English Family Crests

English Family Crests

This is only a very small sample of the Surnames we have available from England. If you don't see your surname here, please order anyways. You will only be charged if we find your coat of arms.

English heraldry is the form of coats of arms and other heraldic bearings and insignia used in England. It lies within the so-called Gallo-British tradition. Coats of arms in England are regulated and granted to individuals by the English kings of arms of the College of Arms. They are subject to a system of cadency to distinguish between sons of the original holder of the coat of arms. The English heraldic style is exemplified in the arms of British royalty, and is reflected in the civic arms of cities and towns, as well as the noble arms of individuals in England. Royal orders in England, such as the Order of the Garter, also maintain notable heraldic bearings.

Abbott Abraham Accotts Acheson Acotes Adair Adams Agar Agnew Aherne or Mulhern Aiken Aland Alcock Aldborough Aldwell Aldworth Alexander Algeo Alister or McAlister Alleet Allen Alley Allyn Alveston Ambrose Amory Ancketill Anderson Andrew Annesley Apsley Archbold Archdall Archdekin Archer Ardagh Aries Armitage Armorer Armory Armstrong Arnott Arthur Ash Ashborne Ashby Ashe Ashfield Ashmore Aston Athy Atkins Atkinson Auchmuty Aungier Avery Aylmer Aylward Bagley or Begley Bagnall Bagot Bagwell Baillie Baker Balfour Ball Balle Ballet Bamber Bannon or O'Bannon Barby Bareth Barker Barlow Barnewall Barran Barrett Barrington Barron Barry Barton Basile Bateman Bateson Bath Batt Beamish Beasley Beatty or Betagh Beaumont Becket Begg Behan Beirne or O'Beirne Bell Bellew Bellingham Bennett Bennis Beresford Bergin or O'Bergin Bermingham Bernard Best Betham Bevens Biggar Bindon Bingham Birch Blacke Blackney Blake Blanchfield Bland Blayney Bligh Blood Bloomfield Blunden Bodkin Boland or O'Boland Bond Boran or O'Boran Borough Boulger or O'Bolger Bourke Bowen Boyd (of Danson) Boylan or O'Boylan Boyle or O'Boyle Brabazon Bracken or O'Bracken Braden or O'Braden Bradley Bradstreet Brady or McBrady Bramhall Branigan or O'Branagan Bray or McBray Breen or O'Breen Brennan or O'Brennan Brenock Brien or Bryan Brien or O'Brien Brinkley Broder or O'Broder Brogan or O'Brogan Brooke Brophy or O'Brophy Brosnan or O'Brosnan Brounker Browne Brownlow Bryne or Brinn Bulkeley Bunbury Burges Burgh Burke Burnell Burnett Burroughs Burrowes Burt or Birt Burton Bury or Berry Butcher Butler Butt Byrne or O'Byrne Cadogan Cadwell or Caddell Cahane or O'Cahane Cahill or O'Cahill Cairnes Callaghan or O'Callaghan Callan or O'Callan Callander Calvey or McElwee Canavan or O'Canavan Candell Cantell Cantelow (e) Canton Cantwell Carbery Cardell Carden Cardiffe Carey or Cary Carkham Carleton Carmick Carney Carolan Carpenter Carr Carrell Carrie or O'Carrie Carroll or O'Carroll Carron Carson Carter Carthew Carville or McCarville Casey or O'Casey Cashin or McCashine Cassidy or O'Cassidy Castell Caulfield or Gaffney Cawley or Cauley Chaloner Chapman Chatterton Chevers Chichester Child Chinnery Clancy or McClancy Clarke Clary or O'Clary Cleare Cleary or O'Clery Clelland or McClelland Clements Clinton Close Cochlan or McCoughlan Codd Codden or McCodden Coey or McCoey Coffey or O'Coffey Cogan or O'Cogan Coghlan or McCoghlan Cole Colinson Colley or McColley Collin Collins Colman or McColman Colthurst Comerford Concanon or O'Concanon Condon Connell or O'Connell Connellan or O'Connellan Connor or O'Connor (Corcomroe) Connor or O'Connor (Don) Connor or O'Connor (Faly) Connor or O'Connor (Kerry) Connor or O'Connor (Sligo) Conolly or O'Conolly Conran or O'Condron Conroy or O'Conry Conroy or O'Mulconroy Considine or McConsidine Cook Cooke Coonan or O'Conan Coote Coppinger Corcoran or McCorcoran Cornyn or O'Cornyn Corrigan or O'Corrigan Corry or O'Corry Cosby (Lord Sydney) Cosgrove or O'Cosgrave Cosker or McCosker Cotter or MacCotter Coulter or O'Coulter Courcy (de) Lord Kingsale Courtney Cowley or Cooley Cox Coyle or McCoyle Coyne or O'Coyne Craig Cramer Creagh Crean or O'Crean Crehall or O'Crehall Creighton Cremin or O'Cremin Crofton Croke Crombie Cromie Cromwell Cronin or O'Cronin Crosbie or McCrossan Crotty or O'Crotty Crowder Crowe or McEnchroe Crowley or O'Crouley Cuffe Cullen or McCullen Cullen or O'Cullen Culligan or McColgan Cullinan or O'Cullinane Curdy or McCurdy Curley or McTurley Curnin or O'Curneen Currie or O'Currie Curtin or McCurtin Cusack Dalton Daly or O'Daly Dancer Dane or O'Dane Darcy or Dorsey Dardes or Dardis Dargan or McDeargan Darley Daunt Davis Davoren or O'Davoren Dawney or Dawnay Dawson Day Dea or O'Dea Dease Deasy Dehany Delahay Delahyde Delamere Delaney or O'Delany Delap Dempsey or O'Dempsey Denn Dennehy or O'Dennehy Dennis Denny Dermond or O'Dermond Desmond Devaney or O'Devaney Devereux Devlin or O'Devlin Dick Dickson Digby Dillon Dinneen or O'Dinneen Disney Dixon Dobbs Dobbyn Dodwell Doherty or O'Doherty Dolan or O'Dolan Dolphin or Dolphyn Domvile Donegan or O'Donagan Donlevy or O'Donlevy Donnell or O'Donnell Donnellan or O'Donnellan Donnelly or O'Donnelly Donohue or O'Donohue Donovan or O'Donovan Doolan or O'Doolan Dooley or O'Dooley Doran or O'Doran Dorney or O'Dorney Douse or Dowse Dowd or O'Dowd Dowdall Dowling or O'Dowling Downey or O'Downey Doyle or O'Doyle Drew Driscoll or O'Driscoll Drisdale Droney or O'Droney Drought Drury or McDrury Duane or O'Devine Dudley Duffield Duffy or O'Duffy Duggan or O'Duggan Dunn or O'Dunn Dunphy (Middle Temple - Burke's) Durkin or O'Durkin Durrant Dwyer or O'Dwyer Eagar Eardley Eaton Echlin Edgeworth Edney Edwards Egan or McEgan Elliott Ellmer Elwood English Ennis Enright Erskine Esmonde Eustace Evans Everard Evers Ewart Ewers Ewing Exham Eyre Fagan Fahey or O'Fahy Falkiner Fallon or O'Fallon Falls Falvey or O'Falvey Fanning Farley or O'Farley Farmer Farrell or O'Ferrell Farren or Back to website O'Farren Faulkner Fay or O'Fee Fearon or O'Fearon Feely or O'Feehily Feeney or O'Feney Fennell or O'Fennell Fennelly or O'Fennelly Fenton Fergus or O'Fearghus Ferne Ferris Field Finglas Finn or O'Finn Finnegan or O'Finnegan Finnerty or O'Finaghty Finucane or McFinucane Fisher Fitz-Allen Fitz-Awry Fitz-Edmonds Fitz-Eustace Fitz-Garrett Fitz-Gerald Fitz-Gibbon Fitz-Harris Fitz-Henry Fitz-Herbert Fitz-John Fitz-Maurice Fitz-Nicol Fitz-Oliver Fitz-Patrick Fitz-Pearce Fitz-Rery Fitz-Rice Fitz-Rith Fitz-Roe Fitz-Row Fitz-Simon Fitz-Simons Fitz-Stephens Fitz-William Flaherty or O'Flaherty Flanagan or O'Flanagan Flannery or O'Flannery Flattery or O'Flattery Fleming Fleury Flood Flower Flynn or O'Flynn Fogarty or O'Fogarty Foley Folliott Foord Foran or O'Foran Forbes Forde or Consnave Forstall Forster Fortescue Foster Fownes Fox Foy or O'Fie Francis Franklin Freeman Freeney French Friel or O'Friel Fullam Fuller Fulton Furlong Fyan or Faghan Gaffney Gahan or McGahan Gaine or Gainey Galbraith Gallagher or O'Gallagher Galvin or O'Galvin Galwey Gamble Gannon or McGannon Gar or Garr Gara or O'Gara Gardiner Garland or McGartland Garrett Garvan or O'Garvan Garvey or O'Garvey Gavin or O'Gavan Gaynor or McGaynor Geary or O'Geary Geoghegan or O'Geoghegan George Geraghty or McGarrity Gernon or Garland Gervais Gibbons or McGibbons Gibbs Gibney or O'Gibney Gibson Gifford Giggins Gilbert Gilchrist or McGilchrist Giles or Gyles Gilfoyle or McGilfoyle Gillen or O'Gillen Gilligan or McGilligan Gillman Gillson Gilmartin or Kilmartin Gilmore Gleeson or O'Glissane Glennon or Glenane Godfrey (of Bushfield) Godley Gogarty Going Gold Golding Goldsmith Goodman Goodwin Gore Gorman or McGorman Gormley or O'Gormley Gough Gould Goulding or O'Goillin Grace Grady or O'Grady Graham or Grahan Grainger Grattan or McGrattan Graves or Greaves Gray Greene Greer Gregory Grehan or O'Greaghan Griffin or O'Griffy Griffith Grove Grumley Grymes Guest Guillim Gun or McElgunn Gunning or O'Gunning Gwynn Hackett Hadsor Haffey or O'Haffy Hagan or O'Hagan Hale or McHale Halie or O'Halie Hall or MacHall Halligan or O'Halligan Halloran or O'Halloran Halpin or O'Halpin Halthom Haltridge Haly or O'Haly Haly Hames Hamill Hamilton Hamley Hamlin or O'Hamlin Hamline Hammond Hand or McClave Handcock Hanlon or O'Hanlon Hanly or O'Hanley Hanna or O'Hanna Hannon or O'Hannon Hanraghan or O'Hanraghan Hanratty or O'Hanraghty Hansard Hanson or O'Hanson Hara or O'Hara Harding Hardy Hare or O'Hare Harforth Harkins or O'Harkin Harman Harmon Harne Harnett or Hartnet Harold or Harrell Harper Harrington Harris Harrison Hart or O'Hart Hartigan or O'Hartagan Hartley or O'Hartley Harty or O'Haherty Harvey or Hervey Hassett or Hasset Hatfield Hatton or McIlhatton Haugh or O'Hough Haugher or O'Haffey Hawkins or Haughan Hayden or O'Hayden Hayes Healey or O'Healey Hearon or Hearn Heath Heatley Heaton Heffernan or O'Heffernan Hegarty or O'Hagerty Hemphill Hendrick or O'Henrick Henn Hennessy or O'Hennessy Henry or O'Henry Herbert Herlihy or O'Herlihy Hetherington Hewitt Hewson Heydon Heyland Heyne or O'Heyne Hickey or O'Hickey Hickman Hicks Hickson Higgin or O'Higgin Hill Hilliard Hilton Hoare Hodge Hodson Hoey or O'Hoey Hogan or O'Hogan Holland Holligan or O'Halligan Holmes Holte or Holt Holywood Homan or Howman Hone or O'Hone Hoolihan or O'Holohan Hope Hopkins Horan or O'Horan Howard Howlett or Hewlett Hoyle or McIlhoyle Hughes Hume Hunt Hunter Hurley or O'Hurley Hussey or O'Hosey Hyde Hyland or O'Hyland Ireland Irvine Irwin Ivers Jackson James Jameson Jeffreys Jennings or Jennyns Jephson Jervis or Jarvis Jessop Johnson Jolley or Jolly Jones Jordan Joyce Joynt Judge Kavanagh or Cavanagh Keane or O'Cahan Kearney or O'Kearney Kearns or O'Kearon Keating or O'Keaty Kee or McKee Keefe or O'Keefe Keegan or Egan Keenan or O'Kinahan Keevan or O'Kevane Keigans or McKeehan Kelleher or O'Kelleher Kellett Kelly or O'Kelly Kemble Kenley Kennedy or O'Kennedy Kennelly or O'Kineally Kenney or O'Kenny Kent Keogh or McKeogh Ker Kerrigan or O'Kerrigan Keyes Kidd Kielty ot O'Quilty Kiely Kieran or O'Kieran Kighley Kildahl Kilkelly or Killikelly Killeen or O'Killeen Kindelan or O'Kindelan Kinealy or O'Kinnally King Kingdon Kingston Kinnane or O'Kinane Kinsella or Kinsellagh Kirby or O'Kirby Kirkwood Kirwan or O'Kerwin Knight Knox Kyan or O'Kyan Kyle Kyne or O'Kyne Lacy or De Lacy Laffan Lally or O'Mullally Lalor or O'Lawlor Lambe Lambert Lane Langan or O'Longan Langford Langley Langton Lanigan or O'Lenigan Lany or Laney Larkin or O'Larkin Laurence Lavin or O'Lavin Lawder or Lauder Lawless Lawson Lea or McLea Leahy or O'Lahy Leary or O'Leary Lecky or Lackey Lee or O'Lee Leech Lees or McAleese Leeson Legg or Legge Lehane or O'Lehane Leigh or McLaeghis Leman or Lemon Lenihan or O'Lenaghan Lennon or O'Lennon Lester or McAlester Levett or Lyvett Levinge or Levens Lewis Ley Lill Lillie or MacLilly Linaker Lincolne Lindsey Litton Lloyd Locke Loftus Logan Lombard Lonergan or O'Lonergan Long or Longe Longfield Looney or O'Lunney Lord Loughlin or O'Loughlin Loughnan or O'Loughnan Lovett Low Lowe Lowry or Lavery Lucas or Luke Lucey or O'Lucy Luttrell Lydon or Leyden Lynam or O'Lynam Lynch Lyndon or Gindon Lyons or Lyne Lyster Mackesy Mackey Madden or O'Madden Madock or Maddox Magee or McGee Magill Maginn or Ginn Mahon or O'Mahon Mahony or O'Mahoney Malaphant Mall Malley or O'Malley Mallin or O'Mallan Mallory Malone or O'Malone Maloney or O'Molony Malpas Manders Mandevile Mangan or O'Mangan Mann Mannion or O'Mannion Mape Marbury or Maybery Marbury Margetson Markham Marlay or O'Marley Marsh Marshall Martin Marward Mason Massy or Massey Mather or Mathers Maul or Maule Maunsell Maxwell May Maynard McAdam McAlindon or McAlindem McAlpine or MacAlpin McArdle McAuliffe McAwley or McCawley McBride or MacBride McCabe McCafferey or McCaffrey McCain or O'Kane McCall McCann McCarron McCartan McCarthy McCartney or MacCartney McCausland McClintock McClure McCluskie or McCloskie McConville McCormick McCourt McCoy McCready or McCreadie McCurdy or Curdy McCusker or Cosker McDaniel or Daniel McDermot McDevitt McDonagh or McDonogh McDonnell McDowell McElligott McElroy or Gilroy McEniry or McEnery McEvoy or McKelvey McFadden or McFadyen McFetridge McGann or Magan McGarry or Garry McGeough or McGough McGettigan or Gethin McGill McGillicuddy McGlinchy or McGlinchey McGlynn or Glynn McGovern or McGauran McGowan or McGouan McGrane or McGrann McGrath or McGraw McGuiness or McGenis McGuire and Maguire McHale or MacHale McHugh or MacHugh McInerney McKenna or Kennagh McKeown or Keon McKeown McLoughlin or Loughlin McLysacht or Lysacht McMahon or McMahan McManus McMillan McMore or More McMorogh or McMorrow McMorris or McMoresh McMurray McNally McNamara McNulty McPierce or Pierce McQuay or MacQuay McQuillan McRery or McCrery McRory or McCrory McSweeney McTiernan or Kiernan McVeagh or McFingah McWorth or MacWorth Meacham Meade Meagher or O'Maher Meara or O'Mara Meares Meath Mecham Meehan or O'Meighan Meighe Melaghlin or O'Melaghlin Meldon or Muldoon Meller Melody or O'Moledy Meredith Merrick or Meyrick Merry or O'Merry Mervyn Merwood Metcalf or Metcalfe Micklethwait Middleton Mihill Miles or Moyles Miller Millerd Milley or O'Millea Milligan Mills Milward Minchin Minne Minnitt Misset Mitchell Mohun or Mohan Moleyns Molloy or O'Mulloy Molyneux Monahan or O'Monaghan Monck or Moncke Monsell Montgomery Montmorency Mooney or O'Mooney Moore Moran or O'Moran Mordaunt More or O'More Morgan Moriarty or O'Moriarty Morley Moroney or O'Moroney Morris Morrison Morrogh or Morrow Mortagh or O'Mortagh Mortimer Morton Mulcahy or O'Mulcahy Mulholland Mullady or O'Mullady Mullan Mulligan or O'Mulligan Mullins or O'Mullins Mulock or Mullock Mulrony or O'Mulroney Mulvihill or O'Mulvihill Murphy (Muskerry) Murphy (Wexford) Murtaugh Muschamp Musgrave Myers Naghten or O'Naghten Nagle Nash or Naish Neale Needham or O'Nee Neilan or O'Neylan Neill or McNeill Neill or O'Neill Nelson or Nealson Nesbitt Netterville or Netterfield Nevill or Neville Nevins or McNevins Newcomen or Newcombe Newman Newsom or Newsam Newton Nicholls or Nichols Nicholson Nixon Noble Nolan or O'Nowlan Noonan or O'Noonan Noone or O'Noone Norman Norreys Norris Nowland Nugent Nunn Odell Ogilby Ogle Olde Oliver Orme Ormesby Orpen Orpie Orr Osborne Otway Ouseley Owen Owens Owgan Packenham Paine Paisley Palfrey Palles Palliser Palmer Parke Parker Parry Parsons Patterson Paul Peacocke Pearse Pendleton Penne or Penn Pennefather Penrose Penteny Peppard Pepper Perceval Perkins Perry Pettit Petty Phaire Phillips Pierce Piers Piggott Pike Pitt Plunkett Podmore Pollard Porter Powell Power Poyntz Pratt Prendergast Preston Price Prior Purcell Pyne Quarles Quartermaines Quelch Quicke Quigley or O'Quigley Quill Quillan or McQuillan Quinlan or O'Quinlevan Quinn or O'Quin Quirke or O'Quirke Rafferty or O'Rafferty Rafter Rainey Ralphson Ram Ramsden Rawlins Rawson Raynolds Read Reader Redman Reeves Regan or O'Regan Reid Reidy or O'Reidy Reilly or O'Reilly Reynolds or McRannell Riall or Ryle Rice Rich Richards Richardson Ridgeley Riggs Ring or O'Ring Riordan or O'Rearden Roberts Robison or Robinson Roche Rock Rockfort Rodon or Rodden Roe Rogan or O'Rogan Rogers Ronan or O'Ronan Roney or O'Rooney Rooney or O'Rooney Rossiter Rothe Rotheram Rourke or O'Rourke Rowan Rowe Rowley or O'Rowley Rush Russell Ruthven Rutledge Ruxton Ryan or O'Mulrian Ryder Salmon Samuels Sanders Sarsfield Savage Scanlon or O'Scanlan Scott Scully or O'Scully Segrave Seward Sexton Seymour Shanahan or O'Shanahan Shane or McShane Shanley or McShanly Shannon Sharkey or O'Sharkey Sharpe Shaughnessy or O'Shaughnessy Shaw Shea or O'Shee Shearman Sheehan or O'Sheehan Sheehy or McSheehy Sheilds Sheill or O'Sheil Shelton Sheppard Sheridan Sherlock Shevlin Shinnick Shore Shortall Simpson Singleton Sinnott or Synnott Skereth or Skerret Slater or Slator Slattery or O'Slattery Sloane Smiley or Smyly Smith or Smyth Somerville Spence Spillane or O'Spillane St. George St.John St.Leger St.Michell Stack Stafford Stanley Staples Stapleton Starkey Staunton Staveley Stawell Steele Stening Stephens Stevenson Stewart Stinton Stokes Stone Stoney Stopford Stratford Strong Stubber Studdert Sullivan or O'Sullivan (Beare) Sullivan or O'Sullivan Sutton Swan Swift Taaffe Taggart or McEntaggart Talbot Tallant or Tallon Tallis Tankard Tanner Tarpey Tate Taylor Tempest Temple Tennent Terry Thacker Theede Thomas Thornhill Thornton Thunder Ticheborne Tickell Tierney or O'Tierney Tierney Tighe or O'Teague Tilson Timmins Tipper Tipping Tirrell Tirry Tisdall or Tisdale Titmarsh Tobin Todd or Tod Toler or Toller Tomkins Tonson Toole or O'Toole Toomey or O'Twomey Topping Torway Toto Tottenham Touchet Towers Townshend or Townsend Traill or Trayle Trant or Trent Travers Traynor or Trainer Treacy or Tracy Trehy or O'Trehy Trench Trevor Trotter Truell Trumbull or Turnbull Trydell Tubervile or Tuberville Tucker Tuite Tuly or McAtilla Tuohy or O'Toohey Turkey or MacCurley Turner Turnly or Turnley Tuthill Tyler Tynte Tyrrell or Terrell Udall Umfre Underwood Uniacke Upton Ushburne Usher Valentine Vance Vandeleur Vane Vaughan Veile or Veale Veldon Venables Verdon Vere Verner Vernon Vesey Vian Vigors Villiers Vincent Vizer Vyan Wad Wadding Waddington Waddy Wade Wadge Wakefield Wakeley Wakeman Walker Wall Waller Wallis Walpole Walron Walsh Walter Warburton Ward Ware Waring Warner Warren Warters Warwick Waterhouse Waters Watson Way Webb Webster Weir or McWeir Weld Wellesby Wellesley Wemyss Wentworth West Westenra Westloke or Westlock Weston Westropp Wethers Wethill Wettenhall Whalley Wheatley Wheeler Whelan Whight Whitchurch White or Whyte Whitfield Whitney Whitten Wickham Wickliffe Widenham Wiggat Wilde Wilkinson Williams Willoughby Wills Wilson Winch Windsor Wingfield Winton Wirley Wise Wiseman Witter Wogan Wolfe Wolseley Wolverston Woodbourne Woodcock Woodford Woodlock Woodroffe Woods Wormington Worsopp Worth or McWorth Worthing Wotton Woulfe Wray Wright Wybrants Wycombe Wynne Wyrrall Yarner Yaxley Yeates Yelverton Young Younge Abbotson, Abbott, Abbot, Abernethy, Adams, Adamson, Addie, Addison, Adie, Affleck, Agnew, Aiken, Airlie, Airth, Aitchison, Aitken, Alastair, Alcock, Alexander, Alison, Alistair, Allan, Allanach, Allanson, Allardice, Allardyce, Allen, Allison, Allister, Alpin, Anderson, Andison, Andrew, Andrews, Angus, Anstruther, Arbuthnott, Archibald, Armstrong, Arrol, Arrowsmith, Arthur, Arthurson, Askey, Atkin, Atkins, Atkinson, Auchinleck, Aulay, Austin, Ayson, Ayton, Baillie, Bain,Baird, Bairnson, Balfour, Ballach, Ballantyne, Balloch, Balneaves, Bannatyne, Bannerman, Bannerman, Barclay, Bard, Baron, Barrie, Barron, Bartholomew, Bartie, Bartleman, Bartlet, Bartlett, Barty, Baxter, Bayne, Bean, Beath, Beaton, Beaton, Beattie, Begg,Bell, Berery, Berkeley, Berrie, Berry, Bethune, Beton, Beton, Beveridge, Bey, Binnie, Binning, Bisset, Bissett, Black, Blackie, Blaik, Blair, Blake, Blue, Bonar, Bonnar, Bontein, Bontine, Borthwick, Boswell, Bouchannane, Bourdon, Bower, Bowers, Bowie, Bowmaker, Bowman, Boyce, Boyd, Boyes, Boyle, Brebner, Bremner, Brewer, Brewster, Brieve, Brodie, Brody, Broun, Brown, Bruce, Brus, Bryce, Brydie, Buchan, Buchanan, Budge, Buie, Bulloch, Buncle, Bunkle, Bunson, Buntain, Bunten, Buntine, Bunting, Burden, Burdon, Burk, Burnes, Burness, Burnett, Burns. Butter, Buyers, Byers, Caddell, Caird, Calder, Callam, Callan, Callander, Callen, Callum, Cambridge, Cameron, Campbell, Cargill, Cariston, Carlyle, Carmichael, Carnegie, Carnie, Carr, Carre, Carrick, Carruthers, Carson, Cash, Caskey, Caskie. Cassels, Cassillis, Cathal, Cathcart, Cathie, Cathil, Cattanach, Cattanach, Cattell, Cavers, Caw, Cessford, Chalmers, Chambers, Charles, Charleson, Charteris, Cheseholme, Cheyne,, Cheyne, Cheyne, Chiene, Chiene, Chisholm, Chisholme, Christie, Christison, Christy, Clanachan, Clark, Clarke, Clarkson, Clay, Cleary, Cleland, Clelland, Clement, Clerk, Clerk, Clouston, Cluness, Clunie, Clunies, Cluny, Clyne, Coates, Coats, Cobb, Cochran, Cochrane, Cockburn, Coles, Coll, Collier, Colman, Colquhoun, Colson, Colville, Colyear, Combe, Combich, Combie, Comine, Common, Commons, Comrie, Comyn, Comyn, Conacher, Conlay, Conley, Conn, Connal, Connall, Connell, Connochie, Connochie, Connon, Conochie, Constable, Cook, Cooke, Corbet, Corbett, Cormack, Coull, Coulson, Cousland, Coutts, Cowan, Cowen, Cowie, Crae, Craig, Cranstonor, Cranstoun, Crauford, Crearer, Cree, Crerar, Crerar, Crighton, Cririe, Cromar, Cromarty, Cromb, Crombie, Crookshank, Crosbie, Crosier, Crow, Crowe, Croy, Crozer, Cruickshank, Cruickshanks, Crum, Culchone, Cullen, Cumin, Cummin, Cumming, Cumming, Cummings, Cumyn, Cunningham, Cunnison, Cunnison, Currie, Dallas, Dalrymple, Dalyell, Dalziel, Daniel, Daniels