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Find Your Coat of Arms Here. We have over 1 million coat of arms on record. If your Family Crest is not on this list, we will research your family crest for you. GUARANTEED HIGHEST QUALITY COAT OF ARMS ON THE WEB. This is just a very small portion of the Coat of Arms we have available.


A'Bear A'Court A'Dean Aabend AACH AACHEN Aadio AADLAND Aafedt Aafidt Aafitt Aagaard Aagesen Aaglan Aagland Aag†rd Aakal Aaker Aal Aalbrecht Aalbregt Aalbregts Aalbregtse AALBUE Aalfs Aalseth AAMODT Aanda Aanondsen Aanonsen Aantjes Aar Aarbo AARDEWIJN Aarhusiander Aarhusianer Aarnes Aarness AARNIO Aaron AARON Aaron Aaronov Aaronovitz Aarons Aaronsen Aaronsohn Aaronson AARSTAD Aartsen AASBERG AASE AASEN AASGARD AASHEIM AASLIE Aba Abaceta Abache Abachea Abachi ABAD Abad Abada ABADAL Abadam Abade Abadechea ABADES Abadessa Abadi ABADIA ABADIANO ABADIE Abadie Abady Abaiga Abaigar ABAINZA Abaiov ABAITUA Abajian ABAJO ABAL Abalain Abalan ABALCISQUETA ABALIA Aballain Aballan ABALLAY ABALLE ABALON ABALOS Abalotta ABANADES Abando Abandond Abano ABAO ABARBANEL Abarbanel ABARCA ABARCA DE BOLEA Abarcrumby Abarelo ABARGUES ABARIA Abario Abarisqueta Abarizqueta Abarno ABAROA Abarough ABARQUERO ABARRATEGUI Abarta Abarthur Abartur Abartus Abarza Abarzua Abarzuza ABAS ABASCAL ABASGOITIA Abaso ABASOLO Abasta ABASTA Abastar Abastas Abastillas Abastos Abat Abatangelo ABATE Abate ABATE Abate Abategianni Abatello ABATEMARCO Abati Abatte Abatti Abaunz ABAUNZA ABAURREA Abayob Abayov Abayuv Abaz Abaza ABAZA Abaza Abazia Abazo Abb Abb-ot Abba ABBA Abba Abbad ABBADE Abbade Abbadesa Abbadessa ABBADESSA Abbadia Abbadie Abbadini Abbady ABBAGLIATO Abbaleo Abbamondi Abbamondo Abbamonte ABBAS Abbas Abbat Abbatangelo ABBATANGELO Abbate ABBATE Abbatelli Abbatessa Abbatezza Abbati Abbaticchio Abbatiello ABBATIELLO Abbatizio Abbatt Abbay Abbaye Abbazia ABBAZIA Abbe ABBEAL Abbee Abbel Abben Abbenante ABBENDA ABBERTON Abbett Abbeville Abbey Abbeydale ABBIATI ABBIE Abbiehl Abbiel Abbinante ABBINANTE Abbinanti ABBINK Abbiosi Abbiss Abbitt ABBO ABBONA Abbondandolo ABBONDANTE Abbondanti ABBONDANZA Abbondanza Abbondanzio Abbondio ABBONIZIO Abbot ABBOT Abbot Abbote Abbots ABBOTT Abbott Abbotts ABBOTTS Abboville Abbrecht ABBRESCIA Abbrescia ABBRUSCATO Abbruzzese ABBRUZZESE Abbruzzese Abbruzzesi Abbruzzi ABBS Abbs Abbt Abbhl Abburgham Abbuso Abby Abbys Abd Abd-Allatif ABDALA Abdale Abdalla ABDALLAH ABDANK Abdee Abdel ABDEL-HALIM Abdell ABDELMALIK Abden Abdey Abdie ABDILLA Abdo ABDO Abdon Abd¢n Abdou Abdu ABDUL Abdullah Abdullatif ABDULNOUR Abdy Abdye ABE A'bear Abear Abeau ABECASSIS Abecassis ABECASSIS Abecassis ABECIA ABECILLA Abeck Abecken Abegg Abeghian Abeilhon Abeilhou Abeille Abeillon Abeira Abeitbol ABEJON Abeke Abeken Abeksis Abel ABEL Abel ABEL Abel ABELA ABELAIRA ABELAR Abelar Abelard Abelas ABEL-BEY Abeldt Abele ABELE Abele Abeleda Abeledo Abeles Abelet Abelha ABELHO Abelho Abeli Abelian Abelians Abelin ABELING Abeling Abelinus Abeljan ABELL ABELLA Abella ABELLAN Abellan Abell n ABELLAS Abelle Abelleira ABELLEYRA Abelleyra Abelli ABELLO Abello Abellon Abelloni Abellonio Abelman Abelmann Abelon Abelot Abelote Abelov Abels Abelson Abelstad Abelsted Abelt Abely Aben Abenante ABENANTE ABENBERG ABENCERRAJE Abend ABENDA¥O Abendano Abenda¤o Abendano Abendroth ABENDROTH Abendroth ABENDSCHEIN Abener ABENGOZA Abeniano Abeniz Abenoja Abenojar Abens ABENZA Abeozen ABER Aber ABER Aber ABERASTAIN ABERASTURI Aberbothenoth Aberbuthnot Abercrombie Abercromby Abercrummye Aberdeen Aberdeenshire Aberdein ABERG Aberg‚ Abergel Abergil Aberle Aberlein Aberley Aberli Aberlin ABERNATHY Abernathy ABERNATHY Abernatty ABERNETHY Abero ABEROUETTE ABERS Abert Aberwald Aberwalt Abery Abesse Abessinio ABETE Abethan Abethorp Abetisian Abetrop ABEYTA Abgard Abgral Abgrall Abhuehl ABIAN Abic Abich Abidon Abieira Abiera Abiero ABIETAR ABIGAIL ABIKHALIL Abila ABILHOA Abilin Abilla Abilliau Abillona Abilona ABIN Abin ABINADER Abiosi Abioso Abir Abi Rached ABI RACHED Abirgel Abiri ABIRICHA Abirrillaga Abisch Abisqueta Abissi Abissinia Abisso ABITANTA Abitbol ABITIA Abitsch Abitz Abitzsch Abiusi Abiuso Abjat Abkevich Abkin ABKOWITZ ABLAH Ablain Ablanalp ABLANEDO Ablard Ablaámaier Ablaámeyer Ablass Ablassmeir Ablassmeyer Able ABLEIDINGER Abler ABLER ABLES Ableson Abletson Ablett Abley Abli Ablin ABLINE Abline Ablitt Ablonet Ablott Ably ABNER ABNEY Abo Aboab ABOFF ABOGAST Abogast ABOIM Aboim Aboites ABOITIZ Aboitz Abolafia ABOLAFIO Abollo Abona Abonce Abondante Abondino Abondio Abons Abonse Abonville Abonza Abonze Aborn Aborne Aborowe Abot Abote ABOTE Abotessa Abou Abouab Abouaf Abouat Abouav Aboucasis Aboudraham Aboudrahan Abouhab ABOU-HATEM ABOUHOSSEIN Aboulhosn ABOUMRAD ABOUNADER Abourn Abourne About Aboutboul Abouzeid Aboville Aboy Aboytes Abplanalp ABPLANALP Abra AbraÆo Abrabanel Abrado Abraeham Abraen ABRAGÇO ABRAHAM Abraham ABRAHAM Abraham Abrahamer Abrahamovich Abrahamovicz Abrahamovic Abrahamovitz Abrahamowicz Abrahamowitz ABRAHAMS Abrahams ABRAHAMSEN Abrahamsen Abrahamsohn Abrahamson ABRAHAMSON Abrahamsson AbrahÆo Abrahao Abrahm Abraira ABRALDES Abram Abramavicius Abrambula Abramcik ABRAMCZYK Abrami Abramin Abramo ABRAMO Abramo Abramoff Abramov Abramovic Abramovich Abramovicz Abramovitch Abramovitz ABRAMOWICZ Abramowitsch Abramowitz Abramowski Abrams ABRAMS Abrams Abramsen Abramski Abramsky Abramson Abramzon Abran Abran-Lapre Abranches ABRANIUK Abrante Abrantes ABRANTES Abrantes ABRAO Abrao AbrÆo Abras ABRASH Abravanel ABREGO ABREU Abrey Abri Abrial Abriano Abriat ABRIATIS Abric Abrich Abricht Abrichts Abriet Abrieu Abrieux Abrigg Abrigo ABRIL Abril Abrile Abrille ABRINES Abriot Abrioux Abriquet Abrisqueta Abrom ABROMOWITZ Abronczyk Abronowitz ABRUNZO ABRUSCATO Abrusci ABRUSCI Abruzo Abruzzese Abruzzesi ABRUZZI Abruzzi Abruzzini Abruzzo Abry ABRÇO Absall Absalom ABSALON Absalon Absel ABSHER ABSHIRE Absil Absolem Absolom Absolon ABSOLON Absolons ABSON Absou ABSTON ABSTREITER Abt ABT Abt Abts Abu Abuaf Abualrob Abubo ABUD Abudarham Abudo Abudraham Abudrahan ABUGARADE Abugo Abuid Abuin Abu Joudi Abukasis ABUL Abulaffia ABU LAFI Abulafia Abuleffia Abulhusn Abund Abundi Abundis Abundius Abundus ABURA Aburn Aburob Aburrow ABURRUZA Aburto Abussi Abutbul Abuteir Abuter Abutir Abuzaid Abwald ABY Abys Abzac Abzant AC Ac- A€A ACABADO ACADEMIA Academy ACAKIOS Acampora ACAMPORA ACANFORA ACANFRIO Acar z Acaraz Acarazo Acard Acaria Acarie Acarina Acaro ACARON Acar¢n Acaros Acart Acary Acaster Acatitla Acatitl n Acca Accaira ACCAIRA Accard Accardi ACCARDI Accardi Accardo ACCARDO Accardo Accari Accarias Accarie Accarini Accarino ACCARINO Accarion Accar¢n ACCART ACCATINO ACCAULT Accetta ACCETTA Accettanti Accetti Accetto Accettullo ACCETTULLO Accettura Accetturo ACCETTURO ACCHIONE Acciaioli Acciani ACCIANI ACCIARDO Accietti Accietto ACCIOLY ACCION Accisani ACCISANO Acclum Acco Accock Accolla ACCOLLA Accollati Accolti ACCOMANDO Accordi Accordini ACCORDINO Accorsi ACCORSI Accorso Accounts Accuesi Accursi Accursio Accurso Accusani Ace ACE Aceas ACEBAL ACEBEDO ACEBES Acebes ACEBO ACEDO ACEITUNO ACEJO Acelin ACERBI Acerbi Acerbis Acerbo ACERBO ACER Acerni Acerno ACERNO ACERO Acerra ACERRA Acervo Aces ACESTE ACETO ACEVEDO ACEVES Aceves ACH Ach ACHA Achabal ACHACH Achaey ACHAR Achard ACHARD Achard Achardt Achardy Achart Achary ACHATZ Achaval Ache Ach‚ Ache Achecar Achee Acheeta ACHEGA Achell Achelle ACHENBACH ACHENHEIM Achenlek Acher Achereau Achereaux ACHERER Acherier ACHERMANN Achero Acheros Acherson Achert Achertz Achery ACHESON Achet Acheta Achey Achez Achille Achilli ACHILLI Achillini Achilluzzi Achim Achin ACHINGER