Order: 30517

Title: Body:

Order: 30510

Not Rated

Title: Body:

Order: 30481

Title: Body: Was happy with the speed of delivery but very disappointed with the product.

Order: 30464

Not Rated Title: Body:

Order: 30424

Title: Body: Its very easy to order from these people. Trying to correct mistakes with orders is a whole other story. There is no phone number for customer service. Everything is done by email, if they answer them. Their mistake was not corrected until I had to threaten a complaint with the local consumer affairs office. Their merchandise was of sub-standard quality also. A coat of arms on parchment turned out to be on a piece of cheap marblized paper, not parchment. Would not order from them again and wouldnt recommend them to anyone either.

Order: 30423

Title: Body: A little confusing with the jpeg picture. I thought I was getting with my order, but it was not included.

Order: 30370

Title: Body: I am waiting for my three purchases but I was so pleased to find them on internet. It made my Christmas shopping so easy. Noelle Butler Reed

Order: 30369

Title: Body:

Order: 30323

Not Rated

Not Rated Title: Body: At this point in time, I have placed my order (which was effortless) and received an emailed confirmation of the order. I have not received the Coat of Arms as I was instructed it would take some time to make because of the personalization.

Order: 30310

Title: Body: I still have not recieved my family crest.

Order: 30302

Title: Body: I never got my item.

Order: 30289

Title: Body: A rather generic Coat of Arms, but handsome and suitable for framing. Regret that you cannot view the different options when there are more that one for your family name. quality and value.

Order: 30277

Title: Body:

Order: 30253

Not Rated Title: Body: Thi merchant does not allow you to choose your product. rather expects you to know exactly what yopu want. Example, I ordered my familys coat of arms. I have seen one before, but had no idea of the origin. The one I saw was very elegant and sophisticated. With this merchant you can not choose from the available coats of arms for a certain name, and thay tell you they will send you the earliest one unless you especifically request another; how on earth would I know this unless I am allowed to choose fron the different options. If this merchant is concerned with piracy, he should discuss this with his webmaster and secure the website to prevent left hand mouse click download as many other companies that sell digital art do.

Order: 30252

Order: 30238

Title: Body: I purchased a framed double coat of arms and was very pleased with the product. I received email updates on the status of my order, including when it was shipped. I had requested that the item be shipped by a certain date if possible and my package arrived a day prior to the requested date at additional expense to the company. They went above and beyond by only charging me the standard delivery rate.

Order: 30223

Title: Body:

Order: 30183

Title: Body:

Order: 30150

Title: Body:

Order: 30135

Not Rated

Title: Body:

Order: 30120

Title: Body: I purchased a coat of arms and received an email with the image included. I am very satisfied with this merchant and would purchase from them again.

Order: 30113

Title: Body: Now is a time to tell you that I have never received this. The order was placed on 6/28 and said it would be shipped in 3-5 days. I needed it for a family reunion which was held 7/10, 2 days ago. I would not recommend your service to anyone.

Order: 30111

Title: Body: i hope that you gave me the right one because i got it tattooed on my chest

Order: 30059

Title: Body:

Order: 30052

Title: Body: Why am I doing this now and I dont have my product yet. Until I get it all I can say is that you guys have been getting back as when the product will be sent. Thank you I just hope it is what Ive been loing for and is the true Coat of Arms. Thanks again Judy

Order: 30042

Title: Body:

Order: 30033

Title: Body:

Order: 30031

Title: Body:

Order: 30001

Title: Body:

Order: 29994

Title: Body: There was no way to ask questions about the coat of arms and family crests submitted. How does one know that the coat of arms given the customer is legitimate?

Order: 29944

Not Rated

Title: Body: I thought the service and finished products were ! Very impressive!! Only comment I could make to improve, is the layout of the order form. In my case it would have been easier if there was more room allowed to describe a specific coat of arms, but overall I couldnt be happier with what I received from them.

Order: 29938

Title: Body: I have made two purchases with this company that involved sending a jpeg graphic via e-mail. At the time of purchase they indicated a 2-5 day wait for receipt of that graphic. The first order came within 3 days and I ws very pleased with it. However, it has been about 2 weeks since my second order and I have not received any contact from the company regarding why there is a delay or an approximate time for delivery.

Order: 29877

Title: Body: The quality of the product was not at all. Puchasing and actually recieving the poduct was easy, but the caot of arms was obviously mad using a poor quality printer, and the font used to explain the origin of the name was barely readable. It loed like something I could have made up on my computer at home. In fact my epson prnter wouldve printed a higher quaility product. i will never purchase this product again.

Order: 29849

Title: Body: The email of the items ordered from A Coats of Arms and Family Crests to longer than I had thought it would when I ordered. I was worried that I would not receive what I had ordered, but they did arrive in about a week. This was totally an email order, with them sending the order back by email. I thought I would have the information in a couple of days maximum. Perhaps it to longer to research the information wanted than what they had indicated in their order. I am satisifed with the product, however, the cost of 4 Coats of Arms was a bit high.

Order: 29845

Title: Body: I appreciated this merchants patience with my computer that refused to accept his e-mail delivery several tmes.

Order: 29801

Title: Body: I ordered on two separate occasions the coats of arms & family crests. The first one was great and the second one was . It loed like a cartoon quote rather than I shield (coat of arms). Nothing like a shield and the art work lo like someone had copy and pasted it in.

Order: 29790

Title: Body: Very Prompt and in condition when received.

Order: 29777

Title: Body:

Order: 29751

Title: Body:

Order: 29744

Title: Body: I was to receive a Coat of Arms to download to my computer. It was to take them 2-5 days to e-mail me with the Coat of Arms. It has been over two weeks and I still do not have it. I have written the company to let them know that my computer will not allow me to download the crest that was sent,and they even sent the wrong one. I have now requested that my money be credited to my account. Well see how far I get with that. I would NEVER go back to this company to order anything.

Order: 29735

Title: Body: service. The Product was sent to me quicklyand in great condition. I certainly plan to shop with them again. Thank you.