Darg, Darge, Darrach, Darroch, Davey, Davidson, Davie, Davis, Davison Dawson, Day,Dea, Dean, Deas, Deason, Dennison, Denniston, Dennistoun, Denoon, Denson, Denune, Deuchar, Deuchars, Dewar, Dey, Dickison, Dingwall, Dinnes, Dinsmore, Dis, Dise, Dixon, Dobbie, Dobbin, Dobie, Dobieson, Dobinson Dobson, Dochart, Docharty, Docherty, Dock, Doig, Doles, Doles, Donachie, Donachie, Donaghy, Donald, Donaldson, Donillson, Donleavy, Donlevy, Donlevy Donnaghy, Donnell, Donnellson, Dorward, Dougal, Dougall, Douglas Douglass, Dove, Dow, Dowall, Dowe, Dowell, Dowie, Downie, Drain, Drummond, Drysdale, Duff, Duffes, Duffie, Duffus, Duffy, Dugal, Dugald, Duilach, Dunbar, Duncan, Duncanson, Dundas, Dunlop, Dunnachie, Dunnel, Dunsmore, Durie, Durward, Duthie, Dyas, Dyce, Dye, Dye, Eadie, Eason, Easson, Eaton, Eddie, Edie, Edison, Eggie, Eggo, Elder, Elliot, Ellis, Ellison, Elphinstone, Ennis, Enrick, Erskine, Esslemont, Esson, Eunson, Ewan, Ewen, Ewenson, Ewing, Faed, Fair, Fairbairn, Fairlie, Falconer, Farquhar, Farquharson, Federith,Fee,Fenton,Fergie,Fergus Ferguson, Fergusson,Ferries, Fersen, Fife, Finalison, Findlater, Findlay, Findlayson, Finlay, Finlayson, Fisher, Fleming, Fletcher, Forbes, Fordyce, Forest, Forgie, Forrest, Forrester, Forsyth, Fotheringham, Foulis, Fowlis, France, Francis, Fraser, FraserofLovat, Frazer, Fresell, Freser Frew, Frezel, Friscal, Frisell, Frissell, Frizel, Frizell, Frizelle, Fullarton, Fullarton, Fullerton, Futhie, Fyfe, Fyffe, Gair, Gaire, Gairn, Galbraith, Galbreath, GaldieGall, Galliem, Galloway, Galt, Ganson, Gardenor, Gardyne, Gardiner, Gardyne, Garioch, Garrick, Garriock, Garrison, Garrow, Garson, Garvie, Gaul, Gauld, Gauldie, Gault, Gaunson, Gayre, Gear, Geddes, Geir, George, Georgeson, Gerrie, Geuer, Gibb, Gibbon, Gibson, Gifford, Gilbert, Gilbertson, Gilbertson, Gilbride, Gilchrist, Gilfillan, Gill, Gillan, Gilland, Gillanders, Gillespie, Gillian, Gillie, Gillies, Gilliland, Gillon, Gilmore, Gilray, Gilroy, Gilruth, Gilvray, Gilzean, Gladstanes, Gladstone, Glass, Glen,Glendinning, Glennie Glenny, Gordon, Gorrie, Gorry, Goudie, Gow, Gowan, GowansGowans, Gowrie, Gracie, Graham, Graham, Grahame, Grahame, Grant, Grassich, Grassick, Gray, Greenlaw, Gregor, Gregorson, Gregory, Greig, Greusach, Grevsach, Grewar, Greyson, Grier, Grierson, Grierson, Griesck, Grigor, Grimmond, Groat, Grozier, Gruamach, Gruar, Gunn, Guthrie, Hadden, Haddon, Hagart, Haggart, Haig, Haldane, Haldane, Haliburton, Hallyard, Hamilton, Hannay, Hardie, Hardy, Harold, Harper, Harperson, Harris, Harrold, Harvey, Hastings, Hawes, Haws, Hawson, Hawthorn, Haxton, Hay, Henderson, Hendrie, Hendry, Henry, Hepburn, Heron, Herve, Hewison, Hewitson, Hewitt, Higgison, Hobson, Hog, Home, Hope, Horsburgh, Hosick, Hossack, Houston, Houstoun, Howat, Howden, Howe, Howell, Howells, Howie, Howison, Hudson, Hughson, Huie, Hume, Hunter, Huntly, Hurrie, Hurry, Hutcheon, Hutcheonson. Hutchin, Hutchison, Hutchon, Hutson, Inch, Inches, Inglis, Ingram, Innes, Innie, Inrig, Irvine, Isaac, Isles, Iverach, Iverson, Ivory, Jameson, Jamieson, Jardine, Jeffrey, Jessiman, Johnson, Johnston, Johnstone, Jop, Judge, Jupp, Kay, Kean, Keay, Kecthin, Keddie, Keegan, Keene, Keighren, Keith, Kellar, Kellas, Keller, Kellie, Kelly, Kendrick, Kennedy, Kenneth, Kennethson, Kenrick, Ker,Kerr, Kerracher, Kerrison, Ketchen, Key, Keys, Kiddie, Kilgour, Kilpatrick, Kincaid, King, Kinnaird, Kinnear, Kinnell, Kinnieson, Kinninmondor, Kinninmont, Kirkpatrick, Kissack, Kissock, Knox, Kynoch, Lachie, Lachlan, Laidlaw, Laikie, Laing, Lair, Lamb, Lambie, Lammie, Lammond, Lamond, Lamondson, Lamont, ,Landale, Landels, Landers, Lang, Langlands, Lansdale, Larnach, Larnack, Lauchlan Lauder, Laurence, Laurenson, Laurie, Law, Lawrence, Lawrie, Lawson, Lay, Lean, Leaper, Learmonth, Leary, Leask, Leavy, Leay, Leckie, Lecky, Lees, Leipper, Leitch, Lemmon, Lemond, Leng, Lennie, Lennox, Lennox, Lennox, Lenny, Leslie, Lesslie, Levack, Lewis, Leys, Limond, Limont, Lindsay, Linklater, Lisle, Little, Livingston, Livingstone, Lobban, Lockerbie, Lockerby, Lockhart, Logan, Logan, Lombard, Lonbie, Lonie, Lorne, Louden, Loudon, Loudoun, Love, Low, Lowden, Lowdon, Lowe, Lowson, Loy, Lucas, Lucas, Luck, Luckie, Luke, Lumbard, Lumgair, Lumsden, Lumsden, Lyall, Lyle, Lyle, Lyon, Lyon, Lyon, MacA'Challies, MacAchin, MacAchounich, MacAdam, MacAdie, MacAdie, MacAichan, MacAindra, MacAinsh, MacAinsh, MacAlaster, MacAlaster, MacAldonach, MacAldonich, MacAldowie, MacAldowie, MacAldowie, MacAlduie, MacAlester, MacAlester, MacAlister, MacAll, MacAllan, MacAllan, MacAllan, MacAllaster, MacAlley, MacAllister, MacAllister, MacAllum, MacAllum, MacAlman, MacAlonie, MacAlpin, MacAlpine, MacAndeoir, MacAndeoir, MacAndie, MacAndrew, MacAndrew, MacAndrew, MacAndrew, MacAngus, MacAngus, MacAnish, MacAnish, Macara, Macara, Macaree, MacArthur, MacArthur, MacArtney, MacAskie, MacAskill, MacAslan, MacAslin, MacAulay, MacAulay, MacAulay, MacAuley, MacAully, MacAuselan, MacAuslan, MacAusland, MacAuslane, MacAweeney, MacAy, MacBain, MacBaxter, MacBay, MacBean, MacBeath, MacBeolain, MacBeth, MacBey, MacBheath, MacBirnie, MacBrayne, MacBride, MacBrieve, MacBryde, MacBurie, MacBurnie, MacCaa, MacCabe, MacCaffie, MacCaig, MacCainsh, MacCairn, MacCairter, MacCaish, MacCaishe, MacCall, MacCallan,MacCallum, MacCalman, MacCalmont, MacCambridge, MacCammie, MacCammon, MacCammond, MacCance, MacCansh, MacCansh, MacCardney, MacCardney, MacCardney, MacCarraMacCarron, MacCartair, MacCartair, MacCarter, MacCarter, MacCartney, MacCash, MacCaskie, MacCaskill, MacCasland,MacCathie,MacCaul MacCause, MacCause, MacCaw, MacCay, MacCeallaich, MacChlerich, MacChlery, MacChlery, MacChlery, MacChoiter, MacChruiter, MacClair, MacClane, MacClarence, MacClay, MacClean, MacCleary, MacCleay MacClehose, MacCleish, MacClelland, MacClement, MacClerie, MacClintock, MacClouis, MacCloy, MacClullich, MacClure, MacCluskie, MacClymont, MacCodrum, MacColl, MacColm, MacColman, MacComas, MacCombe, MacCombich, MacCombie, MacComie, MacConacher, MacConachie, MacConcher, MacConchie, MacConchie, MacCondach, MacCondochie, MacCondy, MacConechy, MacConich, MacConnach, MacConnal, MacConnechy, MacConnell, MacConnochie, MacConochie, MacCooish, MacCook, Maccoolm, MacCorkill, MacCorkindale, MacCorkle, MacCormack, MacCormick, MacCorquodale, MacCorrie, MacCorry, MacCosham, MacCoul, MacCowan, MacCowan, MacCowell, MacCoyle, MacCra, MacCrach, MacCracken, MacCrae, MacCrain, MacCraith, MacCran, MacCraw, MacCray, MacCrea, MacCreath, MacCree, MacCrie, MacCrierie, MacCrimmon, MacCrindle, MacCrorie, MacCrouther, MacCrow, MacCroy, MacCrum, MacCuaig, , acCubbin, MacCubin, MacCubing, MacCuish, MacCuithein, MacCullagh, MacCullie, MacCullogh, MacCune, MacCunn, MacCurdy, MacCure, MacCurrach, MacCurrie, MacCutchen, MacCutcheon, MacDade, MacDaid, MacDaniell, MacDavid, MacDermid, MacDermont, MacDiarmid, MacDill, MacDonachie, MacDonald, MacDonaldofClanRanald, MacDonell-Glengarry, MacDonell-Kepoch, MacDonleavy, MacDonnell, MacDool, MacDougal, MacDougall, MacDoul, MacDowall, MacDowallofGarthland, MacDowell, MacDrain, MacDuff, MacDuffie, MacDugald, MacDugg, MacDulothe, MacEachan, MacEachern, MacEachin, MacEachran, MacEaracher, MacEddie, MacElfrish, MacElheran, MacEllar, MacElvie, MacEoin, Maceol, MacErchar, MacErracher, MacEur, MacEver, MacEwan, MacEwen, MacFade, MacFadyen, MacFadzean, MacFail, MacFait, MacFall, MacFarlan, MacFarlane,MacFarquhar MacFater, MacFauld, MacFayden, MacFead, MacFeat, MacFee, MacFergus, MacFetridge, MacFie, MacGaa, MacGachan, MacGarrow, MacGaw, MacGeachan, MacGeachie, MacGeachy, MacGechie, MacGee, MacGeoch,MacGeorge, MacGhee, MacGhie, MacGibbon, MacGilbert, MacGilchrist, MacGill, MacGillechallum, MacGilledow, MacGillegowrie, MacGillery, MacGillies, MacGillivantic, MacGillivoor, MacGillivray, MacGillonie, MacGilp, MacGilroy, MacGilvernock, MacGilvra, MacGilvray, MacGlashan, MacGlashen, MacGlasrich, MacGorrie, MacGorry, MacGougan, MacGoun, MacGow, MacGowan, MacGown, MacGrail, MacGrain, MacGrath, Macgrath, MacGraw, MacGregor, MacGrewar, MacGrigor, MacGrime, MacGrory,MacGrouther, MacGrowther, MacGruder, MacGruer, MacGruther, MacGuaig, MacGuaire, MacGuaran, MacGuarie, MacGubbin, MacGuffie, MacGuffie, MacGuffock, MacGugan, MacGuigan, MacGuire, MacGurk, MacHaffie, MacHale, MacHardie, MacHardy, MacHarold, MacHay, MacHendrie, MacHendry, MacHenry, MacHowell, MacHray, MacHugh, MacHutchen, MacHutcheon, MacIain, MacIan, MacIldowie, MacILdowie, MacIlduff, MacIlduy, MacIlleriach, MacIllrick, MacIlreach, MacIlrevie, MacIlriach, MacIlroy, MacIlroy, MacIlvain, MacILveen, MacIlvora, MacIlvrae, MacIlvride, MacIlwhom, MacIlwraith, MacIlwrick, MacIlzegowie, MacImmey, MacInally, MacIndeor, MacIndoe, MacInnes, MacInnon, MacInroy, MacInstalker, MacIntire, MacIntosh, MacIntyre, MacIock, MacIsaac, MacIver, MacIvor, MacJames, Mack, MacKail, MacKain, MacKames, MacKane, MacKaskill, MacKay, MacKay(Inverness, MacKeachan, MacKeachie, MacKeamish, MacKean, MacKeand, MacKechnie, MacKeddie, MacKee, MacKeggie, MacKeith, MacKell, MacKellachie, MacKellagh, MacKellaig, MacKellaigh, MacKellar, MacKelloch, MacKelvie, MacKendrick, MacKenna, MacKenney, MacKenrick, MacKenzie, MacKeochan, MacKeon, MacKeown, MacKerchar, MacKerlich, MacKerlie, MacKerracher, MacKerras, MacKerron, MacKersey, MAcKessack, MacKessick, MacKessock, MacKester, MacKewan, MacKewn, MacKey, MacKiaran, MacKichan, MacKie, MacKieson, MacKiggan, MacKillican, MacKilligan, MacKillop, MacKim, MacKimmie, MacKindlay, MacKinlay, MacKinley, MacKinnell, MacKinney, MacKinning, MacKinnon, MacKintosh, MacKintyre, MacKinven, MacKirdy, MacKirdy, MacKissock, MacKiver, MacKnight, MacKuen, MacLachlan, Maclae, Maclagan, MacLaghlan, MacLaine, MacLaineofLochbuie, MacLairish, MacLamond, MacLardie, MacLardy, MacLaren, MacLarty, MacLauchlan, MacLaren, MacLaurin, MacLaverty, MacLaws, Maclay, Maclea, MacLean, MacLear, MacLeary, Macleay, MacLees, MacLehose, MacLeish, MacLeister, MacLellan, MacLelland, MacLemon, MacLennan, MacLennan, MacLeod, MacLeodofHarris, MacLergain, MacLergan, MacLerie, MacLeverty, MacLew, MacLewis, MacLinden, MacLintock, MacLise, MacLish, MacLiver, MacLiver, MacLucas, MacLucas, MacLuckie, MacLugash, MacLuke, MacLulich, MacLullich, MacLune, MacLure, MacLymont, MacMahon, MacMains, MacManus, MacMartin, MacMaster, MMacMath, MacMath, MacMaurice, MacMenzies, MacMichael, MacMichie, MacMillan, MacMin, MacMinn, MacMonies, MacMorran, MacMune, MacMunn, MacMurchie, MacMurchie, MacMurchie, MacMurchy, MacMurdo, MacMurdoch, MacMurray, MacMurrich, MacMurtrie, MacMutrie, MacNab, MacNabb, MacNachdan, MacNachtan, MacNachten, MacNachton, MacNaghten, MacNail, MacNair, MacNairn, MacNamell, MacNauchton, MacNaught, MacNaughtan, MacNaughton, MacNay, MacNayer, MacNea, MacNeal, MacNeale, MacNee, MacNeice, MacNeil, MacNeilage, MacNeiledge, MacNeill, MacNeish, MacNelly, MacNess, MacNevin, MacNey, MacNichol, MacNicol, MacNicoll, MacNider, MacNie, MacNiel, MacNiesh, MacNish, ,MacNiter, MacNiven, MacNocaird, MacNucator, MacNuir, MacNuyer, MacOmie, MacOmish, MacOnachie, MacOnie, Macoombe, MacOran, MacO'Shannaig, MacOstrich, MacOual, MacOuat, Macoul, Macoull, MacOunn, MacOurlic, MacOwan, MacOwat, MacOwen, Macowl, MacParland, MacParlane, MacPatrick, MacPeter, MacPetrie, MacPhadden, MacPhail, MacPhait, MacPharlan, MacPhater, MacPhedran, MacPhedron, MacPhee, MacPheidran, MacPherson, MacPhie, MacPhilip, MacPhorich, MacPhun, Macquaire, MacQuaker, MacQuarrie, MacQuattie, MacQue, MacQueen, MacQueenie, MacQuey, MacQuhirr, MacQuilkan, MacQuire, MacQuistan, MacQuoid, Macra, Macrach, Macrae, Macraild, Macrailt, MacRaith, MacRankin, MacRath, MacRaw, MacRay, MacRearie, MacRie, MacRitchie, MacRob, MacRobb, MacRobbie, MacRobert, MacRoberts, MacRobie, MacRonald, MacRorie, MacRorie, MacRory, MacRory, MacRuer, MacRurie, MacRury, MacRyrie, MacShannachan, MacSherrie, MacShimes, MacSimon, MacSorley, MacSporran, MacSuain, MacSwain, MacSwan, MacSween, MacSwen, MacSwyde, MacSymon, MacTaggart, MacTary, MacTause, MacTavish, MacTear, MacThomas, MacTier, MacTire, MacUlric, MacUlrig, MacUre, MacVail, MacVain, MacVane, MacVanish, MacVarish, MacVay, MacVeagh, , MacVean, MacVee, MacVey, MacVicar, MacVicar, MacVie, MacVinish, MacVinnie, MacVurich, MacVurie, MacVurirch, MacVurrich, MacWalrick, MacWalter, MacWatt, MacWattie, MacWeeny, MacWhan, MacWhannell, MacWhinnie, MacWhirr, MacWhirter, MacWilliam, MacWilliams, Magnus, Main, Maitland, Malcolm, Malcolmson, Malloch, Malloy, Mann, Manson, Manus, Mar(Tribeof), Marchbanks, Marjoribanks, Mark, Marnoch, Marquis, Marr, Marshall, Martin, Massey, Massie, Masters, Masterson, Matheson, Mathie, Mathieson, Matthewson, Maver, Mavor, Mavor, Maxwell, May, McComas, McComb, McCorquodale, McCulloch, McEwan, McGair, McGeirMcGill(Makgill), McGirr, McGregor, McHamish, McKinnon, McLennan, Meanies, Means, Mechie, Meekison, Meikleham, Meiklem, Mein, Meine, Mekie, Meldrum, Melville, Mengues, Mennie, Menteith, Menzies, Mercer, Meyners, Michael, Michie, Michieson, Middleton, Mill, Millar, Miller, Milloy, Mills, Miln, Milne, Milne, Milnes, Milroy, Minn, Minnus, Mitchell, Mitchelson, Moffat, Moir, Monach, Monro, Monroe, Montcreiffe, Monteath, Monteith, Montgomerie, Montgomery, Monzie, Moodie, Moody, Moray, More, Morgan, Morison, Morren, Morrice, Morrick, Morris, Morris, Morrison, Morton, Mouat, Moubray(Mowbray), Mow, Mowat, Mowatt, Muir, Muirhead, Munn, Munnoch, Munnock, Munro, Munroe, Murchie, Murchie, Murchie, Murchison, Murdoch, Murdoson, Murphy, Murray, Murray-Atholl, Murray-Tullibardine, Murrie, Mushet, Mylne, Nairn, Nairne, Napier, Neal, Neale, Neaves, Neil, Neill, Neilson, Neish, Nelson, Nesbit, Nesbitt, Nevin, Nevison, Newlands, Newton, Nice, Nicholl, Nicholson, Nicol, Nicoll, Nicolson, Niel, Nielson, Nisbet, Nish, Niven, Nivison, Nixon, Noble, Norie, Norie, Norman, Norman, Normand, Norrie, Norton, Nucator, Ochiltree, O'Drain, Ogilby, Ogilvie, Ogilvy, Oliphant, Oliver, O'May, Orr, O'Shaig, O'Shannachan, O'Shannaig, Padon, Park, Parlan, Parlane, Pasleyor, Paisley, Paterson, Paterson, Patterson, Paton, Patrick, Patten, Patterson, Patton, Pattullo, Paul, Pearson, Peat, Peden, Pennycook, Peter, Peterkin, Peters, Peterson, Petrie, Philip, Philipson, Philipson, Phillip, Phillips, Philp, Pinkerton, Piper, Pitcairn, Pitullich, Pole, Poleson, Pollard, Pollock, Polson, Porter, Pratt, Preston, Primrose, Pringle, Purcell, Purves(Purvis), Pye, Pyott, Pyper, Quarry, Rae, Rainnie, Raith, Ramsay, Randolf, Randolph, Rankin, Rankine, Rattray, Rattray, Ray, Rea, Reath, Reay, Reed, Reiach, Reid, Reidfurd, Rennie, Reoch, Revans, Revie, Rhind, Rhynd, Riach, Richardson, Riddell, Ripley, Risk, Ritchie, Ritchie, RobRoy, Robb, Robbie, Roberts, Robertson, Robie, Robinson, Robison, Robson,Roderick, Rollo, Rome, Ronald, Ronaldson, Rorie, Rorison, Rose, Ross, Roy, Rusk, Ruskin, Ruskin, Russell, Rutherford, Ruthven, Ryrie, Sander, Sanders, Sanderson, Sandilands, Sandison, Saunders, Schaw, Scobie, Scott, Scrymgeour, Seath, Semple, Seth, Seton, Shannon, Sharp, Sharpe, Shaw, Sheach, Shennan, Sherrie, Sherry, Shiach, Sim, Sime, Simon, Simons, Simpson, Sims,Simson, Sinclair, Sivewright, Skeen, Skene, Skene, Skinner, Slora, Slorach, Smail, Smale, Small, Smart, Smeal, Smith, Somerville, Sorley, Sorlie, Sorlie, Spalding, Spalding, Spence, Spens, Spens, Spittal, Spittel, Sporran, Spreull, Sproul, Stalker, Stark, Stenhouse, Steuard, Steuart, Stewart, Stewart of Appin, Stewart of Atholl ,Stewart Royal, Stirling, Storey, Storie, Storrie, Strachan, Stringer, Stuart, Summers, Sumner, Sutherland, Suttie, Swan, Swann, Swanney, Swanson, Swinton, Sym, Syme, Symon, Symons, Taggart, Tamson, Tarrell, Tarrill, Taweson, Tawesson, Tawse, Taylor, Thain, Thom, Thomas, Thomason, Thomason, Thompson, Thoms, Thomson, Tod, Todd, Tolmie, Tonnochy, Torrie, Torry, Tosh, Toshach, Toward, Towart, Train, Trotter, Troup, Tullo, Tulloch, Turnbull, Turner, Twaddle, Tweeddale, Tweedie, Tyre, Ure, Urie, Urquhart, Urry, Vass, Walker, Walkinshaw, Wallace, Wallis, Walter, Walters, Wardlaw, Wares, Warnebald, Wason, Wass, Waters, Watson, Watt, Watters, Watters, Wattie, Watts, Weaver, Webster, Wedderburn, Weems, Weir, Wemyss, Whannel, Whannell, Wharrie, Wheelan, Whellan, Whitelaw, White, Whyte, Wilkie, Wilkinson, Will, Williamson, Wills, Wilson, Wishart, Wood, Wright, Wylie, Wylie, Wyllie, Wyllie, Yool, Young,Yuill,Yuille,Yule, Zuill Aach Abel Abele Abraham Achaz Adeler Adelsberger Adelsheim Agler Aham Aichberger Aichinger Aichorn Albini Alemann Alker Allmayer Allnoch Alt Althamer Alton Amberg Ammann Amon Anacker Anfang Angerer Ankenbrand Anselm Anthonj Antoni Anzenberger Apfel Arenberg Arthofer Artner Asbeck Aschauer Ascher Aschinger Aspan Asten Auersperg Auffenberg Augustin Aylett Bach Badeni Baldauf Ballarini Baltin Bambel Banniza Barbara Bardeau Barion Barragan Barre Barry Bartels Bartenstein Barth Bartoldi Baselli Battaglia Baudissin Bauer de Bauernthal Baumbgartner de Baumgarten Baumgarten Baut Bayer de Bayersburg Bayr de Dürnbach Beck de Wunfurth Beckers Beeck Beilstein Bender de Laytha Benkiser Berchtold de Saxengang Berg Berger Berghofer Bergmüller d'Augustenstein Beringer Bethmann Beuscher Beyer de Beyern Bez Biedermann Biehler de Biehlersee Billinger Bils Binder Binner Bissing Bittner de Bitterthal Blaes Blomberg Blome Blumauer Blumencron Bodeck de Marwitz Bolza Bombourg Bonn Born Bosio Brack d'Asch Braitwiese Brandenburg Brandenstein Brandhof Braumüller de Tannbruck Braun Bremen Brenneis Brenner Bressler de Sternau Bretzenheim Brockhausen Brockmann Brommer Brosch Bruchhausen Bucher d'Ulmenau Buchner de Morgkersdorff Burger Buschmann Buseck Bussy de Mignot Böhm de Freydenfeld Bügler Büren Büttner Bylandt Cammerer ou Kammerer Cantzler Capeller Carl Castell Chamb Clotz Clum Colman Comper Conrad Consbruch Corvin Cranz Cremmer Creutzer Cron Cronberg Croy Dagger Dahlström Daun Deblin Degelmann Deiser de Sillbach Dellbrück de Dewald Demel Demuth de Hantesberg Dersch Diemar Diener de Dienersberg Dietmann de Traubenburg Dietrich de Dieden Dietrichstein Diller Dillon Dolberg Dollinger