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Last Name Meanings ( Surnames T-Z )

TABERNER inn-keeper, tabor-player. TINKLER a tinker. TAFT dweller at a croft TIVERTON dweller at the double ford. TAIT(S) brisk, cheery. TODD foxy, bushy-haired. TALBOT a raider, bandit. TODRUNTER a fox-hunter. TALLIS dweller at the trimmed (cut) copse. TOLLER a tax-collector. TANNAR, TANNER a leather-maker TOPLIS(S) dweller at the top leas (fields). TANNENBAUM pine trees TORRES dweller at or near a tower or shire. TAPPER an innkeeper, beer-seller. TOWNSEND dweller at the town's (village's) end. TAPSTER a woman inn-keeper or beer-seller. TOY(E) national, spear. TASKER a thrasher, thresher or reaper. TRACEY, TRACY from Tracy (France). TAYLOR a tailor. TRAVERS(E) dweller at the cross-roads. TEDDER national army. TREE dweller by a (prominent) tree. TELLER, TELLIER a cloth-maker, weaver. TRELAWN(E)Y dweller at the church village. TELLWRIGHT a tile maker TRELOAR dweller at the lower homestead. TEMPLE dweller near a religious house. TREMLETT dweller at the aspen grove. TENNANT, TENNENT a tenant farmer. TRENCH dweller at an alley or cutting. TENNYSON Dennis's son. TRIGG(E) true, trustworthy TERRY mighty ruler. TRIMMER strong arm. TESTER an assayer. TRINDER a wheelwright. TEW plump, fat. TRIPP skittish colt-like. THACKERAY, THACRERY dweller at a thatch corner (storehouse). TROLLOPE a loiterer. THACRAH, THACERAY dweller at a thatch corner (storehouse). TRUE, TRUEBODY, TRUE faithful THAYER national army. TRUMPER trumpeter. THICK thickset, stocky. TUCK national spear. THISTLETHWAITE dweller at the thistle clearing. TUCKER fuller (thickener) of cloth THORN(S) dweller by the thorn-tree. TUDOR divine gift. THORPE dweller at the hamlet. TUGWELL dweller at a draw-Well. THRALE a servant. TULIP tulip grower or like a tulip. THWAITE dweller at a clearing. TUNNICLIFF(E) dweller at a tunnelled cliff or THYNNE thin, lean. TURNBULL brave, daring. TICS pleasant. TURNER a lathe-worker in wood. TIDY, TIDEY. ready,neat. TWINING dweller between streams. TIERNEY lord and master. TWIGG scion, son cadet. TILLER, TILLMAN husbandman, tiller of the soil. TWISS, TWIST a twin. TILLY dweller at the lime grove. TYE dweller at a common. TINGAY, TINGEY dweller at the parliament field TYLE a tile-maker. Letter Break Letter Break UDEN dweller in the yew valley. UPCOTT dweller at upper (high) cottage. UNDERHAY dweller under a hedge. UPJOHN John's son. UNDERWOOD dweller in the shade of a wood. URQUHART dweller on a quarter-plot of land. UNWIN friendless. USHER, USSHER a doorkeeper. Letter Break Letter Break VACHER a cowherd. VERE dweller at the fishing station VAIL, VALE dweller in a valley. VERNEY dweller at the alder grove. VALLANCE dweller at a stronghold. VERNON one from Vernon (France). VANDERMEER dweller at or near a lake. VERRALL, VERRILL true. VANNER a winnower. VICAR, VICKER an incumbent a deputy. VAUGHANVAUGHN small, little. VILLIERS dweller at the hamlet. VAVASOUR an under-vassal. VINCE, VINCENT conquering. VAZUEZ a Basque family or descendant of a shepherd. VINE dweller at a vineyard. VEAL(E) little call. VINSON Vincent's son. VEASEY, VEAZEY, VESEY dweller on the estate of Vitius. VIVIAN full of life. VEITCH dweller at the estate. VOISEY one from Voisey (France). VENABLES dweller at the vineyard. VOYCE one from Voise (France). VENNER a huntsman. VYSE dweller on the marches (frontier border). Letter Break Letter Break WIGRAM war-raven. WETHERBY dweller at the sheep farm. WACE a servant vassal WEYMAN., As, WAY. dweller at a way (path or road). WACKETT watchful. WHARMBY dweller at the hand-mill place. WADE dweller at the ford. WHATMORE dweller on the wheat moor. WADSWORTH dweller at Wade's estate. WHELDON.. dweller at the hollow hill WAGER a weigher. WHISTLER a piper, whistler. WAGGETT watchful. WHITAKER dweller at the wheat (or white) field. WAGHORN(E) a hornblower. WHITBREAD a seller of white bread. WAGNER a waggoner. WHITE white, fair. WAGNER descendant of a wagon. driver or wagon maker. WHITEHEAD white-haired, fair