Order: 29734

Title: Body: Exellent website. Loing foward to doing more business with them in the future

Order: 29733

Title: Body:

Order: 29710

Title: Body: I am very satisfied with all aspects of the purchase and would certainly use this merchant again and recommend him/her to others.

Order: 29691

Title: Body:

Order: 29598

Title: Body: I loved what I got! This is a great place to go to if you want to find some information on your family name!

Order: 29567

Title: Body: I meant to order three t-shirts for presents and forgot one of the kids and went back I think three days later and added it to the order and asked if they could ship it all at the same time, and I was amazed that they did it. I will definately be ordering more items from this store.

Order: 29538

Not Rated Not Rated

Title: Body: I am at this time, unable to do justice to this review as the company has told me that my purchases could not be ready from 2-4 weeks. This seems quite within reason to me. Consumer service sent a very detailed invoice, complete with clear explantions. This is all I can expect at this time and I commend them on their clearness and detail. However ,it is not possible for me to comment any further as my purchases are not available yet. Please send this again, after delivery and I will be happy to review again. On the whole, so far I am quite happy with the service and if the end result is as satisfactory I shall be quite content to use the services again in the furture

Order: 29536

Title: Body: I have had very nice corressepondence with Mike from your store. He has helped me out a lot. I surely will keep you in mind when I need something else with heritage on it. I have told many friends of your website. Mary Bureau

Order: 29528

Title: Body: i ordered my crest about 4 weeks ago and i wrote asking about the progress of my order and i recieved no reply. i dont even know if this company is legitamate, but i do know that they have my money and that i would really like a reply about the progress of my order, or i would like my order some day.

Order: 29526

Title: Body: The product was beautiful and the delivery was much faster than expected. Ill definately tell others about the web site.

Order: 29461

Title: Body: delivery takes a while, as stated.

Order: 29448

Title: Body:

Order: 29432

Title: Body: They were very prompt in sending me the coat of arms that I ordered and it arrived sooner than I expected. I would certainly use them in the future.

Order: 29403

Title: Body: Product was easily found and selected. Payment was easy. Delivery was fast. Product exactly as ordered and in great condition. This provider recommended.

Order: 29400

Title: Body: I was a little disappointed in the quality of our coats of arms. My fiancee and I purchased one for each of our families to use in our wedding. Compairing the two they are obiously coie cutter type COAs. I just expected a little bit of individuality between the two in the shield, or a different knights helm, or in the fillagree surrounding the shield.

Order: 29394

Title: Body:

Order: 29364

Title: Body:

Order: 29356

Title: Body: A place to shop.

Order: 29333

Title: Body: Not HAPPY AT ALL,

Order: 29327

Title: Body:

Order: 29277

Title: Body:

Order: 29268

Title: Body: I have been very pleased with everything I have ordered from this store. I do intend on shopping with them again. I have also told many co-workers about the merchandise. You will be hearing from me again. Customer Services was always a great help. Mary Bureau

Order: 29253

Title: Body: My coat of arms jpeg was delivered quickly and to my satisfaction. I would definitely use their service again if needed. Many thanks, Doug

Order: 29243

Not Rated

Title: Body: I havnt recieved my order yet, so I cant comment on delivery, but everything else Ive had to do with the company has so for been

Order: 29212

Title: Body:

Order: 29179

Title: Body: Delivered as promised. experience. Hope to keep in contact.

Order: 29177

Title: Body: I believe that I was fed a line with the product I purchased and I am disatisfied. When trying to lo up my family name to purchase a coat of arms JPEG I was unable to find my family name (and thus see the coat of arms before purchasing) in their archives. I was nevertheless assured that they were 99.7% sure that they would have my family coat of arms in stock. I then receieved a cartoon loing representation of a shield that it los like my 5 year old cousin drew with the wrong name on the sheild! I wrote back to tell them they sent me the wrong family coat of arms and they wrote back informing me that OH its correct we just typed the name in wrong.. I dont believe it-- I believe that judging from the quality of the coat of arms and the typo that when they dont have a coat of amrs for a certain name they pull out a coie-cutter template and stick your name in....here you go thatll be $20 Overall I am diastified (could you tell?)

Order: 29175

Title: Body:

Order: 29164

Title: Body: I ordered my family crest after checking that it was available. The price was not at all and all I needed was for an image to be sent to my e-mail address. All I received back from them however was confirmation of my order (twice with different order numbers). In these confirmations they ensured me it should take about 5 days. Nearly a month later I have still not received the family crest or any other information from them. Luckily they haven’t charged my credit card yet.

Order: 29141

Title: Body: it was very easy to find and very reasonable in price. it information said that it would be sent in 24 hrs and it was sent in 3 hours. overall it was and the image was beautiful.

Order: 29137

Title: Body:

Order: 29134

Title: Body:

Order: 29101

Title: Body:

Order: 29080

Title: Body:

Order: 29076

Title: Body: Very easy vendor to deal with. A painless experience.

Order: 29059

Title: Body: paid immediately for item.......was promised they would email copy to me.......its been well over a week and they have sent nothing.....nor, have they responded to my emails.....

Order: 29047

Title: Body:

Order: 29035

Title: Body: Website was user friendly and the delivery was . Also very satisfied with the product.

Order: 29032

Not Rated Not Rated

Not Rated

Title: Body: I never recieved the purchased product.

Order: 28975

Title: Body:

Order: 28850

Title: Body: This merchant needs to learn more about Customer Service and returning emails. I have tried to contact them several times via their website and via reply to their initial email and have had no response. Absolutly zero reply from them in response to my simple question. The only thing I can say is that they deliver their product in a nice hard rolled tub. That is it.

Order: 28830

Title: Body: To date I still have not received my order, therefore I cant give your product a rating , well maybe I can POOR. When can I expect it or I would like a refund. Jeannine Myers mvjrm2@comcast.net

Order: 28820

Title: Body:

Order: 28818

Not Rated

Title: Body: Very fake loing. I do not think it is correct. It los very generic and los like basic graphic design and stuck name on the bottom. It is a very old name of a prominent Roman Family. It has Public buildins bearing that Name. I doubt that this is the crest of this family. It was not intricate at all. It loed like one from a chllds coloring bo, They want more money if I wanted them to find and researh another one, if i did not like this one. sounds like a je to me. very Sorry I pay for this one.