Achinlos Achinwells Achioli Achir Achkar Achmus Achner Achon Ach¢n Achondo Achondoa Achord ACHOTEGUI Achselrad Achsenheimer ACHSTATTER Achstatter Achst„tter Achstetter Achter ACHTERHOF ACHTERHOLT Achterman ACHTERMANN Achtermann Achtermayer Achtermeier Achtermeyer Achthoven Achtman ACHTSNICHT Achtzehner Achtzehnerin Achtzner Achuff Achurch Achuri Achurra ACHURRIAGA Achurru Acierno ACIERNO Acin Acio Aciolea Acioli ACIOLI Acioli Acios ACKAWAY Acke Ackelom Acken ACKER Acker ACKERBAUM Ackere Ackerer Ackerill Ackerl ACKERLE Ackerle Ackerly ACKERMAN Ackerman Ackermann ACKERMANN Ackermann Ackers ACKERSCHOTT Ackerson Ackert ACKETT Ackhirst Ackhurst Ackill Ackin Ackirman Ackiss Acklam Ackland ACKLER ACKLEY Acklin ACKLING Acklom Ackmann Ackner Ackourey Ackouri Ackred ACKRICH Ackrill Ackroyd ACKS Ackson Acland Aclome ACOBA ACOCELLA Acock Acocks ACOHIDO Acolas Acom Acomb Acombe ACONE ACORD Acornley ACORS ACOSTA Acott A'COURT Acqua Acquaert Acquafredda ACQUAFREDDA Acquafresca ACQUAFRESCA Acquali Acquard Acquardi Acquarelli Acquaro ACQUARO Acquarone Acquart Acquasanta ACQUATI ACQUAVIVA Acqui Acquistapace ACQUISTAPACE Acquisti Acquisto Acr Acra Acraman Acre ACRE Acree ACREE Acrehill Acreman Acremant Acres ACRI Acri Acrifolio Acrill ACRIVOS Acron Acrond Acroyd ACS Acson Acta Actis ACTIS Actis-Tessitore ACTON Acton ACUFF Acum ACUNA ACU¥A ACUNHA Acunto Acuria Acurio Acuriola Acurriola Acus ACUTT Acy Ada Ad„ Adabald Adabane ADADI ADAIR Adaiz Adalbert Adalbertus Adalfuns Adalgar Adalgerio Adalhaid Adalhaidis Adalhait Adalhard Adalhelm Adalhem Adalhoch Adalia Adalian Adalman Adalwulf Adalyan ADAM Adam Adamaki Adamakis ADAMAKOS Adamas Adamaszek Adamczewski Adamczowski ADAMCZYK Adamczyk Adame ADAMEC Adamek Adamer Adames Adami ADAMI Adami Adamiak ADAMIAN Adamic Adamick Adamie Adamiec Adamik Adamitz Adamkiewicz Adamkosky Adamkowic Adamkowicz Adamkowski ADAMO Adamo ADAMO ADAMONIS Adamopoulos Adamov Adamovic Adamovich Adamovicz Adamovitch Adamovitz Adamow Adamowicz Adamowitz Adamowski ADAMS Adams ADAMS ADAMSKI Adamski Adamsky ADAMSON Adamus ADAMUSKO ADAMUZ Adamy ADAN Adan ADAN Adan Ad n Adana Adanck ADANEZ Adank Adansa Adanza ADAO AdÆo Adaola ADAR ADARBE ADARGA ADARO Adaro Adarzo Adasch Adatti Adattini ADATTINI Aday ADAYA Adburgham Adby Adcock Adcocks Addabbo ADDABBO Addaman Addamo Addams Addante ADDARICH ADDARIO Addati Addato Adde Add‚e Addels Addeman ADDEO Adderley ADDERLY Adderton Addes Addessi ADDESSO Addesso Addet ADDEY Addic Addickes ADDICOTT ADDIE Addiego ADDIEGO ADDINGTON ADDIS Addison Addlesberger Addlestone Addleton Addobato Addobbati Addobbato Addon Addonisio ADDONISIO Addonizio ADDORISIO Addrisi Addrizza Addrizzo ADDRIZZO ADDUCE ADDY ADDYMAN Ade Ad‚ Ade-kin Adeane Adeath Adeau Adebahr Adebar Adeber Adebor Adekyn ADEL Adel Adelasio Adelberg Adelberger Adelbert Adelbrecht ADELBUSH Adelczhover Adele Adelerz Adelet Adelfinger ADELGEISS Adelger Adelhait Adelhard Adelhart Adelheid Adelheit Adelhelm Adelhelmus Adelherz Adelhoch Adeline Adelinet Adelisia Adelisio Adelizzi ADELIZZI ADELL Adelley ADELMAN Adelmann Adelmannsfelden Adelon Adelot Adelpertus ADELSBACH Adelsberger Adelsgeschlechts Adelsgeschlecht ADELSGRUBER Adelshauser Adelshausen ADELSHEIMER Adelshofen Adelshofer Adelung Adelungsbach Adelus Ademaro Adenauer Adenauwe ADENDORFF Adendorff Adendorffer Adener Adent ADEODATO ADER Ader Aderen Aderer Aderhold Aderholdt Aderholt Aderholz ADERMANN Adermann Aders Adersen Aderstone Aderton Ades Adeshed Adesi Adeson Adesso Adestan Adey Adgar Adgate Adger Adhams ADHEMAR Adie Adigon Adijov Adilitza Adiman Adinolfi ADINOLFI Adipietro ADIPIETRO ADIVARI ADJEMIAN Adkin ADKINS Adkinson Adkisson Adkynsone ADLAM Adlard Adlass ADLER Adler Adlercreutz Adlercrutz Adlerkreutz Adlerkrutz Adlerman Adlersberg Adlersberger Adlersfluegel Adlersflgel Adlersflugel Adlersperg Adlersperger Adlerstein Adlersvlogel Adlerz Adleta Adletha Adley Adlfinger Adlhoch Adline ADLINGTON Adlon Adlus Admira Admiral Admiraut Admire ADMON Admoni Admonius Admont Admony Admyrant ADNEY Adobati Adobbati ADOBBATI Adobbato Adolf Adolff Adolfi Adolfo ADOLFSON Adolfus Adolph Adolphi ADOLPHUS Adomaitis Adomaitus Adomanka Adomat Ad¢na Ad¢ne AdonŠllo Adonnini Adonnino ADONNINO Adoraddio Adoradio Adoraiddio Adorf Ad”rfer Adorff ADORIAN Adorna Adornato Adornetto ADORNETTO Adornetto Adorni Adorno ADORNO Adoubert ADRADOS ADRAGNA Adreano Adreon Adria ADRIAANSEN Adriaansen Adriaanzen Adriaens Adriaenssen Adriaenssens Adriaenzen ADRIAN Adrian Adri n Adriana Adriani Adriano ADRIANO Adriano Adrians Adriansen Adrianus Adrianzen AdriÆo Adrien Adrion ADRIÇO ADROVER ADSETT Adshad Adshade Adshead Adsit Adsitt Adt Adubert Aduleit ADVANI ADVENDING ADVINCULA AEBI Aebi Aebli Aecca Aechternacht Aed AEdelmoer Aedelrich Aedelstan Aedelstan' Aedgar AEDO Aedy Aegar Aeil Aelbrechts Aeldiet Aeldit Aelfnoo Aelfwig Aelger Aelnod Aendrich AENLLE AENLLE DE ROCHA Aeoelnoo AERIA AERNE AERNI Aerts Aertsen Aertssen Aertsz Aertzen Aeschbacher Aeschliman AESCHLIMAN AESCHLIMANN Aeschlimann Aeth Aethericus Aexel Aey AFABLE Af n Afan Afanador Afano AFARIAN Aff Affe Affelde Affeldt Affelman Affeln Affeltranger Affemann Affenmark Affery Affholder AFFHOLTER Affholter Affholtern Affini Affinita Affinito AFFINITO Affino AFFISSIO Affleck AFFLITTO Affo Affolter Affonso AFFORD Affortis Affortit AFFORTY Affray Affre Affrica Affrika Affrikka Affrin Affron Affronte AFFRONTE Affronti Affronto Afinito Aflalo Afonso Afonzo Afran Africa AFRICA Africa Afrika Afshar Afsharian AFTON AFUERA AGABEDIS Agabito AGABO Agace Agacia Agaciak Agacie Agacinski Agacka Agacki AGAJANIAN AGAKANIAN Agamalian Agamalyan AGAN Aganes Agans Aganski Agansky Agapiti Agapito AGAPITO Agar AGAR Agard Agare Agari Agars Agart Agarth Agartz Agas Agasi Agass Agasse Agassi AGASSI Agassis Agassiz Agassy Agata AGATE Agatensi Agates Agatha Agathe Agathea Agathio Agati AGATI Agatiello AGATIELLO Agatiis Agatini Agatisa AGATISA Agato Agat¢ni Agatoni Agatowski Agazi Agazio AGAZIO Agazzani Agazzari Agazzi AGAZZI Agazzini AGE Age AGEE Ag‚e Agel Agela Ageler Agelini Agello Agen Agenais Agens AGENT Ager Ageria AGERO Agers AGERSBORG Agerton Ages Agg Aggas Aggass AGGE AGGELAKOS AGGEN Aggen AGGENBACH Agger Aggere Aggett Aggis Aggiss Aggo Agguglia Aggus AGHA AGHABABIAN Aghamalian Aghassi Aghion Aghione Aghjayan Agier Agin Aginaga Aginiga Aginsky Agioni Agir Agirre Agirretxu AGIUS Agius Aglan Agleigh Aglen Agler AGLETON Agley Agli Agliano Agliardi Agliardo Aglieri Aglietti AGLINSKY Aglio AGLIO Aglione Agliosa Aglioso Agliotto Agliozzi Agliozzo Agnan Agnas Agne Agne's Agneau Agneaux Agnei AGNEL Agnella Agnelli AGNELLI Agnelli Agnellini AGNELLO Agnello AGNELLO Agnellotti Agnelutti Agner AGNER AgnŠs Agnes Agnese AGNESE Agnese Agnesen Agnesi Agnesina Agnesio AGNESS Agnesse Agnete Agnetha Agneti Agnetis Agnetti AGNEW Agni Agnies Agnitti Agno AGNOLI Agnolo AGNONE Agnone Agobito AGOFF Agoglia AGOGLIA Agogliaro Agolia Agombar AGON Agon Agonaldi Agonito AGOPIAN Agor Agoranos Agorasto Agosta AGOSTA Agosta AGOSTI Agosti Agost¡n Agostinelli Agostinho AGOSTINI Agostini AGOSTINI Agostini Agostinis Agostino Agosto AGOSTON AGOSTONI AGOTE Agote Agoura Agoure Agouro Agoust Agozzino Agra Agrafeil Agralinis AGRAMONT AGRAMONTE Agrapides AGRAS Agras Agrasar Agrate Agrati AGRATI Agrati Agratti Agrava Agravante AGRAZ Agraz Agre AGREDA Agreda AGREDANO AGREGAARD AGRELA Agrelli Agrelo Agrenier AGRENOT Agresar Agrese Agresi Agresta Agreste Agresti AGRESTI Agrestini Agri AGRICOLA Agricola Agridiano AGRIDIANO AGRIFOGLIO Agrigenti Agrigento AGRIGENTO Agrigento Agrillo Agrillotta AGRINSONI Agrio Agriopoulos Agrios AGRIOSTATHES Agriparis Agripino Agrippa Agrippino Agris