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Nagorski Coat of Arms / Nagorski Family Crest

This surname of NAGORKSI is of two fold origin. It was a Hungarian and Jewish nickname for a large man. The name was derived from the Hungarian word NAGY (big). It is also a name used to describe the older of two bearers of the same name. The name is also spelt NAGY, NAGGAR, NAGER, NAGARIN and NAGORSKY. Nicknames usually originated as a by-name for someone by describing their appearance, personal disposition or character but which became handed down through the ages and did not apply to their descendants. This surname seems to have made enormous strides in the United States. A notable member of the name was Imre NAGY (1895-1958) the Hungarian statesman and prime minister (1953-5) born in Kaposvar, Hungary. He had a minor post in the Bela Kun revolutionary government in Hungary. He then went to Moscow (1929) and became a member of the Institute for Agrarian Sciences. Returning with the Red Army in 1944, he was minister of agriculture, and as premier introduced milder political control. He was executed in Budapest. The Hungarian language is quite distinct from its Germanic and Slavonic neighbours, and is of Finno-Ugric rather than European origin, and so it is related to Finnish. However, the strongest cultural influence in historical times has been German, and the pattern of Hungarian surnames is similar to that found in Germany and Austria. In the 19th century, surnames ending in 'Y' came to be considered more aristocratic than those ending in 'I', although it has been shown that the alternation between these two letters depended on the whim of a clerk, and had no connection with rank. Hungarian heraldry shows a marked preference for charges or devices associated with the Turkish wars which were a feature of Hungarian history from the 15th to the 18th centuries. A great number of all Hungarian armorial bearings feature a decapitated Turk's head, moustached and turbanned. Sabres, swords and lances are brandished and lions, gryphons or horsemen are all depicted in a fiery and war-like manner.

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Last Updated: Dec. 1st, 2021

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