Order: 28797

Title: Body: After I purchased the item from the site I had a few questions about some other items. This was two weeks ago and have not received a response back as of yet. Other than that portion the speed of delivery was fast and the price was . I would like to purchase other items from the site as soon as I get a response back on my questions. In all fairness though, there could be a high volume a message traffic and this could be the cause of the delay. Guess I will find out.

Order: 28777

Title: Body: Via their words & actions, this merchant is outstanding! I ordered the item as a gift and it arrived with plenty of time, easing the stress of its arrival in time for the birthday! Vibrant colors!

Order: 28736

Title: Body: Very nicely done. Everything as promised

Order: 28706

Title: Body: Everything was shipped as promised, and in condition. Arrival of product was as predicted from seller.

Order: 28687

Title: Body: The product arrived much sooner than I expected, however there wasnt an easy way to track the order. They really should update their website. The product itself was o.k. I ordered etched glasses. The etchings were a bit rough though. Not as crisp an image as I would have liked. The price was a little high for the quality I received.

Order: 28674

Title: Body:

Order: 28664

Title: Body: Very, Very ...Too all merchants are not like this one...

Order: 28644

Title: Body:

Order: 28624

Title: Body:

Order: 28606

Title: Body:

Order: 28575

Title: Body: I was very pleased with my order. Thanks!

Order: 28574

Title: Body:

Order: 28571

Title: Body: I was well pleased with the service. Thank you.

Order: 28451

Title: Body:

Order: 28449

Title: Body: The print was of quality and exactly how I requested. The only difficult part about ordering is the length of time it takes to receive your order, but this is understandable given the amount of information that needs to be researched. I highly recommend this company.

Order: 28435

Title: Body: I would recommend this site. It was very helpful, especially when I really didnt know what I was loing for. Delivery was very prompt.

Order: 28412

Title: Body: For what I purchased (a jpeg family coat of arms sent via email), it seems it could have arrived a little quicker than a week.

Order: 28379

Title: Body: great! easy service! no problems!

Order: 28281

Title: Body: This is a WONDERFUL company to do business with. I was most impressed with the prompt shipment, competitive price and overall quality of products that they offer. I lo forward to doing business with them again and again.

Order: 28264

Title: Body: Company has not filled my order, but has charged my credit card $145.85. Sent me an email saying they had discontinued the line. No phone number on their website or on email correspondence with me. Whats it going to take for me to get my $145.85 back?

Order: 28225

Title: Body: There was suggestion that there may be more then one coat of arms available for my name. It would have been nice if a description was made available of each from which the customer would be allowed to pick the one most suitable. Other than that it was very plesant dealing with them and the delivery was almost immediate. Thank you

Order: 28215

Title: Body: Cannot thank this family for all the extra effort and time they put in for my in getting exactly what I wanted. Excellant service and the greatest devoted people I have ever dealt with.

Order: 28195

Title: Body:

Order: 28167

Title: Body:

Order: 28153

Title: Body:

Order: 28150

Title: Body: Confirmation plus order No were immediate. Delivery was after I sent an email after 10 working days and was told that they had sent it by email on the same day I ordered. This is hard to believe when two other emails concerning the order found me. They did respond to my query by send The coat of Arms by returm

Order: 28128

Title: Body: I did not receive the free on-line copy of our family crest.

Order: 28126

Title: Body: I never received the coat of arms I would like my money back or receive it as soon as possible.

Order: 28106

Title: Body:

Order: 28056

Title: Body: I think the merchant was overall. I had no trouble finding what I was loing for on the website. I think they have a large selection of items which made my choice a little harder, but thats . I was glad to find that they did have a sale on some items b/c some of their stuff is expensive. Im more likely to buy more stuff if items are on sale. I was really glad that they had pictures of their items b/c I like to know what Im getting when I order something. The customer service is fine so far and so is the ease of purchase. Im glad that when I order more than one item, my total is automatically added up. That saves me a lot of time b/c Im a busy person. The prices arent unreasonable I think b/c I shopped around before decided to buy from here. I think the shipping options could be improved and expanded. Im an impatient person, and granted that it to time to research the things I ordered, but I would rather have my items overnighted to me when my order is complete instead of having to wait several weeks. I would also like to have the option of tracking my package. The only other suggestion I would add is that it would be nice to get a email saying when my order was completed, when it was shipped out, and when it should arrive. Because I had my package sent to my office, I would like to know approximately when it should arrive because the office is not open everyday. So an email would be nice and would help me make sure I was there to get my package. Thank you for your time and Luck!

Order: 27896

Title: Body: Ordering was user friendly. I received my items much quicker than anticipated.

Order: 27849

Not Rated

Title: Body:

Order: 27840

Title: Body:

Order: 27810

Title: Body:

Order: 27749

Title: Body:

Order: 27743

Title: Body: Was very happy with the time I got it.

Order: 27710

Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated Title: Body: I thought this merchant was very prompt in their reply & the product supplied was exactly as described. I would use them again & recommend them to anyone who is loing for their family Coat of Arms.

Order: 27706

Title: Body: My shopping experience was wonderfull.

Order: 27699

Title: Body: It has now been one month since I ordered the product. I do understand that it takes 2-5 weeks to receive. BUT, I have now sent two emails to the email address posted as a contact us link on the website (just to check on my order, to make sure they were able to find the coat of arms I described)-and have yet to receive any response. Even if the response said it will be another month that would be fine-any response would show at least a bit of customer appreciation.

Order: 27675

Title: Body: Got it the same day I ordered

Order: 27656

Title: Body: I would have liked to have seen a preview of my family crest and a little of the family history before I had to order.

Order: 27618

Title: Body: It was a very easy experience with this store. Especially being my first time ordering from the internet. I did send an email and they responded very quickly. I would recommend this store to all.