Agron Agronin Agronomoff Agronski Agrosi Agrusa Agruso Agstein Agsten Agt Agte Agter AGTHE Agtmaal Agu AGUADO AGUAMONTE Aguamonte AGUANNO Aguariste Aguaristi AGUAS AGUAYO Aguccio AGUDA AGUDELO Agudiak AGUDO Aguechi Agueci AGUEDA Agueda Aguer AGšERA Aguergaray Agueri Ageri Ager¡a Agueria Agueristi AGUERO Aguerra Aguerralde Aguerre Aguerrea Aguerrealdea Aguerrebere Aguerreberea AGUERREVERE Aguerrevere AGUERRIBERRY Aget Aguet Aguettand Aguettant Aguettaz Aguggiari Agugiano Agugiari Aguglia Agugliaro AGUGLIARO Aguglio Agui Aguia AGUIA AGUIAR Aguiard AGUILA AGUILAR Aguilard AGUILAR TABLADA Aguile AGUILELLA Aguileo AGUILERA AGUILETA Aguilhon Aguilio Aguillard Aguillo AGUILLON Aguillon Aguilo AGUILO Aguil¢n Aguinaco AGUINAGA Agui¤iga Aguiniga Aguir Aguirian AGUIRRE AGUIRREBEITIA AGUIRREBURUALDE Aguirrechu Aguirregaray AGUIRREZABAL Aguis Agulhon AGULLEIRO AGULLER AGULLO Agullo AGU¥A AGUNDEZ Agur Aguray Aguria Agurio AGURTO Aguss Agust AGUSTI Agusti Agustic AGUSTIN Agust¡n Agustin Agustina Agustino Agusto Agustofsky Agut Agutte Aguy AGUZZI Aha Ahaimer Aham Ahamer Ahammer A'Hannay Ahannay Ahanney AHARA Aharon Aharoni Aharonov Aharonovitch Aharonson Ahart Ahder Ahders AHEARN AHEDO AHERN AHIER AHIR AHL Ahl Ahlander Ahlbach Ahlberend Ahlberg Ahlbern Ahlbernd Ahlborg Ahlborn AHLBRECHT Ahldach Ahldag Ahle Ahlefeld Ahlemann Ahlen Ahler AHLERS Ahlers Ahlersmayer Ahlersmeier Ahlersmeyer Ahlert Ahlf Ahlfs AHLGREN Ahlgrim Ahlheit Ahlhelm Ahlkvist Ahlman Ahlmann Ahlmarcks Ahlmark Ahlmgren AHLQUIST Ahlquist Ahlqvist Ahlqwist Ahlspach Ahlstrom Ahlstromer AHLUP AHMAD Ahmad AHMANSON Ahmed AHMET Ahner AHNERT Ahnert Ahnhudt Ahnhuth AHOLA AHONEN AHONES Ahr Ahrbo Ahrboe Ahren Ahrend AHRENDS Ahrends AHRENDT Ahrendt AHRENS Ahrens AHRENS Ahrens Ahrer Ahrman Ahrmann Ahrweiler AHSENMACHER Ahstr”m Ahtee Ahti Ahtia Ahtianen Ahtiinen Ahuer Ahufinger Ahuir AHUMADA AHUS Ai AIALA Aiala Aiani AIANI Aiano Aiardi Aiardo AIARDO Aiba Aibar AIBAR AIBRO Aicala Aicale Aicardi AICARDI Aicardo Aicart Aich AICHELE Aichele Aichelin Aicher Aicheson AICHINO AICHNER Aickelin Aickin Aicklen Aicklin Aid Aida Aide Aidelot Aido Aidone Aidoni AIELLO Aiello AIELLO Aigen Aigihard Aigley Aigner Aigrefeuille Aigron Aiguill‚ AIKEN Aiken Aikens Aikin Aikins Aikman AIKSNORAS Aikun Ailagas Ailanjian Ailardus Ailby Ailegui Ailer Ailgarus Ailghieti Ailhaud AILIFF Ailing Ailingen Ailinger Aillaud Aillet Aillier Aillo AILLON Aill¢n Aillones Aillot Ailmar Ailmer Ailnoo Ailon Ailor Ailricus Ailshie AILSTOCK Ailvey Ailward AIMAR Aimaric Aimars Aime Aim‚ Aime Aimedieu Aimer Aimeric Aimerich Aimers Aimetti AIMETTI Aimhr‚idh Aimi AIMI Aimi Aimini Aimino Aimo Aimon Aimone Aimonecat Aimoni Aimonic Aimonino AIMUTIS A¡n Ainard AINCIBURU Ainciondo Aindow Aindrias Aindrin Aine AINES Aines AINETO Ainge Ainger Aingeray Ainley AINOS Ainsa Ainsburg Ainsburgh AINSBURY AINSCOUGH Ainscow Ainslee Ainsley Ainslie AINSWORTH Ainza Aiosa AIOSA Aiossa Air Aira AIRADA AIRAGHI Airay AIRD Airdrie Airdriehead Airds Aire AIRES Aireshire Airey Airford AIRHEART Airhood Airie Airley Airlie Airns Airo AIRO Airocco Airola AIROLDI Airoldi Airoli Airolla Airolo AIROLO Airseaboid AIRTH Airton Airy AIRZEE Aisa Aisbell Aisbet Aisbeth Aisbett Aisbit Aisbitt Aish Aishe Aisheh Aishton Aislabie Aislaby Aispuro Aispuru Aist Aistegen Aiston Aistov AISTROP Aita AITA Aitcheson Aitchison Aitcken Aitelli AITKEN Aitkens Aitkin Aitkins Aito AITON Aiuti Aivaliotes Aivaliotis AIX Aixa Aixala Aixel Aixol AIZA Aiza Aizaldebarrena Aizanville Aizart Aizarte AIZCORBE Aizpiri Aizpitarte AIZPRUA Aizprua Aizpuro AIZPURU Aizpuru Aizpur£a Aizpurua Aiztondo AJA Ajardi Ajarristi Ajat Ajax AJENJO AJLUNI AJO Ajosa Ajossa Ajubita AJUNJO Ajuto Akabi Akacs Akacsor Akacsos Akam AKAMINE Akar AKASHI Akaster Akats Ake Akel Akeman AKEN Aken AKERBERG Akerhus Akerly AKERMAN Akerman Akermann AKERMARK Akeroyd Akers Akershus AKERSLOOT Akess AKESTER Akherst Akhirst Akhurst AKI AKIBA Akil Akill AKILLIAN AKIMOTO Akimushkin Akin AKINS Akirman AKIYAMA Akker Aklam AKMAKJIAN Akman Akmann AKOS Akra Akred Akrerin Akridge AKRIE Akrigg Akright Akrill Akrish Akroyd AKSDAL Aksi Aksoian Aksoy Akstell Akstill AKULAW AKULLIAN Akum Akury Akwrth Akyne Al- Al-Abdallah Al-Granada ALA Alaba Alabar Alabarce Alabarces Alabarda Alabardi Alabardo Alabares Alabarez Alabart Alabarta Alabarte Alabastar ALABASTER ALABAUGH Alabone Alaburda Alacha Alache ALADICS Aladjadjian Alado Aladro Al ez Alaez ALAFITA Alafriz Alagar ALAGIA Alagna ALAGNA Alagno Alaigre Alaima Alaimo ALAIMO Alain Alaine Alaire ALAIS Alais Alaisa Alaix Al iz Alaiz Alaiza Alajar Alajmo AL-ALOUSI ALAM Alamagna ALAMAN ALAMA¥ Alamango ALAMANI Alamanni Alamanno Alamannus ALAMANY ALAMAR Alamares Alambrese ALAMEDA Alamia ALAMIA Alamia ALAMIA ALAMILLA Alamilla ALAMILLO Al-Amiri ALAMO Alamo Alamos Alamosos Alampa Alampati Alampi ALAMPI Alamprese Alan Alana Aland Alandar Alande Alander Alandeta Alandete Alandi ALANDIA Alandsee Alaneau Alanen Alanet Alani ALANI ALANIS Alanis Alaniz Alano ALANO Alano Alanos Alanson Alant Alanus Alany… Alanyar Alaoui Alapertus ALAPONT Alaquines Alarco Alarc¢ ALARCON Alarc¢n Alard Alardi Alari Alaric Alarich ALARID Alarie ALARIO Alarista ALARMA Alarrista Alary ALAS Alasandair Alasia Alasio ALASIO Alassini Alassino ALASTRE Alastrue Alastruei Alastruey Alastuey Alati ALATI Alatini Alatino ALATORRE Alatrista Alatriste Alava ALAVEZOS ALAVOINE Alavoyne Alaway Alawi Alay ALAYA Alayeto Alayo ALAYON Alay¢n Alayor Alayza Alazard Alb ALBA Alba ALBACETE ALBACH Albach Albacher Albadia Albaiez Albaiga Albain ALBALADEJO ALBALAT Alban Alb n Albana Albanel Albanelli Albanely Albanes Albanese ALBANESE Albanese ALBANESI Albanesi Albanet Albanetti Albanez ALBANEZI Albani Albania ALBANICE Albank Albano ALBANO Albano Albanus ALBANY Albar Albarano ALBARANO ALBARDIAZ Albaredo Albarelli ALBARELLI Albares ALBAREZ Albari Albarido Albarino Albaro ALBARRACIN ALBARRAN Albaugh Albay Albaya Albayen Albayna Albe Albea Albear Albeasu Albeck Albecker Albee Albegger ALBELDA ALBELO Albelos ALBENDEA ALBENDIZ Albenga ALBENGA ALBENIZ Alb‚niz Albenosa Albensi ALBENSI Albensio Albenso Albenstetter Albentos Albentosa Albenzio Alber Albera ALBERA Alberani ALBERCA Alberde Alberdes Alberdi ALBERDI Alberding Alberdingh Alberdingk Alberelli ALBERG Alberga ALBERGARIA Albergaria Albergati Alberghetti Alberghi Alberghini ALBERGHINI Albergne Albergo Albergoni Albergotti ALBERHASKY Alberi Alberic Albericci Alberich Alberici ALBERICI ALBERICO Alberico Alberighi Alberigi Alberini Alberino ALBERINO Alberios Alberite Albern ALBERNAZ Alberndt Albernhe Alberni Albernin Alberny ALBERO Albero Alberobello ALBEROLA Alberona Alberone Alberoni Alberonis Alberotanza ALBERQUILLA ALBERRO Albers Albersdorf Albershardt Albershausen Albersloh Alberstett Albert ALBERT Albert ALBERT Albert Alberta Albertas Albertazzi ALBERTAZZI Alberte Albertelli Alberter Alberti ALBERTI Alberti ALBERTINI Albertini ALBERTINI Albertino Albertis Alberto ALBERTO Alberto Alberton ALBERTONI Albertoni Albertorio ALBERTOS Albertos Alberts ALBERTSEN Albertsen Albertson Albertsz ALBERTUS Albertus Alberty Albertz Alberu Alberui ALBES Albes Albeto Albetta ALBETTA Albetti Albetto Albettone Albey Albg” Albgoe Albi Albicki Albi‚ ALBIERO Albies Albieá Albiess Albietz Albiez ALBILLOS Albin ALBI¥ANA Albine Albineau Albingani ALBINGER ALBINI Albini Albiniz Albino ALBINO Albino Albinoni Albinotti Albinowski ALBINS Albinso Albinson ALBINUS Albinus ALBIR Albira Albires Alb¡rez ALBIS Albishaus Albishausen Albishauser Albiso Albisser ALBISTUR ALBISU Albisu ALBITE Albite Albites Albito Albitos Albitz Albiz Albizi Albizo ALBIZU Albizu Albizua Albizubaso Albizuri ALBIZZATI