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Last Name Meanings ( Surnames H-O )

HAAS dweller at the sign of the hare - fast runner. HESS(E) family from Hesse 'hooded people' in Germany. HACKER a woodcutter. HEWIT(T) soul thought. HADFIELD dweller at the heath ford. HIBBERD, HIBBERT high-bright. HAGUE, HAIGH dweller at the hedged farm. HICK, HIGGIN little Richard HALDANE, HALDEN half-Dane. HILARY, HILLERY cheerful, gay. HALE dweller on a slope. HILL dweller on a hill. HALL dweller at or near a hall (big house). HILLIER a thatcher. HALLIDAY born on a holy-day. HIND(E) a peasant, servant. HAMMOND chief protector. HITCHCOCK little Richard. HAMO descendant of Ramos 'palms'. HOBB a hobgoblin. HAMPER a goblet-maker. HODGE countryman. HAND an employee, labourer. HOFFMAN farmer or farm worker. HANSEN, -, HANSON descendant of Hans or John. HOLBROOK dweller by the brook in the hollow. HARDCASTLE dweller at the herd enclosure. HOLME, HOLMES dweller on a river island or lowland. HARDING(S) brave firm hard. HOLT dweller at a wood or wooded hill. HARKER army spear. HOLTHOUSE dweller at the house by the wood. HARPER, HARPUR harp-player. HONEYMAN a beekeeper. HARRAP, HARROP, HARRUP dweller at the hare valley HOOD a hood. HARRIES, HARRIS, HARRISON Harry's son. HOOKER a hook-maker. HART(S) hart-like. HOOVER tenant of a hide of small holding. HARTMAN descendant of the strong man. HOPE dweller in a valley. HARVEY army. HOPKIN, HOPKINS little rustic. HASLETTHAZLITT, HASSALL, HASSELL dweller by the hazel-tree. HORE grey-haired. HATTON dweller at the heath farm. HORN(E)(s) an old person HAVELOCK sea-battle. HORNBLOWER a trumpeter. HAWKER huckster, peddler. HORNER a horn-maker. HAWTHORN dweller by the thorn tree HORSLEY dweller at the horse field. HAY dweller at a hedge. HOSIER a stocking maker or dealer. HAYWARD, HEYWOOD dweller at the hedged enclosure. HOWARD high or chief warden. HEALING dweller at the corner meadow. HOWELL sprightly. HEATH dweller on the heath. HOY, HOEY dweller at a bluff or hill. HEBDEN dweller at the dog-rose tree valley. HUCKSTER a woman pedlar. HEDGER hedge-maker or hedge-trimmer. HUDD a hood. HELLIER, HELLYSE, HILLIER a roofer thatcher. HUNT huntsman. HENLEY, HENLY dweller at the high field. HUNTLEY dweller at hunter's field. HEPBURN, HEPPELL, HEPPLE. dweller at the dog-rose tree valley HURST dweller at a wood. HERMAN descendant of Herman 'army man' HUSON Hugh's son. HERNANDEZ descendant of Hernando 'the adventurer'. HUTTON dweller at a farm. HERRICK army-ruler. HYDE dweller at a field ridge. HESKETH dweller at the hassock (grass) heath.

IDDON capable. INTRAM Ing's raven. IDE happiness. IPIELD dweller at the yew-field. IIALUA dweller at the sign of the cock. IRELAND person from Ireland. ILE(S) dweller at the island. IREMONGER, IRONS an ironmonger. ILLINGWORTH from Illingworth (Yorkshire). IRONSIDE brave soldier. INC: dweller at the big house. IRVIN(E, or, G) dweller by the white river. ING(S) dweller at the meadow. ISMAY a girl. INGERSOLL dweller at Ingar's hail IVEMEY ivy-girl. INGLE darling, favourite. IVEN well-born. INMAN an innkeeper. IWWATERS dweller by the rivers. Letter Break

JACK(E) little John. JENNINGS little John's son or Jenny's son. JACKSON Jack's son. JENSEN descendant of jen or John. JACOBY a supplanter. JERNINGHAM eager warrior. JAGGAR, JAGGER a pedlar, carter. JEROME. holy name JAMESON, JAMIESON James's son. JESSOP increase. JARDINE dweller at a garden. JEVAN, JEVON young. JARROLD, JERROLD firm spear. JOHNSON Johnston John's son. JARVIS. Saint Gervase. JONES John's or Joan's son. JEAFYRESON, JEFFERSON Geoffrey's son. JORDAN descender, goer down. JEKYLL generous judge. JURY dweller at Jewry (Jews' quarters). JELLICOS handsome, pleasing.