Order: 27612

Title: Body: I actually enjoyed shopping with this company. The item was perfect in every detail. They were perfect in every way. Many thanks for their service.

Order: 27609

Title: Body: The item I ordered was delivered in shape and was as expected. Customer Service changed the content of the order without charge and provided an result. I will certainly recommend this provider to my associates interested in a family Coat of Arms.

Order: 27541

Title: Body: Two seperate orders placed w/merchant & still no acknowledgement to order though web site says immediate acknowledgement. Money debited IMMEDIATELY out of my account. Company has NO customer service and NO contact telephone number. Company has not acknowledged ANY emails todate. Purchase at your risk!

Order: 27517

Title: Body: I didnt know what I was getting since you cannot review prior to ordering. I wanted a different (newer) version of the one I got How do I go about getting the one I want if there are several different versions?

Order: 27494

Title: Body: We still have not received the product we ordered. We have been billed for it and it was ordered in April.

Order: 27475

Title: Body: After loing at many online stores, this place had the most reasonable prices. Although the website did not show me a picture of what i was buying, they accurately put the correct coat of arms on the plaque i bought from the description i typed on the order form. The whole family was impressed by the finished product and it arrived much earlier than the timeline i was given by the web site.

Order: 27463

Title: Body:

Order: 27462

Title: Body: I purchased on 04/10/04. I was guaranteed a 2-5 day delivery. As of 04/24/04, I have yet to receive anything. AA Coat of Arms Store has not returned my E-mail correspondence and upon calling, the message on the answering service replied Hey Dude, leave a message. I have to now dispute the purchase with my credit card company and fear that AA Coat of Arms Store is a front for a possible identity theft ring. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!

Order: 27456

Title: Body: Although I have to admit I was a bit skeptical to place an order at first with no phone number being listed to contact the vendor should a problem arrise post-ordering, I was extremely impressed with the speed and accuracy in which my order was placed. I ordered a dual name plaque as a wedding shower gift for my sister and the plaque was shipped and received in plenty of time for the shower and it was beautiful (not to mention perfect). Also, the original reason I went with this vendor was because they were slightly cheaper than any similar vendors I found on-line (including shipping costs). I would recommend this vendor to friends and family in the future and will definitely shop with them again. THANK YOU!!

Order: 27453

Title: Body:

Order: 27449

Title: Body: A little pricy for the product but it was accurate and i got what they said i would get in the time frame they promised.

Order: 27436

Title: Body:

Order: 27386

Title: Body: I am pleased with the item. Its a gift. The framework is done really nicely.

Order: 27377

Title: Body: i complained that they sent me the wrong item and way past the express delivery period promised. they refused to refund my money and failed to respond to numerous follow up emails. i would not recommend anyone use their service.

Order: 27313

Not Rated

Title: Body: I didnt rate shipping because there was nothing to ship. I thought they were very customer focused and it was a hugh help to me. I certainly may have a need for them in the future and would not hesitate to use them.

Order: 27307

Title: Body: These people actually delivered before the deadline! Everything was buy the numbers and the product was of quality.

Order: 27279

Title: Body:

Order: 27232

Title: Body: Web site indicates purchase confirmation and delivery 3-5 days. On two orders within the same week I received not 1 confirmation though they immediately debited my account. I have received not one answer to my inquiry emails. Caution, they do not list a telephone number to call. Buyer beware, great and impressive web site but they failed to come through as a legitimate business.

Order: 27214

Title: Body: Product delivered it no what expected. Still waiting to sort me out.

Order: 27208

Title: Body:

Order: 27169

Title: Body:

Order: 27146

Title: Body: POOR quality print; Misspellings, print off the page I have contacted the merchant two weeks ago for an RMA and have still not heard back from them..

Order: 27100

Title: Body:

Order: 27087

Title: Body:

Order: 27043

Not Rated Title: Body: The Plaque ordered was not exactly as it appeared in the website ad. The crest in the ad appeared to be a separate object mounted onto a wooden plaque. What I got was a decal glued to a plaque.

Order: 27038

Title: Body: Although the overall service was , I was not satisfied with the product. It appeared to me to be a standard coat of arms rather than one specific to the name and nation which I had requested. The coat of arms was therefore unusable and I am very dissatisfied.

Order: 27034

Title: Body: I havent received the merchandise I ordered yet, so Im rating their delivery as poor. Perhaps when I receive it, I can do another review and then I could rate them better.

Order: 27004

Title: Body:

Order: 26997

Title: Body: 5 Star service

Order: 26983

Title: Body: The image I receive was to be of high quality and it loed like they had colored it in with markers I think I was expecting to much maybe.

Order: 26975

Title: Body:

Order: 26944

Title: Body:

Order: 26942

Title: Body:

Order: 26903

Title: Body: I am very pleased with this firm. They did what they said they would do and did it on time and on the quoted price. I have recommended A Coat of Arms Store to others. Yahoo and A Coat of Arms are a first class operation. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.

Order: 26833

Title: Body: I found that I had ordered the wrong coat of arms and had some very specific descriptions. I wrote to the email address and received a response and another coat of arms within a day. I was very pleased with this company and its prompt responses. Thanks you

Order: 26812

Title: Body: My son needed a coat of arms for our last name for a school project. Unfortunately he waited until the last minute to do his research so I resorted to buying one online. I may have misread the shipping directions but I expected to be able to download the jpg image immediately. After I submitted my payment, I was told it would be emailed to me in 3-5 days. I did get it within 2 days but obviously it was too late for my son. To make matters worse, it was downright cheesey loing as if somebody used clipart and 8 year old software to put it together. It brought a laugh at the office but even the laugh wasnt worth the 10 bucks I shelled out. At least I didnt buy a more expensive item to have this lousy clipart mounted on.

Order: 26802

Title: Body: Still have not heard from company on any info, was suppose to email a jpeg of coat of arms, none sent as of yet. Still waiting...