Dorfner Dornberg Dost de Dostenberg Drach Drechsel Dreger Dresdner Dressler Droste Zu Senden Dubs Duka Durville Ebel Ebenhoch de Hocheneben Eberl Eberlin de Rottenbach Ebersberg Eberstaller Ebhart Ebner Ecker d'Eckhofen Eckhardt Eckstein Edler Ehrenfels Ehrmanns Eichenfeld Eichler Eisenberg Eisinger Eissner Ender Engel Engelhart de Hasslbach Engelin Engelmann de Freyenthal Erben Erhardt Erlbeck Ernst Esch de Langwiesen Ettlinger Faber Fahrer Falk Federle Fellner Felsberg Fetzer Feuchter Feuerstein Fiedler Finck Finkenstein Fischbach Fischer (Von See) Fitsch Fläming Fleischer Floch Flohr Forell Forray Forster (de Philippsberg) Fragner Franck Francken Freyburg Freytag (de Freydenmuth) Friedel Friedl (de Liebentreu) Friedrich (de Friedrichsthal) Fries Friesen Froberg Frosch (de Froschmülh) Fröhlich (de Salionze) Fuchs Füger Fürst Gall (de Gallenfels) Gantz Gattermayr Gebl Geiger (de Klingenberg) Geissler Gent Gera Gerhard Gern Gerstner (de Gerstenkern) Gessel Geyer (d'Edelbach) Gliers Gold Goltz Gäller Gärtner Görtz Götze Grabner (de Rosenberg) Graff Granner Grass Gravenstein Greiner Greiss Grimm (Bon de Süden) Gruben Grüber (de Grüb) Grün Grünbach Grünthal Gunesch Gurtner Guter Guttenstein Guyon Haan Haas (de Kattenburg) Haber (de Linsberg) Haberland Habermann Haberson Hacke Hafner Hagen (de Türnberg) Hager Hahlen Hahn Hakenberg Hall Haller Hanser Harsch Hartlieb Hartmann (de Hüttendorf) Hasenberg Hassen Hauer Haugwitz Haus (von Hausen) Hauser Häckel Häring Häusler Hayden (de Gundersdorf) Hayer Hein Held Helfert Helffenstein Hellmer Helm Henckel Hendel Hentschel Herbst Hermann Herold Hess Heyer (de Rosenfeld) Hillebrandt Hiller (de Gärtringen) Hinterhofer Hirsch (de Kroneuwerk) Hitzler Hocke Hoen Hofer Hoffmann Hohenstein Holbeck Holmer Holstein Holzinger Horburg Hord Hornberg Hornig Horst Hoye Hoyer Huber (de Mordenstern) Hubin Huetter Höchberg Höchstetter Höger Höller Höpfner (de Brendt) Hübner Hütter Imhof Isperer Jacobs (de Kantstein) Jacquin Jäger Jakobi Janowski Jenisch Jetzer Jörger Kadig Kaiser Kalser Kapelan Kappel (de Savenau) Kappus (de Pichlstein) Kegel Kelchen Kellner (de Treuenkron) Kessler (dit Sprengseisen) Ketterle Keyer Kielman (de Kielmansegg) Kirchberg Kisel (de Kattenbrunn) Kissling Klee Kleinberger (de Kleinberg) Klepfer Knebel (de Teuenschwert) Knecht Knorr Knotzer Knuth Koch Kolb (von Frankenheld) Koller Koppler (d'Ingau) Kratzer Kraus Kreig Kremer Kress (de Kressenstein) Krey Kronenberg Krueger Kuhn (de Kuhnenfeld) Kummerer (de Kummersperg) Kunitz Köchel König Kübeck Küchler Kügler Laber Lackner Lamberg (d'Orteneck) Lampert Lampl Landau Landsburg Lang Lange Langer (de Lannsperg) Langres Lannoy (de Tourcoing) Larisch Lauer Lederer Lehmann Leidl Leiner Leithner Leitner Lemburg Lemmen Lenz Leo Leonberg Leth (de Lethenau) Leuth Leyen Lichtenberg Lichtner Lidel Liebenberg Liebenstein Liebieg Lindau Lindemann Lindenfels Linker Lokum Lothen Lowenthal Lueger Lunzer Löbl Löffler Löwe (d'Eysenach) Löwenburg Mack Magdeburg Mages Mahr Maier Mainberg Mair Maly Manner Mark Marschall Martens Marx Mathes Matt Mattl Matz Matzinger Mauerer Maur Maurer (von Kronegg) Mayer (de Tenneburg) Mayerl Mayr Mayrhofer Meissner Melander Mensdorff (Pouilly) Merkl Mertens Mertzer Messen Messenburg Messerer Metternich Metzger Meurer Meyer Mitter Mitterer Mohr Molitor Morgen Morian Mosburg Mosel Moser (de Filseck) Mungen Müller (de Löwenstein) Mülner Neidhardt Nesen Neuenhaus Neuhofer Neumair Neumann (de Puchholtz) Neumüller Newald Neys Nordheim Norman (d'Audenhove) Nowak Nägele Näher (de Frikthal) Oberdorf Oberheim Obermüller Ohms Oppler Ornberg Ostein Osterberg Ostermayer Oswald Ott Ottenstein Otto Paar Pacher Palm Pape Passauer Pauer Paumgarten Paumgartner (d'Kettstain Gibel) Paus (de Rosenfeld) Pechmann Peer (ou Bär) Pentzing Perger Pergler Perl (de Hildrichsburg) Petz Peyer Pfeiffer Pfleger (de Wertenau) Pichl Pierner Pietsch (de Rittersschild) Pittel Planck Plass Pley (de Schmeefeld) Pohl Pollandt Pollart Popp Portner Possmann Potendorff Potenstein Pracher Prazak Prenzel (de Pentzig) Pruckner Prugger Prunner (de Brunhofen) Pucher (de Kadau) Puhler (de Riegers) Purtscher Putz (de Breitenbach) Pöck Querfurth Questenberg Raab (de Ravenheim) Rabel Rabenstein Rada Ramberg Randeck Raning Rappach Raren Rascher Rasp Rath Rechenberg Redern Regenthal Regner Reichardt Reichenau Reichenbach Reichmann Reig Reigersberg Reinelt Reinisch Reischach Reising (de Rreisinger) Reitz Renner Rentz Rettich Retzer Reuter Rheiner Richler Riebel Riede Riedl (de Riedelswald) Riedt Rieger Riems Riesch Riesse Ritter Rittershausen Rittmeyer Roden (de Hirzenau) Roel Roggenstein Roner Roschmann Rosenbaum Roseneck Rossmann Rossner Rote Rottenberg Rottenburg Ruck Rudl Römer Rösel Rössler Rüber Rüdiger Rueff Ruess Ryan Saar Sack Salburg Saltz Sauer Saurer (de Saurburg) Schachner Schaeffer Schall Schallenberg Schaller Scharinger (d'Olosy) Schattauer Schauer (de Schröckenfeld) Scheffer Scheffner Scheibler Schell Schenck (de Beienburg) Scherzer Schiller Schindler Schlick Schmeling Schmid Schmidt Schneid Schneider (de Limhofen) Schneller Schoeller Scholl Schreiner Schrenk Schreyer Schrott Schröder Schulz (de Straznicki) Schumann Schuster Schwab Schwaiger Schwartz Schwarz Schweiger Schweitzer Schäfer Schäffer Schön Schönfeld Schürer (de Waldheim) Seebacher Seeberg Seeberger (d'Edlach) Seyer Siegler (d'Eberswald) Sigmund Sonnenberg Soyer Sparr Sperl Spiess Spiller Spillner Spindler Springer Stadelmann Stadelmayer Stain Stauf (d'Ehrenfels) Steeb Steger Stein Steinbach (Kranichstein) Steiner (de Pfungen) Steinmetz Stern (de Legisfeld) Stettner Strasser Stratman Straub Strauch Strauss Streib Streicher Stromburg Strutz Sträler Sturm Stängel Stöger Stöhr Stürmer Sultzbach Surberg Sutter (de Rosenfeldt) Suttner Swinburne Taaffe Taller Tandler Tanner Tapp (de Tappenburg) Taube Tauber Testa Teuchert Teufel Theobald Thierry Thurm (Von) Tiegel (de Lindenkron) Tober Toll Torberg Trapp Trattner Trauner Tuechler Türcke Ulm Ulster (de Rosenthal) Unwerth Urban (Von) Urich Verga Vering Vierbaum Vischer Vlach Vogel Vogelsang Vogelsanger Voigtländer Voith (de Serbez) Vorst Vötter Wacken Wagner Walcher Waldenberg Waldherr Waldnau Waldstein Walldorf Waller Wallner Wägele Walzel Wangler Wansch Wardener Wartberg Wartenberg Wasmuth Wasserburg Wassermann Wassmuth Weber Weidacher Weidig Weidner (de Billerburg) Weil (de Weilen) Weingarten Weinhaus Weinmann Weise Weisenburg Weiss (de Weissenbach) Welck Welden Wellenstein Welsch Welser Weltz Wendlinger Wendt Wernau Wernberger Werner Wernhardt Werth Wessenberg Westerburg Westermayer Widman Wiedemann Wiesing Wild (de Störtzing) Wimmer Winckler Winden Winder Winkler Wiser (de Wiesenthal) Wittich (de Streitfeld) Woldenburg Wolff (de Schörgern) Wolfstein Wrangel (de Koldehouen) Wurmser Wurtzel Würz Zach Zech (de Zehendfeld) Zeller (de Rostenberg) Zimmermann Zinck Zinn Zoller Zucker Abrahamson Acheson Achsel or Axel Adelaer or Adeler Adelsteen Aderen Ahlefeldt Ahnen Akeleie Albertin Albertsen Albretsen Aldenburg Alf Alfsen Algudsen Alkeveder Ampringen or Ambring Amthor Amundsen Ancker Anders Andersen or Andreasen Arbing Arenschild Arenstorf or Arnstorph Aresen Arnesen Arnfast Arnfeld Arnsburg Aslaksen Astrup Axelsen Baad 1 Baad 2 Badenhaupt Bader Bagge Bagger Balhorn Balsby Bang Banner Bardenfleth Barfod Barner Barnewitz Bartholin Basballe Basse Beck Becker Been Beenfeld Beger Behr Bekis Benderup Benkestok Benner Bennich Bente Benzon Berg Bergen Bering Berner Bernhard Berregaard Biburg Bildt Bille Bing Biörn Biörnsen Bladt Blok Blome Boesen Bolk Borch Bos Botner Boye Brahe Brams Brandt Branner Brask Bratt Braëm Brems Broch Brockenhuus Broersen Brostrup Brug Bruun Bryller Bryske Buch Bugge Busk Busse Butze Bölle Bülow Carlsen or Karlsen Christensen Clausen Clemensen Conrardt-Eberlin Cramer Daae Dahl Dannemand Darr Degn Dehn (Rotfelser) Deichmann Dronning Dyre Eggers Eggertsen Eisen Elbracht Elers Ellemose Ellingsen Engberg Eriksen Eskildsen Falk Felding Finke Fisker Flindt Fogh Foss Frandsen or Frantzen Franke Fredberg Frederiksen or Lövenfeld Friis Frost Fux Gabel Galen Galle Gere Glad Glob Graae Grabow Gram Grann Griim Griis Grubbe Grön Grüner Gude Gyde Hansen Harboe Harbou Hase Hatt Hauch Hein Heintz Helt Hennings Henriksen or Hielmstierne Hermansson (Suede) Heye Hoegh Hoff Hoffman Hoffmeister Hogensen Holberg Holck Holk Holm or Holmskiold Holste Holten Hoppe Hübner Ivarsen Jacobsen Jensen or Rosenvinge Jensen Jermiin Jespersen Jessen Johansen or Jonsen Juel or Juhl Junge Kaas Kabbel Kanne Ketelsen Kieldsen Kingo Klingenberg Knudsen Knuth Kold Kotte Krabbe Krag Krebs Krogh Kruse Kuntze Lachmann Lange Larsen Lasson or Lassen Lauersen or Laursen Lauridsen Lehn Lerche Leth Lichtenberg Limbek or Lembek Lindholm or Linholm Ludke Lund (Swedish Origin) Lunge Madsen Mangelsen Markmand Matthisen Mechlenborg Meyer Michaelsen or Michelsen Moller (Germanic Origin) Moltke Mortensen Mouritzen Muus Nagel Neergaard or Norgaard Neve Nielsen Norby Nye Olsen or Olesen Olufsen Orm Parsberg Paulsen or Paulson Pedersen or Pedersön Pors Portman Poulsen or Leuenbach Poulson Praetorius Prip Rabe Raben Rantzau Rasmussen or Erasmus Reichau Resen Rheder Roed Rolfsen Rosen Rosengaard Rosenkrantz Ross Rostgaard Rud Rytter Sandberg Sappe Sax Schack Scheel Schirach Schleppegrell Schmieden Schouboe Schröder Schulin Schultze Schumacher Schönfeld Seefeldt Seehuus or Svanenhielm Sehested Seidelin Serlin Simonsen (Cederfeld-Simonsen) Skaaning Skovgaard or Skov Sparre Sponeck Späth Steeg Steensen Steffensen or Steffen Steinberg Steuben Stibolt Stockfleth Strangesen Stride Struve or Lövenstierne Stubbe Swerin Taysen Teilman Temming Thestrup Thorrissen Thygesen 2 Thygesen Thymen Tideman Tillisch Torkildsen or Rosenstierne Tramp Trette Tuchsen Tönsberg Ulf Unger Urne Urup Vind or Wind Vognsen Wardal Warnstedt Wedel (Wedel-Wedelsberg) Weiberg Werkmeister Wernick Wesemann Wessel Wibe Wilster Winther or Winter Wisborg Wittrup OR Wittrop Worm Zeska Andor (Norway) Bolt (Norway) Gyldenhorn (Norway) Haar (Norway) Hansen or Rosenkrentz Hase (Norway) Henning (Norway) Jonsen Jřrgensen (Norway) Kalips Kamp Knag or Knagennielin Krog Lillie Lindstrup Norman Odding Ormsen Ormsson Orning Orre Peders Pedersen Plut Rapp Reichwein Röder Sattler Schack Smör Sommerfeld Sparre Stampe Svale Svendsen or Tordenstierne Thoresen or Thorasen Thorsen Tönsberg Winge Adelcrantz Adelswärd Adler (d'Adlerberg) Adlercreutz Adlerfelt Ahnen Akerfelt Alströmer Anckar Anrep Armfelt Augstin Axel (d'Axelson) Baltram Baner Barck Barnekow Bennet Berendes Bergenstrĺhle Beskow Bjelke Björnefelt Bock Bohl Bohm Bonde Born Boye Brahe Brand Brandt Bratt Brauner Bring Brinkmann Broman Brunell Bröms Bure Bĺhr Böhn (or Böhne or Bohnen) Carlsson Carpelan Cederström Creutz Cromberg Cronstedt ( anct. Gavelius ) Cronström Dahlberg Delphin Drake (de Hagelsrum) Drakenberg Durell Duvall Düring Eggers Ehrenborg Ehrenheim Engelbrecht Engeström Erdmann Erichsen Ericson Essen (Von Essen) Falck Falkenberg Fitinghoff Fock Forsell or Forselles Forsten Frankelin Fritz Funck Galle Gardie (de la) Gedda Geer (de) Geete Graan Grill Grubbe Gruben Grundel Grys Grönberg Gyllencrutz Gyllenhaal Gyllenstierna Gädda Haar Hammarsköld Hassell Hegardt Hermansson Hermelin Hildring Härd Härleman Hĺkansson Hintz (de Hintzenstern) Hjärne Hochschild Holk Holst Horn Hulshorst Hök Höpken Jurgenson Kafle Kagg Kalling Kathen Klingenberg Klingspor Knutson Kobes Koch Kochen Konow Krabbe Kruse Krämer Kuhlman Kĺse Köhler König Lagerberg Lagercrantz Lagerfelt Lagergren Lagerheim Lagerström Lieven Lilliecrona Lind Lindeberg Lindegren Lindern (Von) Linderoth Lingen Loberg Lode Löwen Lund Lundbland Manderström Mannerheim Manstein Marcks Munck Mörner Nordenskjöld Oesterling Ornstedt Otter Oxe Oxenstierna Palmqvist Pauli Pfeiff Philp Pistol Posse Preis Printz Radeke Ramel Rappe Renhorn Reuter Ribbing Robertsson Rosen Rosenberg Rosenblad Rosenbom Rosencrantz Rosenqvist Rudbeck Ruuth Rytter Sabel Sack Schaar Scheffer Scheiding Silfvergren Silfversparre Sjöblad Skjöldebrand Skytte Soop Sparre Spens Stackelberg Stake Starck Stĺlman Stedingk Stierna Stjernfelt Stjernstedt Stolpe Stromberg Strĺle Strömfelt Stubbe Sture Svanfeldt Svanström Svenske Svärd Tamm Tegel Thott Tibell Tigerström Tilas Torstenson Trana Trautvetter Trolle Trotzig Tungel Uggla Ulfsparre Urne Utter Wachtmeister Walkendorf Wasa Weigel Welsk Wernstedt Wetterstedt Wittenberg Wrangel Abbott Abney Abrams or Abram Acker or Ackers Ackland Ackroyd Acres Acton Adams Adcock Adderley Addington Addison Adler Akins or Aiken Albert Alcock Aldred Aldridge or Aldrich Alford Allen Allenson Alley Alston Ambrose Amos or Ames Andrews Angel Anthony Appleby Appleton Archer Arden Arderne Armitage Arnold Arthur Ash or Ashe Ashby Ashley Ashton Askew Atkins Atkinson Atwell Atwood Aubrey Austin Avery Ayers or Ayre Aylward Babcock Bacon Baggett or Bagot Bagley or Begley Bailey Baker Baldwin Ball Ballard Banks Barber Barfield or Bardfield Barker Barksdale Barlow Barnaby Barnard Barnes Barnett Barney Baron Barrow Bartlet Barton Bass Bassett Bateman Bates Bathurst Baxter Baynes Beach Beal or Beale Beard Bearden or Berden Beare Beasley Beauchamp Beaumont Beaver or Bever Beck Becker or Becher Beckett Beckwith Bedford Beeston Belcher Belgrave Bell Bellamy Bender Bendish Benjamin Bennett Benson Bentley Benton Beresford Berley or Burley Berry Bertram Best Betts Beverly or Beverley Biddle Bidon Biggs Billings Bingham Birch Bird Bishop Bissell Blackburn Blackman Blackmon Blackwell Blake Blanchard Bland Blank Blankenship or Blenkensopp Blanton Bledsoe Blewitt Blount Blundell Boggs or Bogg Bolden Bolton Bond Bonner Bonney Booker Boone or Boon Booth Borden or Bourden Borough Boston Boteler Boucher Bourne Bowles or Boles Bowling or Bolling Bowser Boyer or Bowyer Boys Braden or Bradden Bradford Bradley Bradshaw Bragg Branch Brand Brandon Brantley Braxton Bray Brent Breton Brett Brewer Brewster Bridges Briggs Bright Briiscoe or Brisco Britt Britton Brock Brome Broughton Brown Browning Bryan Bryant Buck Buckley Bull Bullmer Bullock Bunch or Bunce Bundy or Bondy Burch or Burche Burden Burdick or Burdett Burgess Burkett Burnham Burr Burrell Burrows or Burris Burt Burton Busby Bush or Bushe Bushby Butcher Butts Buxton Bynam or Baynham Byrd Byron Cade Calloway or Kelloway Calvert Camp Cann Canning Cantrell Capell Capps Cardwell Carey Carleton Carlson Carpenter Carr Carrell Carrier Carrington Carson Carter Cartwright Carver Carvile Case Cash or Cass Castle or Castell Cates or Catesby Cavendish Cayley Chadwick Chamberlain Chambers Champion Chance or Chauncey Chandler Chaney or Cheney Chapman Chappell Charles Chase Chatman Cheek or Cheeke Cherry Chester Childers Childs or Child Chilton Cholmeley Christopher Church or Churche Churchill Chute Clarke Clarkson Clay Clayton Clegg or Glegg Clement Cleveland Clifford Clifton Clinton Clopton Close Coates Cobb Cocker Coe Coffin Colbert Colby Cole Coleman Coley or Colley Collier Collins or Collen Combs or Combe Comer or Comber Compton Conway Conyers Cook or Cooke Cooper Cope Copeland Corbet Cornell Cornett or Cornay Cornish Cornwall Cotton Cottrell Couch Coulter or Coulthard Courtney Covington or Coventon Cox Coy or Coys Crabtree Craft or Crafton Crane Craven Crawley Creed Crenshaw Crews Crisp Crispin Crocker Croft Crook Crosley Cross Crouch Crowder Crowe Culley Culpepper Cumberford Cunliffe Cupper Curle Curling Currer Curson Curtis Cutler Cutts Dale Dalling Dalton Daniels or Daniell Darby Darcy or Dorsey Darden or Ardern Dare Darling Darnell Darrell Darwin Dashwood Davenport Daveys Davis Davison Dawes Dawkins Dawson Day Deacon Deal or Deale Dean Deare or Dear Deaton Decker Deering Delahay Delamare Delmar Delves Dench Denham Denman Dennis Dennison Denny Dent Denton Denver Derby Deton Devereux Dewhurst Diamond or Diamont Dickens Dickenson Dickerson or Dickeson Dickes Dickey Digby Diggs Dighton Disney or Desney Ditton Dixie Dixon Doan or Done Dobbins Dobbs Dobell Dobson or Dodson Dodd Dodge Dodington Dodsworth Doggett Dolby Dole or Dolins Doncaster Dorman Dorset Doty or Doughty Dove Dover Dow Dower Dowman Downe Downton Dowse Doyley Drake Draper Drax Draycott Drayton Drew Drinkwater Driver Druce Drury Dryden Dryland Duckett Duckworth Dudley Duke Dunham Dunkley Durant Dutton Dye Dyer Dykes Dyson Eades Earl or Erle Early or Erly East Eastley Eastman Easton Eastwood Eaton Eddy or Edye Eden Edmonds Edwards Egerton Eldridge or Eldred Elkins or Elkyn Ellicot or Ellacot Ellis Ellison Ellsworth Elmore or Aylmer Elton Elwin Elwood or Ellwood Emerson Emery England English Epps Etheridge Eubanks Everard Everett Eyre Fairbairn Faircourt Fairfax Fairfield Falcon Falconer Faldo Fane Fannell Fanshaw Farby or Ferby Farley or Fairly Farmer Farnham Farr Farrant Farrar or Farrer Farrington Farwell Faussett Fell Fellows or Fallow Felton Fenn Fenner Fenton Fenwick Ferrers Ferris Field Finch Fish Fisher Fitch Flanders Fleetwood Flint Flood Flowers Foley Foote Ford Foreman Forster or Foster Fountain Fowler Fox Foxley Frampton Francis Franklin Franks Frederick Freeman Freer or Fryer Frey or Fraye Friend or Frend Frost Fry Fulford Fuller Fulton Gabriel Gadsby Gage Gaines or Gaynes Gale Gallop Gamble Gant or Gaunt Gardiner Gardner Garland Garner Garnon or Gernon Garrard Garrett or Garret Garrison or Kerrison Garton Gaskins Gates Gay orr Gaye Gedney Gee Gentry George Gerard Gere Germain or Jermyn Gervis Gibbon Gibbs Gifford Gilbert Giles Gill Gillett Gilliam or Guillam Gilman Gilpin Glenn or Glen Glover Glyn Goddard Godfrey Godwin Gold Golden Golding Goldsmith Gooch Good or Goode Goodenough Goodman Goodrich Goodson Goodwin Gore Goring Goss Gossett Gough Gould Gower Grace Grafton Granger or Grainger Grantham Gratton Graves or Greaves Gray Grayson Green Greenwood Gregg or Griggs Gregory Gregson Grenville Gresham Grey Grice Grimes Grimshaw Grissom or Gresham Gross Grosvenor Grover Groves Grubbs Gunning Gurney Guy Hacker Haddock Hadfield or Hatfield Hadley Hagar Haines Hales Haley Hall Hallet Halliwell Halloway Halswell Hamby Hamerton Hamlin or Hamelyn Hamm or Hamme Hammer Hammond Hampton Hanbury Hancock Hand Handy Hanford Hankins Hanks pr Hawkes Hansard Hanson Harcourt Harding Hardman Hardy Hare Hargreaves or Hargrove Harland Harley Harman Harper Harrell or Herle Harrington Harris Harrison Hartford Hartley Harvey or Hervey Harwood Haskins Hasting Hatch Hatcher Hatcliffe Hathaway Hatton Haughton or Houghton Havering Hawes Hawker Hawkins Hawley Haworth Hawthorne Haydon Hayes Haynes Hayward Haywood or Heywood Head Heard or Hurd Heath Hedges Hellier Helms or Helme Helton or Elton Hemmingway Henley Henning Henshaw Hensley Henson Heppell or Hepell Herbert Herle Herman Herndon Herring Herron or Heron Hester Hewitt Hibbert Hicks or Hickes Higgs Higham Hightower or Hayter Hill or Hills Hillary Hilliard Hillman Hilton Hinds or Hind Hinkley Hinson Hinton Hirst or Hurst Hislop Hitch Hitchcock Hoare Hobart Hobbs Hobson Hodge Hodges Hodgkins Hodgkinson Hodgson Hodson Holbrook Holcomb Holcroft Holden Holder Holford Holland Holles Holley or Hollis Hollingsworth Holloway Holman Holmes Holt Holton Hone Hood Hooker Hooks or Hook Hooper Hope Hopkins Hopper Hopton Hornby Horne Horner Horsey Horsley Horton Hoskins House Howard Howarth Howe Howell Howley Hoyt or Hyatt Hubbard Hubert Huddleston Huddy Hudson