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Last Name Meanings ( Surnames P-S )

PACK(E) born at Easter. PIKE dweller at the pointed hill. PACKILAN a pedlar. PILCHER a maker of pilches (fur garments). PADFIELD dweller at the path-field. PINCH, PINCHES, PINCHIN born at Whitsuntide. PAGE a page boy attendant PINERO a pine tree. PAGET(T), PAIN(E) heathen PINK(E) like a chaffinch. PALGRAVE dweller at the pale (stake) grove. PINNER a pin-maker or pin dealer PALISSER a fence-maker. PIPER a piper. PALMER a pilgrim from Palestine. PIRIE, PIRRIE dweller by a pear-tree PANNIER a maker of bread-baskets. PITMAN, PITT, dweller at a pit. PANTIN(G) a puppet. PLACE dweller at a hall or mansion. PARDOE, PARDOW a leopard. PLANT(E) dweller at a plantation. PARFETT, PARFITT perfect, honourable. PLAYFAIR a playmate. PARGETER, PARGITER a wall plasterer. PLOWMAN a ploughman. PARK(E) dweller in an enclosed ground. PLUCK hairy or shaggy. PARKER a park-keeper PLUMER, PLUMMER plume maker or feather-dresser. PARKINS(ON) little Peter's son. gamekeeper PLUNKET(T) dweller by the plank-bridge. PARMENTER, PARMINTER, PARMITER clothier POINTER, POYNTER a maker of points (tagged laces fastening doublets). PARRISH Parry's son. POLE dweller at a pool. PARRY Harry's son. POLSON Paul's son. PARSON person of rank or a parson. POMEROY, POMROY dweller at the apple orchard. PATCH, PATCHETT a clown, jester. POND, dweller at the pound. PATON, PATEN little Patrick. POPE father. PATTERSON Patrick's son. PORCHER, PORTER a porter or carrier. PAUL, PAULET, PAWLE little. PORTMAN a gateman. PAWSON Paul's son. POTTER, POTTS a pot-maker or seller. PAYNE a heathen. POTTINGER a pottage-maker. PAYNTER a house painter, dealer in paint POULTER a poulterer. PEABODY a dandy POUND(E) dweller at strays animal pound PEACHE, PEACHEY dweller at a peak. POVEY wise, owl-like. PEASEY dweller at the pea-field. POWELL Howell's son. PECKOVER dweller at the peak edge. PRATT dweller at a meadow. PEDLER, PEGLER a basket. PRENTICE, PRENTISS an apprentice. PEGRAM a pilgrim. PRESCOTT dweller at the priest's cottage. PELISSIER a furrier. PRESTON dweller at the priest's place. PENDERGAST, PENDERGRASS chief guest. PRETTY, PRETTYMAN crafty, sly. PENN, PENNY dweller in the (sheep) pen or fold. PRIESTILAN a priest. PEPPER a dealer in pepper. PRIESTLEY dweller at the priest's field. PERCIVAL stalwart, keen hunter. PRINCE a prince's servant PEREZ descendant of Pedro or Peter. PRINGLE silver penny. PERKINS, PERKISS little Peter's son. PRIOR head of a priory. PERRIN(G) little father. PRITCHARD Richard's son. PERRY, PERRYN dweller by a pear-tree. PROBERT Robert's son. PETERS Peter's son. PROCTER, PROCTOR a proctor or manager. PETIFER iron foot. PROTHERO(E), son of the reddish-brown man. PETTIGREW crane-foot. PROUSE, PROWSE gallant, valliant. PEW Hugh's son. PROVOST a commander. PHELP, PHILLIPS, PHILIP horse-lover. PUDDEFOOT club footed. PHILLIPSON Philip's son. PULLAR dweller at the pool bank. PICK dweller at a peak. PULLEN, PULLIN a poulterer. PICKFORD dweller at the ford near the peak. PURDON dweller at pear-tree hill. PICKLE dweller at the pointed hill. PURKIS