Order: 26795

Not Rated Title: Body:

Order: 26745

Title: Body:

Order: 26731

Title: Body: Extremely dissapointed with the heraldic artwork on my coat of arms the griffin los like a rabbit with wings. It bears no similarity to a griffin. The beak is the wrong shape and the ears are far too big in relation to the size of its head giving it a comical lo. Everyone who has seen it has burst out laughing so I have thrown it away. As Coat of Arms would not refund me for their terrible artwork. I would urge prospective customers not to use this company. Get your coat of arms done by proffesionals not amatuers who use low quality buy in the box graphics.

Order: 26714

Title: Body:

Order: 26712

Title: Body: quick response, quality, and delivery..

Order: 26708

Title: Body:

Order: 26684

Not Rated

Title: Body:

Order: 26653

Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated Not Rated Title: Body: My credit card has been debited but I have not received the costick coat of arms and geneology information I requested.

Order: 26645

Title: Body:

Order: 26640

Title: Body: I thought they had a fine selection and I recieved an item that was better than expected. I plan to shop here again.

Order: 26556

Title: Body: I dont feel that AA Coat of Arms Store had the knowledge or the expertise to provide an authentic product. The tartan was a plastic sticker, not cloth, and the color and pattern was not even close to what it should have been. I requested that my order be returned for a refund, and they say that they are unable to authorize a refund for their product. I find this unacceptable. This has been my first experience at ordering anything over the internet. It has not been satisfying. I will have to reconsider whether I go this route when I want to purchase an item. Alice Brendel

Order: 26530

Title: Body:

Order: 26513

Title: Body:

Order: 26449

Title: Body: I ordered a copy of a coat of arms and promptly recieved one. Unfortunately it did not exactly match the description. In fact, it corresponded to another branch of the family. The company refused to make a refund but promised to generate a picture following a detailed description I provided. The work was curried out promptly but no attention was paid to important details, including the types of the shield and helmet. Moreover the helmet cover had a rong color - it was green instead of black. Buffalo horns over the crown loed quite and were incorrectly colored. The crown and horns over the helmet were unappropriately small. I would be ashamed to show the picture to other members of the family.

Order: 26374

Title: Body:

Order: 26361

Title: Body:

Order: 26359

Title: Body: The product I ordered was delivered very quickly and was of acceptable quality however, when I ordered it, I stated that I wanted some information about the Coats of Arms as well. The majority of people who order this product would want the information I asked for (... The name of the ACTUAL person to whom this coat of arms was granted?. Without that information, the Coat of Arms has only decorative value. They did not acknowledge this and just sent the product. I copied AA Coat of Arms on this note and my reply to it. They then wrote back and said they didnt have the information which doesnt make sense - or perhaps this Coat of Arms wasnt granted to a person with that name - I just asked them to get the information from whoever they get the Coats of Arms from - they are only a reseller - but now total silence from them. It is a real pity to spoil a supply service with such product support for the sake of a couple of E-mails.

Order: 26346

Not Rated Title: Body: Ordering was a tad confusing; I thought I was ordering 2 Coats of Arms, but otherwise an merchant to work with. Delivery was fast and the jpg was outstanding! Ill order the second Coat of Arms a bit latter, I have NO reservations about dealing with this company again.

Order: 26287

Title: Body:

Order: 26273

Title: Body: the quality of the product was much more than i expected, i was very very please and would not hesitate to purchase more products from this merchant in the future.

Order: 26272

Title: Body: They were very prompt with my order. I had several questions and they answered them all. I would order from them again.

Order: 26271

Title: Body: I will never buy another product endorsed by YAHOO

Order: 26262

Title: Body:

Order: 26236

Title: Body: My purchase turned out beautifully!

Order: 26165

Title: Body: Gentlemen: I was very impressed with shopping at the Coat of Arms Store. The information and data provided could not have been better and unbelieveable delivery in such a short time. Thanks for the service and will use the store again.

Order: 26096

Title: Body: they sent me exactly per my inquiry. THanks

Order: 26082

Title: Body: Everything delivered as promised. An shopping experience.

Order: 26076

Title: Body:

Order: 26059

Title: Body: This was the first time I have used this merchant, I promise you I will use your service again!!!!!!!!!!

Order: 26005

Title: Body: I was very happy with your product Thank-you

Order: 25982

Not Rated Title: Body: In my opinion this merchant is a fraud. Research into the family history and coat of arms in question, my own, was the subject of my late wife most of her life. She left me with several thousand computer files of family history and genealogy. The only detail that this merchant furnished that remotely agrees with documented fact is the general location of the family origin; Normandy. France. But even the communities given are incorrect. The early family in France is represented by a long line of country bakers??they never were gentry, hence never were entitled to a conventional coat of arms. The family name PAINCHAUD translates as HOT BREAD, that alone should have been a sufficent clue to the non-gentrification of the lineage. Throughout the Middle Ages gentrified families would never have had such plebican names as would indicate devotion to such menial tasks.

Order: 25980

Title: Body: Although I received quick turnaround on my order for an e-mail coat of arms, the one I received was not the one I had hoped to get. I sent an e-mail to the website (to Mikes attention), with further info on what I was loing for, including an outline picture. I received no response whatsoever to this e-mail, so I rate the overall shopping experience as somewhat poor.

Order: 25959

Title: Body: My email request for assistance in downloading the graphics, which I eventually figured out myself, was never returned.

Order: 25954

Not Rated Title: Body: Overall, I am very happy with the service and the product purchased is absolutely exquisite. Although I received an order confirmation, I did not receive a shipping confirmation. Though the order confirmation stated approximate time of delivery (anywhere between 3 - 6 weeks altogether), I still would have appreciated a shipping confirmation so that I was not wondering if something had happened to my order. Even without the shipping confirmation, I would definitely purchase through this Merchant again.

Order: 25905

Title: Body: Havent received the merchandise as of this reply. Budd Hallberg 320 Spangler School Rd. Gettysburg, PA 17325

Order: 25904

Title: Body:

Order: 25899

Title: Body: I am very happy with the quality of Service provided by Coat of Arms Store.

Order: 25896

Title: Body: Fast service in producing a coat of arms in a jpg file. Product produced showed elegant artwork. Merchant followed special instructions from the customer. Very satisfied.