Huff or Hough Huggins Hull Hulton Humble Humfrey Hungerford Hunt Huntley Hurt Hussey Hutchinson Hutton Huxley Hyde Ingham Ingleby Inglefield Ingram Inman Irby Ireton Ironside Isaacs Iverson or Iveson Ives Ivy or Ivey Jackman Jackson Jacobs Jakes James Janson Jarrett Jarvis or Jervis Jay Jefferson Jeffrey Jenison Jenkes Jenkins Jenkinson Jenner Jennings Jephson Jernigan Jessop Jewell Jobson John or Johns Johnson Jolliffe Jolly Jones Jordan Joseph Joy or Joye Joyner Judd Kay Keats Keeling Kellam Kellet Kelloway Kelsey Kemble or Kimble Kemp Kempton Kendall Kendrick Kennard Kent Kenton Kercher or Kershaw Kern or Kearns Kerrison Kerry Kettle Key or Keyes Kidd Kilburne or Kilborn Kimbrough Kinaston Kinersley King Kingsford Kingsley Kingston Kinsey Kirby or Kirkby Kirkham Kirkland Kitchen Knight Knightley or Knightly Knighton Knowles or Knolles Lacy Ladd Ladner Laird Lake Lamb Lambert Lampson Lancaster Land Landers Landon Lane Lang or Laing Langdale Langford Langham Langley Langston Langton Lannoy Larkin Lassiter or Leicester Latham Latimer Laughton Laver Lawford Lawrence Lawson Lawton Laxton Lay or Leigh or Ley Layton or Leighton Leach Lear Ledbetter or Leadbetter Ledger Lee or Lea Leeke Leeson Legg Legh Lehman or Leman Leland Leming Leonard Lester Lever Leveson Levett Levine or Levins Levy or Levi Lewin Lewis Libby Light Lightfoot Lilly Lincoln Lindley or Lindsey Linnet Lister Liston Littler Littleton Livesey Locke Lockett Lockwood Lodge Lofton Lomax London Long Lonsdale Loomis or Lomas Lord Loring Lorty Lott Love Lovelace Lovell Lovett Lowe Lownde Lubbock Lucas Lucy Ludlow Luke Lumley Lund Lunsford or Longford Lusk Luther Lutterell Lynn Lytton or Litton Mace Mackworth Maddox Madison or Madsen Main Mainwaring Major or Mayor Makepeace Malbank or Malbanke Malden or Moulden Mallett Mallory Malpas Malton Mandeville Maney Manley Mann Manners Manning Mansfield or Mansel Mappin Markham Marks Marley Marlowe Marple Marriot or Marriott Marsden Marsh Marshall Marston Martin Marward Marwood Mason Massey Masters Mather Matlock Matthews Maude Mawdsley or Mawdesley Maxwell May Mayberry or Marbury Mayes or Maze Mayfield Maynard Mayne Mayo or Mayhew Meade Meadows Medley Mee Meeke Meeres or Mears Mell or Melle Mellor Melton Mercer Merchant Mercy Meredith Merick or Merrick Merrifield Merrill Merriman Merritt or Merret Merry Mervyn Metcalfe Mewes Michelson Middleton Midgeley or Midgley Milbank or Milbanke Milborne Miles Miller Millington Mills Milner Milton Milward Mims or Minnes Minor Minton Mitchell or Michael Mitford Mobley or Moberley Mogg Mohun Molineux or Molyneux Molson Money or Morney Monk Montague Montgomery Moody Moon or Moone Moore Moorhouse Mordaunt More Moreau Moreland Moresby Morland or Moreland Morley Morrell Morse Mortimer Mortlock Morton Moses Mosley Moss Mott Mountford Mowbray Moyer Moyle Moyne Mulcaster Mumford Mundy Muschamp Musgrave Myers Myles Mynors Mytton Nance Nash Naylor Neal Neale or Neele Nelson Nettleton Neve Newberry Newbold Newburgh Newby Newcomb Newell Newhouse Newman Newport Newsome or Newsam Newton Nicholas Nicholls Nicholson Noble Noel or Nowell Norbury Norman Norris or Norreys North Northcote or Northcott Northeast or Northen Norton Norwood Nott Nunn or Noone Nuttall Oakes Oakley Oates Odell Odom or Oldham Offley Ogden Oglethorpe Oldfield Oldham Oliver Olney Onslow Orby Ord Orme Ormesby Orrel or Orrell Osborne Osmond Otteley Oughton Oughtred or Ughtred Overstreet Overton Oxley Pace Pack Packenham Page Paget or Padget Painter or Paynter Palmer Pannell Panton Pardoe Parham Parish or Paris Parker Parkes Parkhurst Parkin Parkinson Parnell Parr Parsons Partridge Passmore Paston Pate Patrick Patten Paul Pawley Pawson Paxton Payne Payton or Peyton Peach Peachey Peacock Peake Pearce or Pearse Pearsall Pearson or Pierson Pease Peck Peckham Pedder Peel or Peele Peggs or Pegge Pelham Pell Pellew Pemberton Pembroke Pembrridge Pendleton Pendreth or Pendred Penfold Penketh Penley Penman Penn Pennington Penny Penrose Penton Peperell Pepper Percival Percy Perdue or Purdew Perkins Perrin Perrot Perry Perryman Pert Peters or Peter Peters Pettit Petty Peverell Phelps Phillips Philpot Phipps Pickard or Picard Pickens or Pykin Pickering Pickett or Piggot Picton Pierpont or Pierrepont Pike Pilkington Pinder Pinson Pipe Piper Pitfield Pittman Pitts or Pitt Platt Player Plompton Plummer or Plomer Pocklington Poe Poley or Polley Pollard Pollen Pomeroy Poole or Pole Poor Pope Popham Port Porter Portman Posey Potter Pottinger Potts Pound Power or Powers Pownall Poyntz Prater or Prather Pratt Prentice Prescott Presley or Prestley Preston Prestwood Price or Pryce Prideaux Priest Prince Prior or Pryor Pritchard Proctor Provost Pruitt or Prewert Puckett Purcell Purdy Purvis Putnam Pye Pyle Pym or Pimms Pynsent or Pinsent Quarles Quayle Quick Quincey Quinton Radcliff or Ratcliff Radford Ragsdale or Rachedal Raikes Rainer Raines Rainey or Raney Raleigh Ralph Ramsbottom or Ramsbotham Ramsey Rand Randall Randolph Ransom or Ranson Rathbone Raven Ravenscroft Rawdon or Rowdon Rawles Rawson Ray Raymond Raynsford Read Reade Reason or Reson Reddie Redding or Reading Redford Redman Reed Reeves or Reaves Remington Revell Reynell Reynes Reynolds Rhodes Ricard Rich Richards Richardson Richey or Richer Richmond Ricketts Ricks Ridge Ridgeway Ridgley Ridley Ridout Rigby Riggs Ring Ripley Rippon Risebrough or Risebrow Ritter or Rutter Rivers Robarts Robbins Roberts Robinson Robson Rochester Rochford Rock Rockwell Rodd Roddam Rodney Roe Roebuck Rogers Rokeby Rolfe Rolle Rolleston Rollins or Rawlins or Rawlings Romney or Rumney Rooke Roope Roos Root or Roots Roper Roscoe Rose Rossell Rosseter Roth Rouse or Rowse Row Rowe Rowell or Rothwell Rowland Rowlett Rowley Roy Roydon Royston Rudd Ruff Ruffin or Ruffy Rush Russell Rust Rycroft or Raycroft Ryder or Rider Rye Ryland Sackvile or Sackville Sadington or Saddington Sadler Sage Sale or Sales Salisbury Salmon Salt Salter Salwey or Salway Sampson Sams Samuel or Samwell Sanborn or Samborne Sanders Sanderson Sandford Sands or Sandys Sanford Sargent or Sargant Satterfield Saunders Saunderson Savage Savery Sawle Sawyer Say or Saye Sayer Scales Scarborough Scobell Scofield Scott Scratton Scriven or Scrivener Scrope Scruggs or Scroggs Scudamore Seabright Seals or Seale Sealy Seaman Searle Sears Seborne Sedgewick Seeres Segar or Seger Segrave Segrove Selby Self Sellers Selman Selwyn or Selwin Senhouse Serle Severn or Severne Seward Sewell Sexton Seymour Shadwell Sharp Sharples Shaw Shearer or Sherar Shears Sheffield Sheldon Shelley Shelton Shepherd Sheppard Sherard Sherborne Sheriff or Sherriff Sherington Sherman Sherwin Sherwood Shields Shipley or Shepley Shipman Shirley Shockley Shore Short Shorter Shrigley Shuckburgh Shuldham Shute Shuttleworth Sidley Sidney Silver Simcoe Simmons Simon Simpson Singleton Skaggs Skelton Skinner Slade Slater Slaughter Smallwood Smart Smith Smithers Smyth Smythe Smythson Sneed or Snead Snell Snelling Snow Snowden Soames Sole or Soles Somerford Somers Somerset Somerville or Somervile Somner Soper Sotheby Sotherne or Sothern South Southby Southey Southwell Southworth Sowerby Sparks Sparling Sparrow Spearman Speke Spelman Spence Spencer Sperling or Spurling Spicer Spiller Spivey or Spurway Sprague or Spragg Spratt Sprigg Springer or Spring Sprott Spry Squibb Squires St. George St. John Stabler or Stable Stacey Stafford Stallings Stamper Standish Stanfield Stanford Stanhope Stanley Stanton or Staunton Stanwick or Stanwix Staples Stapleton Starkey Starr Staveley Stead or Steede Stedman Steele Stephens Stephenson or Stinson Stepney Sterling Stern or Stearns Stevens Steward Stiles or Styles Stilwell Stockdale Stocker Stockton Stockwell Stoddard Stokes Stone Stoner Storey or Story Stoughton Stout Stowall or Stowell Strange Strangways Stratford Stratton or Straiton Street Streeter Strelley Strickland Stringer Strong Stroud or Strode Stubbs Stukeley Sturdy Sturgis Suggs Sully Summers Sumner Sumpter Surtees Sutcliff or Sutcliffe Sutter Sutton Swain or Swayne Swanson Sweet Sweeting Swift Swinborne Swinford Swinnerton Sydenham Sykes or Sikes Sylvester or Silvester Symonds Syms Talbot or Tolbert Tallant Tame Tanner Tarleton Tarpley Tate or Tait Tatum Taunton Tay or Tey Taylor Teale Teasdale or Tisdale Tempest Temple Tench or Tenche Tennison Terrell or Tyrrell Terry Tetley Thackeray Thatcher Thayer Theobald Thetford Thomas Thomason Thompson Thorley Thorndike Thorne Thornhill Thornton Thorold Thorpe Thrasher Thurlow Thursby Thurston Thwaites Tibbs Tidcombe Tidwell Tilley Tillman Tilson Timmons or Timmins Timpson Tindall Tinsley Tippen Tipping Tipton Titus Todd Toler or Toller Tolhurst Tolley Tomes Tomkins Tomlins Tomlinson Toney Tonge or Tong Tonkin Tooke Toovey Topham Topp Torkington Torney Torrell Towers Towne Townley Townsend Towry Tracy Trafford Travis or Travers Treacher Treadway Trelawney Tremayne Trenchard Trent Tresham Treswell Trevanion Trevelyan Trevor Triggs or Trygg Tripp Trist Tristram Tritton or Trayton Trotman or Troutman Trott Trotter Trout Troutbeck or Troutback Trower Truman Trussell Tubb Tuck Tucker Tufton Tunstall Tupper Turnbull Turner Turpin or Durbin Turvile Tuson Tutt Tuttle Tye Tylden or Tilden Tyldesley Tyler Tyrrell or Tyrell Tyrwhitt Tyson Underhill Underwood Unwyn Upton Usher Vale Valence or Valance Valentine Vane Varley Vassall Vaulx or Vaus Vavasour Veale Venables Vennor or Venor Verdon Vere Verney or Varney Vernon Vescy Vessey Vickers Vickery Villiers Vincent Vivian Vowell Waddington Wade Wadsworth Wagner Wainwright Waite Wake Wakefield Wakeley Wakeman Walcot Walden Waldron Waldy Walford Walker Wall or Walls or Wales Waller Wallis Walmesley Walpole Walsh or Welsh Walsingham Walters Waltham Walton Walwyn Warburton Ward Ware Waring Warner Warren Warrington Warter Warwick Washburn Washington Waterhouse Waterman Waters Waterton Watson Watts Way Wayne Weare Weaver Webb Webber Webster Wedgewood Weeks or Weekes Welby Welch Weld Weldon Wells Welman or Wellman Wenlock Wenman Wentworth Wescott or Westcote Wesley or Westley West Westbrook Westby Westfield Weston Westwood Weyland Whaley or Whalley Wharton Whatley or Wheatley Wheaton or Whatton Wheeler Whiddon Whight Whipple Whitaker or Whittaker White Whitehead Whitehurst Whitfield Whiting Whitley or Whiteley Whitlock Whitman or Wightman Whitmore Whitney Whitter Whittington Whittle Whitwworth Whorwood or Horwood Wicke Wickham Wicks Wiggins Wigmore Wigton Wilburn or Welborne Wilby Wilcox or Wilcocks Wild Wilder Wilding Wildman Wilford Wilkes Wilkie Wilkins Wilkinson Willard Willett Willey Williamson Willingham Willington Willis Willoughby Wills Wilmot Wiltshire Winchell Winchester Winder Windsor Winford Wingate Wingfield Wingham Winslow Winstanley Winston Winter or Winters Winthrop Wiseman Witham Withers Witt Wolcott Wolf Wollaston or Willaston Wolley Wolmer Wolrich or Woolrich Wolseley or Wolsey Wolston Womack or Wornack Wood or Woods Woodall or Woodhall Woodard Woodburn Woodcock Woodford Woodhouse Woodman Woodruff Woods Woodson Woodward Woolley Wooten Worley Wormley Worrell Wortham Worthington Worthy or Worth Wortley Wray Wright Wrightson Wroth Wyatt Wylde Wyman Wymond Wyndham Yale Yancey or Wancye Yarborough Yard or Yeard Yardley Yarrow Yates Yaxley Yelverton Yeo Yeoman York Young Younge Younger Zachary Zouch Abadie Abancourt Abbans Abbé Abram Abran Achard Acher Adam Adhemar Adrien Agar Agier Agneau Aigremont Ailly Albert Albin Albon Aldebert Aldin Alexandre Alfonse Alix Allain Allaire Allamand Allard Alleaume Allemand Allet Allier Alliot Alquier Amand Amboise Amelin Amiot Ancel Ancelin André Andrieu Angier Angot Anne Antoine Aquin Arbois Arces Archambault Arlot Armand Arnaud Arnault Arnoud Arpin Arquet Artaud Aspremont Asselin Astier Aubé Auber Aubert Aubertin Aubigné Aubigny Aubin Aubry Audet Audouin Auffret Auge Auger Augereau Augier Aumont Auriol Authier Autremont Auvray Avril Babin Babinet Bacheler Bacquet Badet Baillard Baille Baillet Bailleul Baillif Baillon Baillot Baillou Bailly Balarin Balay Ballard Ballet Balme Barbarin Barbe Barbeau Barbet Barbier Barbin Barbot Bardet Bardin Bardon Bardot Baret Barjac Barlet Barnabé Barnier Baron Barral Barrat Barrau Barre Barret Barrier Barričre Barrois Barthe Barthélemy Basset Bastide Bastier Bastin Bataille Baudet Baudier Baudin Baudouin Baudry Baux (Des) Bay Bayard Bazin Beau (Le) Beaubois Beaucamp Beaucé Beauchamp Beaucourt Beaudet Beaufils Beaufort Beauharnais Beaujeu Beaulac Beaulieu Beaumont Beaupré Beauregard Beaurepaire Beauvais Beauvoir Bechard Bechet Becquet Bedos Béguin Belac Belair Belanger Belin Belisle (Belle-Isle) Béliveau (Bellevaux) Belle Bellet Belleville Belliard Bellier Bellin Bellot Belmont Bénard Benjamin Benoist Benoit Béranger Berard Beraud Berger Bergeret Bergeron Bergevin Bergier Berlier Bermond Bernard Bernet Bernier Berre Bertaud Bertaut Berthault Berthe Berthelot Berthet Berthiaume (Bertheaume) Berthier Berthoud Bertin Berton Bertrand Besançon Besnard Besse Besset Besson Bethancourt Béthune Bettencourt Bezin Bidault Bigot Billard Billet Billon Blain Blais Blaise Blanchard Blanche Blanchet Blandin Blin Blois Blondeau Blondel Blot Blouin Bocquet Bodin Boileau Boiseau Boissard Boisset Boisson Boisy Boivert Boivin Boncourt Bonet Bonfils Bonhomme Boniface Bonin Bonnaire Bonnard Bonnaud Bonneau Bonnefoy Bonnet Bonneville Bonnier Bonnot Bontemps Bordeaux Bordes Bordier Borel Bosquet Bossard Bouchard Bouchaud Bouché Boucher Bouchet Boudet Boudin Boue Bouet Bouhier Bouillet Bouillon Boulanger Boulay Boulet Boulin Bouquet Bouquier Bourbon Bourdin Bourdon Bourg Bourgeois Bourgoin Bourguignon Bourrée Bousquet Boussard Bouteiller Boutet Boutillier Boutin Bouton Bouvard Bouvert Bouvier Boyer Brabant Brachet Bras Brassart Brault Bray Brémond Bresson Breton Briançon Briand Bričre Briet Brillon Brion Briot Brissard Brisset Brisson Brocard Brochard Brossard Brosse Brosset Brouard Brousse Brulé (or Brulley) Brulle Brullet Bruneau Brunel Brunet Brunot Bruslé Bruyčre Buchet Buisson Bureau Burtin Busquet Busson Cabot Cadet Cadier Cadieu or Cadiou Cadot Caillaud Caille Caillet Caillon Caillot Caillou Caire Callot Calonne Calvet Cambier Cambray Campagne Campeau Campion Camus Carbonneau Carbonnier Cardinal Cardon Carette Carlier Carlin Caron Carpentier Carré Carrel Carrčre Carrier Carričre Cartier Carton Castel Castille Castillon Castonguay (Gay dit Castonguay) Catherine Caudron Caumont Cavalier Cazier Cecile Cellier Chabaud Chabert Chabot Chabrier Chaillou Chaix Chambon Champagne Champion Chanteloup Chapelain Chapon Chapuis Charbonneau Charbonnel Charbonnier Chardon Charette Charles Charlet Charlier Charlot Charon Charpentier Charrier Chartier Charvet Chastel (du) Château (du) Châtel (du) Châtelain Châtelet Châtillon Chaudet Chaumont Chauveau Chauvel Chauvet Chauvin Chenier Chenu Chery Chesneau Chesnel Chevalier Chevrier Chirac Chiron Cholet Chopin Chrétien Christophe Chupin Claret Claude Claudet Clavel Clavier Clement Clermont Clouet Cloutier (le) Cochet Coeur Colas Colbert Colin Collard Collet Collignon Collin Colomb Colombier Combes Comeau Compagnon Constant Constantin Corbin Cordier Cordon Cormier Cornet Cornu Cossé Cosson Cottin Cotton Couderc Coudert Coudray Coulon Cournoyer Courtin Courtois Courvoisier Cousin Couttant Couturier Crepin Crespin Creton Cusson Cuvelier d'Aigle d'Ailhaud d'Alleman d'Amour Daniel d'Aoust Darras Dauphin David de Barry de Berry de Bey de Bray (Bray de) de Brune De Bus de Gaule (Gaule de) de Gras (Gras de) de La Haye (Haye de la) de Lannoy (Lannoy de) de May De Villers De Villiers (Villiers de) De Vivier Dejean (Jean de) Delacour (Cour de la) Delacourt (Court de la) Delamare (Mare de la) Delapierre (Pierre de la) Delattre Delmas Delorme Denis Derrien Des Barres Des Salles Desbois Descamps (Camps des) Deschamps Deschesnes (Chesnes des) Deshayes Desjardins Desmarais Desportes (Portes des) Desprez Desvignes (Vignes des) Devaux Deville Devos Didier d'Olive Doré Doucet Drouet Drouin Dru du Bost (Bost du) du Mortier Du Villiers (Villiers du) Dubé Dubois Dubois (Bois du) Dubost Dubot (Bot du) Dubourg Dubreuil Duchemin Duchesne Duchesne (Chesne du) Duclos Duclos (Clos du) Ducoin (Coin du) Ducrocq (Crocq du) Ducros (Cros du) Dufour Dufour (Four du) Dufresne (Fresne du) Dugué Duhamel Dujardin Dujardin (Jardin du) Dulac (Lac du) Dumas Dumas (Mas du) Dumay Dumont Dumoulin Dupin Duplessis Dupont Duprat Dupré Dupuis Dupuy Duquesne Durand Durant Duret Durieux Duriez Durocher (Rocher du) Dussault (Sault du) Dutertre Duval Escoffier Esneau Esperon Estčve Étienne Even Evrard Fabre Faivre Faucher Faure Favereau Favier Favre Fayolle Félix Ferrand Ferré Ferrier Ferry Fevrier Fievez Fillion Flamand Flament Fleury Fontaine Forestier Fort Fortin Foucault Fougčre Foulon Fouquet Fourcade Fournier Fournier or Fornier Fraisse Francois Frémont Froment Gabriel Gagne Gagné or Gasnier Gagnon Gaillard Gallais Galland Gallant Gallard Gallet Gallois Gandon Garin Garneau or Garnault Garnier Garreau Gaubert Gaudin Gauthier Geffroy Genet Genin Gentil Geoffroy George Georges Gerard Germain Gervais Gibert Gicquel Gilbert Gilles Gillet Gillot Girard Girardot Giraud Girault Gobert Godard Godart Godefroy Godet Godin Gosselin Gosset Goujon Grandin or Grondin Grandjean Grangers Granier Grégoire Grenier Grimaud Gros Grosjean Guéguen Guérin Guerry Guibert Guichard Guignard Guillaud Guillaume Guillemet Guillemin Guillemot Guillet Guillon Guillot Guillou Guilot Guiraud Guitton Guy Guyard Guyon Guyot Hamel Hamelin Hamon Hardouin Hardy Hébert Hennequin Henri Henry Herault Herbert Hervé Honoré Hubert Huchet Hue Huet Husson Imbert Jacob Jacobé Jacquelin Jacquemin Jacques Jacquet Jacquier Jacquin Jacquot Jamin Jan Janin Janvier Jaouen Jarry Jean Jeanneret Jeannin Jégou Jolivet Joly or Jolly Josse Josselin Jouan Joubert Jouffroy Jourdain Jourdan Jouve Julien Jullien Labadie Labat or Labatt Labbé Laborde Lacaze ( de la Caze) Lacombe ( Combe de la) Lacoste Lacoste (Coste de la) Lacour Lacroix Lacroix (Croix de la) Ladoucette Laflčche (Flčche de la) Lafon Lafond Lafont Lafontaine Laforest (Forest de la) Laforge (Forge la) Lafrance (France de) Lafreniere or Freniere Lagarde Lagasse Lagrange (Grange de la) Lainé Lalance (Lance de la) Lalande (Lande de la) Lalane Lallemand Lallement Lallier Lalonde Lambert Lamothe or Lamotte Lamour Lamoureux Lamy Landry Langevin Langlais Langlois L'Anglois Laniel Laperričre (Perričre de la) Lapeyre Laporte Larcher Larchier Larivičre (Rivičre de la) Laroche Larocque Larue (de la Rue) Lasalle (Salle de la) Lassalle Lasserre LaTouche Latour (Tour de la) Laugier Launay Laurent Lauzon Laval Lavallée Lavaud Lavergne Lavigne (de la Vigne) Le Bars ( de le Bars) Le Bas Le Baud Le Begue Le Beuf Le Borgne Le Borgne (borgne le) Le Bret (Bret le) Le Breton (Breton le) Le Bris (Bris le) Le Corre Le Du (Du le) Le Gac Le Gal Le Gall Le Goff or Goff Le Gros (Gros le) Le Mayer Le Meur (or Meur) Leblanc (blanc le) Leblond (blond le) Leboeuf (boeuf le) Lebon (bon le) Lebrun ( Brun le) LeClaire (Claire le) LeClerc (Clerc le) Lecocq (Cocq le) Lecomte (Comte le) Ledoux or Doux Leduc (Duc le) Lefebvre Lefčvre (Fčvre le) Lefranc (Franc le) Lefrancois (Francois le) Legay (Gay le) Legendre Léger Legrand (Grand le) Lejeune (Jeune le) Leleu (Leu le) Lelievre (Lievre le) Lelong (Long le) Leloup (Loup le) Lemaire Lemaitre (Maitre le) Lemarchand (Marchand le) Lemercier (Mercier le) Lemoine (Moine le) Lemonnier (Monnier le) Lenoir (Noir le) Léon Léonard Lepage Lepine or Lepin Leprestre (Prestre le) Leray (Ray le) Leriche (Riche le) Leroux (Roux le) Leroy (Roy le) Lesage (Sage le) Lescuyer (Cuyer l') Lesellier (Sellier le) Lesueur (Sueur le) Letellier (Tellier le) Levasseur (Vasseur le) Levčque (Evčque l') Levis Lhomme (Homme l') Lienart Loiseau or Loyseau Loisel Loisson Lombard Louis Louvet Loyers Lucas Macé Madec Magne Magniere Magnin Mahé Mahieu Maillard Maillet Maillot Maire Maisonneuve Maitre Malherbe Mallet Manceau Mangin Marais Marc Marcel Marchal Marchand Maréchal Marie Marin Marion Marquet Marquis Marteau Martel Martin Martineau Martinet Martins Mary Masse Masson Mathieu Mathis Mathon Mauger Maurel Maurice Maurin Maury Maze Ménard Menue (de la) Mercier Merle Merlet Merlin Métayer Métivier Meunier Meyer Michaud Michaux Michel Michelet Michon Mignot Mille Millet Millot Miquel Moine Monier Monin Monnet Monnier Montaigne or Montagne Monteil Morand Moreau Morel Moret Morice Morin Moulin Mounier Mouton Munier Murat Nadal Nantes Nepveu Neuville Neveu Nicolas Nicolle Noel Normand Ogier Olivier Ollier Oudin or Odin Ouelette (or Willet) Page Pagčs Paget Paillard Pain Papin Paquet Paradis Parent Paris Parise Pariseau or Parisot Pariset Parmentier Pascal Pasquier Paul Paulet Payen Payet or Paillet Pelissier Pellerin Pelletier Pépin Perin Pernot Peronne Perrault Perret Perrier Perron Perrot Petit Petitjean Peyre Philippe Philippes Picard Picart Pichard Picher Pichon Pichot Picot Pierre Pierrepont Pierres Pierrot Pierson Pillet Pillon Pinard Pineau or Pinault Pinel Pinet Pinot Pinson Piot Piquet Poirier Poirot Poisson Poitiers Pollet Pommier or Paulmier Pons Pont (du) Portal Porte Portier Potier Pottier Potvin or Poitevin Pouget Poulain Poullet Prat Prévost Prieur Prigent Prost Proust Provost Prudhomme Puget Quentin Quesnel Racine Raffin Ragot Raimbauld Raimond Raoul Rault or Rheault Raymond Raynal Réal Réau Reboul Redon Regis Regnard Regnier Rémond Remy Renard Renaud Renaudin Renault Renier Revel Rey Reynaud Ricard Richard Richer Rieu Rigal Rigaud Rio Riou Rioux Rivet Rivičre Rivoire Roberge Robert Robillard Robin Robineau Robinet Roche Rocher Rodier Roger Rogier Roland Rolland Rollet Rollin Romain Rondeau Roque Rose Rosset Rossignol Rouget Rougier Rousseau Roussel Rousset Roux Rouxel Rouyer Roy Royer Sabatier Sabourin Saint-Amand Saint-Amour Saint-André Saint-Ange Saint-Aubert Saint-Aubin Saint-Charles Saint-Clair Saint-Croix Saint-Denis Sainte-Marie Saint-George Saint-Germain Saint-Hilaire Saint-Jacques Saint-Jean Saint-Laurent Saint-Léger Saint-Martin Saint-Michel Saint-Paul Saint-Pierre Salaun Salmon Salomon Samson Sarrazin Saulnier Saunier Sauvage Savary Savin Seguin Sénéchal Sergeant Serre Serres Sicard Simard Simon Simoneau Simonet Simonin Solier Sorel Soulard Soulier Taillandier Taillefer Tanguy Tardieu Tardif Tardy Tavernier Tellier Terrien Terrier Tessier Texier Teyssier Théry Thévenin Thevenot Thibaudeau Thibauld or Thebault Thierry Thiriet Thirion Thomas Thomassin Thullier Tison Tisserand Tissier Tissot Tixier Touchet Tournier Toussaint Trouvé Trudeau or Trudon Turpin Vacher Vachon Vaillant Valentin Valette Vallée Vallet Vanier Varin Vasseur Verdier Verger Vernet Vernier Véron Verrier (le) Vial Viard Viaud Viault Vidal Viel Vigier Vigneron Vignon Vigoureux Viguier Vilain Villard Villars Villeneuve Villette Vincent Vivien Voisin Vuillemin or Vuillemain Aachen Abel Abendroth Ackerman Adam Adelmann Adler Agricola Aichberg Aichberger Aicher Albers Albert Albrecht Alten Altenburg Altendorf Althaus Altmann Amman Ammon Andorpher Andreae Anger Angermayer Angerstein Anhalt Anton Apel Arberg Arndt Arnold Arnsberg Asch Aschauer Assmann Asten Astner Au (Von der) Auer Auerbach Augustin Auster Autenried Axthelm Baader Baar Bach Bachmann Bachmayr Bader Baehr Baens Bähr Baier Bair Balck Ballinger Balser Baltzer Bambach Bamberg Bamberger Bandel Bannwart Barckhausen Barfuss Bars Bartels Barth Bary Bauer Baumann Baumbach Baumberg Baumberger Baumeister Baumgarten Baumgartner Baur Bausch Bayer Bayr Bechler Bechstein Becht Bechthold Beck Beckendorf Becker Beckman Beer Beerman Beham Behem Behr Below Bender Benning Berg Bergen Berger Berghammer Bergmann Beringer Berlin Bernauer Bernbeck Bernd Berndorf Berndt Berner Bernhard Bernhardt Bernstein Bertram Bertsch Berwanger Besser Besserer Bethmann Bettendorff Betz Betzold Bewer Beyer Bickel Bieber Biedermann Biel Bihler Billing Billinger Bilstein Binder Birckholtz Birkner Bischoff Bismark Bittel Bittner Blanck Block Blücher Blume Blumenstein Blumenthal Bock Bodenstein Bodmann Boeckh Boës Bogner Bohm Böhmer Bongard Bosch Bose Bosse Bothmer Boye Brand Brandenburg Brandenstein Brandis Brandt Braumann Braun Breithaupt Brem Bremen Bremer Brendt Brenner Brewer Brinkmann Brock Brockhausen Brockmann Brückner Brunner Buch Buchner Buchwald Buck Buckholtz Buff Buhl Buhler Buren Burg Burger Burkhardt Busch Buseck Busse Buxbaum Cammer Cammerer Campe Campen (Von) Carl Carlsburg Carsten Caspar Caspers Castner Christ Claussen Coburg Conrad Cramer Crantz Cratz Cronenberg Dallmer Dambach Damm Danneberg Darr Dathe Datt Daucher Dauer Daum Deben Decken Decker Deffner Degenhart Degler Degner Dehn Deines Deinhart Deinzer Delius Deller Delling Dellinger Denner Denzel Denzler Dern Dernbach Derr Dersch Deschler Dessauer Detzel Deubner Deucher Deuring Deutschman Deutz Dewald Dicke Dickmann Diebold Diehl Diener Dieter Dietman Dietrich Dietz Diller Discher Ditmar Dobner or Debner Dockman Doerr Dold Doles Domeyer Dommer Doppler Dorer Doring Dorn Dörnberg Dornheim Dorsch Doss Drach Drechsler Dreer Dreher Dresch Dressler Dreves Drexel Dreyling Droste Dücker Dümmler Dunckel Düren (von) Durer Dürer During Durr Dürr Dury Ebel Eben Ebenhauser Ebenhöch Eber Eberhard Eberhardt Eberlein Eberman Ebermayer Ebersberger Eberstein Ebert Ebner Eccard Echter Eck Eckart Eckel Ecken Ecker Eckhardt Eckl Edel Edelmann Eder Ediger Edlinger Effner Egenhofer Eger Egger Eggers Ehemann Ehinger Ehler Ehlers Ehrenberg Eibel Eichel Eichenauer Eichler Eichmann Eickel Eisen Eisenberg Eisenhardt Eisenreich Eiser Eissler Eissner Elbe Elben Eller Ellers Elsholz Elsner Elster Ende Enderlin Enders Engel Engelberg Engelberger Engelbrecht Engerer Engler Eppinger Epstein Erbach Erbe Erdinger Erhard Erich Erlbach Ernst Esper Essen Esser Esslinger Esterl Etzel Euler Everhard Evers Ewald Faber Fabricius Fahrenholz Falck Falkenberg Falkenstein Falkner Färber Faul Faust Fecht Fechter Feder Federer Fehr Felber Feld Felde Felden Feldmann Felner Fels Fend Ferber Ferdinand Fergen Fester Fetzer Feuchter Feulner Fichter Fick Fieldler Fier Finck Finkel Finster Fisch Fischbach Fischer Flach Flad Fleck Fleisch Fleischauer Fleischmann Fleisher Flotow Fluck Focke Förder Forst Forster Fortner Fragner Franck Francken Frank Frankenburg Franz Frech Freiberg Freiberger Freidel Freiss Freitag Frese Freudenberg Freund Frey Freyberg Freyer Freymann Freysinger Freytag Friedel Friederich Friedrich Fries Friesell Friesen Friess Fritsch Fritz Fröhlich Frohn Fromberg Fromm Frosch Fuchs Fugger Fuhrmann Funck Fürer Furst Furstenberg Fütterer Gabel Gabelman Gabler Gadow Gaertner Gagg Gähler Galen Gall Gambs Gamm Ganahl Gans Ganser Ganz Garner Gartner Gasser Gässler Gassner Gästel Gebhard Gebhardt Gehring Geider Geier Geiger Geisler Geissler Geist Gelb Geller Geltner Gemell Gerber Gerdes Gerhard Gerhardt Gerhart Gerhauser Gering Gerlach Gerner Gersdorf Gerson (n) Gerstein Gerstenberg Gerster Gerstner Gertner Gesler Gessel Gessler Gessner Geuder Geusau Geyer Giese Gieser Gilgen Gillig Glaser Glass Glasser Glatz Gleichman Glöckler Glöckner Glöden Gloger Göbel Göckel Goebel Goerts Goertz Goetz Gogel Göhl Gohr Goldberger Goldschmid (t) Goldstein Göler Goll Golling Golze Gopp Goring Gorissen Gosch Göser Goss Gottfried Gotthard Gottschalk Götz Götze Götzen Grabenbauer Grabmann Grabner Grabow Gradl Graefe Graff Graner Graser Grawe Greff Greif Greim Grein Greiner Greul Greulich Greve Griesbach Griesinger Grimm Grimmel Gritzner Groeller Groll Grolman Gropp Gropper Gross Grossmann Grote Grübel Gruben Gruber Grueber Grün Grünau Gründler Grundmann Grundtner Grünenberg Grüner Grünewaldt Grüter Gubler Gugger Gugler Gulden Gumprecht Gundelfinger Günther Gusten Gutenberg Gutmann Gwinner Haan Haas Habel Haber Haberkorn Haberl Habern Haberstock Hablützel Habsburg Hacke Hackeman Hackner Haer Haeseler Haff Haffner Hagemann Hagemeister Hagen Hagens Hager Hager II Hahn Haid Haiden Haider Hail Hain Häkel Halder Halle Haller Haman (n) Hämberg Hämberger Hamm Hammel Hammer Hammerer Hammerl Hammerstein Handel Hander Händl Händler Hane Hänel Hann Hanses Hansing Hanstein Hardenberg Harder Hardes Hardt Hardund Harling Harmen Harold Harrant Harras Harren Harrer Harsch Härtel Harter Hartlieb Hartmann Hartung Hartwich Hartwig Hartz Häseler Hasenberg Hasse Hassel Hasselbeck Hatten Hattenbach Hauben Hauch Hauer Hauff Hauffen Haug Haugk Haumesser Haupt Haus Hauschild Hausen Hauser Häusler Hausmann Hausner Hausser Hautmann Hautsch Hayler Hayn Hebenstreit Heber Heberlein Hecht Hecker Hedemann Heeg Heel Heer Heerman Heffner Hegen Heger Hegge Hegner Heiden Heidl Heidler Heigel Heilbronner Heilman Heimburg Heimgartner Hein Heinberg Heineken Heinricher Heins Heinsing Heintze Heinz Heister Helbig Heldt Helfenstein Hellen Heller Hellmann Helmold Helmreich Hemmel Hempel Hendrich Hengstenberg Henkel Henneberg Henner Hennicke Hennig Henning Hentze Hentzel Hepp Heppele or Heppel Herbst Herda Herdegen Hering Heringer Hermann Hermeling Herold Herrlein Hert Hertell Hertenstein Hertz Hertzberg Herzog Hesch Hess Hessel Hessen Hessert Hessler Hessling Hettler Hetzer Hetzler Heugel Heuss Heyden Heyder Heydte Heye Heyer Heyl Heymann Heyn Hezel Hibler Hieber Hildebrandt Hilger Hillenbrand Hiller Hillinger Hillner Hinzmann Hippler Hirschberg Hirschfeld Hirschmann Hirsh Hirt Hitzfeld Hitzig Hobe Hoberg Hochberg Hochstetter Hoefler Hoene Hoerner Hoesch Hofer Hoff Hoffer Hoffmann Hoffstetter Hofmaier Hofman Hofner Höger Hogner Hohenstein Hohnstein Holbach Hollar Höller Holling Holtz Holtzer Holtzman Holz Homburg Homeyer Honold Höpfner Hoppe Horbach Horlacher Hörmann Horn Hornbeck Hornberg Hornberger Hörner Hornig Hornstein Hornung Horst Horwath Höss Hove Hoyer Hoyte Hubel Huber Hübner Hübsch Huebel Hueber Huetter Hügel Hugo Huhn Hülsen Humboldt Hummel Hund Hundt Hurt Hutten Ibach Igel Igler Imhof Ingermann Ingram Isenburg Ising Itter Iven Jäckel Jacob Jacobi Jagemann Jäger Jahn Jaster Jehle Jenisch Jenner Jenssen Jett Jobst Johannes Johler Junck Juncker Jung Jungen Kabel Kabisch Kaeser Kage Kahler Kahles Kähne Kain Kaiser Kalb Kaler Kall Kalle Kallin Kammerer Kammerling Kampe Kandel Kapler Kappe Kappel Karcher Karg Kargl Karl Karras Käser Kastner Kathrein Katt Katz Katzmann Kauffmann Kaup Kaut Kautz Kayser Keck Kefer Kegler Keil Keiser Keller Kellermann Kellner Kemmerer Kempen (Von) Kemper Kempf Kempter Kentz Keppel Kerling Kern Kerscher Kersten Kesling Kessel Kesseler Kessinger Kessler Kestel Kester Kestler Kestner Kettler Keyser Kiefer Kienle Kiesling Killinger Kindler Kiner Kinkel Kipper Kirch Kirchmann Kirchner Kirn Kirschbaum Kissling Kleber Kleeman Klein Kleinhans Kleiser Kleiss Kleist Klenk Klett Klieber Klingel Klocke Klocker Klotz Klüber Kluger Klüver Knapp Knebel Knobloch Knoch Knoll Knopp Knorr Knott Kobel Kobelt Koch Koeler Koenig Kofler Kohl Kohler Kolb Koler Kölle Kollmann Konen Koop Köpff Kopp Köppel Korb Körber Korff Korn Körner Koss Köster Köth Kotter Krabbe Kracht Kraemer Kraft Krahn Krainer Krall Kramer Krane Kranich Krantz Kratz Kraus Krauss Krebs Kregel Kremer Kreps Kretz Kretzer Kreuter Kreutzer Krieg Krieger Kries Kroger Krohne Kroll Kropf Krug Kruger Krull Krummel Kübler Kucher Kuder Küeffer Kuess Kuffner Kügler Kuhn Kühne Kummer Kumpf Kün Küner Kunz Kürn Kurtz Kurz Küster Kuttner Lach Lacher Lachman Lackner Ladner Lage Lahner Lahr Lamberger Lampe Lämpel Lampen Lamprecht Landau Landauer Landeck Landgraff Landmann Landsberg Lang Lange Langen Langer Langguth Langmann Langner Langsdorff Lanius Lanser Lapp Lau Laube Lauber Laue Lauenstein Lauer Lauter Lauterbach Lautz Lechner Lederer Leers Lehmann Lehner Leick Leimer Leiner Leipold Leist Leistner Leiter Leithe Leitner Lembeck Lemberg Lemke Lemmens Lentz Leo Leonhard Leopold Lerch Lesemann Lessel Lessing Leth Leuschner Levi Leyden (Von) Lichtenberg Lichtenstein Lieb Liebenau Limbach Limmer Linck Lindau Linde Lindemann Linden Lindenberg Lindequist Linder Lindner Lindstädt Lindt Lingen Link Linker Lippe Lippert Lips List Lobeck Lobenstein Lober Loch Locher or Lochen Lochmann Lochner Locker Lode Loder Loesch Loeser Löffler Lohe Löhr Lönner Löper Löscher Löwe Löwenberg Löwenstein Lübbe Lübbers Lubeck Lucken Luden Lüder Ludwig Lupin Lurz Luther Lutz Lux Maass Mach Mack Mader Madler Mager Magerl Mahlberg Mahler Maier Mair Maler Malsch Mandel Manger Mangoldt Mantz Marck Marggraf Marquart Marr Marschall Martens Martini Marx Mäsch Matt Matthes Matthias Matz Mauch Maurer Mausser Mayer Mayerhofer Mayr Meckel Meder Meding Mehner Meier Meinecke Meinhart Meissner Meitinger Meixner Melchior Melich Melle Meller Mellin Mellmann Meltzer Mendel Mender Menge Mengen Mensch Mentz Mentzel Menzer Merck Merckel Mergenthal Mering Meringer Mertens Mertz Merz Messerschmidt Messmer Messner Metsch Metter Mettler Metz Metzel Metzen Metzger Metzler Metzner Meurer Meyer Mezger Michaelis Milde Miller Misbach Möck Mockel Mohl Mohr Mohr II Molitor Moll Möller Mölter Mönch Monheim Monnich Montag Mörsbach Morter Moser Motz Muck Mühl Mühlbach Mühlen Mühler Müller Müller II Müllner Münch Mündel Munden Münster Murer Murr Mützel Nachtigal Nader Nadler Nagel Nagler Nannen Nass Nassau Nau Naumann Nebel Neger Neidhardt Neiss Nentwig Neser Nessel Nessen Nestler Neubauer Neubeck Neudecker Neuhaus Neuhof Neumair Neumann Neumayer Neuner Nickel Niclas Niebuhr Niedermayer Niemeyer Niesener Nissen Nitsch Nopper Nordeck Normann Nüffer Nuhn Nürnberger Nusser Nüssler Obercamp Oberhauser Oberkampf Oberkirch Oberländer Obermair Obermann Ochs Odendal Odenkirchen Oeffner Oehrlein Oelhafen Oellinger Oertel Oesterling Oesterreicher Oetinger Oettel Ohlberg Ohlen Ohlendorff Oldenburg Oldendorf Opitz Oppen Oppenheim Oppermann Orban Orff Ort Ortel Orth Ortlieb Ortmann Ortner Osmann Osten Ostermann Ostermayer Ostertag Ostmann Oswald Ott Otterbach Otting Otto Pabst Padberg Pader Pantzer Panzer Pape Parlow Pasch Paschen Passow Pater Pauer Paul Pauli Paur Payr Peck Peer Peeters Peine Peller Perger Peter Peterer Peternell Petersen Peterson Petsch Petter Petz Petzinger Petzoldt Pfaff Pfahler Pfann Pfau Pfeffer Pfefferkorn Pfeiffer Pfeil Pfister Pfisterer Pflug Pflüger Pfund Pichler Pieck Pietsch Pilgram Pistor Pistorius Planck Pläss Platz Pless Plessinger Plötz Pohl Pohle Pohlmann Popp Portner Posch Poss Post Pott Pötter Prangen Prasch Prechel Precht Pregler Preininger Prenger Prenner Prenzel Preuss Priem Printz Pritz Probst Pröck Pröll Pröpper Prosch Pruner Puchner Pühler Pusch Putz Raab Rainer Rausch Reich Reichardt Reichel Reichen Reichenbach Reider Reinhardt Reinhold Reiser Reisner Renner Resch Reuss Reutter Reyher Rhein Rheiner Richter Riedl Rieger Riess Ritter Röder Römer Rösch Rosen Rosenberg Rosenbusch Rosenthal Röser Rösler Roth Rott Rücker Rüdiger Rummel Rumpel Rupprecht Saal Sachs Sack Sager Sahr Sailer Salomon Salzmann Salzmann Sandberg Sander Sanders Sandner Sanger Sartorius Sasse Sattler Sauber Sauer Saul Sauter Saxe Sayn Schack Schäde Schaden Schäfer Schaff Schäffer Schaffner Schagen Schäl Schaldorf Schalk Schall Schallen Schaller Schantz Schaper Scharden Schärer Scharf Scharfenberg Scharmann Scharp Schatte Schatz Schau Schaub Schaubert Schauenburg Schauer Schaul Schaumann Schauss Schäven Schäzler Schebe Schechner Scheck Schedel Scheden Scheel Scheeren Scheeres Scheffel Scheffer Scheffler Scheibler Scheid Scheiding Scheidt Scheiner Schele Scheler Schell Schellenburg Scheller Schelling Schenk Scherb Scherer Scherf Scherl Scherling Schetz Scheu Scheve Schick Schickler Schieber Schieck Schier Schiff Schiffer Schilden Schildt Schiller Schilling Schindler Schirmer Schlack Schlaff Schlägel Schlapp Schlecht Schlegel Schleich Schleicher Schlein Schlemmer Schlenk Schlieben Schlitz Schlosser Schmeling Schmid Schmidt Schmieden Schmit Schmitz Schnabel Schneck Schneider Schnell Schneller Schnepf Schober Schoch Schöder Schöler Scholl Scholler Scholtz Schön Schönau Schönberg Schönebeck Schöneck Schöner Schönfeld Schöning Schöpfer Schorer Schott Schotte Schrader Schrag Schramm Schreiber Schreyer Schröder Schubart Schubert Schuler Schülte Schultheis Schultz Schulz Schumacher Schurman Schuster Schutz Schwab Schwäger Schwan Schwartz Schwartzkopf Schwarz Schweigger Schweitzer Schwerin Schwind Sebaldt Seebach Seeberg Seeger Seelig Seemann Seger Seidel Seidl Seitz Selbach Senger or Singer Seybold Seyfried Sibert Sieber Siegel Sieger Siegfried Silber Simon Sixt Sohr Söllner Solms Sommer Sommerfeld Sonnenberg Soyer Spatz Specht Speidel Spengler Sperling Spiegel Spieler Spielmann Spiering Spies Spiller Spindler Spitzer Sprecher Sprengel Stack Stadler Stahl Stainer Stang Starck Staub Stauber Stecher Steck Steding Steen Steffan Stegmann Steiger Stein Steinbach Steinbeck Steinberg Steinberger Steiner Steinhart Steinhaus Steinmann Steitz Stengel Stenger Stern Sternberg Stettner Steuben Steuber Steurer Stickel Stiehl Stier Stochmann Stock Stöckel Stocker Stockl Stockum Stöhr Stolle Stoltz Storch Stosch Stoss Stössel Strahl Strass Strasser Straub Strauch Straus Streber Strehle Streng Ströbel Strobl Strombeck Strube Struve Stuber Stücker Stumpf Suckow Suter Sydow Taler Tann Tanner Tappe Taschner Taube Täuber Tausch Tauscher Teller Tepper Tessin Teufel Teutsch Thadden Thaer Thein Thiel Thielmann Thomann Thomas Thümmel Thun Thurm Thurmann Tiefenbach Tillen Tischer Tobler Todt Toll Töpfer Trammel Trapp Trautner Triebel Troest Trost Trott Trumbach Turck Uhl Uhlmann Ulm Ulman Ulmer Ulrich Unger Urban Veil Versen Vett Vetter Vick Villinger Vincke Vischer Vitzhum Vogel Vogelsang Vogl Vogt Voight Völcker Volkmann Vollmann Volmer Volz Vorst Voss Wachter Wagner Wahl Waldeck Waller Walther Waltman Wanger Wanner Warburg Wardenburg Wartmann Wäsch Wasmer Watter Weber Wechsler Wedel Wedemeyer Wederkind Wehner Wehren Weichs Weide Weidner Weigel Weiler Weinberger Weingarten Weinhart Weinmann Weinrich Weinzierl Weise Weishaupt Weiss Weissman Weiters Weitzel Weller Welsch Welser Welter Weltz Wenden Wendt Weng Wenger Werder Werle Werner Weyer Wichmann Wider Widmann Wieser Wild Wilhelm Wille Winckler Winter Wiser Witte Witten Wolf Wolff Wrangel Zahn Zeller Zellweger Ziegler Zimmerman Zollner Zorn Abati, Abela, Adami, Adamo, Agnese, Agostini, Agostino, Aiello, Albanese, Albani, Alberti, Albertini, Alberto, Albini, Alessio, Alighieri, Allegretti, Allegri, Allesandri, Alphonso, Amati, Amato, Ambrosi, Amici, Amico, Andrea, Andreozzi, Angelis, Angelo, Antolini, Antonelli, Antonini, Aquila, Aquino, Arena, Argenti, Argentini, Armano Balbi, Baldi, Baldini, Baldovino, Barbaro, Barbieri, Barone, Baroni, Bassano, Bassi, Battaglia, Bellini, Benedetti, Bernardi, Bernardini, Berti, Bertolli, Bertolo, Bevilacqua, Bianca, Bianchi, Bianchini, Bianco, Bonanno, Bonazzi, Bonci, Bonelli, Bonetti, Bonfadini, Bongiovanni, Boni, Bono, Bonomi, Bonomo, Borghese, Borghi, Borsello, Botta, Bottini (Bottoni), Bove, Bracci, Brambilla, Bruni, Brusati Caccini, Cala, Calabresi, Calandra, Campo, Campolo, Camporesi, Candiani, Canera, Canonici, Canossa, Cantelli, Canto, Capece, Capella, Capelli, Capponi, Capra, Capua, Caputo, Caravello, Carbone, Carcano, Cardelli, Carducci, Carelli, Carli, Caruso, Castagna, Castellani, Castelli, Cattaneo, Cecchi, Cecchini, Cellini, Cerutti, Ciccarelli, Cipriani, Clementi, Colonna, Columbo, Conti, Coppola, Corella, Corelli, Corrado, Costello, Crema, Crespi, Cristiani, Croce, Curti Dalmonte, Damiani, Dandini, Dandolo, Danieli, Delfini, Delvecchio, Dente, Dini, Dolce, Dolcetti, Dolci, Dolcini, Domenici, Donati, Doni, Donini, Dotti, Dotto, Drago, Durazzo Emiliani, Esposito, Este, Eugeni, Evangelisti Fabbri, Fabbrini, Fabianni, Fabris, Fagnani, Falce, Falconi, Fano, Fantini, Farina, Farnese, Fatta, Fattori, Fedelli, Federici, Felici, Feliciani, Fenzi, Fera, Ferra, Ferrante, Ferranti, Ferrari (or Ferraro), Ferretti, Ferri, Ferro, Figini, Filangeri, Filippini, Fioravanti, Fiore, Fiorenza, Fioriani, Fiorini, Fiorio, Florani, Florio, Fonseca, Fontana, Fontanella, Fonte, Fornari, Fortuna, Foschi, Franceschi, Franceschini, Franchi, Francini, Franco, Francone, Fratta, Fusco Gabrieli, Gaetani, Gagliardi, Gallesi, Galletti, Galli, Galliani, Gallina, Gallo, Galluzzi, Galvani, Gandini, Gandolfi, Garbo, Gardini, Garelli, Garganti, Garofalo, Gaspari, Gasparini, Gatti, Gentile, Gerardi, Geremia, Gerini, Ghetti, Ghiberti, Giacobbi, Giacomelli, Giacomini, Gianni, Giannini, Giannuzzi, Giglio, Gigli, Giglioti, Giordani, Giordano, Giorgi, Giovanelli, Girolami, Giudici, Giuliani, Giunta, Giuntini, Giusti, Giustiniani, Gobbi, Golia, Gotti, Gozzi, Graciani, Grasso, Grassi, Graziani, Grazioli, Grazzini, Greco, Gregori, Gregorio, Greppi, Griffo, Grillo, Grimaldi, Gritti, Grosso, Grotta, Guadagni, Gualdi, Guerrieri, Guidi Impellizzeri, Imperato, Imperatore, Imperiale, Infangati, Ingegneri, Ippoliti, Isnardi, Jabobi Labia, Lafranchi, Lafranco, Laghi, Lago, Lamberti, Lambertucci, Lana, Lancellotti, Lanci, Lanciani, Lancini, Landi, Landini, Lando, Lanza, Lanzi, Lanzoni, Lapi, Laurenti, Laurenzi, Lazzari, Legnani, Lelli, Lenzo, Leonardo, Leoni, Lioni, Liorsi, Lippi, Lodi, Lombardi, Lombardo, Longhi, Longoni, Lorenzi, Lorenzo, Loria, Losco, Lotti, Luca, Lucerna, Luciano, Lucio, Luna, Lupi Macchiavelli, Macci, Madia, Maecello, Maestri, Maffei, Maggi, Maggio, Magistri, Magnani, Magnano, Magni, Magno, Magnoni, Magrč (da), Mainardi, Mainetti, Maino, Majoli, Malatesta, Malerba, Malfatti, Malpighi, Malvagia, Malvezzi, Mancini, Mandella, Mandelli, Manelli, Manetti, Manfredi, Manfredini, Mangano, Mannucci, Manzi, Manzini, Marchesi, Marchesini, Marchetti, Marchi, Mari, Marini, Marioni, Marra, Martelli, Martine, Martinelli, Martini, Marzari, Marzolo, Masca, Masi, Massimo, Mattei, Mauri, Maza, Mazza, Mazzoleni, Mazzoli, Meda, Medici, Meli (or Melo), Mellini, Melloni, Menze, Mercati, Mercurio, Merli, Merlini, Mesi, Mezzo, Micheletti, Micheli, Miglia, Migliorati, Migliore, Mignani, Milano, Minelli, Moccia, Molin, Monari, Mondini, Moneta, Montagna, Montalbano, Montanari, Monte, Montebello, Montecchi, Monteforte, Montesi, Monti, Monticelli, Monticola, Montini, Montorio, Monza, Mora, Morandi, Morando, Morelli, Moretti, Moretto, Mori, Morini, Moro, Moroni, Morosini, Mosca, Moscatelli, Mosconi, Motta, Muglia Nani, Nano, Nanti, Nardi, Naselli, Nasi, Nava, Negrelli, Negri, Negroni, Nelli (or Nello), Nerli, Nero, Neroni, Niccoli, Nicola, Nicoletti, Nicolini, Nicolis, Nobili, Nodari, Nori, Noto, Novelli, Novello, Nuti Occa, Oddi, Oglio, Oliva, Olivari, Oliveri, Oliviera, Olivieri, Onesti, Onofri, Onofrio, Onorati, Ordelaffi, Orelli, Origlia, Origo, Orio, Orlandi, Orlandini, Ormani, Orselli, Orsini, Orso, Orzo, Ossa, Ottaviani, Ottoni Pace, Pacini, Pagani, Paganini, Pagano, Pagliacci, Pagliarini, Paladini, Palazzi, Palazzo, Paletta, Palla, Pallavicini, Palma, Palmieri, Palumbo, Paluzzi, Panciera, Panizza, Panizzi, Pannini, Panzano, Paola, Paoli, Paolucci, Paradisi, Parenti, Parisi, Parma, Pasetti, Pasi, Pasini, Pasquali, Pasqualini, Passamonte, Passarini, Paterno, Patriarca, Patrini, Patrizi, Paulini, Paulucci, Pavanelli, Pavesi, Pavone, Pavoni, Pazzaglia, Pecci, Pecorari, Pedretti, Pedrini, Pedroni, Pedrosa, Pellegrini, Pelli, Pellicani, Pepoli, Perini, Pero, Persico, Peruzzi, Pesaro, Pescara, Pescatori, Pesci, Pesenti, Petrarca, Petrini, Petrone, Petroni, Petrucci, Philippi, Piacentini, Piatti, Piazzola, Piccardi, Piccioli, Picoli, Picone, Piero, Pignatelli, Pignone, Pilati, Pilli, Piloni, Pinella, Pinelli, Pini, Pino, Pinoli, Pio, Piovani, Pironi, Pisani, Pisoni, Pizzi, Pizzoli, Podesta, Poeta, Poggi, Polani, Poli, Polini, Polo, Pompei, Ponte, Popolo, Porcaro, Porta, Portello, Porto, Pozza, Pozzo, Prandini, Prata, Prato, Preti, Prosperi, Pucci, Pugliese Quaranta, Quinto Rados, Raffaeli, Raimondi, Rambaldi, Ramponi, Randi, Rangoni, Ranieri, Ratta, Rava, Ravani, Recco, Reggio, Regia, Regina, Regoli, Rena, Resti, Ricardi, Ricasoli, Ricca, Ricci, Ricci 2, Riccio, Ridolfi, Righetti, Righi, Rigotti, Rinaldi, Riso, Riva, Rizzi, Rocca, Rocchi, Rocco, Rolandi, Rolando, Roma, Romani, Romano, Romeo, Ronchi, Ronzoni, Rosa, Rosani, Rosetta, Rossetti, Rossi, Rosso, Rota, Rotari, Rotondo, Rovelli, Rovere, Rubini, Ruffino, Ruffo, Ruffolo, Ruggieri, Rustici Sabbatini, Sabini, Sacca, Sacchetti, Sacchi, Sacco, Sajani, Sala, Sale, Salerno, Salomoni, Saluzzo, Salvatore, Salvo, Sances, Sanna, Sansoni, Santi, Santini, Santoro, Santucci, Saracini, Saracino, Sardi, Sassetti, Sassi, Sauli, Savini, Sbarra, Scacchi, Scala, Scali, Scarlatti, Scarsi, Schiavoni, Sciacca, Scolari, Scotti, Scotto, Scura, Sebastiani, Sega, Segni, Selvaggi, Senatori, Sera, Serafini, Serra, Sesso, Sesto, Settimo, Severino, Sforza, Signorelli, Signorini, Silva, Silvestri, Simeone, Simoncelli, Simonetta, Simonetti, Simoni, Sinibaldi, Sisco, Sisto, Sofia, Sola, Solari, Soldati, Soleri, Somma, Soprani, Spada, Specchi, Speri, Speroni, Spezzani, Spinelli, Spinello, Spinetta, Spini, Stagni, Stagno, Stefani, Stefanini, Stefano, Stella, Steno, Stocco, Stoppa, Strada, Strozzi, Suardi Taccone, Talenti, Tamburini, Tancredi, Tanzi, Tarcento, Tartini, Tasca, Tassi, Tassinari, Tasso, Tebaldi, Telesio, Tellini, Teodoro, Terzi, Testa, Testi, Tiepolo, Tinti, Tirelli, Tocco (Tocci), Todaro, Todeschini, Tofani, Tolentino, Tomacelli, Tomasetti, Tomasi, Tonini, Tonti, Torelli, Torre, Torri, Torto, Tortora, Toscani, Toschi, Tosi, Trapani, Traversi, Trento, Trono, Trotti, Trucchi or Truchetti, Tucci, Turchi, Turco, Turrettini, Turriani, Turrini, Turrisi Ubaldi, Ubaldini, Uberti, Uccelli, Uccellini, Ughi, Ugolini, Umberto, Ungaro Vacca, Vaccaro, Valenti, Valentini, Valeriani, Valle, Vallesi, Valli, Valori, Valva, Vandini, Vani, Vanini, Vanni, Vanucci, Vecchi, Vecchiarelli, Vecchietti, Veluti, Venezia, Ventura, Venturi, Venturini, Verardi, Verardo, Verdi, Verita, Vernacci, Vernaccia, Vernazza, Vernazzi, Vespignani, Vestri, Via, Viale, Viani, Viarana, Vico, Vidali or Vitali, Vido, Vieri, Viglietti, Vigna, Vignati, Vignoli, Villani, Vincenti, Vinci, Viola, Violo, Visconti, Vitale, Vitelli, Viti, Vittori, Vivaldi, Viviani, Volpe Zaccaria, Zacco, Zambelli, Zanardi, Zanasi, Zanchi, Zanelli, Zanetti, Zucca, Zucchi, Zucco Abdank or Habdank Abszlank Achinger Achmat Achmatowicz Aksak Akszak Alabanda Alchimowicz Alemani Alexandrowicz Amadej Ambrozewicz Ancuta Andrejowicz Andronowski Andruszkiewicz Andrychewicz Andrychowicz Antoniewicz Araz Arcemberski Arlamowski Arumowicz Aurszwald Azulewicz Bajbuza Bajerski Bakalowicz Balcerowicz Balla Barczeski Barowroski Bartlinski Bartsch Baryczka Bawol Bawola Glowa Baybuza Bazenski Beczka Bedkowski Bedlewicz Bejnart Bekiesz Belgram Belina Belty Belza Bem Benkin Berens or Bernes Beresniewicz Berkler Berkowicz Bernowicz Berszten Berzewicz Bialachowski Bialoglowski Bialokurowicz Bialoskorski Bialynia Bibersztein Biderman Biegaczewicz Biel Bielak Bielikoicz or Bielikowicz Bieliny Bienicki Bieniewiec Bienkunski Bilinski Biwojno Blacha (Budwicz) Blank Blankenstein Blumberk Bobinski Bochen (Papuga) Bochnadowicz Bodek Bodula Bogorya Bojcza or Boycza Boloz Bombek Bonarowa Boncza Boniaszewicz Borejko (Boreyko) Borkiewicz Borowiec Borski Bostowicki Bouffal Bozawola Bozena Bozeniec Bozezdarz Brackel (or Brakiem) Bradacice or Bradczyce Brama (Oginiec) Brandys Brant Braunek Brelen Breza Brinken Brochwicz I Brochwicz II Brochwicz III Brodzic Bronic Bronikowski (Version 2) Bronikowski Brozek Brunnow Brunszwicki Brzezecki Brzezewski Brzezowski Brzuchowiecki Brzuska Bucholc Buchowiecki Buchwald Budwicz Budwinski Bukowczyk Bukowski Bukraba Bulat Bulharyn Bursztyn Burzecki Bychowiec Bychowski Cackowski or Czaczkowski Ceceniowski Chalecki Charyton (Charytonowicz) Chlibkiewicz Chlusowicz Chocimirski or Chocimierski Chodkiewicz Cholewa Cholewiec Choloniewski Chomato Chorabala Choragwie (Kwitow) Chosnicki Chromy Chroniewski Chrynicki Chrzanski Chunowski Chylinski Cichinski Cielatkowa Cienciewicz Cietrzew Ciolek Cyngiel Cyrus Cywilkowski Czaderski Czapla Czarlinski Czarnecki I Czarnecki II Czarnowron Czernyszew Czeszewski Czewoja Czirson Czochron Czudnochowski Czuwasz Czyczwitz Dab Dabor or Dobor Dabrowa Dabrowski Dalinski Dantyszek Dar Dargolewski Daszkiewicz Debicz Debno Deborog Delpacy Denhof Denis Dermont Deskur or Deskour Deszpot Dlugajski Dobenek Dobrorad Dobruski Dolega Dolezel Doliwa Dolmat Dolszkiewicz Domont Donimirski Dorchowski Doregowski Dorpowski Dorzym Dostojewski Dowgird Drangwitz Drobysz Drogomir Drogoslaw Druck Druzbacki Druzyna Dryja Drzewica Dubina Duhamel Dulak Dulicz Dulski Duniewicz Duninowski Dutczynski Dyakowski Dymsza Dzialosza Dzialynski Dzianot Dzieciol Dziedziul Dziewunty Dziob Dziobek Dziryd Dziuli Dzwonki Ebert Ehler Ejgierd Elsner Elzanowski Emberk Epinger Estken Farensbach Felsztynski Ferber Flemming Folgeveder Fracki Fronsberg Frycz or Fritsch Fryze Fuchs Gableniec Gadon Gajl Galecki Galen Garczynski Gaska I Gaska II Gebel Gedroic or Gedroyc Geometer Geppert Geszaw Giejsz Gieralt Gieysztor Gissa Glaubicz Glinski Godziemba Goledzinowski Gorbacki Grabie Grabisz Grebecki Grek Grela Gretz Grodek Groty Gryf Grynfar Gryzima Grzymala Gubena Gubrynowicz Guczy Gulcz Gutag Guzkowski Gwiazdorski Gwiazdy Habich Haki Harasiewicz Harasowski Hatten Haubicki Haugwicz Hauke Hawranowski Haza Hejdenpol Helbich Helden Helm Henisz Herburt Hercyk Hipocentaurus Hodyc Holczynowski Holobok Holowinski Holownia Hornowski Hozyusz Hryniewicz Hubarewicz Hurko Hurski Husarzewski Hutor Hybryda Ilmanowski Ilowski Isajowski Isiora Iwanicki Izykowski Jachowicz Jachta Jacyna Jagodowicz Jahnke Jalowka Jalowski Janina Jankajtys Janorinski Janta Jarocki Jaroczewski Jaroszynski Jasienczyk I Jasienczyk II Jasienicki Jasinski (de Dombrowka) Jastrzebiec Jaszczold Jeden Jedrzejewicz Jelen Jelita Jelowicki Jerlicz Jeski Jez Jezierza Jeziora Junczyk Junosza Juzwikiewicz Kacki Kalinowa Kalmucki Kaluszowski Kanicz Karas Karega Karnowski Karp Kasparek Kesztort Kierdeja Kietlicz Kimbar Kirkor Kirstein Kita Kiwalski Kiziel Kizinek I Kizinek II Kladrubski Klamry Kleman Kleszczynski Klinski Klot Kmita Kniaziewicz Kobylka Kojen Koleczycki Koleda Kollatorowicz Kolmasz Kolnicki Kolodyn Kolotaj Komanski Komar Komoniaka Konarski Konderski Konrad Kopacz Kopaszyna Kopycki Korab Korczak Kornic Korwin Korybut Koryzna Korzbok Kos or Koss) Kosciesza I Kosciesza II Kot Kotwica Kotwicz Kowal Kowalek Kownia Koziczkowski Koziel Koziutlicz Kozlowski Krakowiecki Krasnodebski Krauze Krecki Kreczyk Krejc Krekwicz Kreski Krociusz Kroje Krolodar Kromer Kromno Krosta Kroszynski Krucini Krucyni Kruniewicz Krupek Krupka Kruzer Krygier Kryspin Krzeczunowicz Krzikowski Krzyczewski Krzystalowicz Krzysztofowicz Krzywda Krzyzak Krzyzanski Krzyzostrzal Ksiezyc Kubach Kublicki Kuchowicz Kudrewicz (Labedz) Kulak Kulminski Kulpinski Kur Kurcz Kursell (Estonia) Kusienicki Kusza Kuszaba Kykieryc Labendz Lacki Lada Lagoda Larski Laryssa Laskarys Lebel Lebinski Lekna Lelewel Leliwa Lemke-Baranowski Leski (Heselicht-Leski) Leszczyc Leszczynski (Wieniawa) Lettaw Lettow Lew I Lew II Lewalt Lewart I Lewart II Lilia Limont Linda Lippa Lis Listowski Lode Lodzia Losiatynski Lubicz Lubliniec Lubocki Lubowla Luk Lukocz Luzinski Luzyanski (Luzeinen-Luzyanski ) Luzyanski Machwicz Madrostki Majdel Maruniak Masalski Maszkowski Meldzinski Mienta Mier Mierzaniec or Mieszaniec Mikulicz Mikulinski Milzecki Mirecki Mogila Mogilowski Mohyla Mojsiewicz Molencki Mora Morteski Murdelio Nabram Nackowicz Nalecz or Nalencz Nalewka Napiwon Napolski Natarcz Newlin Nieczuja I Nieczuja II Niemczyk Niesobia Niewiadomski Niezgoda Niezuchowski Nikorowicz Nowak Nowina Nowosiel Obuchowicz Ocetkiewicz Ochabski Odojewski Odrowaz Odwaga Odyniec Ogonczyk Okminski Okno Oksza Okun Olawa Orla Osek Ostoja Ostrog Ostroga Ostrogski Ostrozencki Oszczewski Owada Ozymblowski Palkowski Paparona Paprzyca Paraski Patkul Paulewicz Pawelsz Pec Pedzic Pekoslaw Pelikan Pelnia Penkoslaw Peretyatkowicz Pernus Piatyr Pielesz Pielgrzym Pierzcha Piestnik or Plesnik Pilawa Piorastrusic Pioroslaw Pisanski Plater Plemiecki Plon Pnieynia Pobog Podjaski Podkowa Pogonia I Pogonia II Pohl Pokora Poliwczynski Polkozic Polota Polubinski Pomian Poraj Poronia Posadowski Postel Postolski Pozniak Prawdzic I Prawdzic II Promnicz Prus I Prus II Prus III Przegonia Przerowa Przestrzal Przichowitz Przosna Przyjaciel Przytarski Puchala I Puchala II Pusch Puzyna Pypka Radoniski Radoszynski Radwan I Radwan II Radzic I Radzic II Radziminski Radziski or Radzitzky Ramult Rappe Rarowski Ratuld or Ratult Rau (Rhau-Gutowski) Rawicz I Rawicz II Rejman (or Reymund) Rekowski Reksin (or Rexin) Rembowski Renard Renka (Reka) Roch I Roch II Roch III Rochcicki Rogala Rogoyski (Rogojski ) Rola Rolbiecki (Rolbeck) Rolicz Romer Ronow (or Ronau) Rotermund Rozmiar Rubach Rubiesz Rudecki Rudetzki Rumel Ruminski Rydzynski Rys Rzepitzk Rziczanski Salamandra Samson Sartawski Sass Sepiaglowa Serce Siekierz Siemionowicz Sieniuta Sierpy Siestrzeniec Skal Skoczowski Skopowski Skorski Skowronski Skrbenski Skrochowski Skwarczynski Slawata Slepowrod Slepowron Slon Sokola Soltyk Sowak Sreniawa Sroka Stablowski Stach Stanckar or Stankar Starykon Stegmanski Sternberg Stojanowic Stolobot (Version 2) Stolobot Strachwic Strucki or Strutzky Strzal Strzaly Strzela Strzemien Studnicki Suchekomnaty Sulima Suszynski Swienczyc Swierczek Swinka Swisczewski Syrokomia Szabla Szalawa Szalec I Szalec Szarlinski Szaszkiewicz Szczaplina Szedzinski Szeliga Szembek Szepticki Szpak Szpot-Gliszczynski Szydlowiec Taczala Tarnawa Terebes Terlecki Tomkowitz Topacz Topor Traby Trach Trebnicki Trestka Trojstrzal Troszka Trupiaglowa Tryumf Trzaska Trzemeski Trzy Bulawy Trzy Gwiazdy Trzy Klosy Trzy Korony Trzy Kotwicy Trzy Kreti Trzy Tarcze Trzy Wdar Tucholka Tuczynski Turno Turzo Twardost Ulanicki Wadwicz Waga Walewski Warnia Waskiewicz Waxman Waz Wczele Wesola Wieniawa I Wieniawa II Wiernik Wieruszowa Wierzbna Wieze I Wieze II Wisniowiecki Wloszek Wojeyko Woronowicz Wreby Wremby Wukry Wydra Wyszogota Wyszolski Zabawa Zadora I Zadora II Zagloba Zamecki Zapendowski Zapolski Zaremba I Zaremba II Zdanowicz Zdanski Zdzitowiecki Zemby (Zeby) Zerwikaptur Zeta Zgraja Zkrzyzluk Zlota Wolnosc Zlota Zlotogolonczyk Zmodzki Znin Abasto Abelho Aboim Abor Abreu Abul Achioli Adarga Adorno Affonso Agueda Aguiar Aguilar Aguilera Aiala Aires Alao Alardo Albergaria Albernaz Albernoz Albuquerque Alfaro Alfero Alma Almada Almeida Alpoim Altamirano Alte Altero Alvarăes Alvarenga Alvares Alvim Alvo Amado Amador Amaral Ambia Amorim Anailha Andrade Angulo Anhaia Antas Aragao Aranha Araújo Arca Arce Arelhano Argolo Arrais Arriaga Arriscada Ataide Atouguia Aussi Avalos Avelar Avila Azambuja Azeredo Azevedo Azinhal Baena Baiăo Bairros or Barros Baldaia Baleato Bandeira Baracho Barahona Barata Barbata Barbato Barbedo Barbeita or Barbeito Barberino Barbosa Barboso Bardi Bardudo Barejoia Barradas Barreto Barriga Barros Barroso or Bastos Barvanca Batalha Beça or Bessa Beja Belem Beliago Beltrao Bem Bembo Bendris Benevides Berenguer Bermudes Bernardes Berredo Bettencourt or Bittenco Bezerra Bicudo Bobadilha or Bobadilla Bocanegra Bode Borges Borja Borralho Borrego Botafogo Botelho Boteto Botilher Boto Braga Bragança Brandăo Bravo Brito Cabeça Cabedo Cabral Cabreira Cabrita Cáceres Caeiro Cainho Calaça Calado Calatayud Calça Caldas Caldeira Caldeirăo Calheiros Calvo or Calvos Camacho Camanho Camara Camelo Camisăo Camőes Campo Campos Canelas Canto Căo Cárdenas Cardim Cardoso Cari Carmona Carneiro Caro Carrasco Carregosa Carregueiro Carreiro Carrilho Carvahal Carvalho Casco Casqueiro Cassado Castanheda Castanho Castel Branco Castelo or Castello Castilho Castro Catanho Cavalcanti Cavaleiro Centeio Cernache Cerqueira Cerveira Chacim Chanoca Chaves Cirne Cisneiros Clemente Coelho Cogominho Coimbra Colaço Contreiras Cordeiro Cordes Córdova Cordovil Corelha Coronel Correia Corte-Real Cortęs Corvacho Corveira Costa Cota or Cotta Cotrim Couceiro Coutinho Couto Crato Cubelos Cunha Delgado Dias I Dias II Dogaldo Dória Dragăo Drago Durăo Eça Escobar or Escovar Escudeiro Esmeraldo Espargosa Espínola or Spinola Espinosa Esquível Esteves Evangelho Fafes Fagundes Fajardo Falcăo Faria Farinha Faro Fazenda Feijó Feio or Feyo Felgeira Fernandes Ferrăo Ferraz Ferreira Ferrer Fidalgo Figueira Figueiredo Figueiroa Filipe Flores Fogaça Foios Fonseca Fontana Fontes Frade Fraga Fragoso França Franco Frazăo Freire Freitas Frielas Fróis Frotas Furtado Gachineiro Gago Gaio Gaioso Galego Galhardo Galvăo Gama Gamboa Gançoso Garçăo Garcęs García Garro Gato Gaviăo Gentil Geraldes or Giraldes Gil Girăo Godinho Godins Godolfim Godoy Gois Gomes Gomide Gonçalves Gorizo Gouveia Gră Gralho Gramaxo Granada Guarda Guedes Guerra Guerreiro Guevara Guimarăes Gundar Gusmăo Haes or Hasse Henriques I Henriques II Herédia Holbeche Homen Horta Imperial (e) Jácome Joanes Júdice Lacerda Lacueva Lafetá Lagarto Lago Lançós Landim Lapenha or Penha Lara Larzedo Leal Leăo Leborăo Lebrăo Ledo Leis Leităo Leite Leme Lemos Lencastre Lima Limpo Lira Lis Lobăo or Lobeira Lobato Lobia Lobo Lopes Lordelo. Loronha Lóssio Lourenço Lucas Lucena Lúcio Lugo Luis Luna Maça Macedo Machado Maciel Madeira Madureira Magalhăes Magriço Magro Maia Malaca Malafaia Maldonado Malheiro Manrique Manso Manuel or Manoel Marchăo Marecos Marinho Mariz Marmeleiro Marques Martel Martins Mascarenhas Mata or Mota Matela Matos or Mattos Medeiros Meira Meireles Melo or Mello Mena Mendanha Mendes Mendoça or Mendonça Meneses Mergulhăo Mesquita Mestre Mexia Miguéis Miguel Mina Miranda Moniz Montalvo Monteiro Montenegro Monterroio Montęs Montoia Morais or Moraes Morales Morato Moreira Moscoso Moura Mourăo Mouta Moutinho Mouzinho Muńoz Murilhas Nápoles Narvais Narvarrete Navarro Navas Negrăo Negreiros Negro Neto Nobre Nóbrega Nogueira Novais Nóvoa Nunes Ochôa Oliva Oliveira or Olival Ornelas Ortiz Osório Ourém Outiz Pacheco Padilha Paim Pais Paiva Palhares Palhavă Palma Palmeiro Pamplona Pantoja Parada Pardo Páris or Paris Patalim Pato or Pavăo Pau Pavia Paz Pedrosa Pedroso Pegado Pegas Peixăo Peixoto Pequim Peralta Perdigăo Pereira Peres or Pires Perestrelo Pessanha Pessoa Pestana Picanço Pignatelli Pimenta Pimentel Pina Pinheiro Pinho Pinto Pita or Pitta Pizarro Pó Ponce de Leăo Ponte Porcel Porras Porto