KAHN a priest. KER(R) dweller at a fort. KAISER, KAYSER an emperor. KERSLAKE: dweller at the cress stream. KAPLAN a chaplain. KIBBLE famously bold. KATZ descendant of a priest. KILNER a kiln worker. KAUFMAN descendant of a merchant or tradesman. KINGLEY dweller at the king's field. KAY fire, ardour. See McKAY KINGSTON dweller at the king's house. KEARNEY a soldier. KINNAIRD dweller at the high hill. KEARTON dweller at the marsh enclosure. KINOHAM dweller on the king's estate. KEATING sagacious. KIPLIN(G) dweller at the waterfall's edge. KEBLE famously bold. KIRK(S) dweller by the church. KEELER worker on a keel (or ship). KIRSCHBAUM cherry tree KEEN(S) sharp, bold, comely. KITCHENER, KITCHINER kitchen officer. KEIR dark-skinned. KITSON Christopher's son KEITH dweller at a wood. KLEIN, KLINE descendant of the small roan. KELLAWAY dweller at the marshy way. KNOLL, KNOLLYS dweller at a round hillock. KELLER worker in wine cellar. KNOTT dweller at a rocky hill-top. KELLY warrior. KOCH descendant of a cook. KELVIN dweller by the narrow river. KRAMER descendant of an itinerant tradesman. KEMP(E) champion, soldier. KRAUSE descendant of the curly headed man. KENDALL dweller in the bright dale. KRUGER descendant of inn keeper. KENNEDY ugly chief. KYNASTON(E) dweller at the king's stone. KENT white, bright

LACY one from lassy (France). LILIEN lilies. LADD lad, servant. LILIENPELD field of lilies. LAIDLAW dweller at the tumulus (burial mound). LILLIE, LILLEY lily or flower lover, gardener. LAKR: dweller by the water. LILYWHITE white-skinned. LAMBERT land-bright. LINDBERG lime tree mountain. LAMBORN, LAMBOURNE, LAMBURN dweller by the lamb stream. LINE dweller by a lime tree. LANE dweller in a lane. LINK(E) dweller at a bank or ridge. LANG descendant of tall man. LINTON dweller at the flax enclosure. LARCHER the archer. LISLE man from the isle. LARSEN son of Lars or Laurence. LISTER a dyer. LARSON see Larsen. LITTELL, LITTLE small. LASCELL(ES), LASSELL dweller by the hermit's cell. LIVESEY dweller at-the beloved farm. LATCHFORD dweller by the pool ford. LLOYD grey. LATIMER a worker in latten (an alloy) or Latin interpretor. LOCK(E) dweller at a lock-up (sheepfold). LAUDERDALE dweller in the valley of the deep river. LOCKER a locksmith. LAURENCE, LAURANCE, LAWRENCE laurel tree. LODER a loader, stevedore. LAW(E) dweller at the hill or mound. LOGAN dweller at the little hollow. LAYCOCK dweller at the water by the oak. LONG tall. LEA dweller at the field. LONGBOTHAM, LONGBOTTOM dweller in the long valley. LEACH, LEECH a physician. LONGFELLOW tall man. LEADER a carrier. LOPEZ descendant of lope or lupe 'wolf man'. LEADMAN, LEAPER basket-maker. LORD lord & master. LEAF(E) beloved, dear. LOVE darling. LEE, LEIGH, LEA dweller at the field. LOVELACE loveless, unloved. LENNOX dweller at the elm trees. LOWRIE, LOWRY laurel tree. LESLEY, LESLIE dweller at the grey fort. LUARD little wolf. LEVER dweller near the rushes. LUMB dweller by a deep pool. LEVERTON dweller at the farm by the rushes. LUNN strong, fierce LEVI, LEVY joined. LUTTERELL, LUTTRELL lute maker or player LEVINE descendant of the wine dealer. LYALL, LYEL little lion LEVY descendant of Levi 'united'. LYLE man from the isle. LEWIS famous battle. LYNCH sailor, pilot. LIDDELL dweller by the wide river. LYTE little.

