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Last Name Meanings ( Surnames A-G )

ABBOT an abbot. ALVAREZ son of Alvaro 'the prudent one'. ACKLAND dweller at the oak-land. AMBLER slow walker. ACKMAN, AIKMAN sharp director. AMES Amy's son. ACKROYD dweller at the oak clearing. AMNER alms-giver. ACREMAN field-worker, husbandman ANCELL servant. ADAIR dweller at the ford by the oaks. ANDERSON Andrew's son. ADAM red earth. ANNESS, ANNISS from Agness; Pure ADDISON Addy's son. ANNING Anna's son. ADLAM, ADLEM noble protector. ANTHONY descended from Hercules AGAR, AGER dread army. ANTROBUS amid the woods. AGATE dweller at the gate. APLIN, APPLIN lion's son. AGNEW lamb. APPENRODTH, APPENROTH red apple. AGUILER needle maker. APPLEBAUM apple Tree AIRD tall noble. APPLETHWAITE dweller at the apple clearing. AKED dweller at the oak-hill. APPLEYARD dweller at the orchard. AKEHURST dweller at the oak-wood. ARBUTHNOT river mouth. AKRIGG dweller at the oak-ridge. ARKWRIGHT a bin-maker. ALBANY white. ARMITAGE, ARMYTAGE dweller at the hermitage. ALCOTT dweller at the old cottage. ARMSTRONG strong-armed. ALDER elder. ASH(E) dweller at the ash tree. ALDERSMITH the smith by the elder tree. ASHCROFT, ASCROFT dweller at the east croft (small field). ALDHOUSE, ALDOUS, ALDIS dweller at the old house. ASKEW deformed. ALDRICH, ALDRIDGE old ruler. ATHERTON dweller at the spring farm. ALDWORTH dweller at the old farm. ATTENBOROUGH dweller at the stronghold. ALFORD dweller at the old ford. ATWELL dweller at the well. ALLAN, ALLEN bright, fair handsome. AUCKLAND dweller at the temple land. ALLARD all-strong. AUSTEN majestic. ALLBRIGHT bright glorious AUSTIN prosperity, honour. ALLENBY dweller at Allen's farm. AVERY elf-ruler. ALLISON Alice's son. Letter Break BACH, BACK brook. BENNETT good speaker. BACKHOUSE dweller at a bake-house. BERG dweller near a hill or mountain. BACON swineherd. BERGER shepherd. BADDELEY, BADLEY dweller at the bad (poor) field. BESANT one from Byzantium. BAILEY, BAILLIE a bailiff. BEST beast, animal BAIN active, alert. BETTERIDGE powerful in battle. BAIRD a bard, minstrel. BEVAN, BEAVIN, BEVIN son of Evan. BAKER a bread-maker. BEVERIDGE dweller at the beaver marsh. BALDWIN bold friend. BEVERLEY dweller at the beaver lake. BALL chestnut-haired. BIBBY, BEEBY dweller at the bee farm. BALLISTER cross-bowman. BIDGOOD battle-god. BANISTER bold friend. BIGG (E.) big, tall. BANK dweller at the embankment. BINNIE dweller at the little hill. BANNERMAN standard-bearer. BIRD birdlike. BANNISTER cross-bowman. BISHOP a bishop. BARBER, BARBOUR hairdresser. BLACK, BLACKLOCK, BLAKELOCK dark, dark-haired. BARCLAY, BERKELEY dweller at the birch field. BLAIR dweller on a plain. BARKER bark stripper, tanner. BLOSSOM a gardener. BARR dweller at gateway or barrier. BLUNT blond, fair. BARRATT, BARRETT bear counsel. BOND husbandman, farmer. BARTLETT bright glorious. BOOTH dweller at a hut. BARTON dweller at the barley grange. BOYD yellow-haired. BASS, BASSET low, short. BRADLEY dweller at the broad field. BATCHELOR young knight. BRAMBLE dweller at the bramble-patch. BATEMAN boatman. BRANDON dweller at the beacon hill. BAUER farmer. BRANDT farmer on land cleared by burning. BAXTER, BAXTER baker. BRETT Briton. BAY chestnut-haired. BREWER a maker of beer. BAYLISS a bailiff. BRICE, BRYCE quick. BEACH