ALBLINGER Albm ALBO ALBOFONTE Albohn Alboin Albon Albone ALBONETTI ALBONICO ALBOR ALBORCH Albore Alboreto Alborg Alborgh Alborn ALBORNOZ Alborough ALBORS Albors Albosser Albourgh Albouy Albran Albrand ALBRECHT Albrecht Albrechtson Albred Albreht Albret Albrich Albricht Albrichts Albrichtson Albright ALBRIGHT Albrightson Albrink Albrisi Albritton Albrough ALBROW Albrow ALBUERNE ALBUIN Albuixech Albuja Albujar Albuje ALBUQUERQUE Alburie Alburn ALBURQUERQUE ALBURTUS ALBURY Albus Albuschat Albushies ALBUTT Alby Alcacer ALCA€OVA ALCAIDE ALCAINA ALCAINE ALCALA Alcalano Alcalde ALCALDE Alcamo ALCAMO ALCA¥IZ Alcantar ALCANTARA Alc ntara Alcanter Alc nter ALCANTUD Alcara ALCARAZ Alcarese Alcaro ALCARO Alcaro Alcar¢n Alcaros Alcarotto Alcarra Alcarraga ALCARRIA Alcauza ALCAYAGA Alcaza ALCAZAR Alc zar ALCAZAR-CABALLERO Alce Alcebendas ALCEDO ALCEE ALCEGA Alcelus Alcerreca Alcerreka Alchen Alcher Alcheri Alcheshorn ALCHESI Alchi‚ Alchin Alchon Alchorn Alch£ Alchu Alchundia Alchurch ALCIBAR Alcibarrondo Alcibia Alcibiade Alcibide ALCICI Alcira ALCOBA ALCOBENDAS ALCOBER Alcober ALCOCER Alcock ALCOFORADO Alcoholado Alcolado ALCOLEA ALCON ALCORN ALCORTA Alcorta Alcoser ALCOSET ALCOTT Alcover ALCOVER ALCOYA Alcroft ALCUBIERRE ALCUBILLA ALCUDIA Alcudia Ald Alda ALDA Ald Alda Aldaba ALDABE Aldabe ALDACO Aldacoro Aldacushion Aldadrete Aldag Aldakoshin Aldakov Aldalurra ALDAMA ALDANA Aldanoo ALDAO Aldaondo Aldapa Aldape ALDAPE Aldapebeitia Aldar Aldaregi Aldaregia Aldaregui Aldareguia Aldarelli Aldaret Aldarete ALDARIZ Aldarondo Aldasolo Aldasoro ALDASORO Aldava Aldave Aldavero ALDAY Aldaye ALDAZ Alde ALDEA Aldeamayor ALDEAMIL Aldebert Aldebol Aldebury Aldeby Aldeco ALDECOA Aldegardo Aldeges ALDEGUER ALDEGUNDE Aldehenne Aldeknecht Aldemari ALDEN Aldenburg Aldenburger ALDENDIFER Aldendorf Aldendorff ALDER Alder ALDERDICE Alderdice Alderdyce Alderedus Alderegia Alderegu¡a Aldereguia Alderet Alderete Alderette ALDERFER ALDERIN ALDERISIO Alderisio Alderiso ALDERMAN Aldero Alderotto Alders Aldershoef Aldershof Alderslade ALDERSON ALDERTON Alderweireldt Alderwereld Alderwerlt Alderwick Aldess Aldeth Aldewereld Aldgate Aldgid Aldhous Aldhouse Aldi Aldid Aldieri Aldiero Aldimare Aldimari Aldin Aldinburger ALDINGER Aldinger Aldini Aldinucci Aldis Aldise Aldiss Aldith Aldius Aldmann ALDO Aldo Aldobera ALDOBRANDINI Aldobrando Aldocia Aldon Aldonin ALDONZO Aldorati Aldorf Aldorff Aldoshin Aldous Aldovera Aldred Aldredge Aldrete Aldrey Aldri Aldric ALDRICH Aldrich Aldrick Aldridge Aldried Aldrieu Aldrigh Aldris Alduc¡n Aldui ALDUNATE Aldunc¡n Aldus Alduse ALDWELL ALDWINCKLE ALDWORTH Aldwy Aldy ALEA ALEAUME Al‚aume Alecci ALECCI ALECI Alecke Alecoc Alecock Alecsandre Aledda ALEDO Aledo Alefeld Alefondere Alefounder Alefsen Alegi ALEGRE AlŠgre Alegret Alegrett ALEGRIA Alegr¡a Alegue Alegui Aleidt Alein ALEITH ALEIX Aleixo ALEJANDRE Alejandrino Alejandrina ALEJANDRO Alejo ALEJOS Alekhov Alekoc Aleksa Aleksandrovitch Aleksandrowicz Alekseev Alekseychuk Aleksiak Aleksiejewski Aleksiejew Aleksijevic Aleksik Aleksios Aleksiuk ALEKSUNAS Alem ALEMAN Aleman Alemane Alemanha ALEMANI Alemania Alemann ALEMANNO Alemanno Alemanns Alemannus Alemanus ALEMANY ALEMA¥Y ALEMANY ALEMAO ALEMENGOR ALEN Alen Ale¤a Ale¤ar ALENCAR ALENCASTER Alencaster Alencastre Alencastro ALENDA Alenyar Aleo ALEO Aleotti Alequi Alequin Aler ALERAMA ALERANY ALERCIA Alers Alert Alery ALES AlŠs ALESANCO Alesandrini Aleschinder Alesci Alescio Alesco ALESHEVICH Aleshire Aleshkov Alesi ALESI Alesio ALESON Alessandra ALESSANDRA ALESSANDRETTI Alessandre Alessandrelli ALESSANDRIA Alessandrini Alessandri ALESSANDRIA Alessandri ALESSANDRI ALESSANDRINI Alessandri Alessandrino Alessandri Alessandrini ALESSANDRONI Alessandro ALESSI Alessi ALESSIO Alessio Alessis Alestergren Alesworth Alet Aleton ALETRAS Aletson Aletta Aletter Aletto ALETTO Alewi ALEWINE Alex ALEXA Alexaitis ALEXAKOS ALEXANDER Alexander ALEXANDER Alexander ALEXANDER Alexander Alexanderson Alexandersson Alexandersen Alexandr Alexandre ALEXANDRE Alexandre ALEXANDRE Alexandre Alexandres Alexandri Alexandris Alexandros ALEXANDROWICZ Alexandry Alexeev Alexeichuk Alexejevsky Alexi ALEXIA Alexii Alexis Alexius Alexka ALEXOPOULOS ALEXOV Alexovich Alexovits Alexovitz Alexsatis Alexy Alezard Alf ALFAGEME Alfalla ALFAMBRA Alfambra Alfandari ALFANDARI Alfandery Alfandre Alfandri Alfani Alfano ALFANO Alfantus ALFARAZ ALFARO Alfau ALFAY Alfay ALFAYA ALFAYATE Alfe Alfeld Alfer ALFEREZ Alferez Alf‚rez Alferi Alferio Alfermann Alferowicz Alfers Alff Alfgerus Alfhard Alfhart Alfia Alfier Alfiere Alfieri ALFIERI Alfierino Alfiero Alfina Alfinez Alfini Alfino Alfio Alfirevic ALFLEN Alfoncea Alfond Alfons Alfonse Alfonsea ALFONSECA Alfonsetti Alfonsi ALFONSI Alfonsi ALFONSIN Alfonsin Alfonsini ALFONSO Alfonso ALFONSO Alfonso Alfonsoni Alfont Alfonzetti Alfonzini Alfonzo ALFORD Alford Alfounder ALFRANCA Alfred Alfreda Alfredi Alfredino Alfredo Alfree Alfreth Alfrey Alfrich Alfride Alfridi Alfried Alfs Alfsen Alfvarsson Alg ALGABA Alga¤aras Alga¤araz Algar Algara Algaria ALGARIN Algarra Algarraga Algate Algee Algeier Algeir Alger ALGER Alger Algeria Alg‚rie Algerio Algerus Algesheim Algeta Algeyer ALGIE Algier ALGIRE Algod Algoewer ALGONAS ALGOOD Algor Algore ALGORTA Algorta Alg”wer Algozini Algozino Algozzino Algranata Algranati Algrim Algrimm ALGUACIL Alguacil ALGUER ALGUERO Algyer Alh-hari Alhadaff Alhadef Alhadeff ALHADEFF ALHAMBRA Alhaus Alhauser Alhazzazi Alhelm Alhem Alhhari ALHONDIGA Ali ALI Al Ali Alia ALIA Aliacar ALIAGA Aliame Aliamet Aliamus Aliandro Alianell ALIANELLO Aliani Alianielli Alianiello ALIANIELLO Alianillo Aliano Alianor ALIANTRO Aliapoulios Aliapoulos Aliar Alias Aliba Alibert Alibertello Aliberti Alibia Alibone ALIBRANDI Alicandro ALICANDRO Alicante Alicar Alicart Alice Alicea Alices ALICH Alicia ALICKNAVITCH Alico Alie Aliende ALIENES Alier Aliere Alieri AliŠs Ali‚s Alies Aliesi Aliet ALIFA ALIFANO Alifanti ALIFANTIS Aliff Alig Aliga Aliger Aligeri Alighieri Alighiero ALIGIER ALIGUIER Alihn ALIJA ALIMECCO ALIMENA Alimossy Alimov Alin Ali¤ Aline ALINE Alinei Alingeton Alington Alinne ALIO Aliod ALIO DE FANES Aliome Aliomme Aliot Aliote Alioto Aliotta ALIOTTA Aliotte Aliotti Aliotu Alipertelli Aliperti ALIPERTI Alipertus Alipi Al¡pio ALIPIO Alippi ALIPRANDI Aliprandi Aliprandini ALIPRANDINI Aliprando Aliquier Aliquo ALIQUO ALIRANGUES Alire Alires Alirez Aliri Aliris Aliro Alis Alisa Alisada Alisaga Alisago ALISAL Alisal Alisas Alisaundre Alischinger Alise ALISEDA Alises ALISHAHI Alisia Alison ALISON Alison Alissan Alissone Alista Aliste Alister Alitz Alitzsch Alius ALIX Alix Alixandre ALIZE Alize Alizon Aljama Aljan Aljano Aljecir Aljeciras Aljesira Alkan Alkareso Alkari Alkegi Alken Alkene Alkens Alker Alkier Alkin Alkins Alkire Alkus All Allaband Allaby Allad Allaf Allaigre Allain Allaire Allais Allali Allalouf Allamand Allamandi ALLAMBY Allamby ALLAN Allan Allanby Allanbye Alland Allande Allander Allandsee Allaneau Allanic Allans Allanson Allant ALLAO ALLARD Allard Allarde Allardes Allardice Allardyce Allari Allars ALLART Allart Allary ALLARY Allaston Allatson Allatt Allaume Allav‚ne Allavenne Allavoine Allaway Allbank Allbon Allbond Allbone Allbones Allbretton Allbrighton AllBritain Allbritan Allbritane Allbritten Allbritton Allbrook Allchin Allchorne Allchurch Allcoat Allcock Allcoe Allcorn Allcott Allcroft Alldaffer Allday Allder Allderidge ALLDIS Alldread Alldredge Alldrit Alle All‚ Alle All‚ard Alleardi Alleaume All‚aume Alleaume All‚aume Alleaumes Alleaux ALLEBACH Allebest Allebone Alleborn Alledi ALLEE Allee All‚e Alleeson Allegra ALLEGRA All‚gra Allegrani Allegranzini