MAB lovable. MERTON dweller at the mere (pool) farm. MABON youthful hero METHUEN, METHVEN dweller by the smooth river. MACCONNACHIE son of Duncan. (Mac names=son of) MEW(S) dweller at the falcon's place. MACKAY, MACKIE Keith's son MIALL trial, old English rhyme from Archangel Michael MACREARY Rory's son. MICKLEJOEN Big John. MADDISON Maud's son. MIDDLEMASS born at Michaelmas (29th September). MAGNUS great. MIGGLES, MIGHILL trial, old English rhyme from Archangel Michael MAINI descendant of a servant. MILDMAY gentle maid. MAITLAND dweller at the meadow-land. MILES trial, old English rhyme from Archangel Michael MAKEPEACE peacemaker. MILLMAN a miller. MAKIN man warrior. MILNE dweller at a corn-mill. MALDONADO descendant of Donald. MILNER a corn-miller. MALKIN untidy, scarecrow. MILTON dweller at the mill village. MALLETT naughty. MINN love. MANFIELD dweller at the common land. MINTER a coiner, money-maker. MANGER a merchant, trader MITCHELL trial, old English rhyme from Archangel Michael. MANN a servant, vassal. MITPORD dweller at the ford where rivers meet MANNERS dweller at the manors. MOBERLY strong courage. MARCH dweller at a border, boundary or frontier. MOLESWORTH dweller at the moles' ground. MARCHANT a merchant. MOLLISON Molly's son. MARGETSON Margaret's son. MOLLOY a servant of the great. MARKHAM dweller at the boundary land. MONACHAN, MONAGHAN a monk. MARKS dweller mark or boundary - French MONTAGU(E) dweller at the peaked hill. MARNER, MARRINER a sailor, mariner. MONYPENNY wealthy. MARSH dweller on a marsh MOODIE, MOODY spirited, brave. MARSHAL(L) groom, farrier MOORE, MORE dweller on the moor. MARTIN after saint MORALE Mulberry Tree - descended from Spanish village. MARTINEZ descendant of Martin MORDANT MORDAUNT sarcastic, biting. MASON a mason, stone worker. MORELL dark swarthy. MASSEY, MASSIE from Massy (Normandy). MORENO descendant of the dark complexioned man. MASSINGER a messenger. MORGAN white sea. MATHISON Matthew's son. MORISSEY sea-charm. MAWER a mower. MORTIXER dweller at the stagnant water MAY(E) a man, warrior, kinsman. MOSELEY, MOSLEY, MOZLEY dweller at the moss field. MAYALL, trial, old English rhyme from Archangel Michael MOSS dweller at the marsh. MAYER a mayor. MOTE, MOTT dweller at a moat. MAYER, MEYER, MYERS descendant of the head servant or farmer. MUCH big, great. MAYNARD power-brave. MUDFORD dweller at the muddy ford. Mc, &, Mac, names sons of the clan. MUELLER descendant of a miller. MEAD(E), MEADOWS dweller at a meadow. MULHOLLAND clamorous servant. MEAR dweller at the mere (pool). MULLEN descendant of maolan 'bald man' MEDINA dweller near tile market MULLIGAN bald man little monk. MEEK(E) humble, mild. MUNGO gentle much loved MELBUISH dweller on a family plot by the mill. MURDOCH, MURDOCK, sea-happy. MELDRUM dweller by the bare ridge. MURPHY sea-warrior. MELLOR a miller. MURTHWAITE dweller at the bog clearing. MELVILLE dweller at the poor estate. MUSGRAVE, MUSGROVE dweller at the moss (marsh) grove. MERCER dealer in textiles. MYALL, MYHILL.. trial, old English rhyme from Archangel Michael MEREDITH mortal day. MYER dweller at the mire (bog). MERRYWEATHER Cheerful person.

NAGEL, NAGLE a nail; spike. NEWMAN new comer. NAIRN(S) dweller at the joining of the rivers. NEWNES dweller at the new inn. NAPER, NAPIER, NAPPER keeper of the napery (table linen). NICHOLL victorious army. NASH dweller at the ash tree. NIELSEN of 'Niel champion'. NATHAN given by Cod. NIGHTINGALE a sweet singer. NATION born at the festival of the Incarnation. NIXON Nick's (Nicholas's) son. NAYLOR a nail-maker. NOBLE, NOBLET noble, well-known. NEAME an uncle. NORCOTT, NORCUTT dweller at the north cottage. NEBIT(T), NESBETT dweller at the small marshy plot. NORDEN dweller at the north valley. NEEDLER a needle-maker. NORMAN Northrnan. NEIL, NEILL, NEILD champion. NORMANTON dweller at the northrnan's estate. NELSON Neil's or Neil's son. NORREYS, NORRIS, NORTH a Northerner. NETHERBY dweller at the lower farm. NORTHFIELD dweller at the north field. NETHERFIELD dweller at the lower field. NORTHOLT dweller by the north wood NETHERSALLNETHERSOLE dweller at the lower hall. NORTON dweller at the north farm. NETTER netmaker. NOTT bald, close-cropped. NEVE a nephew. NOVAK descendant of the Stranger or enemy NEVILE, NEVILLE dweller at the new town. NOWELL born at Christmas. NEW a newcomer. NUGENT dweller at the marshy meadow. NEWBOLD, NEWBOLT dweller at the new house or hall. NUSSEY dweller at the nut grove. NEWCOME(N) newcomer, stranger. NUTHALL, NUTTALL dweller at the nut tree nook.

OAK(E) dweller by the oak tree. ORD(E) dweller at a headland. OAKEY dweller at the oak island. ORGANER, an, organ-maker or player. OAT(E) wealth, happiness. ORM(E) a ship or serpent. OATES a dealer in oats. ORMEROD, ORMROYD dweller at a clearing in a wood OCKENDEN dweller at the oak valley. ORPEN, ORPIN swarthy friend. OGILVIE, OGILVY dweller at the high peak. ORTIZ descendant of Ordono 'fortunate one'. OLDCASTLE dweller at the old stronghold. OSBORN(E), OSBURNE divine bear. OLDERSHAW dweller at the alder-wood. OSCROFT dweller at the ox-croft. OLIVER, OLLIVER kind, affectionate. OSMOND, OSMUND divine protector. OLLIFFE ancestral relic. OTWAY prosperous war. OLSEN, OLSON descendant of Olaf 'ancestor'. OULD old. ONIONS the onion-seller's son. OVERBURY dweller at the shore fort. OPENSHAW dweller at the open wood. OWEN well-born young ORAM dweller at the river-bank enclosure. OXENHAM dweller at the ox-pasture.

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