Peter's son. PICWICK dweller at the peak place or farm. PURSER cashier, paymaster. PIERS, PIERCE Peter's son. PYBUS dweller at the prickly bush. PIGGOT(T) pitted (with smallpox) spotty-faced, freckled. PYECROFT dweller at the magpie field. Letter Break Letter Break QUANT, QUAINT skilful &neat QUIGLEY grandson of Coigleach. QUARRIER quarryman. QUILLER a fledgling or beginner. QUARTERMAIN, (E) four- handed QUILTER a quilt-maker. QUEEN a wife. QUINTON dweller at the Queen's manor. QUICK(E) lively & quick. Letter Break Letter Break RABAN raven. ROADS, ROADES dweller by a rood (crucifix). RABY dweller at the deer's place. ROBERTS, ROBERTSON Robert's son. RADCLIEF(E) dweller at the red cliff. ROBOTHAM dweller in the roe valley. RADFORD dweller at the red ford. ROBY, ROBSY dweller at the roe stead. RAE like a roe. RODD dweller on a rod of ground. RAEBURN dweller by the roe-brook. RODRIGUEZ descendant of Rodrigo or Roderick RAGG(E) shaggy-haired. RODWELL dweller at a roadside spring. RAINGER a ranger. ROE red-haired. RAKE dweller at the sheep-walk. ROFFEY dweller at the rough island or waterside. RAMAGE wild. ROLLS Rollo's son. RAMIREZ, Descendent of Ramos 'as protrector' ROLT famous power. RAMSAY, RAMSEY dweller at the raven island. ROMER roamer, wanderer. RAMSBOTHAM, RAMSBOTTOM, RAMSDEN dweller in the ram's valley. ROMERO descendant of a pilgrim to Rome. RANDAL, RANDELL, RANDOLPH wolf's shield. ROOT(S) cheerful. RAPER rope-maker. ROPER a ropemaker. RAPSON Ralph's son; ROSEBERY dweller at the roes' stronghold. RATUBONE dweller at the white fort. ROSEN roses. RAVEN dark, black. ROSENBERG family from German village i.e. 'rose mountain' RAVENHILL dweller at the raven hill. ROSENBERG rose mountain. RAVENSCROPT dweller at the raven's croft. ROSENTHAL valley of roses RAWLINS(ON), RAWLINGS Rawlin's or Rowland's son. ROSEWARNS dweller at the alder heath. RAY, RAE. lke a roe ROSS Rowland's son. RAYMENT, RAYMOND mighty, of godlike protection. ROSSNKRANTZ, wreath of roses READ(S) red-haired or red-faced. ROTHSCHILD red shield. READER a reed-worker, thatcher. ROUNTREE, ROWNTREE dweller at a rowan-tree. REDBOURN(S) dweller at a reedy brook ROUS(E) dweller on a moor. REDDING dweller at the red meadow. ROW(E), dweller at row (of cottages) or hedgerow. REDESARN, REDFERN dweller by the red ferns. ROYCE, ROYSE Roy's son. REDGRAVE, REDGROVE dweller at the red grove. RUDD, RUDDY ruddy or red faced. REEVES a bailiff's son. RUFF red-haired. REGAN kingly, regal. RUIZ descendant of Ruy or Rodrigo REID red-haired. RUNCI(E), MAN horse-dealer or jobmaster. REMINGTON one from Rimington Yorkshire UK. RUNDELL, RUNDLE rotund, tubby. RENDALL.. wolf's shield RUSHBROOK(S) dweller at a rushy brook. REVELL tawny RUSSELL, RUSSET red-haired. REYES descendant of the king's household or family from Spanish village RUTHERFORD dweller at the cattle ford. REYNOLDS Reginald's son. RUTIWEN dweller by the red river. RHODES dweller at a (main) road-side. RUTTER trooper, horseman. RICHARDS, RICHARDSON Richard's son. RYCROFT dweller at a small rye field. RIVERS dweller by the rivers. RYMAN a dealer in rye. Letter Break Letter Break