AllŠgre Allegr‚ Allegret Allegretta Allegretti ALLEGRETTI Allegretto Allegrezza Allegri ALLEGRI Allegrina Allegrini ALLEGRINI Allegrini Allegrino Allegro Allegroni Allegrucci Alleine ALLEJE Allem Allemagna Allemagne Allemam Alleman Allemand Allemandet Allemandi Allemandon Allemann Allemano Allembaugh Allemby ALLEN Allen ALLEN Allen ALLENBY Allendar ALLENDE Allender ALLENDORFER Allendorfer Allendorffer Allenius Alleno Allenot Allenou ALLENSON Alleotti Aller ALLER Aller Allerdice Allerdyce Allerit Alleritt Allers Allerslade Allert ALLERTON ALLERY Allery Alles All‚s Allesina Allester Alleston Allet Alletaux Alleton Alletson Allett Alletta Allette Alletti ALLETTO Alleva ALLEVA Allevato ALLEVATO ALLEVEN Allevi Alleway Allewell Allewerlt Allex Allexandre Allexis ALLEY Alley Alleye Alleyn Alleyne Allez All‚z ALLF Allf Allfahrt Allfeld Allford Allfree ALLFREY Allgaeuer Allgaier Allg„u Allgau Allg„uer Allgayer Allgayr Allgeier Allgeyer Allgood Allhaus Alli Allia ALLIA Alliana Allianielloa Allianielli Alliano ALLIANO Alliar‚ Alliata Alliaume Allibert Allibon Allibond Allibone ALLICA Allie Alli‚ Alliegro Alliende Allienello ALLIENELLO Allier Alliere Allieri ALLIES Allies Allieva Allievi Allievo Alliez Allig Allimme ALLIN Allin Allinder Alline Allinen ALLINGHAM Allington Allinson Allio Alliod Alliomme Alliot Alliote Alliott Allis Allischer Allisier ALLISON Allison ALLISON Allister Allitt Allix Alliz All¡z Allkins Allmacher Allman ALLMAND Allmandinger Allmann Allmanus Allmarks Allmen Allmendinger Allmendingen Allmeny ALLMON Allmond Allnatt Allner Allnutt ALLO Allo Alloca Allocati ALLOCATI Allocca ALLOCCA Alloccati Allocchi Allocco Alloch‚ Alloco ALLOCO Alloger Alloi ALLOI Allois Allomes Allon Allonby Allondrelle-La-Malma Allonnes ALLORI Allot Allote Allotesone Allott Allotta ALLOTTA Allotta Allotto ALLOU Allouche Allouch‚ Alloueteau Allouette Allouis Alloux Allouz Alloway ALLOZA ALLPORT Allpress ALLRED Alls ALLSBROOK ALLSEN Allsep Allshouse Allsing Allsop Allsopp Allspach Allstadt Allst„dt Allstead Allston Allsup Allsworth ALLTEN Allten Alltimes Alltoft Allton ALLTOP Alluaume ALLUE Alluigi ALLUISI ALLUM Allumbaugh Allutto ALLUTTO Allvey Allward Allway Allways ALLWEILER ALLWOOD Allworth Allwyn Ally Allyn Allyrdas Alm ALM Alm ALMA Almaas ALMADA ALMAGRO Almaguer Almaguera ALMAGUER-INIQUEZ Al Maktoum ALMALLO Alman Almand Almandoz Almanno ALMANSA ALMANZA ALMANZAR Almanzar Almanzon ALMANZOR Almaran Almaras ALMARAZ Almarcha Almario ALMARIO ALMARZA Almarza Almasi ALMASIE ALMASON Almasri Almassy Almasy ALMAZAN Almbach Almbeck Almberg ALMEDA ALMEDINA ALMEIDA ALMEIDA RAMOS Almeiro Almejia ALMELA ALMENAR Almenar ALMENARA Almenara Almenas Almendarez Almendaris ALMENDARIZ Almend riz Almendariz Almendinger ALMENDRADES Almendras Almendro ALMENDROS Almengor Almenta Almeria Almerici Almerinda Almerindo ALMERINI Almerino Almerio Almewick ALMGREEN Almgren Almiar AlmiŠri ALMIERI Almiero AlmiŠro Almina Almi¤ana Almi¤aque Almi¤e ALMIRA ALMIRALL ALMIRANTE Almiro ALMIROLA Almirola ALMIRON Almisas ALMOCERA ALMODOVAR ALMOGUERA Almon ALMONACID ALMOND Almonde Almoney Almonte Almoril Almor¡n Almorin Almoroz Almorz Almorza Almosd ALMQUIST Almquist Almroth Almskog Almskov Almstatt Almst„tter Almstedt Almstroem Almstrom ALMUDEVAR Almud‚var ALMUNIA ALMUZARA ALMY Alm†s Alncrom Alnecromb Alner Alnod Alnodus Alnot Alnoth Alnwick Alnwyk Alo ALO Al• Alocati Alocca Aloccati Alocco ALOE Aloi Aloia ALOIA Aloigi Alois Aloise ALOISE Aloise Aloisi ALOISI Aloisi Aloisio Aloisius Aloiso ALOIZOS Aloma ALOMAR Alona Alonge Alongi ALONGI Alonso ALONSO ALONSO-MAJAGRANZAS Alonzi ALONZI ALONZO ALOR Alor Alorge Alors ALOS ALOSA ALOSCO Aloshkin ALOSILLA-VELASCO Alosso ALOST Aloszka Alot Alota Alote Alotta ALOTTA Alotte Alotto Alou Alouache Alouate Alouchet Alouet Alouette Aloux Alouzier Aloway ALOY Aloza Alp Alpach ALPANSEQUE ALPAUGH Alpe Alpendre Alpentista ALPENTISTA Alper Alpera Alperi Alperini Alpers ALPERSON Alperst„tt Alperstedt Alpert Alpertus Alpes Alpese Alpfer Alpha Alphan Alphand Alphandari Alphandary Alphandery Alphant Alphart Alphe Alphege Alphey Alphin Alphond Alphonse Alphonsi Alphonso Alpi ALPI Alpi ALPICAT Alpignano Alpin Alpini Alpino Alpinolo Alpinus ALPIZAR Alpo Alpäe Alpoim Alpont Alpress Alprest Alpuente Alpuim Alpáer Alpusser Alquegui Alquezar ALQUICIRA Alqui‚ Alquier Alquin Alquinet Alquisiras Alquisires Alquisiri Alquisiria Alquissira Alquiza Alrbalistarius Alrech Alrechsen Alred Alreksson Alric Alriche Alrichsdr Alrick Alrics Alriq Als Alsabrook Alsace Alsace-Lorraine Alsacher Alsacker Alsager Alsarin Alsatian Alsbach Alsdorf Alse Alsebrook ALSEDO ALSEN Alsen Alsena Alseth Alsether Alsford Alshaus Alsheim Alshie Alshier Alshioner Alsibrook Alsibrooke Alsido Alsie ALSINA Alsing Alsinger Alsip ALSIS ALSLEBEN Alsleben ALSMAN Alsobrook ALSOP Alspach ALSPACH ALSPAUGH Alstad Alstadter Alstan Alst„tter Alstead Alsted Alstedt Alster Alstergren ALSTON Alston Alstone Alstow Alstowe Alstowne Alstows Alstroem Alstroemer Alstrom Alstromer ALSUDAIRI ALSUP Alsworth ALT Alta Altaba Altab Altabas Altab s Altabas Altadonna Altamira ALTAMIRA Altamirana Altamiranda Altamirando ALTAMIRANO Altamirano Altamura ALTAMURA Altan Altar ALTAR ALTARAC ALTARRIBA Altass Altavas Altavilla ALTAVILLA Altbach Altbauch Altbrand ALTBRANDT Altbrandt Altbrnn Altderf Altderfer Altdorf ALTE Alte Altemaus ALTEMUS Altemus Alten ALTENAU Altenau Altenauer Altenbach Altenbaugh Altenbernd Altenbrun Altenbrunn Altenbrunner Altenbrunn Altenbrunner Altenburg ALTENBURGER Altenburger ALTENFELDER Altenhans Altenhein Altenhenne Altenhof Altenhofen Altenhoff Altenhoven Altenland Altenow Altenrath Altenstetter Alter Altera ALTERA Altere Alterescu Alteri Alterini Alterio ALTERIO ALTERMAN Altero Altershof Altersohn ALTES Altes Altescu Althab Althaber Althafer Althaus Althauser ALTHEIDE Altheizer Althenne Alther ALTHER Alther Altherr Altherre Altheuzer Althof ALTHOFF Althoff ALTHOUSE Althouser Althus Althusser Altier Altiere ALTIERI ALTIERO Altig Altigk Altik Altimari ALTIMARI Altimas Altimes Altimus Alting ALTINGER Altinger Altizer ALTKNECHT Altknecht ALTLAND Altland Altmacher Altmair Altman ALTMANN Altmann Altmas Altmaus Altmayer Altmayr Altmeier ALTMEYER Altmeyer Altmieks Altmikes Altmiks Altmiller Altm”ller Altmoller Altmller Altnau Altnauer ALTO Altobelli ALTOBELLI Altobello Altoft ALTOFT Altofts ALTOLAGUIRRE Altomare Altomari ALTOMARI Alton Altona Altonaga ALTONJY Altorf ALTORFER Altorfer Altorff Altorriaga ALTOUNIAN ALTOZANO Altrachs Altrad Altrat Altrath Altreche Altroch Altroth Altschul ALTSCHULER Altschuler Altsimonswald Altsohn Altson Altstadt Altst„dt Altstadter Altstatt Altstett ALTSTUT ALTUBE Altum ALTUNA Altura Alture Alturra Alturria Alturriaga ALTUVILLA Altuya Altvater Altvatter Alty Altz Altzen Altzinger Altzu Alu ALU Al— ALUA Aluard Alue ALUIA ALUIGI Aluigi Aluija Aluisi Alujes Aluji Alumbaugh ALUNNI Alured ALURRALDE Alusiewicz Alusik Alustiza Aluya Alva ALVA Alva Alv n Alvano Alvanopoulos Alvanos Alvar ALVARADO ALVARENGA Alvares ALVARES ALVAREZ Alvarez ALVAREZ-ARENAS ALVAREZ BUYLLA ALVAREZ DE LA CAMPA ALVAREZ DE LUNA ALVAREZ DE LA BRA¥A ALVAREZ DE LUGO ALVAREZ DEL PINO ALVAREZ DE LA CAMPA ALVAREZ DE TOLEDO ALVAREZ-MANILLA ALVAREZ-MU¥OZ ALVAREZ NAVA ALVAREZ - QUI¥ONES ALVAREZ-STORNI ALVAREZ - TOSTADO ALVAREZ-TOSTADO ALVARIN ALVARI¥O ALVARO ALVA ROSA Alvarson Alvas Alvea Alvear ALVEAR Alvedro Alvela Alvellos Alvelo Alvelos Alven ALVER Alver Alverez Alvergne Alverio Alverman ALVERNAZ Alvernhe Alvero Alvers Alversen Alverskirchen Alversson Alverts Alvertson ALVES Alves ALVES Alves ALVES ALVESHIRE Alvey ALVEY Alveys Alvi Alviana Alvidre Alv¡drez Alvidrez