dweller on the seashore. BRIGGS Son of the bridge dweller. BEACHAMP, BEECHAM dweller at the fair field. BROADBENT dweller at the broad common. BEALE, BEALL fair handsome. BROOKS dweller at a streamlet. BEAMISH dweller at the tree place BROSTER an embroiderer. BEAUMONT dweller on the sea shore. BROWN(E) of dark reddish complexion. BECKETT, BECKITT little mouth. BURGESS a citizen. BEECH dweller by the beech tree BURROWS, BURROUGHES dweller at a stronghold. BELLAMY fair friend. BURTON dweller at the byre, stronghold or hilt. BENDIX Benedict's son. BUSH dweller at a bush or thicket. BENEDICT good speaker, well spoken BUTCHER a dealer in meat. BENHAM dweller at the bean-land. BUTLER bottler, bottle keeper. BENN dweller at a peak. Letter Break CADE battle. CLIFTON dweller at the cliff farm. CALLAGHAN warrior. COATES dweller at the cottages or pens. CALVERT a call-herd. COBORN, COBURN dweller at the woodcock stream. CAMERO dweller in or worker at a hall. COCKCROFT dweller at the small cocks' field. CAMPBELL fair field. COHEN the priest. CANNON a canon. COHEN, COEN, COHN a priest. CAPMAN, CAPPER a maker of caps. COLE victorious people. CARISON son of Carl. COLLINS, COLLYNS Colin's son. CARMICHAEL Michael's stronghold. COMPTON dweller at the combe (valley) estate. CARPENTER a worker in wood. CONNOR counsel-help. CARR dweller at a marsh. CONWAY hound of the plain. CARROLL a champion. COOMBE dweller in a steep valley. CARSON dweller near a marsh. COOPER a cask-maker. CASTRO, CASTILLO dweller near a castle or a castle servant. COPE, COPP dweller on the hill-top. CATT, CATLIN from Catherine, pure. CORDER a rope-maker. CEURCE dweller by the church. COURAGE bravery valiance CHADWICK dweller at Chad's place CRADDOCK, CRADICK full of love. CHAMBERLAIN. nobleman's servant, later inn-keeper. CREASE, CREESE fond loving CHANDLER a dealer in candles. CREW(E) dweller at the cattle-pen. CHAPMAN a dealer or trader. CRIPPS, CRISP(E) curly-haired CHAVEZ descendant of Jaime or Jarnes. CROFT dweller at the small field. CHRISTENSEN descendant of Christian. CROSBIE, CROSBY dweller by the Cross. CHRISTIE christian CROUCH dweller by a crucifix. CHRISTMAS religious festival CRUZ dweller near a cross. CLARE famous. CULLAN, CULLEN, COLQUHOUN handsome fair CLARK(E) clerk writer educated CURTICE, CURTIS, CURTOIS courteous. CLAYTON dweller at the clayey place. CUTLAR, CUTLER a knife maker. CLEMANCE, CLEMENS, CLEMENTS cliff with caves. Letter Break DAISY pearl DELL dweller in a small valley. DALE dweller at the dale (valley). DEVENISH from Devon. DALLAS dweller at the waterfall field. DEVLIN boisterous. DALRYMPLE dweller at the crooked pool field. DIAZ descendant of Diego or Jacob. DALTON dweller at the dale farm. DIBDEN, DIBDIN dweller in a deep valley. DANCE Daniel's son. DICKSON, DIXON Dick's son. DANVERS native of Antwerp. DOTT little. DARCY, DARSEY dark. DOVE a dove. DARK dark swarthy. DRAYTON dweller at the dry-built farmstead. DASHWOOD dweller at the badger wood. DRINKWATER teetotaller. DAVENPORT dweller at the river gate. DUFFY dark. DAVIDSON, DAVlSON, DAVIES, DAVIS David's son. DUNLOP dweller at the bend of the hill. DAW beloved. DUNNE dark-skinned. DAY dairy servant. DYALL worshipper of Cod. DEACON, DEAKIN a deacon. DYER a dyer of cloth. DEAN(E) dweller in a hollow. Letter Break EARL nobleman, chief