SACHEVERELL dweller at the roebuck forest. SIMSON, SIMPSON Sim's (Simeon's) son. SACK adversary, competitor. SINNETT, SINNOTT love, affection. SACKER a sack-maker. SIRETT victorious counsel. SACKVILLE dweller at the dry-built (without mortar) farm. SKEAT(E), SKEET quick swift. SADD serious, discreet. SKINNER dealer or flayer of hides SADLER a saddler. SLADE dweller in a valley or dell. SAGS learned, wise. SLADEN dweller in the sloe valley. SAILER, SAILOR a leaper or dancer. SLATTERY straight, tall. SALE dweller in a hall. SLOAN(E) a soldier, fighter. SALMAN, SALMON, SALMONS dark. SMALLEY dweller at the small field. SALT one from Salt (Staffs). SMART sharp, quick. SALTER salt-worker or salt-dealer. SMEE small. SAMPER one from St. Pierre (France). SMETHURST dweller at the wood on the plain. SAMPLE one from St. Paul (France). SMITH blacksmith, tradesman. SAMPSON, SAMSON splendid sun. SNAITH, SNEAD dweller at the clearing. SANCHEZ descendant of Sancho 'sanctified'. SNELL active, quick nimble. SANDBACH dweller at the sandy brook. SNOOK long-nosed. SANDFORD, SANDIFORD dweller at the sandy ford. SNOW born when snow was on the ground. SANDISON Alexander's (Sandy's) son. SOAME swarthy, dark. SANDS dweller at the sands. SOANE son. SANTIAGO family from Santiago 'St James' in Spain. SOMERFORD dweller at the summer ford. SANTLEY dweller at the sandy field. SOPER a soapmmaker. SATTERTHWAITS dweller at the hill-pasture clearing. SORRELL with hair of reddish-brown. SAUNDERS Alexander's, (Sandy's) son. SOTHEBY dweller at the south farm. SAVARY, SAVERY, SAVORY mind-powerful. SOUTER, SOUTAR, SOUTTER, SOWTER cobler, shoe-maker. SAVILE, SAVILL, SAVILLE dweller at the willow farm. SOUTHCOTT dweller at the south cottages. SAX(E) short sword. SOUTHWELL dweller at the south well. SAXON, SAXTON a sexton, sacristan. SPAPLING, SPARROW sparrow. SAYER a carpenter. SPARHAWK, SPARK (E) sparrowhawk. SCARLETT one with bright red complexion or dress; SPAULL one from St. Paul (France). SCARTH dweller at the gap or cliff. SPEAR a spearman. SCATTERGOOD a philanthropist or spendthrift. SPEED prosperity SCHAEFER descendant of a shepherd. SPELLER, SPELLAR a preacher SCHNEIDER, SNYDER, descendant of tailor or cutter. SPENCE(R) a dispenser or keeper of provisions or larder. SCHOEN descendant of the beautiful or handsome person. SPENDER a bursar, paymaster. SCHROEDER descendant of the tailor. SPICER a dealer in spices. SCHULTZ descendant of the magistrate or sheriff or steward. SPILLER an actor and performer. SCHWARTZ descendant of the swarthy man. SPRIGG(E) small, slender. SCOBIE dweller at the wood farm. SPRING dweller at a fountain. SCORER a scout, spy. SPURR a spur-maker. SCOTT an Irishman or Scot. STACEY, STACY security and prosperity. SCRAGG bony, thin. STACK dweller at a steep rock. SCRIVEN, SCRIVENER a public writer or clerk. STAINER painter, decorator. SEATON dweller at the seaside farm. STAIR dweller at a marsh path. SEDDON dweller in the spruce-fir valley. STANBURY dweller at the stone fort. SEDGWICK, SIDGWICK dweller at the sedgy place. STANDISH dweller at the stony enclosure. SEELEY, SEELY happy. STANFORD