Alvigi Alvigini ALVIGINI Alvignanello ALVIM Alvin Alvino ALVINO Alvins ALVIRA Alvirde Alvires Alv¡rez Alvis Alvisio Alviso ALVISU Alvite ALVITES Alvites Alviz Alvizo Alvizu Alvo ALVO ALVORD Alvort Alvredi Alvy ALWARDT Alwart ALWAY Alway ALWELL Alwen Alwes Alwill Alwille Alwin Alwyn Alxan Alybon Alye ALYEA Alyngton Alyoshkin Alypio Alyson ALZA Alza Alzaga ALZAMORA Alzarraga Alzarriaga Alzate ALZATI ALZAYANI Alzen Alzerreca Alzerreka ALZNER Alzo ALZOLA Alzua Alzualde Alzuarte Alzuate Alzubide ALZUGARAY Alzurri ALZURU Am Amabert AMABILE Amabilis AMACHER Amacher Amacker Amaddeo Amaddio Amade Amad‚e Amadei Amadeiu Amadeo AMADEO Amadeo AmadŠo Amadeo AMADESI Amadesi Amadeu Amadeus Amadi Amadieu Amadio AMADIO AMADO AMADOR Amadore Amadori AMADORI Amadoro AMADOU AMAGO Amain Amal Amala Amalbert Amalfi AMALFI Amalfi Amalfitani AMALFITANO Amalfitano Amalia AMALIA Amalin Amalio AMALIO Amalri Amalric Amalricus Amalung Aman AMANATIDIS Amand AMANDI Amandola Amandolese Amandolesi Amandolesio Amandoli Amann Amanno Amano AMANS Amant Amante AMANTE AMANTEA Amanteo Amanti Amantini Amantino Amantio Amanton Amanzio AMANZIO Amanzio Amanzo AMAR Amar AMARAL AMARANTE Amard AMARELLE AMARGOS Amari AMARILLA AMARILLAS AMARILLO Amarista AMARITA Amaro AMARO Amaro AMARO AMAROLI Amarosa AMAROSO Amart Amason AMASORRAIN AMAT Amat AMATA Amatangelo AMATANGELO Amategui Amatelli Amatetti AMATETTI AMATI Amati AMATO Amatore Amatori Amatruda Amatrudi Amatucci Amatuccio Amatulli AMATULLI Amaturi Amaturo AMATURO Amatuzio AMATUZIO Amaubert Amaudry Amaulry Amauri Amauric AMAURY AMAYA Amazala AMAZZINI Ambar Ambareda Ambault Ambaut Ambeault AMBEL Ambel Amber Amberg Amberge AMBERGER Amberger Ambers Amberson AMBERSON AMBERT Ambert AMBERT Ambia Ambiela AMBITE Ambite AMBLE AMBLER Ambli Ambly Ambo Amboa Amboise Ambon Amborn Amborne Ambort Ambourne AMBOY Ambra AMBRA Ambras Ambrech Ambrecht Ambreis Ambrey Ambrez Ambri Ambrick AMBRINOS Ambrisch Ambrister Ambriz AMBROGI Ambrogi Ambrogiani AMBROGINI AMBROGIO Ambrogio Ambrois Ambroise Ambroix AMBRONA Ambroni AMBROS Ambros Ambrosa Ambrosch AMBROSE Ambrose AMBROSE Ambroselli Ambrosetti AMBROSI Ambrosi Ambrosiani AMBROSIANI Ambrosiani Ambrosiano Ambrosina Ambrosine Ambrosini AMBROSINI Ambrosino AMBROSINO AMBROSIO Ambrosio Ambrosioni Ambrosios Ambrosius Ambrosoni Ambrosovics Ambrosovszky Ambrosy Ambroszczyk Ambrox Ambroy Ambroys Ambroz Ambrozak Ambrozek Ambrozewicz Ambroziak Ambroziewicz Ambrozik Ambrozinski Ambrozovic Ambrozy AMBRàSIO Ambrus Ambrusioni Ambs Ambstel Ambster Ambtmann Ambuehl Ambuel Ambur Amburn Ambury AMBUSCH AMBUSH Amdohr Amdor Amdur AMDURSKY Am‚ Ameau Amechazurra Amechezura Amechezurra Amecke Amedea Am‚d‚e Amedei AmedŠo AMEDEO Amedeo Amedeus Ameeiro Amegeiras Amei Ameigeira Ameigeiras Ameigh Ameijeiras Ameil Ameira Ameis Ameiá Ameiss Amel AMELANDER Amelang Amelet Amelia Amelin Amelina Ameline Amelineau Ameling AMELIO AMELLER AMELLIO Amellon AMELON Amelong AMELOT Amelounx AMELS Amelunck AMELUNG Amelung Amelungus Amelunk Amelunke Amelunxen AMELY Amen AMENABAR Amend Amende Amendola AMENDOLA AMENDOLARE Amendolea Amenedo Ameneiro Ameneiros AMENGUAL Ament AMENTA Amenth AMER America Am‚rica American Americh Americo Amerido Amerig Amerigo Amerika Amerin Amerinda Amerindo Amerine Amerio Am‚rique Amerique AMERO Amersham Amerson Amery AMES Amesbury Amescoa Amescua Amesden Amesdon Ameskoa Ameson AMESPIL Amess Amestegui AMESTI Amestia AMESTICA Am‚stica Amestodi Amestoy Amet Ameteau AMETLLER Ametti Ametxazurra Ametxezurra Am‚ty Amexeiras Amey Ameyáe Ameysse AMEZ Amez AMEZAGA Amezarri Amezazurra Amezcua Amezola AMEZOLA Am‚zqueta Amezqueta AMEZQUITA Amezti Ameztoy Ami Amiama Ami n Amiand Amiani Amiano Amiard Amiart Amiat Amiaud Amic Amicarelli Amich AMICH Amichetti AMICHETTI Amichi Amici Amicini Amicis AMICK Amick Amickin Amico Amicone AMICONE Amicone Amiconi AMICONI Amicosante AMICUCCI Amicucci AMICUCCI Amicus Amidei Amideus Amidieu Amidon AMIDON Amieba Amiehl Amiel Amiell Amies Amiet Amieva Amigas Amiger Amighetti Amighini AMIGO Amigon Amigoni AMIGORENA Amigot Amigotti Amiguet Amil Amilburo Amilburu Amill AMILPAS Aminde Amion Amiona Amioni Amiot Amiotte Amique Amira Amiral Amirant Amirante AMIRANTE Amirat AMIRAULT Amirault Amiraut Amireaux AMIRI Amirii Amirola AMIS Amis Amison Amiss Amisse AMITRANO Amke Amling AMLOT Amlung AMM Amm AMMAN Amman Ammann Ammazzalorso AMMAZZALORSO AMME Amme Ammelin Ammelunc Ammelunk Ammen Ammendola AMMENTORP-SCHMIDT Ammerbach Ammerbacher AMMERMAN Ammersbach Ammerson Ammetman Ammiano Ammirante AMMIRATI Ammirato Ammon Ammond Ammonds AMMONS Ammort Ammorth Ammoun Ammoune Amnot AMO Amodai Amoday AMODEI Amodei Amodeo AMODEO AmodŠo Amodeus Amodie AMODIE Amodio AMODIO Amodo Amodio AMOEDO AMOIA Amolsch Amolusig Amon Amond Amonet Amonett Amonette Among Amonnet Amor AMOR AMORATIS Amore Amorelli Amorello AMORELLO AMORENA AMORES Amoretti AMORETTI Amoreux Amori AMORI Amori Amoric Amorielli Amoriello AMORIELLO AMORIM Amorim AMORIN Amorin Amor¡n Amorini Amorino Amorique Amorise Amormino AMOROCHO AMOROS Amoros Amor¢s Amorosa Amorose Amoroselli Amorosi Amorosine Amorosino Amoroso AMOROSO Amorotto Amoroz Amorozzo Amort Amortegui Amoruso AMORUSO Amory Amos AMOS Amosen Amosetegui Amoss Amossen Amostegui Amott Amour Amoureux Amoury AMOZURRUTIA Ampara Amparan Amparo Amperg Ampfer AMPHLETT Amphous Amphoux Ampie Ampilly Ampleford Ampleforth Ampleman Amplemant Amplement Amport AMPUDIA AMPUERO Amrain Amrehn Amrein Amrhein Amrhine Amrhyn AMRINE Ams Amá Amsalem Amsberg Amsbert Amschel Amsden Amselem Amsellem AMSINGER AMSLER Amson Amstein AMSTER Amster AMSTUTZ Amthor AMTMANN Amtmann Amtor Amtower Amturm AMU Amueiro Amun tegui Amundarai Amundarain AMUNDSEN Amundson Amuri AMUSO Amussen Amutegui Amy Amyard Amye Amyet Amyeux Amyot Amyotte AMYOTTE Amyotte Amys Amysone AMYX Ana Anabal Anabales ANABALON Anabal¢n Anabidarte Anabilis Anabitarte Anable Anacker ANACLETO Anadale Anadell Anagnos Anagnost Anagnosto Anagnostopoulos Anagnostopolou Anagnostou Anai Anaker Analco A¤alco A¤ n Anandale ANANIA A¥A¥OS Anascar A¤asco Anasco A¤asco ANASOVITCH Anast Anastacio Anastasatos Anastasi ANASTASI Anastasia Anastasiades ANASTASIO Anastasio Anastasiu Anastasius Anastasopoulos Anastasoula Anastasuyk Anastasyeff Anastasyevitch Anastatius Anastazii ANASZKIEWICZ Anatolie ANAVI Anavitarte ANAVITARTE Anawalt Anaya A¤azco ANCA ANCAINI Ancangeli Anceau Ancel Ancelet Ancelewicz Ancelin Ancell Ancelle Ancellowitz Ancelme Ancelot Ancenberger Ancerewicz Anceta ANCHAM Anchelovitz Ancher Ancheri Ancheta Anchi Anchieri Anchieta Anchiondo Anchise Anchondo Anchotegui Anchuestegui Anchundia Anchustegui Anchusteguiecharte Anchutegui Anciania Ancian¡a Ancianidad ANCIANO ANCICK Anciens Ancient ANCIETA Ancieta Ancill Anciola Anciondo Ancira Anciro Anciros Anckelmann Anckenbrand Ancketill Anckrum Ancliff Ancliffe Ancona ANCONA Anconelli ANCONETANI Anconetari Anconetti ANCORA Ancorn ANCOWITZ Ancram Ancrum Anctil Anczewski And ANDA Andahazy Andala Andalino Andal• Andaloro ANDALORO ANDALOUSSI Andalucia Andaluc¡a Andalusia ANDALUZ Andar Andara And raz Andaraz Andard ANDARI ANDARIAS Andarich Andart Andas Andassy ANDAVERDE ANDAYA ANDAZOLA Andean Andeas Andeiro Andel Andell Anden Andena Andenini Andenna Andenni Andenno ANDENNO Anderas Anderaz ANDERBERG Anderegg ANDERER Anderes Anderez Anderiz ANDERKO ANDERLE Anderlini ANDERMAN ANDERMANIS Andermann Andermannsdorf Andernach Anders Andersch Andersdatter ANDERSDOTTER Andersdotter ANDERSEN Andersen Andersnicht ANDERSOHN ANDERSON Anderson ANDERSON Anderson ANDERSON Anderson ANDERSON Anderson Anderssen Andersson Anderst ANDERTON Anderton ANDERZAK ANDES Andes Andeyn Andi Andia