ELLIS Elia's son. EARNSHAW dweller at the eagle wood. ELMS dweller by the elm trees. EAST one from the east. EMERY famous. EASTER born at Easter. EMMETT EMMOTT ant-like busy. EASTWOOD dweller by the east wood. ENGLISH Englishman. EATON dweller at the riverside farm. EVAN, EWAN, EWING well-born. EDGE dweller at a hill-ridge. EVERARD brave as a boar. EDWARDS Edward's son. EVERED, EVERETT, FVERITT boar-counsel. Letter Break Letter Break FABER a metal-worker. FITZ, , names son of i.e. Fitzgerald son of Gerald FADE prosperity, happiness. FLAXMAN flax-spinner or flax merchant. FAIR(E) blond, handsome FLETCHER arrow maker featherer. FAIRCHILD pretty or blond child FLINT dweller at the stream. FAIRFAX fair-haired. FLORES dweller in flowery lace. FALCONER, FAULKNER falcon-keeper. FLOWER, FLOWERDEW nurseryman, (jewish) FAMES uncle's son, cousin. FNDICOTT dweller at the end cottage. FANE joyful, glad. FOOT(E) dweller at the hill-foot FARMER a farmer. FOOTMAN a man-servant. FARRAR, FERRIER a farrier. FORD. dweller by river crossing FAY dweller by the beech tree. FOSS dweller at a waterfall. FELLOWES partner, companion. FOWLER bird-catcher gamekeeper. FELTON dweller at the farm on the plain. FRANCIS Frenchman. FENWICK dweller at the place on the fen. FRANKLIN free man freeholder. FERNANDEZ descendant of Fernando 'the adventurer'. FRENCH one from France. FESKINE dweller at the high cleft. FRIEDMAN descendant of the peaceful man. FIELD dweller at a field. FROBISHER furbisher or cleaner (of armour). FIELDING dweller at the meadow on the plain. FRY(E) free. FIGUEROA maker of statuettes. FULLER a cleaner of cloth. FINNEGAN, FINNIGAN fair-skinned. FUOT(T) Cod the Lord. FISCHER fisherman or fish trader. FYRE heir. FISHER fisherman. Letter Break GAITSKELL dweller at the goat's ravine. GONIEZ descendant of Gomesano. GALE lively gay GONZALES descendant of Gonzalo battle name of saint. GALLACHER, GALLAGHER eager help. GOOD(S) virtuous good. GARCIA descendant of Gerald. GORA dweller on or near a hill or mountain. GARDNER gardener. GORDON dweller at the three-cornered land. GARRARD, GARRATT, GARRETT spear-brave. GOSWELL dweller at the goose well. GARRICK spear-ruler. GOULD gold. GARTH dweller at the yard. GOW a smith. GARZA dweller at the sign of the heron or dove. GOWER dweller at a croft. GAY(E) merry blithe GRAHAM(E) dweller at the grey enclosure. GEARY changeable. GRANT big. GEDDES feller of trees. GRANVILLE dweller at the big estate. GENTRY gentleness noble birth GRAVES, GREAVE dweller at a grove. GIBBS Gilbert's son. GREG, GREGG, GREGORY a watchman. GILCHRIST disciple of Christ. GREY grey-haired. GILDERSLEEVE gilded sleeve. GRIFFIN ruddy rosy. GILES downy-bearded. GRISEWOOD dweller at the swine-wood. GILL dweller at a ravine. GROGAN a warrior. GLADSTONE, GLEDSTONE dweller at the kite rocks. GROOM a tender of horses. GLASS pale or livid of complexion. GROSS descendant of the large or fat man. GLYN(NE) dweller in a glen.. GROSVENOR great hunter. GODDARD, GODDART Cod-firm. GROVE(S) dweller at a small wood. GOFF a smith. GULLIVER wolf-army. GOLDBERG family from Goldberg; Germany 'gold mountain'. GUNN war battle. GOLDSTEIN descendant of a goldsmith. GUSTER a taster. GOLIGHTLY light-footed. GUTIERREZ descendant of Gutierre or Walter.

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