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Cuomo Family Crest / Cuomo Coat of Arms

Cuomo Family Crest / Cuomo Coat of Arms

The surname of CUOMO is the Italian form of the name James, which became popular largely due to Authorized Version of the Bible in 1611, the form James is used as the name of two of Christ's apostles (James the brother of John) and James the brother of Andrew). It is also the name of a place in Italy, from where the original bearer may have taken his name. It is a city and resort in northern Italy, in Lombardy on Lake COMO. The place was known as COMUM in Roman times; it is the birthplace of the elder and younger Pliny. It fell to the Visconti in 1335 and in 1859 was liberated from Austrian occupation by Garibaldi. It has a 15th century marble cathedral and a gothic town hall, and is famous for its silk factories. The name is also spelt COMELLINI, COMETTI, GIACOMINI, IACOMINI, MUCILLO, COMOLETTI and JAIMEZ. As the agricultural depression of southern Italy worsened towards the end of the 19th century, people began to escape to the New World. The exodus started in earnest in 1887 with Brazil and other parts of Latin America being the original destinations. By 1893, the economy had improved in the United States and people headed there from Italy in greater and greater numbers. In 1898 there were more Italian immigrants to the USA than from any other country. In the post war era, more than a quarter of Italians left the country for a new life. They joined a flood of immigrants to America which was averaging a million a year in the pre war years. The origins of Italian surnames are not clear, and much work remains to be done on medieval Italian records. It seems that fixed bynames, in some cases hereditary, were in use in the Venetian Republic by the end of the 10th century. The typical Italian surname endings are 'i' and 'o', the former being characteristic of northern Italy. The singular form 'o' is more typical of southern Italy. The associated coat of arms for this name are recorded in J.B Rietstaps Armorial General. Illustrated by V & H.V Rolland's. This monumental work took 23 years to complete and 85,000 coats of Arms are included in this work. A notable member of the name was Maria Matthew CUOMO, born in 1932, the American Democratic politician. He served as secretary of state of New York 1975-79), lieutenant-governor 1979-82, and governor, 1983.

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