Andich Andicoechea Andign‚ ANDIKOETXEA Andikoetxea Anding Andini ANDINO Andion Andirston Andis Andisch Andison ANDJESKI ANDLAR ANDO Ando ANDO Ando And¢ Ando Andolina ANDOLINA Andolini ANDOLINO Andon Andony Andorko ANDORN Andos Andouin ANDOW Andoz Andr„ Andra Andrac Andrach Andracho Andracki Andrada ANDRADE Andrade ANDRADE Andrade Andrae Andraka Andral Andras Andrasch Andrasevic Andrasffy Andrasko Andrasky Andrass ANDRASSY Andrasy Andrat ANDRAUD Andrauld ANDRAULT Andraus Andray ANDRE Andr‚ ANDRE Andr‚ ANDREA Andre„ Andrea Andre„ Andreacchio ANDREACCHIO Andreadi Andreae Andreal Andreani ANDREANI Andreani Andreano ANDREANO Andreano Andreas ANDREAS Andreas Andreasen Andreasi Andreassen Andreassi ANDREASSI Andreassi Andreassich Andreasson ANDREATTA Andreatta Andreavich Andreazi Andreazza Andreazzi Andreck Andree ANDREE Andree Andr‚e Andreen Andreev Andreevskoy Andregg ANDREI Andrei Andreianov ANDREINI Andreini Andreios Andreis ANDREIS Andreis Andreix Andrej ANDREJEVIC ANDREJICKA Andrejovic Andrejovski Andrekovics Andrello ANDRELO Andren Andr‚n Andreol Andreoli ANDREOLI Andreolo Andreon Andreoni Andreopoulos Andreotti ANDREOTTI Andreotti Andreottola ANDREOTTOLA Andreovic Andreozzi ANDREOZZI Andreozzi Andres ANDRES Andres Andr‚s Andres Andr‚s Andrese ANDRESE Andresen Andreshak ANDRESON Andress ANDRESSAKIS Andressen Andretti ANDREU Andreu ANDREU Andreu ANDREUCCI Andreucci Andre—cci Andreucci Andreucetti Andreuchetti Andreus Andreutto Andre—zzi ANDREW Andrew Andrewartha Andrewe Andrewes ANDREWS Andrews ANDREWS Andrews Andrewson Andrey ANDREYEV Andrez Andreze Andrezejewski Andri Andria ANDRIA Andria Andriades Andrial Andrian ANDRIANI Andriani Andrich Andrichak Andrichuk ANDRICK Andrick ANDRIELLO Andries Andriessen Andriesson Andrieu Andrieux ANDRIGHETTI Andrijenko Andrik Andrilli Andrillo Andrina Andrini ANDRINI ANDRINO Andrino ANDRIOLA Andriolese Andrioli Andriolo ANDRIOLO Andrione ANDRIONE Andriopoulos Andriopoulou Andriotti Andris Andrisani Andrisano Andrisek Andrisik Andriss Andrist ANDRIST Andrist Andritzky Andriu Andriulis Andriuzzi Andriuzzo Andrla Andrle Andro ANDROLINI ANDROMIDA ANDROMIDAS ANDRONIKOS ANDRONIS Andropow Andros ANDROSUK Androvic Androw Andrs Andruchin Andruchow Andruchuk Andruck ANDRUKAITIS Andrus Andruscavage Andruschkewitsch Andruschke Andrusek Andrusiewicz Andruskiewicz Andruss Andrusyak Andruszczuk Andruszewicz ANDRUSZKIEWICZ ANDRY Andryeux Andryewicz Andrys Andrysek Andryszczak ANDRYSZEWSKI Andryushchenko Andrzejak Andrzejczak Andrzejczuk Andrzejczyk ANDRZEJEWICZ Andrzejewicz Andrzejewic ANDRZEJEWSKI Andrzejowski Andrzejszczak ANDUAGA ANDUEZA ANDUHA ANDUJA ANDUJAR Andulf Andur Andura Anduraga Andurai Andurain Anduray Andurayn Anduraz Anduri Andurraga Andus Anduse Anduss Anduze Andwender Ane A¤e Anea Aneacker Aneas Anegoll ANEIROS Anelli ANELLI Anello ANELLO Anellus Aner Anert Anes A¤es Anesei Anesi ANESI Anesin Aneslega Anesy Anet Anett Anette Anewanderius Anez A¤ez Aneze Anezin Anfindsen Anfinnsen Anfinsen Anfinson ANFITEATRO Anfous ANFRAY Anfre Anfr‚ Anfrey Anfri Anfriany ANFRIE Anfroy Anfhrer Angal ANGARITA ANGAROLA Ange Ang‚ Angear Angeau ANGEL Angel Angela ANGELA Angela Angelard Angelart Angelasbri Angelats Angelbert ANGELE Angele Angel‚ Angelella Angelelli ANGELELLI Angelelli Angeleri ANGELERI Angelero ANGELES Angeles ANGELET Angeletta Angeletti ANGELI Angeli ANGELICA Angelico ANGELICO Angelicola Angelieri Angelillo ANGELILLO Angelin Angelina ANGELINI Angelini ANGELINO Angelino Angell ANGELL Angelle ANGELLINO Angelly Angelmayer Angelmeier Angelo ANGELO Angelo Angelone ANGELONE Angeloni Angelopoulos Angelos Angelot Angelotti ANGELOTTI Angel•tto Angelotto ANGELOV Angelsen Angelson ANGELUCCI Angelus Angely ANGER Anger ANGER Anger Angera Angerame Angerami Angeran Angereau ANGERER Angerer Angerholf Angeri Angermaier Angermair Angermann Angermayer Angermeier Angermueller Angero Angerom Angerome Angeron Angeront Angerot Angers ANGERSTEIN Angerstein Angerstin Angevin Angevine Angez ANGHEBEN ANGHEL Anghelos Angier ANGIER Angier ANGILBERT Angilella ANGILELLA Angilley Angilo Angio ANGIOCCHI Angiola Angiolillo ANGIOLILLO Angiolina Angiolini Angiolo Angiol•tto Angioni Angis Angist Angitti ANGIULO ANGIUOLI ANGLADA Anglade Anglais ANGLAND ANGLARD Anglarer ANGLART Angle Anglem Anglemayer Anglemeyer Anglemoyer Anglerau Angleraud Angleria ANGLERO ANGLES Anglesea Anglesey Angless ANGLET Angleterre Angleure Angley Angleys Anglim Anglime Anglin Angline Anglish Angliss Anglninn Anglo Anglo-Saxon Angluinn Anglum Anglure Angly Anglym Angne Angney Angola Angole Angood Angos Angot ANGOTTI ANGOTTO ANGOVE Angoz ANGRADI Angram Angrame Angran Angrand ANGRESS Angretti Angrick Angrisani Angrisano ANGRISANO Angrom Angrck Angst Angstadt Angsten Angster Angstett Angstler Angstmann ANGSTROM ANGUEIRA Anguelu Angues Anguez Angui ANGUIANO ANGUIER Anguier Anguige Anguil Anguila ANGUILLE Anguio Anguis Anguish Anguisshe ANGUITA Anguix Anguiz Anguizola ANGULO Angulo ANGUS Angustain Angustin Anguysh Anguyshe ANGWIN Angz ANHAIA Anhaiser ANHALT Anhalt Anhausen Anhauser Anh„user Anheiáer Anheiser Anheiáer Anhert Anholt Anhuser Anhuth Ani ANIA Ania ANIA Aniane Aniba Anibal Anibaldi Anich Anichini ANICHINI Anicska Aniczka Anieba Anieva ANILE ANILLO Anin Aninart Aninat Aningson Aniorte Anis Aniscenko Anisius ANISMAN Anison ANISSON ANISZ Aniszewski Aniya An¡z Anizan Anizet Anjabert ANJIMA Anjorand ANJORRANT ANJOS Anjou Anjourand ANKARSTRAN Ankcorn Ankcorne ANKE Anke Ankel Ankell Anken ANKENBRAND Ankenbrand ANKER Anker Ankermann Ankers Ankerstar Ankersterne Ankerstjerne Anketell Anketil Ankettle Ankey Ankhenbrand Ankil Ankill Ankin Anklam Ankney Ankonis Ankor Ankorn ANKRETT Ankrom Ankrome Ankrum Ankwicz Anlach Anleo Anlet Anleu Anley ANLICHTER Anlier Anliers Anliker ANLLO Anloy Anly Anmers Ann Anna Annabel Annaberg Annable Annadale Annae Annahein Annakin Annal Annalia Annall Annalls Annamaier Anname Annameier Annan ANNAND Annandale Annanie Annarella Annarelli ANNARELLI Annarina Annarino ANNARINO Annas Annasohn Annat Annath Annatt Anne Annear Anneare Annebault Annebaut Annechino ANNECHINO Annecke Anneke Annella Annen Annenberg ANNENKOFF Annensohn Anner Anneraud Annereau Annerl Anneron Anners Annes Annese Anneser Annesi ANNESLEY Annesley ANNESS ANNESSI Annet Annett ANNETTA Annetta Annette Annetts ANNEVELD Anneys Annezin Annhuser Annianus Annibal Annibaldi ANNIBLE Annible Annichi Annichiarico ANNICHIARICO Annichiari Annichini Annichino Annico Annier Annikin Annin Anning Annio Annion ANNIS Annis Anniss Annisson Annler Anno Annolf Annon ANNONI Annor Annore Annott ANNOTTI Annoual Annuelle Annunciaso Annunciato Annunziata ANNUNZIATA Annunziata Annunziato Annunziazione Annunzio ANO ANOCIBAR Anoff ANON A¥ON A¤¢n A¤orga A¤os Anot Anoufriev ANOUSAKIS Anquer ANQUETIL Anquetil Anquetin Anquier Anrig ANRIG Ansa Ansalda Ansaldi ANSALDI Ansaldi ANSALDO Ansaldo Ansaldonus Ansaldus Ansalewicz Ansalone ANSALONE Ansaloni ANSALVISH Ansara Ansard Ansardi ANSARDI Ansardo ANSARI Ansart ANSART ANSAY Ansbach Ansbacher Ansbert Ansboro Ansbro Anschau ANSCHAU Anschel Anschell Anschelm Anschitz ANSCHUTZ ANSCHšTZ Anschtz ANSCOMB ANSCOMBE Anseau Ansede Ansedes Anseeuw Ansehelmus Ansel Ansele Anselin Ansell Anselm Anselme ANSELMI Anselmo ANSELMO Ansems Anserme Anset ANSETH Ansett Ansgot Anshel Anshell Anshelm Anáhelm Anshelm Anáhelm Anshelmi Anshelmus Ansill Ansine Anske Ansl ANSLEY ANSLOW ANSO Anso Ansoald ANSOAR ANSOATEGUI Ansoategui Ansohn Ansola ANSON Ansone Ansons Ansoregui ANSORENA Ansorregui Ansotegui Ansovino Anspach Anspacher Anspaugh Ansquer Anss Anssart Anst„d Anstadt Anstaedt Anstase Anst„tt Anstatt Anst„tt Anstayse