Order: 25871

Title: Body: Ordered family name history unframed and it came pretty quick -although most of the information was more of several paragraphs worth of generic history lesson of the country and only about 4-5 lines worth of real information about my last name. I doubt the emblem on the scroll is my familys crest But for 25 bucks I got some more information that may lead to more real information. overall a lukewarm feeling for the product

Order: 25861

Title: Body: This was a beautifully crafted item and my husband was thrilled. The item also shipped much quicker than anticipated. I would definately purchase from this company again.

Order: 25818

Title: Body: I havent received my order yet, due to the expectancy being 2-4 weeks. There was a clarity issue, I suppose, on my part in that I wanted an item shipped, rather than be sent by e-mail, and we were able to get that resolved easily by e-mail correspondence. The shipping options were what confused the issue because they tell you the e-mail delivery is free and the s/h is a certain price, but the computer calculates the total for you w/out the option of adding that delivery charge, so, in my case, the order was automatically sent via e-mail.

Order: 25804

Title: Body: very , i got exactly what i wanted. happy customer

Order: 25791

Title: Body:

Order: 25759

Title: Body:

Order: 25727

Title: Body: I ordered an email version (.jpg format) of my familys Coat of Arms. It was fairly inexpensive and was delivered within the time frame promised. However, I question the authenticity of the coat of arms. It seems so generic. It seems to be appropriate for my family in its generic-ness though! ;) Ive never done research on the familys coat of arms so I have no proof either that it is, or isnt genuine. Makes me hesitant to use it for any true purpose.

Order: 25720

Title: Body: company. gave me the product I needed quickly for my sons school project and didnt cost me an arm and a leg. Thanks for great service.

Order: 25715

Title: Body: Of course, I have no way to independently verify the authenticity of the coats of arms I received. But they were done very nicely. One quibble is that they were advertised at 8x10 but are actually 8 1/2x11, a much harder frame size to fine.

Order: 25699

Title: Body: Service! Exceeded my expectations. Delivery was faster than promised. GIVE THIS VENDOR A FIVE STAR RATING!

Order: 25683

Title: Body: seller ,prompt delivery overall very .

Order: 25680


Order: 25675

Title: Body:

Order: 25658

Title: Body:

Order: 25614

Title: Body:

Order: 25607

Title: Body:

Order: 25591

Title: Body: Iīve been already charged, but I havenīt received my purchase!!!!!!!

Order: 25544

Title: Body: how do I know the crest I bought was actually mine?

Order: 25535

Title: Body: nice web site to work with

Order: 25506

Title: Body:

Order: 25492

Title: Body: Although I thought the price a little high for what I wanted, I ordered a coat of arms graphic to be delivered by email. After waiting 4 days for this graphic, I sent an email to the merchant to inquire what had happened. I did get a reply to that email in which the merchant stated that I should get something within a couple days. To his credit, I did receive the emailed graphic late that day. However I suspect that my order was not being worked until I made the email inquiry. Fortunately, the merchants immediate action went a long way to remedying the situation.

Order: 25491

Title: Body:

Order: 25464

Title: Body:

Order: 25426

Title: Body:

Order: 25413

Title: Body:

Order: 25401

Title: Body: I give it a 4 star, the ease of ordering was great. I like the fact sent e-mail confirm order & shiping time. My order sent by e-mail said 2-5 days got it in 6 days, close call but . Could use more shipping options to some places. The pricing is in the middle as far as i could tell on my item. I would say A Coat Of Arms Store is very to use for all. will be useing it again. A Friend Bobby

Order: 25380

Title: Body: I am still waiting for my champagne flute with the Little crest on them. They are for my wedding and the money has all ready come out of my account. I have tried to get a hold of you through you contact e-mail address with no success and I am a little worried they well not come. Please contact me with any news. My e-mail address is firstkmaue@yahoo.com or kmaue@charter.net, my name is Kim Maue. I ordered them on Feb 09,2004.

Order: 25367

Title: Body:

Order: 25365

Title: Body:

Order: 25359

Not Rated Title: Body: It is dificult to review, as I did not yet receive the ordered item, way beond the estimated time of arrival.

Order: 25331

Title: Body: We had one little error. I purchased two coats of arms digital format. One of them was not the crest as described in their website. This made me kind of suspicious. Upon my mentioning it, they did send a new crest as matching their website description. But, they could be sending me any-old crest and how do I know it matches my names? They are very handsome, and Im taking their word for it, but Im still not 100% sure of their authenticity.

Order: 25321

Title: Body:

Order: 25311

Not Rated Title: Body:

Order: 25302

Not Rated Title: Body: Quick Service. Nice quality

Order: 25297

Title: Body:

Order: 25241

Title: Body: quality -email was received within promised time

Order: 25235

Title: Body: I bought, payed and donīt have the JPEGs that they sold to me. I sended three e-mail and they donīt answer any of them. It los like they think that Iīm a fool.

Order: 25210

Title: Body: I ordered my Coat of Arms on Feb 2, 2004. When I had not received it after two weeks I emailed customer service. Received an email saying it was sent the same day I ordered it. It may have went to spam mail or there is a possibility it was a glitch in AOL that day. My suggestion is that when Coat of Arms are sent out via email attachments, they should put Coat of Arms as the subject of the email.

Order: 25195

Title: Body: No hazzle. Simple and quick.

Order: 25189


Order: 25176

Title: Body:

Order: 25165

Title: Body:

Order: 25139

Title: Body:

Order: 25127

Title: Body:

Order: 25115

Title: Body: No confirmation sent after order via email ... product VERY slow to deliver, still not here after MANY weeks!

Order: 25015

Title: Body: This product involved the option of either off-the-shelf or customer nominated designs. This was important for my needs and, within reason, was well catered for by the merchant. The email delivery option made it very easy to have the product where I wanted it, in my computer. I feel I could highly recommend this merchant to other potential customers with similar needs. Ian

Order: 24953

Title: Body:

Order: 24946

Title: Body: This company has my seal of approval. I asked for my coat of arms (via email) for my personal use. They notified me that they had my family crest, and gave me the cost should I choose to purchase it, along with other estimated delivery time. I was please to receive it earlier than expected.