Portocarreiro Portugal Prado Praga Prego Presno Preto Privado Proença Puga Quadros Quaresma Queimado Queiroga Queirós or Queiroz Quental or Quintal Quinhones Quintanilhas Ramalho Ramires Ramos Rangel Raposo Rebelo Rebolo Reboredo Redondo Refóios Ręgo Regras Reimăo Reinoso Reis Reixa Rendon Resende or Rezende Revaldo Ribafria Ribas Ribeira Ribeiro Ricalde Rio Rios Robalo Robles Rocha Rodovalho Rodrigues Rol Romano Romeiro Romeu Romo Roxas Rua Rus Sá Saavedra Sacoto Salazar Salcedo Saldanha Salema Salgado Salinas Salter Salviati Sampaio or Săo Paio Sanches Sande Sanhudo Santa Maria Santarém Santiago Saraiva Sarcide Sardinha Sarmento Sasseti Seabra Seco Segurado Seixas Sem Semedo Sepúlveda Sequeira or Siqueira Serpa Serra Serrăo Severim Silva Silveira Simőes Soares Sobral Sobrinho Sodré Soeiro Solis Soromenho Sotomaior Sousa I Sousa II Soutelo Souto or Soito Soveral Soverosa Supico Taboada Taborda Tânger Taques Tavares Taveira Tavora Teive Teixeira Teles or Telo Temudo Tenreiro Ternate Tibau Tiçăo Tinoco Tojal Toledo Tolosa Topete Torel Torneio Torre Torres Torresăo Toscano Tourinho Tovar Travassos Trigoso Trigueiros Troncoso Tudela Ulloa Ulveira Unhăo Utra Vabo Vaía Valadares Valdez Vale Valejo Valença Valente Varejăo Varela Vargas Vasconcelos Vasques Vaz Veiga Velasco Velasques Velez Velho Veloso Venegas Vera Viana Vidal Viegas Vieira Vila Boa Vila Nova Vilaça Vilalobos Vilarinho Vilas Boas Vilhana Vilhegas Viveiros Vogado Ximenes Zagalo Zamudio Zeller Zuńiga Abaceta Abad Abadal Abadia Abaeto Abajo Abal Abalos or Avalos Abar Abarbanel Abarca Abaria Abaroa Abarrategui Abascal Abat Abaurrea Abeeta Abel Abella Abellán Abelló Abengoza Aberasturi Abiaga Abiago Abinia Abio Abitera Ablanedo Aboa Abogadro Aboitiz Abreu Abri or Abrines Abril Abráldez Acebedo or Acevedo I Acebedo or Acevedo II Acebes or Aceves Acedo Aceija Aceituno Acero Acha I Acha II Achalandabaso Acheros Achuri Acorella Acosta Acurio Acuńa Adame Adarbe Adell Adoian Adorno Adrián Adán Adárraga Aellos Afán Agar Agea Ager Agramonte Agramunt Agraz Agreda Aguado Aguas Aguayo Agudo Aguiar Aguilera Aguilo Agós Agüero Águila Aguinaga Aguirre Aguirrezazona Agulló Ahajadas Ahedo or Haedo Ahones Ahumada Aimerich Ainsa Aizaga Aizpurúa Ajofrín Alagón Alapont Alarcón Alaíz Alba Albacete Albalat Albarracín Albelda or Abelda Alberas Alberca Alberdi Albero Albert or Albertín Albert Alberti Albornoz Alburquerque Albéniz Alcalá Alcaraz Alcańiz Alcocer Alcolea Alcubillo Alcántara Alcázar Aldaba Aldana Aldehuela Alderete Alegría Alemany Alepus Alfaro Alfonso Alfonsín Alférez Algarra Alicante Allende Almagro Almanza or Almansa Almeida Almodóvar Almunia Alonso I Alonso II Alpedrete Alpont I Alpont II Altamira Altamirano Alvarado Alzaga Alzamora Alzate Alós Amado or Amador Amar Amat Amaya Ambía Amescua Amezúa Amigo Amor Amorín Amorós Ampuero Ampurias Álamo Álava Álvarez (de Toledo) Álvarez Anaya Anciso Anda Andelos Andia Andrade Andreu Andrés Anduaga Andueza Anduga Anero Anglasel Angleria Anglesola Anglés Angosto Anguiano Anguita Angulo Ansorena Ansúrez Antequera Antich Antillo Antolínez Antuńano Antón Antúnez Anzano Aoiz Aparicio Aponte Araciel Arados Aragonés Aragón Aramburu Aranda Arango Aranguren Aranibar Arauco Arańa Araújo Arbeláez Arbizú Arbo Arcas Arce Arcos I Arcos II Ardena Areilza Arellano Arenal Arenas Areny Argote Argüelles Argüello Arias Ariola Arińo Arés Arévalo I Arévalo II Ángel Arista Aristi Arizmendi Arjona Arlčs Armada Armendáriz Armenteros Armero Arnedo Arnáu Arquellada Arquer Arqués Arrabal Arrafan Arregui Arrese Arriaga Arribas Arrieta Arriola Arrizabal Arroyo Arruza Arrué Artacho Artal Artasona Arteaga I Arteaga II Artieda Artigues Artińano Artunduaga Arturo Artés Ascanio Ascaso Asiaín Astorga Asturias Asúa Atienza Atocha Avecilla Avellaneda Avilés Ayala Ayerbe Ayora Aza or Daza Azagra Azcona Azcárate Azcón Azevedo Aznar Azofra Azorín Ávalos or Dávalos Ávila I Ávila II Babiano Bacara Bada Badía Baena Baeza Baga or Bagaría Bagur or Begur Bahamonde Bailén Balaguer Balboa Balbuena Baldenaches Baldovinos Balencegui Ballastros Ballero Ballester Ballesteros Balzola Bances Banda Bandama Bandrés Banyeras Banyuls Baquero Baracaldo Barahona Barba Barbado Barbarán Barbena Barbens Barberena Barberŕ or Barbés Barbo Barcaíztegui Barcelona Barceló Barco Bardaji Bardoy Barnuevo Baroja Barra Barrachina Barranca Barrantes Barrat Barreda Barreto Barri Barrientos Barrio Barros Barroso Barrón Bartomeu Barájas Barón Bas Baset Bassols Bastardo Bastida Bastons Bataller Batres Bautista or Baptista Bayer or Boyer Bayle Bayo Bazán Bańos Bańuelos Báscones Bea Becerill Becerra Bedoya Bejarano Bellafilla Bellera Bello Belloch Bellprat Bellpuig Bellvehi Bellver Bellvís Bellón Belmonte Beltrán Benasar Benavente Benavides Benet Benito Benvengut Benítez Berenguer Bergadá Bergés Bermejo Bermeo Bermúdez Bernabé Bernal Bernales Bernuy Bernáldez Berrios Berrocal Berroeta Berzosa Bescós Besora Betancourt Betanzos Bezanilla Biedma Bistué Bivero Blancafort Blancas Blanco Blanes Blasco Blázquez Bobadilla Bocanegra Bofill Boil or Boyl Bolańos Bolívar Bonapart Bonastre Borbolla Borbón Borea Borrajo Borrell Borrás Bosch Botella Boteller Bou Bouffart Bracamonte Bracho Bravo Bretón Briones Bueno Burgos Burguillos Burgčs Busquets Bustamante Bustos or Busto Bécquer Caballa Caballero Caballería Cabanilles or Cabanillas Cabanyelles Cabanyes Cabańas Cabello Cabezas Cabezón Cabra Cabrales Cabrera Cacho Cadalso Cadena Cajal Calahorra Calasanz Calatrava Caldera or Caldeira Calderón I Calderón II Caleja Calella Calera Calienes Calvillo Calvo Calzada Calzadilla Camacho Camańo Camero Caminero Camino Campana Campillo Campo Campoamor Campoo Campos Campuzano Camus Canal Cancino Canga or Cangas Canillas Cano Cantos Cantón Caparrós Capdevila Capmany Caralt Carballo Carbonell I Carbonell II Carcabuey Carcasona Cardona Careaga Caín Cańas Cańizares Cáceres Cámara Cánovas Cárcamo Cárdenas Carmona Carnero Carnicero Carranza or Carrancá Carrasco Carreras Carreńo Carrillo Carrio Carrión Carvajal Casals Casanova Casares Casas Cascos Castańeda Castańer Castańos Castejón Castellanos Castellblanch Castelló Castilla Castillo I Castillo II Castro Catalá Catallán Catena Catta Cavero Cavia Caviedes Cayuela Cazorla Cea Ceballos Celis Centelles Cepeda Cerda (de la) Cerda Cerdá Cerdán Cerezo Cervera Cerón Chacón Chamorro Chanocca Chapín Chaves Chico Chicote Chávez Cieza Cifuentes Cigala Cima Cisneros Cisternas Ciurana Claraco Claramunt Clariana Claver Claverol Clavijo Clemente Clos Cobos Coche Coello Coll Collantes Coloma Colomer Colomina Colón Comes Company Conde Contreras Copons Corcuera Corder Cordero I Cordero II Corella Cornellá Coronado Corral Correa Cortina Cortés Corvera Costa Cotera Crespi Crespo Cruz Cuadra or Quadra Cuadrado Cuartas Cubillos Cuenca Cuervo Cueva Cuevas Cuéllar Córdova I Córdova II Dansa Dato Delfín Delgadillo Delgado Delicado Desboch Desgüell Despuig Despujol Despí Deza Diago Diego Diezma Diosdado Doblas Doliva Domecq Domingo Dominguez Doménech Donaire Donat Doncel Donis Donoso Dorante Dorcas Doría Dosma Dosrius Dot Duarte Duero Dueńas Dulce Duque Durán Díaz I Díaz II Díez Dóriga Echagüe Echanove Echeberría Echegaray Echenique Echevarría or Echebarría Echániz Echávarri Egea Egerbide Eguino Eguizábal Eguren Eguía Eizaga Eizaguirre Elcano Eleizalde Elejalde Elgorriaga Elguezábal Elizalde Elizondo Elordi Elorriaga Elorza Elía Elío Ena Encinas or Encina Enciso Enríquez I Enríquez II Entenza Entralgo Ercilla Errea Escalada Escalante Escalera Escalona Escama Escamilla Escobar Escolano Escrivá Escudero Espada Esparza Espasa Espigol Espinar (de l') Esplugues Espés Espín Espínola Espínosa I Espínosa II Esquerdo Esquerrer Esquivel Estańa Estańol Esteban Estela Estella Estrada Estébanez Estévez Eva Ezperun or Esperón Ezquerra Écija Fabra Fages or Faguez Fajardo Falcés Falcó or Falcón Faria Farrés Fańez Febrer Feijóo Felgoso Feliú Feo Fernández I Fernández II Ferragut Ferrando Ferraz or Farraz Ferrer Ferrera Ferrá Ferráez Ferrán Ferrández Ferrándiz Ferrús Fierro Figueras or Figuera Figueroa Figuerola Filera Fines Flor Flórez or Flóres Fonseca Font Fontana Fontaneda Fonte Fontecilla Fontes Forcia Forner Fortuny Fortuńo Fraguas Franco Frechillo Freire Fresneda Frigola Frutos Frías Fuentes Fuertes Funes Fuster Fábregas Gabriel or De Gabriel Gaitán Galalón or Galaón Galarza Galbán or Galván Galdeano Galdós Galeano Galicia Galindo Gallardo Gallart Gallego or Gallegos Gallo Galvete Galán Gama Gamarra Gamboa Gaona Garategui Garavito Garay Garayo Garcini Garcés García I García II García III Garcífuentes Gardosa Gargallo Gargollo Garrido Garza or Garzo Garzón Gavilán Gaviria Gay Gayangos Gayola Gaztelu Gelabert Gelida Gerino Gijón Gil Giménez I Giménez II Ginebra Ginovés Giraldo Giralt Girona Gironella Girón Gálves Gálvez Gámez or Gámiz Gándara Gispert Godoy Godínez Goicoechea Goiri Golfín Gomar Gonzaga Gonzalo González Gorostidi Gorostiza Gotor Goya I Goya II Goyanes Goyeneche Gońi Gramunt Granada Grande or Grandes Grimaldo Grosso Guadalajara Guardiola Guerra Guerrero Guevara Guillén Guinart Guirao or Guirado Guitarra Gurrea Gurruchaga Gutiérrez Guzmán Guŕrdia Gómez I Gómez II Gómez III Góngora Haro Hedilla Heras or Hera Heredia Hermosa Hermosilla Hernando Hernández I Hernández II Herrera Herrero Herrán Hervás Hidalgo Hierro Higuera Hinista Hinistrosa Holgado Hoyos Huarte Huerta Huidobro Hurtado Híjar Ibargüen Ibarra Ibarrart Ibarrola Ibartola Ibiaga Ibáńez I Ibáńez II Iglesia Illesca Illán Indriago Infantas Infante Infanzón Íńiguez or Íńigo Iracheta Iraeta Iranzo Iraola Irarrazabal Iriarte Iribarne Iriberri Irizar Irujo Irureta Isasa Isasi Isla Iturbe Iturralde Iturriaga Izquierdo Jaca Jaime or Jaimes Jalón Jamar Jara Jaramillo Javier Jaén Jerez Jimeno Jiménez Jofré Jordŕ Jordán Jove Juan Juliŕ Junco Junta Jurado Juára Juárez Jáuregui I Jáuregui II Kindelán Laborda Ladrón Lagarda or Legarda Lagarra Lago Lagos Lama Lamadrid Lamas Landa Lanuza Lanza Lara Larra Larrinaga Lasalde Lasarte Laso (or Garcilaso) Latas Latorre Lazcano Lecumberri Lecuona Ledesma Legazpi Leguina Leiva Lema Lemos I Lemos II Lera Lerma Lezcano León Liańo Limos Linares Lizana Lizarazu Lizarraga Lińán Llach Llado Llamas Llanos or Llano Llansol Llasera Llave Lledós Llinás Llobet Llopis Llorente Lloret Lloves Llull Lláser Lobatón Lobera Lobo Lombera Lorenzo Loret Loriega Loris Loro Losada Loyola Lozana Lozano Lucas Lucena Lucian Luna Lázaro Léoz López I López II López III Machado Machín Macías Madrazo Madrid Madrońo Maeztu Magarola Malagamba Maldonado I Maldonado II Malla Mallol Maluenda Manegat Manrique Mansilla Manso Manuel Manzano Marańón Marcilla Marco or Marcos Marcó Marichalar Marimón Maris Marrades Marsilla Martos Martí Martín Martínez I Martínez II Marín Mata Mataró Matas Mateo Matoses Matéu Maya Maza Medina Mejía or Mejías Melgarejo Meliá Meléndez Mena Mendoza I Mendoza II Meneses Menéndez Merino Mesquita Mesía Mezquíriz Miguel Millán Miláns Mir Miralles Miramonte Miranda Molera Molina Moncada Márquez Méndez I Méndez II Mínguella Mínguez Moncayo Mondéjar Moneva Monsalve Montagut Montalvo Montaner Montańá Montoro Montoya Morales Morató Moreno Moreta Morán Moscoso Mosquera Mota (de la) Mońiz Muguerza Murillo Muńoz I Muńoz II Móner Múgica Nadal Narváez Nava Navaja Navarro Navascués Naves Negrete Neira Nevado Nieto Nińo Nogueira Noguer Noguera Nogués Noriega or Noriego Notario Novoa Novés Núńez Obregón Ocampo Ochoa Odena Ojeda Olabarría or Olavarría Olalde Olano Olea Oliva Olivares I Olivares II Olivas Oliver Olivera Oliveras Olivo Oller Olmedo Olmo Omańa Ontiveros Oraa Orbea Orden or Órdenes Ordóńez Orellana Oria Oriol or Oriola Ormaechea Orozco Ortega Ortiz I Ortiz II Osorio Osorno Ospino Otero Ovejas Ozores Pacheco Padilla Padró Palacio Palacios Palafox Palencia Pallás Palma or Palmas Palmerola Palombar or Palomar Palomino Palomo Paniagua Pantoja Páez Pardo Paredes Pareja Parra Parreńo Pascual Pastor Pastrana Patińo Paz Pazos Pedrajas Pedraza Pedro Pedrosa Pedroso Pellicer Peláez Peral Perales Peralta Perellós Pesquera Peńa (de la) Peńaranda Pidal Pimentel Pineda Pinedo Pinto Pinós Piquer Piqueras Pisa Pizarro Pizańo Pińa Pińera Pińo Plana or Planas Párraga Pául Pérez I Pérez II Plaza Polanco Ponce I Ponce II Pons Ponte Porcel Porras or Porres Porto (Porto-Carrero) Posada or Posadas Pozo Pradera Prado Prat Prego or Priego Prieto Primo Puente (de la) Puerta I Puerta II Puig Pujades Pujol Pulido Quadros Queipo Queralt Quesada Quexada Quijada Quijano Quincoces Quindós Quintana Quintero Quinto Quiroga Quirós Quituera Quiza Quińones Rabal Rada Ramos Ramírez I Ramírez II Ramón Rangel Rebolledo Redondo Reillo Rendón Rengifo Requena Revilla or Rivilla Ribelles Ribera or Rivera Rico Riesgo Rincón Ripoll Ripollés Riquer Rivas or Ribas I Rivas or Ribas II Rivera Rivero Roa Robles Robres Roca Rodrigo Rodríguez I Rodríguez II Rojas Rojo Roldán Romano Romay Romero Román Ros Rosa ( de la) Rosa or Rosas Rosado Rosal Rosales Rovira or Rubira Rubalcava Rubiales Rubio Rubí Rueda Ruiz Río (del) Ríos Saavedra Sabater Sacristán Sagarra Sagasta Sala Salaberry Salamanca Salas Salazar Salcedo Salcés Sales Salgado Salinas Salto Salvador Salvat or Salvate Salvatierra Salvá Samaniego Samper San Miguel San Victor Sanchiz Sancho Sande Sandoval Sanjurjo Santa Cruz Santander Santiago Santillán Santos Sanz I Sanz II Saravia Sardá Sarmiento Segura or Seguro Selva Semper Sentis Serna Serpa Serra or Serrador Serrano Sierra Silva or Da Silva Silvela Solana or Solano Solchaga Soldevilla Soler Solís Somoza Sopeńa Sorolla Sotelo Sotillo Soto Sotomayor Sousa Suárez Sáenz Sánchez I Sánchez II Taberner Taboada Tamarit Tamayo Tapia Tarragona or Tarragone Tarrasa Tejada Tejera Tena Tenorio Terreros Terré Texeira Toledo Torralba Torre or de la Torre I Torre or de la Torre II Torres Torŕ Trago Trillo Trueba Trujillo Trías Tárrega Téllez or Tello Ugarte Ulloa Unanue Unceta Urbina Urbán Uribarri Uribe Urosa Urquijo Urruela Urrutia Urzaiz Uría Val Valbuena or Valbueno Valcárcel Valderas Valderrama Valdivia Valdivieso Valdés I Valdés II Valencia Valenzuela Valladares Valle Vallecilla Vallejo Vallés Valterra Vaquero Vara Varela Vargas Vasco Vega Vela Velasco Velásquez Vera Verdugo Verdú Vergara Vergas Verástegui Vicente Vidal Viedma Vigil Vilanova Vilar Villa Villagrán Villalba Villalobos Villamarín Villamil Villanova or Villanueva Villar Villarnau Villarreal Villegas Vivar Vives Vázquez Xamer Xifra Xuarau Yarnoz Yańez Yebana Yebra Yepes Yermo Yrigoyen Yrusta Yuste Zaforteza Zambrano or Zambrana Zamora Zamorano Zapata Zaragoza Zavala Zayas Zevallos Zorrilla Zubizaretta Zuloaga Zulueta Zurbano Zurbarán Zurita Zuńiga Zárate A-BAUZON Abrahall Adam (AB IFOR OF GWENT) Adam (AP HYWEL) Adames (of Cardiganshire) Adams (Patrickchurch, Pembrokeshire) Adams Adda (of Mochnant) Aeddan (AP GWAITHFOED) Aeddan (AP SEYSSYLLT) Aeneas (YSGWYDDWYN) Albanacus (Son of Brutus) Aleth (King of Dyfed) Almer (of Pant locyn, Denbighshire) Alo (ab Ithel, King of Gwent) Ameredith (Meredith of Crediton) Andrewe (of Herefordshire) Andros (or Andrews) Angle (Pembrokeshire) Antonius (AP SEIRIOL AP GORWST) Archdeacon Ardderch (AP MOR AP TEGERIN) Arden (Sir John, of Cheshire) Arnold (Sir, Acquired Llanthony Abbey) Arod (ap Owain ab Edwin ap Gronwy) Aron (Sir Aron Ap Bledri) Arthal (or Arthgal) Arthen (AP SEISYLL) Arthur I (ab uthr pendragon-King Arthur) Arthur II (ab uthr pendragon-King Arthur) Ashley (Caernarfon) Ashpool (of Denbighshire) Aston (of Denbighshire) Atkyns (of Cardigan) Aubrey (of Breconshire) Audley (Lords of Cemais) Avene (lords of Afan) Aylwarde (of Carmarthen) Bach (AP GWAITHFOED) Bagnal (of Anglesey) Baker (of Abergavenny) Baladon (or Ballon, lord of Abergavenny) Bamvill (or Bambil) Banaster (of Flint) Bangor (ap Dafydd Bangor) Bangor (Diocese of) Barlow (of Slebech) Barret (of Pendine, Pembrokeshire) Barret Barri (Manorbier Castle, Pembrokeshire) Barry (Herefordshire) Barton (Lords of Barton, Flint) Barton Basenet (of Flint) Basingwerk (Abbey, Flint) Baskerville (of Eardisley, Herefordshire) Basset (of Glamorgan) Bateman (of Honeyborough, Pembrokeshire) Bauzon (or Bawson, of Glamorgan) BAWDREP-BYRBECK Bawdrep (of Pen-marc, Glamorgan) Baynham (AP EINION) Beake (of Caernarfon) Bedo (AP DAFYDD AP GRUFFUDD) Began (of Breygan, of Monmouthshire) Beli (of Cegidfa, Montgomeryshire) Beli Mawr (King of Britain) Bellot (Burton, Denbighshire) Bennet (Cilfeigan, Monmouthshire) Benwyll (or Benweill) Beven (or Bevan) Billing (of Flint) Billington (of Flint) Bingley (of Flint) Birkhead (Bishop of St Asaph) Birkinshaw (of Llansannan, Denbighshire) Birt (of Llwyndyrys, Cardiganshire) Bithel Blaidd (AB ELFARCH) Blaidd (Y Blaidd Rhudd o’r Gest) Blayney (Elystan Glodrydd) Bleddyn (AP BLEDRUS) Bleddyn (AP CYNFYN -Prince of Powys) Bleddyn (AP MAENYRCH) Bledri (AP CYDIFOR) Blegywryd (AP DINAWAL) Blethin (of Shirenewton, Monmouthshire) Blewett (Lords of Raglan) Bodenham (of Rotherwas, Hereforshire) Bodfel (of Caernarfonshire) Bois (of Breconshire) Bold (Bowld of Conwy, North Wales) Bonvile (of Glamorgan) Boulton (of Pembrokeshire) Bowdler (of Brompton, Montgomeryshire) Bowen (of Llwchmeilir, Pembrokeshire) Bowen (of Pentre Ifan, Pembrokeshire) Bowles (of Penhow, Montgomershire) Boxe (or Coxe, South Wales) Boyle (Herefordshire, m. Hywel Gwyn) Bradshaw (of St. Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire) Braint (HIR, of Denbighshire) Bran (AP DINAWAL) Braose (or Brewis, Lords of Brecon) Brent (of Pembrokeshire) Brereley or Brierley Brereton (of Borras, Denbighshire) Brickdale (of Conwy, North Wales) Brochwel (AP MOELYN) Brochwel (YSGITHROG) Broughton (of Broughton, Bishops Castle) Brutus (AP JULIUS AB ASCANIUS) Bruyne (of Cardiganshire) Bryan (Lord of Laugharne, Carmanthenshire) Bulkeley (of Anglesey) Bull (of Oswestry) Burgh (Lord of Mawddwy) Burghill (Lord of Crickhowell) Butler (or le Boteler, of Glamorgan) Butter (of Flint) Button (of Worlton, Glamorgan) Byrbeck (Vicar of Lamphey, Pembrokeshire) C Cadell (King of Powys) Cadrod (CALCHFYNYDD) Cadrod (HARDD) Cadwaladr (FENDIGAID, King of Gwynedd) Cadwallon (AP MADOG) Cadwgon (AB ELYSTAN GLODRYDD) Cadwgon (AP BLEDDYN AP CYNFYN) Camber (AP BRUTUS) Camville (Lords of Llansteffan) Caneston (of Pembrokeshire) Canon (of Haverfordwest) Cantelupe (Lord of Abergavenny) Cantington (of Trewilym, Pembrokeshire) Caprach (Lord of Trecaprach, Gwent) Caradog (FREICHFRAS -Earl of Hereford) Cardiff (Sir Walter, Glamorgan) Cardwed (of Twrcelyn, Bangor) Carew (of Pembrokeshire) Carmarthen (Priory of St John the Evangelist) Carne (of Nash and Ewenni, Glamorgan) Castle (Pembrokeshire) Castlemartin (alias Grace, Pembrokeshire) Caswallon Catchmay (of Monmouthshire) Catharne (of Prendergast) Cecil (of Skenfrith, Monmouthshire) Celynin (AP RHIRID ) Cenau (AP COEL GODEBOG) Ceredig (Lord of Ceredigion) Chaloner (of Denbighshire) Chambers (of Denbighshire) Chantrel (of Rhuddlan, Flint) Chepstowe (Monmouthshire) Cherleton (or Charlton-Lords of Powys) Cilmin (TROED-DDU) Clare (Lords of Glamorgan) Clarke (of Flint) Clement (of Cardiganshire) Clifford (of Herefordshire) Cloddien (AP GWYBEDYDD) Clough (of Denbighshire) Coedmor (Baron of, Cardiganshire) Coel (or Coilus, self declared King of Britain) Coetmor (of Llanllechid, Caernarfonshire) Coety (Lords of Coety, Glamorganshire) Cogan (of Cogan, Glamorgan) Coll (of Pembrokeshire) Constantius (or Constantine) Conwy (of Bodrhyddan, Flint) Cooke (Sir Walter, through marriage) Corbet (of Cawrse, Montgomeryshire) Corbet (Shropshire, Medieval Welsh Rolls) Corineous (Duke of Cornwall, Companion of Brutus) Cornewall (Barons of Burford) Cowryd (AP CADFAN) Cox (of Norton, Monmouthshire) Coys (of Great Llanmelin, Monmouthshire) Cradock (of Newton, Pembrokeshire) Cradock (of Swansea) Crevequer (or Crevecoeur, Flint) Crew (of Holt, Denbighshire) Cuhelyn (FARDD -of Cemais, Pembrokeshire) Cuhelyn (OF MOCHNANT, Denbighshire) Cunedda (WLEDIG) Cuny (of Welston, Pembrokeshire) Cwrtais (Courteys, Curthoyse, Curtis) Cydifor (AP DINAWAL) Cydifor (AP SELYE -King of Dyfed) Cydifor (FAWR) Cyffin (or Kyffin, of Oswestry) Cylynin (of Powys) Cynan (AB ELFYW -Father of Marchudd) Cynan (AB IAGO) Cynchwr (lord, of Ireland) Cynfelyn (AP DOLFFIN) Cynfin (AP GWERYSTAN) Cynwrig (FYCHAN -or CWNWS DDU) Cynwrig (SAIS) D Dafydd (AP CARADOG) Dafydd (AP LLYWELYN -Lord of Denbighshire) Dalden (of Penarth, Glamorgan) Dalton (Sir Richard of Althorp, through marriage) Danford (Monmouthshire) Davenport (Cheshire and of Denbighshire) Davies (of Caerhun, Caernarfonshire) Davies (of Chester) Davies (Robert of Gwysanau, Flint) Dawkin (of Abergavenny, Monmouthshire) Dawkins (of Laugharne, Carmarthenshire) Daylwyn (or Bushe) Dean (of Marcross, Glamorgan) Deheubarth (South Wales, Princes of) Delabere (of Kinnersley and Tibberton, Herefordshire) Delahay (of Breconshire) Delamare (of Oxwich, Gower) Deneband (or DENEBAUD, of Gwent) Dennis (or DENNYS, DENEYS, Glamorgan) Devereux (of Weobley, Herefordshire) Dewi Sant (Saint David) Dinawal (Descended from Tydwal Gloff) Dolben (of Segrwyd, Denbighshire) Don (or Donne-of Utkington, Cheshire) Dryhurst (of Denbighshire) Dun (or DONNE, Sir Daniel) Durant (of Redwick, Monmouthshire) Dutton (of Dutton of Cheshire) Dwnn (DON of Croesallgwn, Carmarthenshire) Dyer (of Haverfordwest, Carmarthenshire) Dyer (of Pembrokeshire) Dyfnwal (MOELMUD) Dyfrig (Dubricius, Saint) E-F Edmond (AP MERYTH) Ednyfed (FYCHAN) Ednywain (AP BRADWEN) Ednywain (BENDEW) Edward (AP JOHN WYNN AB IEUAN) Edward (AP RHYS) Edwards (of Chirk, Denbighshire) Edwin (AP GRONWY -King of Tegeingl) Eidio (WYLLT -Lord of Llywel, Breconshire) Einion (AP CARADOG) Einion (AP CELYNIN -of Llwydiarth) Einion (SAIS -AP RHYS AP HYWEL) Einudd (GWERNGWY -of Dyffryn Clwyd) Elbeth (William, Lord of, or d'Elboeuf) Elfinn (AP GWYDDNO) Elian (GEIMIAD, Saint) Elidir (DDU -Sir, knight of the Sepulchre) Eliot (of Erwer, Pembrokeshire) Ellis (of Alrhe, Flint) Ellys (of Denbighshire) Elystan (GLODRYDD) Enlli (of Lleyn) Ernulph (of Brynbuga, Monmouthshire) Eure (Commander of Slebech, Pembrokeshire) Evans (of Chester) Evans (of Is-coed, Flint) Evans (of Montgomeryshire) Exmewe (of Ruthin, Denbighshire) Eynon (of Norchard, Pembrokeshire) Eyton (of Denbighshire) Farrier (of Carmarthenshire) Ferrar (Bishop of St David’s) Fisher (of Carmarthenshire) Fitzalan (alias Viell) Fitzhamon (conquered Glamorgan) Fitzharry (of Wales) Fitzhenry (of Pembrokeshire) Fitzjohn Fitzpain (of Llanfair, Monmouthshire) Fitzwarin (Lords of Whittington) Fleming (of Flimston, Glamorgan) Fletcher (of Denbighshire) Fletcher (of Treborth, Caernarfonshire) Flint (lord of) Fludd (Thomas, of Kent, family of Welsh origin) Forden (of Forden, Montgomeryshire) Fort (of Llansteffan, Carmarthenshire) Foulkes (of Ereifiad, Denbighshire) Fowler (Daughter m. Vaughan of Pant-glas) Foxall (of Foxall, Denbighshire) Foxley (Hugh, m. Margaret Pigot) Foxwith (of Caernarfonshire) Franklin (of Gower) Frankton (Daughter m. Madog Kynaston) Fulbach (or Filbech of Marloes, of Pembrokeshire) G Gamage (lords of Llanfihangel, Monmouthshire) Garnons (of Garnons, Herefordshire) Genillin (FARCHOG, Caernarfonshire) George (OWEN HARRY, Pembrokeshire) Gerard (of Cheshire, Daughter m. Wynn of Gwydir) Gervis (of Ruthin, Denbighshire) Gethin (a soldier in Normandy in 1430’s) Gibbon (of Glamorgan) Giles (Glamorgan-formerly Juel or Joel) Gilman (Claims descent from Cilmin Troed-ddu) Gleg (of Cheshire) Gloucester (mother was heiress to Fitzhamon) Glynne (of Glynllifon, Caernarfonshire) Goch (or Gough-of Wodberye, Devonshire) Gold (of Oswestry, Shropshire) Gollwyn (AB EDNYWAIN, Lord of Bryn) Goodenough (or Gwdinwch, of Caernarfonshire) Goodman (of Ruthin, Denbighshire) Gough (of Chester c.1481) Grace (of Glamorgan) Grafton (of Carew, Pembrokeshire) Grant (of Llwyn-y-grant, Glamorgan) Granville (Richard de, Founder of Neath Abbey) Gravenor (or Gosvenor) Gray (of Abergavenny) Grey (of Ruthin-lords of Dyffryn Clwyd) Grey (or Gray- lords of Powys) Griffin (of Penrith-anglicized form of Gruffudd) Griffin (Prince of North Wales) Griffith (of Penrhyn, descended from Gwilym ) Grimsditch (of Rhuddlan, Flint) Gronwy (ab Einion, ap Llywarch) Gronwy (Fychan, of Anglesey) Gronwy (GOCH-of Llangathen, Carmarthenshire) Gruffudd (AP MADOG-of Nannau, Merionethshire) Gruffudd (FYCHAN Sir, of Powys, of Boniarth) Guillim (of Westbury, Gloucester) Gunter (of Tregunter and Gilston, Breconshire) Guttyns (from Einion ap Gollwyn) Gwair (AP DWG AP LLYWARCH HENJ) Gwaithfoed (of Ceredigion or Fawr) Gwaithfoed (of Powys) Gwallter (or Walter, AP JOHN) Gwarin (DDU, Monmouthshire) Gwehelor (lord of Llantrisaint, Monmouthshire) Gweirydd (AP RHYS GOCH, Anglesey) Gwenwynwyn (AB OWAIN CYFEILIOG) Gwilym (AP DAFYDD-of Senghenydd, Glamorgan) Gwion (BENARW, Ap Gwion Sais, ap Heilin) Gwrgant (FARFDRWCHF, Monmouthshire) Gwrtheyrn (GWRTHENEU, King of the Britons) Gwrwared (AP GWILYM) Gwyn (AP GWAITHFOED, of Castell-gwyn) Gwyn (Sir John, of Trewyn) Gwynn (of Glamorganshire) H Hagar (Sir David, lord of the Hygar) Hall (of Pembrokeshire) Hampton (mayor of Beaumaris, Anglesey) Hanbury (of Pontypool, Monmouthshire) Hanmer (of Hanmer, Flint) Harold (of Haroldston, Pembrokeshire) Harry (AP THOMAS) Hartford (Sir Walter, of Pembrokeshire) Havard (of Pontwilym, Breconshire) Haverfordwest (priory of) Haya (lord Robert of Hay, Monmouth) Heaton (of Lleweni Green, Denbighshire) Hector (GADARN, The Strong) Heleighe (Helegh, Heley of Flint) Henbury (of Denbighshire) Hender (Desc. from Dafydd ap Dafydd ap Madog) Henry (AP GWILYM AP THOMAS) Herbert (1st Earl of Pembrokeshire) Hergest (Hargest, lord of Coston, Hereford) Herle (of Pembrokeshire) Heynes (of Stretton, Shropshire, ap John Heynes) Higgon (John Hygon of Carmarthenshire) Hilton (of Denbighshire) Hoby (of Radnor, Powys) Hockleton (of Tre’rgarreg, Church Stoke) Holland (of Conwy, Caernarfonshire) Hood (of Cemais, Pembrokeshire)) Hooks (of Conwy, Caernarfonshire) Hoord (Daughter m. Gruffudd Kynaston) Hooton (lord of Hooton, Cheshire) Hope (of Broughton, Flint) Hopkin (DAVID- of Dan-y-graig, Swansea) Horton (of Tre-gwynt, Granston, Pembrokeshire) Hoskins (of Monmouthshire) Hoton (or Houghton-of Pembrokeshire) Howell (of Llys-y-fran, Pembrokeshire) Hubbertson (of Pembrokeshire) Hughes (Desc. from Hughes of Caernarfon) Hughes (Huys-of Llewerllyd, Diserth, Flint) Hughes (of Breconshire) Hughes (of Gwerclas, Merionethshire) Humphrey (AP JOHN AB IEUAN, Montgomeryshire) Huntley (of Hadnock, Monmouthshire) Huw (AP LLYWELYN AP MAREDUDD) Huw (or Hughes, AB ELIS AP HARRY) Hywel (AP DAFYDD AP THOMAS) Hywel (AP GRUFFUDD GOCH) Hywel (DDA, or Howell, King of Wales) I-J-K Iarddur (AP CYNDDELW) Iddon (AP RHYS SAIS) Idnerth (GOCH, Ap Cadwagn ) Idwal (IWRCH, Son of Cadwaladr Fendigaid) Iestyn (FARCHOG, ruler of Glamorgan) Ieuan (AP DAFYDD AP MADOG) Ieuan (AP GRUFFUDD) Ifor (HAEL, “the generous”) Iorwerth (AP DAFYDD) Iorwerth (SAIS) Ireland (of Oswestry, Shropshire) Ithel (ANWYL, Ap Bleddyn ) James (AP RHYS AP MAREDUDD) Jeffreys (of Abercynrig, Breconshire) Jenkes (of Wolverton, Shropshire) Jenkin (AP DAFYDD or JENKIN FYCHAN) Jenkin (AP RHYS AP GRUFFUDD) John (AP GWILYM AP RHYS) John (AP HARRY AP LLYWELYN) John (AP JENKIN AP MADOG) Johns (Sir Hugh, of Swansea) Jonas (AP GRONWY) Jones (of Abermarlais, Carmarthenshire) Jones (of Beaumaris, Anglesey) Jones (of Castell-march, Llanengan) Joyce (lords of Prendergast, Pembrokeshire) Kemeys (of Montgomeryshire) Kenrick (of Acton Burnell and Owre, Shropshire) Kerrey (of Worthern, Shropshire) Knowles (of Denbighshire) Knowsley (English of Flint) Knyll (of Knyll, Herefordshire) Kydwelly (Sir Morgan-Chancellor of Glamorgan) Kynaston (Descended from Iorwerth Goch) L Landon (lords of Llanddewi, Monmouthshire) Landres (or Landry of Llanddowror, Carmanthenshire) Langford (of Allington, Gresford, Denbighshire) Langley Langston (of Langiston, Monmouthshire) Langton (Sir William-of Henllys, Gower) Lathom (of Lleweni Green, Denbighshire) Laugharne (of St. Brides, Pembrokeshire) Laurens (AP WILLIAM AP DAFYDD) Leighton (of Leighton, Shropshire) Lewis (of Abergavenny, Monmouthshire) Lewis (of Y Fan or Van, Caerphilly, Glamorgan) Lewys (AP RHYS AP HYWEL AP GRUFFUDD) Lewys (of Bodedern, Llifon, Anglesey) Lingen (of Lingen, Herefordshire) Llandaff (Diocese of, Cardiff) Llandochau (or Wallis, Walsh, Welsh, lords of Llandough) Llanegwystl (VALLEY CRUCIS ABBEY) Lloyd (of Abergavenny, Monmouthshire) Lloyd (of Bodiris, Denbighshire) Lloyd (of Breconshire) Lloyd (of Foxhal, Henllan, Denbighshire) Lloyd (of Llansteffan, Carmarthenshire) Llwn Hen (ancestor of Gwynfardd) Llywarch (AP BRAN-of Menai, Anglesey) Llywelyn (AB ALETH, King of Dyfed) Llywelyn (AB EINION AP CELYNIN) Llywelyn (AP MAREDUDD) Llywelyn (DYFARCH) Llywelyn (EURDORCHOG, born c.1030) Long (of Pembrokeshire) Longford (of Pembrokeshire) Lord (or Lort, of St Patrick, Pembrokeshire) Lowther (Quartering of Powell of Hosely) Lucas (of Hill, Gower) Ludlow (of Shropshire) M Macsen (WLEDIG, Roman Emperor Maximus) Madog (AP LLYWELYN AP GRIFFRI-or Madock) Madog (AP MAREDUDD, Prince of Powys) Madog (AP RHYS) Madog (FYCHAN) Maelgwn (GWYNEDD, King of Gwynedd) Maelog (CRWM-of Arllechwedd, Caernarfonshire) Maenyrch (lord of Brecon) Mainwaring (branches in North Wales) Malephant (of Upton, Pembrokeshire) Malpas (Sir David, Descended from Owain) Manaw (Brenin-King of Man) Mansel (of Oxwich and Penrice, Gower) March (AP MEIRCHION) Marchudd (AP CYNAN) Maredudd (or Meredith, AP BLEDDYN AP CYNFYN) Maredudd (or Meredith, AP MORGAN) Marsh (of Flint) Marshal (Earls of Pembrokeshire) Martell (lords of Llanfaches, Montgomeryshire) Martin (lords of Cemais, Pembrokeshire) Martin (of Pembrokeshire, lord of Treglemes) Mathau (AB IEUAN AP GRUFFUDD GETHIN) Mathau (or Mathew, GOCH) Mathew (of Llandaff, Glamorganshire) Mathew (of Lleweni Green, Denbighshire) Mathews (of Blodwel, Llanyblodwel, Shropshire) Mawddwy (lords of) Meirion (MEIRIONNYDD) Melyn (Mellyn Magnus) Merbury (or Marbery, Justiciar of South Wales) Mercer (of Temby, Pembrokeshire) Meredith (of Stansty, Denbighshire) Merfyn (FRYCH, King of Gwynedd ) Merrick (Rhys ap Meurig, of Glamorgan) Meurig (King of Dyfed) Meurig (King of Gwent) Meyrick (of Bodorgan, Anglesey) Middleton (Daughter m. Rhirid ap Dafydd) Middleton (Marmaduke-Bishop of St. David’s) Milborne (of Herefordshire) Milo (FITZWALTER-Earl of Hereford) Moel (of Anglesey) Monington (of Brinsop, Herefordshire) Monmouth (Lord Monmouth) Monmouth (lords of) Montfort (Daughter m. Llywelyn ap Gruffudd) Montgomery (Sir John, of Walys) Moore (lords of Crick, Monmouthshire) Morda (FRYCH, lord of Cil-y-cwm) Morgan (AP LLYWELYN, of Tredegar, Monmouthsire) Morgan (Arxton, Hereford, formerly of Llanddewi) Morgan (of Langstone, and Pen-coed, Llanmartin) Morgan (Sir, AP MAREDUDD) Moris (of Caswilia, Brawdy, Pembrokeshire) Morris (of Cardiganshire) Mortimer (Baron of Coedmor, Cardiganshire) Morys (AP DAFYDD AB IEUAN) Moyle (or Mule of Ruthin, Denbighshire) Myddleton (of Gwenynog, Denbighshire) Mytton (lords of Mawddwy) N-Q Nash (of Nash, Pembrokeshire) Nefydd (HARDD, Caernarfonshire) Newmarch (Conqueror of Brycheiniog 11th century) Newport (Quartered by Lloyd of Foxall) Newport (Sir Richard, Shropshire, Knighted 1560) Newton (alias Cradock) Norbury (of Flint-Branch of Bulkeley) Norris (Sir John, of Pen-llin, Glamorgan) Odwyn (AP TEITHWALCH, Lord of Ceredigion) Olaf (son of Sihtric) Owain (AP EDWIN, or Owen) Owain (AP GRUFFUDD, or Owen) Owain (CYFEILIOG, Prince of Powys) Owain (GLYNDWR, Prince of Wales) Owain (GWYNEDD) Owen (of Caer-Fryn, Anglesey) Owen (of Caernarfonshire) Padarn (PEISRUDD) Pain (AP RANDOLFF) Palgus (Constable of Harlech, sheriff of Merionethshire) Parker (of Llanllywed, Monmouthshire) Parry (of Basinwerk, Flint) Parry (of Llandygwydd, Cardiganshire) Parry (of Poston, Herefordshire) Payne (of Denbighshire) Peacock (or Paucok, Pecok, Carmarthen) Peake (or Pec, Denbighshire) Pedwardine (of Herefordshire) Pembridge (of Penbrugge, Herefordshire) Penarth (of Cardiff) Penmarch (of Penmark Castle, South Glamorgan) Pennant (of Penrhyn-Castle, Caernarvonshire) Penrees (or Penrice, of Penrice, Gower) Penwyn (Iorwerth ap Cynwrig ab Iorwerth) Perkins (of Pilston, Monmouthshire) Perrot (of Haroldston, Pembrokeshire) Peverell (of Pembrokeshire) Philip (AB IFOR) Philip (AP MADOG AB IEUAN) Philip (Sir, AP RHYS, Breconshire) Philipps (of Picton, Carmenthenshire) Philpot (AP RHYS) Picard (or PICHARD-lords of Ystrad, Breconshire) Picot (or Pigot, lord of Klynn, Pembrokeshire) Picton (of Pembrokeshire) Pontefract (of Denbighshire) Poole (of Hawarden, Flint) Popkin (of Fforest. Swansea) Porter (of Aberconwy) Powel (of Llandow, Glamorganshire) Powell (of Breconshire) Powell (of Perth-hir, Monmouthshire) Powell (of Rhiwabon, Denbighshire) Powell (or POUUEL-Sir Hywel, ap Hywel) Powys (FADOG, Princes of Northern Powys) Powys (WENWYNWYN-Princes of Southern Powys) Pratt (of Parc-y-pratt, St Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire) Price (of Aberbechan, Llanllwchaearn, Montgomeryshire) Price (Sir John, of Brecon) Prichard (Parson of Denbighshire) Probert (of Pant-glas, Tryleg, Monmouthshire) Pugh (of Mathafarn, Llanwrin, Montgomeryshire) Puleston (of Emral, Worthenbury, Denbighshire) Pye (of Herefordshire) Quarrel (of Kilpeck, Herefordshire) R-S Raglan (of Carn-lwyd, Llancarfan, Glamorgan) Rastall (of Tenby, Pembrokeshire) Ravenscroft (of Bretton, Hawarden, Flint) Rawlins (Bishop of St David’s) Rayne (of Brocastell, Glamorgan) Read (of Carmarthenshire) Read (of Roche, Laugharne, Carmanthenshire) Record (of Tenby, Pembrokeshire) Revell (of Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire) Reynold (of Bishop’s Castle, Shropshire) Reynolds (or Reignolds, of Denbighshire) Rheinhallt (Reginald, King of Man) Rhidrid (AB YNYR, AP JONAS AP GRONWY) Rhidrid (FLAIDD-of Penllyn, Merionethshire) Rhodri (MAWR AP MERFYN FRYCH) Rhos (lord of Hywel) Rhun (AB EDNYWAIN, lord of Tegeingl) Rhun (AP GRONWY) Rhydderch (LE GROS) Rhys (AB EINION SAIS) Rhys (AP BELDRI AP CYDIFOR FAWR) Rhys (AP DAFYDD GOCH) Rhys (AP DAFYDD) Rhys (AP MAREDUDD AB OWAIN) Rhys (AP Sir GRUFFUDD) Rhys (AP TEWDWR MAWR) Rhys (GOCH OF YSTRAD YW) Richard (AP CADWALADR) Richard (IARLL KLAR, Earl of Clare) Rixton (of Conwy) Robert (AP DAFYDD AP RHYS) Robert (AP GRUFFUDD) Robert (AP HYWEL, Denbighshire) Robert (lord of Cydewen) Robin (AP GRUFFUDD GOCH) Robins (or Robinson, Bishop of Bangor) Robnet (of Caldicot, Monmouthshire) Roche (of Pembrokeshire) Roydon (of Is-Coed, Denbighshire) Rudd (Bishop of St David) Russell (of Brimaston, Pembrokeshire) Ruste (of Abergwili, Carmarthenshire) Salesbury (of Lleweni, Denbighshire) Salter (of Oswestry, Shropshire) Sandford (of Glamorgan) Sankey (of Conwy) Sarnesfield (of Herefordshire) Saunders (of Pendine, Carmanthenshire) Scarfe (of Lamphey, Pembrokeshire) Scourfield (of New Moat, Pembrokeshire) Scriven (of Frodesley, Shropshire) Scudamor (m. daughter of Owain Glyndwr) Scurlage (of Glamorgan) Seisyll (AP DYFNWAL) Sergeaunt (of Monmouthshire) Sherborne (of Pembrokeshire) Skevington (of Cheshire) Skull (of Breconshire) Smith (of Denbighshire) Snead (of Cheshire) Solers (of Breconshire) Spencer (Vicar of Wiston, Pembrokeshire) Spicer (of Caernarfonshire) St Asaph (Llanelwy, Diocese of) St Bride (of Pembrokeshire) St David's (Diocese of) St John (of Fon-mon, Glamorgan) St Maur (SEYMOUR, of Penhow Castle, Monmouthshire) St Quintin (of Tal-y-fan, Glamorgan) Stackpole (of Pembrokeshire) Stanley (of Ewloe, Flint) Stanney ( of Oswestry, Shropshire) Stanton (or STAUNTON, Pembrokeshire) Starkey (of Cheshire) Stedman (of Cardiganshire) Stephen (or Ystiffin) Stepney (of Prendergast, Pembrokeshire) Stradling (of St. Donat’s, Glamorgan) Styward (of Denbighshire) Sully (of Glamorganshire) Sutton (of Gwersyllt, Denbighshire) Sutton (of Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire) Syward (or Siward, lord of Rhutin, Glamorgan) T-U-V Talley (Chancellor of St. David’s) Tankard (of Dudwells, Pembrokeshire) Tegerin (AP CARWED, of Anglesey) Tegwared (Y BAISWEN) Teilo (SANT, St. Teilo) Thelwal (of Plas-y-ward, Denbighshire) Thicknesse (of Beaumaris, Anglesey) Thimbleby (of Harlech, Caernarfonshire) Thomas (AP DAFYDD AP GRUFFUDD) Thomas (AP GRUFFUDD AP NICOLAS) Thomas (of Caernarfonshire) Thomas (of Monmouthshire) Thorne (of Shelvock, Shropshire) Tomkin (of Shocklach, Cheshire) Tomlyn (lord of Llanllywel, Montgomeryshire) Trahaearn (AB EINION) Trahaearn (AP CARADOG, King of Gwynedd) Trahaearn (GOCH OF LLYN) Trevor (or TUDOR TREFOR) Tristram (OR TRYSTAN) Troutbeck (Daughter m. Sir William Griffith) Tuberville (of Coetry, Glamorgan) Tucker (of Sealyham, Pembrokeshire) Tudor (from Owain Tudor) Tudur (AB EDNYFED FYCHAN) Tudur (AP GRUFFUDD FYCHAN) Tully (Bishop of St. David’s) Turbridge (of Llan-rhudd, Denbighshire) Twiston (of Denbighshire) Tywyn (lords of Tywyn, Ferwig, Cardiganshire) Umfreville (of Pen-Marc, Glamorganshire) Urien (RHEGED) Uthr (PENDRAGON, Father of King Arhtur) Valle (de. of Pembrokeshire) Vaughan (of Breconshire) Vaughan (of Cardiganshire) Vaughan (of Montgomershire) Veale (of St. Fagan’s, Glamorganshire) Voel (of Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire) W-Y Walby (of Breconshire) Wallas (or Wallace, of Glamorgan) Wallis (of Llan-arth, Monmouthshire) Wallis (of Llandough, Glamorgan) Wallis (or Welsh, of Llan-wern, Monmouthshire) Walters (of Piercefield, St Arvans, Monmouthshire) Walwyn (Hellens, Herefordshire) Warde (de la, of Denbighshire) Warren (of Tre-wern, Nevern, Pembrokeshire) Waterton (of Herefordshire) Watkin (AP JOHN HIR, of Breconshire) Watkins (of Pembrokeshire) Weaver (or Wever, of Radnorshire) Wharton (Bishop of St. Asaph) Whitaker (of Denbighshire) White (of Tenby, Pembrokeshire) Whitley (of Hawarden, Flint) Whitney (of Herefordshire) Widlocke (or Whitlock, Wydlock, Pembrokeshire) Wilcrick (of Monmouthshire) Wilkins (of Glamorgan) William (Sir, AP THOMAS) Williams (lordship of Usk, Monmouthshire) Williams (of Pen-rhos, Monmouthshire) Winstanley (of St. Dogmaels, Pembrokeshire) Winston (of Trewyn, Monmouthshire) Winter (of Llan-gain, Carmenthenshire) Wirriot (of Pembrokeshire) Wogan (of Pembrokeshire) Wolf (of Wolvesnewton and Usk, Monmouthshire) Woodall (or Wodehall, of Flint) Woode (de la, of Flint) Woodford (of Castell Pigyn, Carmenthenshire) Woods (of Tal-y-llyn, Anglesey) Wroth (of Abergavenny, Monmouthshire) Wylde (or Wyld, of Denbighshire) Wyn (Cadwaladr, of Montgomeryshire) Wynde (or Weind) Wynn (Dyffryn Melai, Denbighshire) Wynn (of Gwydir, Caernonfonshire) Ynyr (AP CADFARCH) Ynyr (GWENT, King of) Young (Bishop of St. David’s) Young (of Tredrysi, Pembrokeshire)

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