haired WAGSTAF(E) a beadle. WHITELAW dweller at the white hill. WAINE, WAINER, WAINMAN a waggoner carter. WHITGIFT marriage gift. WAINWRIGHT a wagon-maker. WHITING dweller at the white meadow. WAIT(E) a watchman. WHITNEY dweller at the white field. WAKEFIELD dweller at the wet field. WHITTIER a harness-maker, dresser of white leather. WAKEWAKEMAN alert watchful WHITTON dweller at the white farm. WALCOTT dweller at the cottage by the wall. WHITWELL dweller at the white spring. WALE Welshman, foreigner. WHYMAN a cowman. WALFORD dweller at the Welshman's ford. WIBBLE war-bold. WALKER a fuller or thickener of cloth WICK(E), WICKER dweller in the market-place. WALL dweller by a wall. WIDDEN dweller in the wide valley. WALLACE, WALLAS a Welshman. WIDDOWS(ON) widow's son. WALLER a bricklayer WIDGERY war-ruler. WALLIS a Welshman. WIGGWIGGIN warrior. WALPOLE dweller at the wall pool. WIGRAM war raven. WALSH(E) a Welshman. WILBUR beloved stronghold. WALTERS Walter's son. WILCOCKS, WILCOX Willie's son. WALTON dweller at the farm by the wall. WILD(E) fierce, untamed & savage. WAPLE., As, WALPOLE. dweller at the wall pool. WILDER mighty army. WARD(E) a watchman, guard. WILK, WILKIN little William, Willie. WARDEN a guardian. WILLARD resolutely brave. WARING, WARIN, WARNE, WARNER a warren-keeper. WILLOUGHBY dweller at the willow farm. WARREN dweller at a game preserve, gamekeeper WILLOWS dweller by the willow trees. WARRENDER, WARRENER, WARRINER a rabbit warren-keeper. WILMOT(T) beloved heart. WATERFIELD dweller at the watery field. WILTON dweller at the well farm. WATERHOUSE dweller at the house by the water. WIMBUSH dweller at the vine (wine bush). WATERLOW dweller at the watery field. WINCH dweller at a bend. WATERSWATERSON Walter's son. WING dweller on the plain. WATKINSWATKINSON little Waiter's son. WINGRAVE dweller at the withy grove. WATSON Walter's son. WINN(E) white fair WATT mighty army. WINTER born in winter. WAUCHOPE dweller at the Welsh hill hollow. WINTERBOTHAM, WINTERBOTTOM dweller in the winter valley WAUGH dweller at a wall. WISHARD, WISHART wise. WAY dweller at a way (path or road). WOGAN frowning scowling. WAYNE a waggoner carter. WOLSEY wolf-victory. WEATHEREDWEATHERHEAD dweller at the top. WOODCOCK a simpleton. WEAVER, WEBB(E),WEBER, WEBBER a cloth-weaver. WOODLEY dweller at the field by the wood. WEBER descendant of a cloth weaver. WOODMAN a forester wood-cutter. WEBSTER a woman cloth-weaver. WOODREAD dweller at the top of the wood. WEDGWOOD dweller at the guarded wood. WOODROW(E) dweller at the hedgerow by the wood. WEISS descendant of a man with white hair or skin. WOODTHORPE dweller at the village by the wood. WELCH Welshman. WOOLLARD wolf-brave. WELDON dweller at the hill with the spring. WOOLLCOMBE dweller in the wolf valley. WELLER dweller by the well or spring. WOOLMER wolf-famous. WELLOW dweller by the willow. WOOTTON dweller at the farm by the wood WELLS dweller at the springs. WORTH. dweller at the farm WEMS, WEMYSS dweller at the caves. WORTLEY dweller at the vegetable field. WENMAN a waggoner. WRAY dweller in a nook. WENRER descendant of Wemer 'protection army'. WRENCH cunning, tricky WEST, WESTERN one from the West Country. WRIGHT a metal-or woodworker. WESTHORPE dweller at the west farm. WYARD, WYATT war-brave. WESTMACOTT, WESTMANCOTT dweller at the Westerner's cottage. WYCLIF(IE) dweller at the white cliff. WESTON dweller at the west farm. WYMARK battle emblem. WESTWOOD dweller at the west wood. Letter Break Letter Break YALLAND dweller at the sloping land. YEOMAN a countryman rustic. YAPP eager quick. YERBURY dweller by the earthworks. YARDLEY dweller at the yard field. YEW dweller by the yew tree. YARROW dweller by the turbulent river. YONGE, YOUNG younger junior YATES, YEATS, YETTS dweller at The gates. YOUNGHUSBAND a young farmer husbandman YEO dweller by the yew tree. YULE born at Christmas. Letter Break Letter Break ZEAL from Zeal (Devon). ZIMMERMAN a carpenter, or descendant of.

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