Order: 24941

Not Rated Title: Body: little bit expensive for a print on a paper, print quality is very , website easy to use, delivery in the time expected, overall very . i will visit 4crest again. André.

Order: 24931

Title: Body:

Order: 24914


Order: 24910

Title: Body: Not exactly what I emvisioned it to be. I ordered two different coat of arms--the only thing different was the middle part. The ouside part was the same for both Coat of Arms. Im going to have to go elsewhere to get two different coat of arms. So it mostly appears that I paid too much for what I got--mostly because I didnt get what I sought.

Order: 24899


Order: 24852

Title: Body:

Order: 24833

Title: Body: He sent a completely wrong coat-of-arms (heraldically inadequate and not belonging to my ancestors) and a history of the surname which must have been dreamed up. Merchant does not reply to my emails, though I attached correct coat-of-arms and linguistically founded history of the surname. Of course, no refund will be made, though there was such an purchasing option, to say nothing of an answer at all. I might as well have thrown the money down the drain. krisnek@t-online.de

Order: 24799

Title: Body:

Order: 24797

Title: Body:

Order: 24751

Title: Body: I still have a question to forward, so the service choice is still incomplete.

Order: 24750

Title: Body:

Order: 24746

Title: Body: The customer service was , I cant wait to get our wedding invitations printed up! Thanks for helping make our already special day just that much more special. Thanks Again, Nicole

Order: 24739

Title: Body:

Order: 24735

Title: Body:

Order: 24693

Title: Body: I will use them again, as soon as the need arises

Order: 24688

Title: Body:

Order: 24686

Title: Body:

Order: 24680

Title: Body:

Order: 24676

Title: Body:

Order: 24657

Title: Body: i ordered this ocoat of arms, which i couldn not find anywhere else, for my boyfriend. He ended up getting it tattooed on his arm-the tattoo artist said it was perfect tattoo flash. I got exactly what i wanted quickly and easily thanks!

Order: 24634

Title: Body:

Order: 24616

Title: Body: I have only purchased the Coats of Arms via e-mail, but they are , so that I came back two more times. The are great gifts for family and friends.

Order: 24591

Title: Body: I had to rate the Delivery as I did because I havnt received the item yet.

Order: 24581

Title: Body: This merchant seemed like the best way to go as far as finding my families coat of arms. I had no problems making the purchase, however, I never received the order and after contacting them a couple times by email, which is the only method of contacting them, I still havent heard anything. I do not recommend them at all.

Order: 24553

Not Rated Title: Body:

Order: 24517

Title: Body:

Order: 24503

Title: Body: This business promptly delivered the coat of arms that I ordered via email. HOWEVER, the graphic that was sent was a very lossy and compressed .jpeg image. I emailed repeatedly trying to see if there was a way I could be sent a graphic that wasnt compressed or a graphic that used less compression. I asked to be contacted even if there werent any other options. I received no response whatsoever. As it stands, the image is barely usable - and honestly the only reason I use it at all is because I paid for it and would feel even worse about the purchase if I abandon it like I should. I will be searching for another product from another company, although I would be happy to be contacted and have this situation rectified. I value customer service and will happily ammend this feedback appropriately if the situation is addressed.

Order: 24493

Title: Body:

Order: 24460

Title: Body:

Order: 24455

Title: Body: To be honest I had trouble printing the item which I had paid for. I will be returning to the store to lo further at what other items there are available. Since I am getting married soon I felt that there should be some type of family history for my fiancee and I to lo through. There was not a questionerre to fill out regarding family history, nor discussion how old the crest/coat of arms is since they say it is the oldest one on record.

Order: 24446

Title: Body: The Coat of Arms store was for my genealogy project. I couldnt find anything on my mothers surname (Shami), which is rare , but when I came there they asked me whether it was Palestinian, Syrian, or Pollish origin. I doubted they could find my mothers name but they did and since it was not in the format I requested they gave it to me in their more expensive format ($60 value or 3x the price I paid) for the $22 bucks I purchased it for with the coat of arms too. Thanks to them I found about 10x more than I would have found without them and it was much easier. Thanks to them I will probablly get an A on that part of the project (But you can never know for sure). Thank you Coat of Arms store for making it when I couldnt find Shami even at the other less expensive surname shops and for making it as easy as possible by teaming up with yahoo where I already had an account and where it was safe.

Order: 24439

Title: Body: Very pleased. I would like to have some kind of choice over the different coat of arms for a name.

Order: 24438

Title: Body: I dont know how to rate this properly as the merchandise I ordered was different style then what I ordered???

Order: 24435

Title: Body: I ordered mine and my husbands family crests on line with no problems at all. The terms and times of delivery were very clear,althought it to a little longer then the suggested time. The crest arrived in very shape and are now being framed. My only problem was when I tried to check on its progress. I could not nevigate through the website very well, finally giving up to e-mail them.

Order: 24426

Title: Body:

Order: 24410

Title: Body: Great Store - I would use again.

Order: 24368

Title: Body: Recieved a crest for the name PILATO...fabulous stuff. thanks again

Order: 24349

Title: Body:

Order: 24342

Title: Body: I am very disappointed with this store because I am still waiting on my product which is well over due. I ordered a JPEG coat of arms nearly two weeks ago. They keep trying to send the JPEG to my work address which will not accept it. It is being blocked by anti-spam software and is continually quarantined. I have on numerous occasions emailed them to request that they send it to my alternative email address: roy@mclean27.fsnet.co.uk I have had no reply or acknowledgement from them. For all future email correspondence please contact me via: roy@mclean27.fsnet.co.uk

Order: 24329

Title: Body: The quality was fair, I would have liked greater detail in the arms print itself, kinda loed like someone to clip art and ran it off on a inkjet. Needs improvement. Some of their online stuff is very unclear.. I thought I would be getting free JPGs of the arms via email as well, kinda misleading.