dweller at the stone-paved ford. SELDON dweller at the willow-walk. STANHOPE dweller at a stony mountain hollow. SELLAR, SELLER a saddler. STANLEY dweller at a stony or rocky field. SELWYN friend from the hall. STANTON dweller at a stone dwelling. SEMPLE, SEMPILL one from St. Paul (France). STAPLETON dweller at the enclosure fenced with staples (posts) SENNETT, SENNITT old & wise. STEAD(E), STEADMAN, STEDMAN dweller at a farmstead. SERGEANT, SERGENT, SERJENT an officer STEIN dweller near a significant stone or nick. SERLE, SERRILL armour. STENNETT, STENSON Stephen's son (from St. Stephen). SEXTON a sexton. STEPHENS, STEVENS, STEVENSON Stephen's son SEYMOUR, SEYMER one from St. Maur (France). STEWARD an estate manager. SHAFTO(E) dweller at the shaft hill. STEWART, STEWARD sty-keeper, steward. SHAKESPEAR(E), SHAKSPERE soldier, beadle, sergeant. STICKLAND dweller at the steep land. SHANE John. STIMPSON STIMSON. As STENSON. SHAPSTER tailoress. STIRLING dweller at the yellow house. SHARP(E) quick, smart. STOBART an ox-herd. SHAW(E) dweller at a wood. STODARD, STODDARD horse keeper. SHAWCROSS dweller at the crucifix by the wood. STODART, STODDART horse keeper. SHAYLER, SHAYLOR cripple, limping walk STONE dweller at a stony rock or stone castle. SHEARER, SHEARMAN a cutter of wool or cloth. STONER, STONIER a stone-mason, cutter. SHELLEY, SHELLY dweller at the shelving (sloping) field. STORER a storekeeper. SHENTON dweller at a beautiful farm. STOTT horse keeper. SHEPHARD, SHEPHERD shepherd STOUT brave, plump. SHEPPARD, SHEPPERD shepherd, hill farmer. STOWELL dweller at the rock spring. SHERIDAN wild man, satyr. STRACHEN Scottish highlands SHERLOCK blond, white-haired. STRAKER a striker, stroker. SHIEL dweller at a hut or shed. STRANGE foreign. SHILLITO(E), SHILITO dweller at the sheep-path shed. STRATTON dweller at the Roman street farm. SHINER a polisher. STRAUSS plume, crest. SHIP(P) dweller at the Ship Inn. STREATFIELD dweller at the field by the Roman street. SHIPMAN a sailor, skipper. STREET(E) dweller on the Roman street. SHIPTON dweller at a sheep farm. STRINGER a bowstring or cord maker. SHOESMITH, SHOOSMITH a farrier. STRUTHER(S) dweller by a stream. SHOOLBRED educated. STRUTT stiff, affected. SHORT of low stature. STUART sty-keeper, steward. SHOTTER a shooter. STUBBS dweller at the tree-stumps. SHUTER an archery shooter STURDEE,STURDEY, STURDY sturdy, reckless. SIBBALD sea-bold. SUGDEN dweller at the sow hollow. SIDDALL, SIDDELL dweller in the wide valley. SUMNER, SUMNOR, SUMPNER a summoner, officer at ecclesiastical court. SIDDELEY, SIDLEY dweller at the broad field. SUTCLIFF(E) dweller on the south cliff. SIDGWICK dweller at the sedgy place. SUTTON dweller at the south enclosure. SIEVEKING dweller at the bay or inlet SWAIN(E) a swineherd servant. SILK(E) a silk dealer. SWAN(N) swan like, long-necked. SILVA dweller in or near a wood. SWEENEY, SWEENY dweller at the swine meadow. SILVERWOOD dweller at the silver birch wood. SWINBURNE(S) dweller by the swine brook. SILVESTER form of Cecilia, St Cecilia. SYRETT victorious counsel.

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