Order: 24311

Title: Body:

Order: 24304

Title: Body: I ordered a coat of arms for my name per email. a wrong name was sent. I wrote immediately per email and have not received a reply but the charge was passed. The service is atrocious. It seems like an automated system. luck !

Order: 24303

Not Rated Not Rated

Title: Body: I am unable to make a comment as I have not yet had any info back or the s requested. Disappointed. Regards Maree

Order: 24264

Title: Body:

Order: 24256

Title: Body: I consider the price a little inflated considering I was just paying for a JPEG image. I was elated about the first product I ordered, but the second one loed like a choppy cut and paste. However, they were very prompt in filling my order.

Order: 24237

Title: Body: The name used in the shipping address was misspelled. This was the third order I have placed. The products were very and the service overall.

Order: 24222

Title: Body: It said that the image would be sent as an attachement to my email address in 3-5days. It has been 15 days and I still have not recieved it. They said to email him if I had a problem, so I did and never recieved and email back. They had no problem taking the money. I provided them with alternative email address and nothing came. I even provided him with a number to call me to let me know if there might be another way to handle this situation, and still no phone call. Customer Service sucks! Overall, I would never give this company any business.

Order: 24200

Title: Body:

Order: 24193

Title: Body:

Order: 24186

Title: Body: www.4crests.com is NOT A SCAM. Very happy with my order.

Order: 24183

Title: Body: I ordered an item @ the end of December 2003. My credit card was billed, and paid. The item did not arrive in the 8-10 weeks as promised. I contacted them via e-mail and they stated that the order had been lost. They re-placed the order. It wes to arrive @ the end of March 2004. It is now the third week of April, and the item still has not been recieved. I checked on line to track the order. I was told that the order number was invalid!!! I am contacting my credit card company to hopefully recieve a refund for my merchandise. This is the first, and last time I order anything on line!!!!!!!!

Order: 24178

Title: Body: never recieved product

Order: 24168

Not Rated

Title: Body:

Order: 24162

Not Rated

Not Rated Not Rated

Title: Body: This is a fraud, they did not find my family name so they sent me the crest for my christian name. naphegyi@club-internet.fr

Order: 24160

Title: Body: I never received my shipment. After contacting the store, they re-shipped the item, priority mail. Their customer service is wonderful.

Order: 24135

Title: Body:

Order: 24131

Title: Body:

Order: 24101

Title: Body: I ordered a crest that never arrived. My repeated attempts to get a reply from them have failed. Ive also noticed that the Washington Better Business Buearu gives them an unsatisfactory rating. I dont recommend doing business with them.

Order: 24098

Title: Body:

Order: 24096

Title: Body:

Order: 24087

Title: Body:

Order: 24074

Not Rated Title: Body: Very pleased and would order again.

Order: 24063

Not Rated Title: Body: The quality of the paper used was poor, also the graphics werent as as expected. I was dissapointed with my order. I wish that company will contact me about that order and maybe they could exchange what I bought for something else. Johanna G

Order: 24006

Title: Body: We had an experience with this vendor that met our needs. There was some early confusion related to our order. However, these were cleared up and resolved to our satisfaction.

Order: 24003

Title: Body: Thank you for you speed of delivery. It was difficult to find my family coat of arms and I procrastinated a little. Needed it by Christmas and you came through brilliantly. thanks again.

Order: 23996

Title: Body:

Order: 23995

Not Rated

Title: Body: The product was poor quality.

Order: 23981

Title: Body: Ordered several days prior to Christmas and received the email jpeg Coat of Arms within several days. The process was easy and I had no problem. I am pleased with the Coat of Arms. James Wayne Bumgardner

Order: 23942

Title: Body:

Order: 23941

Title: Body: I was very satisfied with the results

Order: 23918

Title: Body: I wanted to modify my original review to include the fact that i was able to reach someone via email, and he was very quick to take care of my problem. I have since received the products and they are very high quality and perfeclty done.

Order: 23914

Title: Body: I ordered two paper items in December 2003. I didnt get them until April 2004. They said it was becuase their printer was bren, and they were trying to get it fixed under warranty. I only got this information because I constantly e-mailed them for updates. They never once e-mailed me a status of my order, nor did they offer to refund my money, nor did they offer me any kind of comp for the time and trouble. The items and price were great - no doubt - but the customer service was simply . I did some research with the Better Business Bureau, and saw that they already had several unresolved complaints against them.

Order: 23909

Title: Body: I used this store because they offered the quickest shipping options. The merchandise arrived sooner than I had expected and was exactly what I wanted.

Order: 23897

Title: Body:

Order: 23881

Title: Body: I ordered my coat of arms in JPG format. It was emailed to me the next day. Quality was very .

Order: 23846

Title: Body: Very nice item; email feedback and information. Item was sent by quick delivery & earlier than promised. Very merchant - would buy from again.

Order: 23833

Title: Body: I received the item ordered today 31/12/2003, it was as requested, delivery was prompt. I would shop again.

Order: 23792

Title: Body: I was very happy with the surname purchase, except for the frame. The frame was cheaply made, and just to away from the the gift. I went to Target and purchased a frame for $12 and it loed magnificent. I have tried to contact the Code of Arms store, but have been unsuccessful. Id like to return the frame portion and recieve credit for it, because it skyrockeeted the price of the gift dramatically. To purchase the part that I used would have been $17.95 plus S&H instead of $65 plus S&H. I would apprecieate some type of feedback ASAP. Thank You

Order: 23791

Title: Body:

Order: 23789

Title: Body: fast service and cheap prices!!!!!

Order: 23787

Title: Body: I cannot know the status of the order or if it has been shipped or not. I would like to have a way to know that.

Order: 23758

Not Rated Not Rated

Not Rated Title: Body: Air mail to Canada to 11 days.

Order: 23746

Title: Body: When the jpeg Coat of Arms was received I received it by email withing several days. To a little time to figure out how to download and save. I was pleased with the producd, price, and service. James Bumgardner

Order: 23745


Order: 23719

Title: Body:

Order: 23634

Title: Body:

Order: 23624

Title: Body: Vast selection and service!

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