Anstead Ansteadbrook Ansted Anstedt Anstee Anstein Anstett ANSTEY Ansteys Anstice Anstie Ansties Anstine Anstis Anstise Anstiss ANSTRUTHER Ansty Ansuain Ansuald Ansuategui Ansuino Ansures Ans£rez Answald Answalt Answer Anszewski Anta ANTABLIAN ANTADILLAS ANTAL Antala Antalak Antalek Antalkova Antalocy Antalocz Antaloczy Antanovich Ant o Antara ANTAS Antcliff Antcliffe Antczak ANTE Anteaume Antebush Antell Antellaky Antelme ANTELO Anten Antenbrinck ANTENBRING Antenbring Antenbrink Antener Antenner Antenori ANTEQUERA Anter Antera Anteri Antero ANTERO Anterola ANTES Antes Anteume Anthaloczy Anthamatten Anthe Antheaume ANTHES Anthes Anthiaume Anthingk Anthiome Anthoine Anthoinette Anthoney Anthoni Anthonie Anthonies Anthonius Anthons Anthonsen Anthonson Anthonus ANTHONY Anthony ANTHONY Anthony Anthoula Anthram Anti Antia Antic Antica ANTICA Anticevic Anticevich Antich Antichi Antichievich Antici Anticievic Antico ANTICO Antico ANTICOLI Antidormi ANTIDORMI Antdromi ANTIG Antigua ANTILL Antill ANTILLON Antin ANTING Anting ANTINGHAM ANTINORI ANTINORO Antinoro Antinucci ANTINUCCI Antioch Antiochia Antioquia ANTIOQUIA ANTIPAS Antiquissimum Antis Antishead Antkowiak Antkowna ANTLE Antley Antliff Antlingen Anto Antoce Antoci Antoczi Antoinat Antoine Antoine-Sylvain Antoinet Antoinette Antoinie ANTOL Antola Antolak Antolchich Antolczyk ANTOLDI Antolek Antolick Antolik ANTOLIN ANTOLINEZ Antolini ANTOLINI Antolkiewicz Antolkovic Antolkovich Antolok Antolski ANTOMATTEI Anton ANTON Anton Ant¢n Antona Antonacci ANTONACCI Antonaglia Antonbrink Antonczyk Antonelli ANTONELLI Antonelli Antonen Antonenko ANTONES Antonescu Antonet ANTONETTI Antonetto Antonetz Antoney ANTONGIORGI Antoni ANTONI Antoni Antonia Antoniacci Antoniak Antoniazzi ANTONIAZZI Antoniazzi Antonic Antonich Antonielli Antonietti ANTONIETTI Antonietto Antoniewski Antonijevic ANTONIJOAN Antonillo Antonin Antonina Antonini Antoninich Antonino ANTONIO Antonio Ant“nio Antonioni Antoniotto Antoniou Antonison ANTONISSE Antoniszczak ANTONITTO Antoniuk Antonium Antonius Antonnicola Antonov Antonovic Antonovich ANTONOWICZ Antonowicz Antons Antonsen Antonson Antonsson Antonucci ANTONUCCI Antonwicz ANTONY Antony ANTOON ANTOS Antos Antosik ANTOSZ Antoszczyk ANTOSZEWSKI Antowski Antraigues Antram Antrim ANTROBUS Antrom Antropik Antropov Antrum ANTTOINE Antu Ant£n Antuna Antu¤a ANTU¥ANO Antu¤ano Antunes ANTUNEZ Ant£nez Ant£¤ez Ant£nez Antunovich Antuone ANTUS Antweiler ANTWILER Antwiler Antwine Antwis ANTWORTH Antz Anufryjew Anundr Anundsen Anunsen ANUSCAVAGE Anuth ANVER Anvitate Anwander Anwandter ANWAY Anweil Anwender Anyan Anyon Anyos Anza ANZAI Anzaldi ANZALDI ANZALDO Anzaldo Anzaldua Anzalone ANZALONE Anzaloni Anzanelli Anzani ANZANI ANZANO Anzano Anzar Anzara Anzardi Anzardo Anzberger Anzelewicz Anzelmi ANZELMO Anzenberger Anzer Anzevino Anziani ANZIANO Anzillotti Anzilotti ANZILOTTI Anziola Anzivino Anzoain Anzoino Anzoise Anzoiso ANZOLA Anzovino Anzu Anzuain Anzu‚ Anzueta ANZULOVIC Anz£rez ANZURIZA Aoiz AOKI AONO Aonso Aonzo Aosta Aoust Aoustet Aoustin AOYAMA APA Apadam Apaizechea Apalategi Apalategui APALATEGUI APANAVICIUS APAP Apar Aparici APARICIO Aparisi Aparisio Apariz Aparizio APARK Aparo APASEO APASTILLAR Ape Apecech Apeceche Apecechea Apeche Apechechea Apecz APEL Apelbe Apelforde Apell APELLANIZ Apellaniz Apellidos Apelyard Apelyerd Apenbrinck Apenbrink APERREGUI Aperstaedt Apesechea Apestegui Apetche Apethorpe Apeztegui Apezteguia Apfel Apfelbach Apfelbauern Apfelbaum Apfelman Apfeltranger Apfeltrangen Apfler Apfolter APGAR Apgar Apgardt Apgart Aphan Aphelowe Aphelowin Apholz Api Apia Apice APICELLA Apicelli APICELLI Apicesi Apich Apilia Apion Apione Apitsch Apitz Apkin Aplanalp Apley APODACA APOLANT Apolda Apolde Apoldo APOLINARIO Apolito APOLITO Apollini Apollo Apolloni Apollonii APOLLOS Apolo Apolonia Apolonio Apone Aponense APONIK Apono APONTE Apor Apostel Apostle APOSTOL Ap¢stol Apostolakis Apostolakinos Apostolides Apostolidis Ap¢stolo APOSTOLOFF - BOYARIN Apostolopoulos Apostolopoulous Apostolos Apostolou App APPE Appe APPEL Appel Appelbaum Appelbee Appelbi Appelbohm Appelbom Appeld Appele Appeley APPELGREIN APPELHANS Appeli Appelius Appell Appelle Appello APPELLO Appelman Appelmann Appelt Appelzoller Appenbrink Appenrodt Appenseller Appens”ller APPENZELLER Apperlee Apperley Apperson Appiani Appice APPICE APPIGNANI APPIO Appisi APPIUS Apple Applebaum Applebee Appleberry Applebie Appleby Applebye APPLEDORE Appleford APPLEGARTH APPLEGATE APPLEQUIST APPLER APPLETON APPLEWHITE Appley Appleyard Appli APPLIN Appold APPOLLONI Appoltz Apponyi APPRATTO Apprecht Appreth Apprich Apprile Apprill Apps Appsay Appt Appuhn Appun APPUNN Aprahamian Aprahamyan APRAIZ APREA APRENTICE APRESA APRICENA APRIL April Aprile APRILE Aprili Aprilis Apruzzi Apruzzo Aps Apsay Apse Apsel Apsey Apsley Apsolon Apt Apted Apthorp Aptid Aptt APUZZO Aqil AQUADRO Aquafesca Aquali Aquaviva AQUAVIVA Aquil AQUILA Aquila Aquilani AQUILANTE Aquilante AQUILANTE Aquilanti Aquilar AQUILES Aquili Aquilina Aquilino AQUILINO Aquilone AQUINO Aquino AQUINO Aquiriain Aquirre Aquirrieian Aquisti AQUITANIA Aquitan¡a Ar ARA ARAB Arabajian Arabehety Arabela Arabera Arabes Arab¡ Arabi Arabia Arabic Arabic-speaking Arabio Araca Aracaldo Arace ARACE Aracel Aracena Araciel ARACIL Araco ARACO Arada Aradilla ARADILLAS Arado ARADO Aradoi Arados Aradoy Araez Arafa Arafat ARAFILES Aragall Aragana ARAGAO Aragay ARAGNO Arago ARAGO Arago Aragoi ARAGON Aragon ARAGON Arag¢n Aragona Aragonais ARAGONCILLO Aragone ARAGONES Aragones Aragonese Aragonesi ARAGORRI Arag£n Aragun ARAGUNDE Aragunde Aragundi ARAGÇO Arahuete Arahuetes ARAI Araica Araico Arailh Araille ARAIZ Araiz ARAIZA ARAKAWA Arakelian ARAKI ARALDI Araluce Araluze Aram Arama Aramaic ARAMAYO Arambarri Arambarria Aramberri Arambul Arambula Ar mbula Arambulo ARAMBURO Aramburo ARAMBURU Aramendi Aramend¡a ARAMINI ARAN Aran ARANA Ara¤a ARANALDE ARANAZ Aranaz ARANCE Aranceaga ARANCEGUI ARANCIBIA Arancio ARANCIO Aranco Arancoa Arand ARANDA Arandahl Arandal ARANDIA ARANDIGOYEN ARANDO Arandolaza Araneda ARANEO ARANETA Aranga Arangaez Arangas Arange Arangiaen Arangibel Arangies Arangio Arangis ARANGO ARANGOITI Arangoiz Aranguel Aranguena Aranguez Aranguibel Aranguis ARANGUIZ ARANGUREN Aranguti ARANHA ARANIBAR Aranibar ARANIVAR Araniz ARANO Ara¤o Ara¤¢n Aranowski Aransai Aransay Aranski ARANTAVE ARANTES Aranthal Ar ntzazu ARANY Arany Aranyos Aranyossy ARANZA Aranzaga Aranzay ARANZAZU Aranze Aranzeaga Aranzi Aranzibia Aranzio Aranzubia Aranzuegui Aranzueque ARAOZ Araoz ARAPE Araque ARAQUE Araqui Araquil ARAQUISTAIN Arar Aras Arasa Arasanz Arasauz ARATA ARATARI Arau Araud ARAUJO Arault ARAUNA Araundal Araus Araut Arauz ARAUZ Aravena Aray ARAYA Arayo Arazil Arazo Arazu ARAZURI ARAéJO ARB Arb Arbachouskas ARBAIZA Arbaleste Arbalestier Arbalestre Arbalestrier Arballo ARBALLO Arbanieh Arbaretaz ARBAT Arbatur Arbatus Arbaud Arbaugh ARBE Arbe Arbea Arbeau Arbee Arbegast Arbeider Arbeit Arbeiter ARBELAEZ Arbeldi ARBELO Arbengast Arber Arbesu ARBEU Arbey Arbi Arbia ARBIA Arbibi Arbic Arbica Arbico Arbicu Arbie Arbilde Arbio ARBIS Arbisa ARBISO Arbiso Arbiter Arbiti Arbitza Arbiza Arbizo ARBIZU Arbizu Arbizua ARBIZZANI Arblaster Arbo ARBO Arbo Arboe Arbogast Arbogastes Arboine ARBOIT ARBOLEDA ARBOLEYA Arbolini Arbolino ARBOLINO Arbon ARBONA ARBONIES Arbore Arborn ARBOS Arboune ARBOUR Arbrich Arbter Arbuci Arbucias ARBUCKLE ARBUES Arbul Arbulo Arbulu Arbuola Arburo Arburu Arburua ARBUS Arbusi Arbusia Arbussa ARBUTHNOT Arbuthnott ARBUTISKI Arca Arcacha Arcaina ARCAL ARCAMONE Arcan Arcanal Arcand Arcangeli Arcangelo Arcangioli Arcangiolo ARCANO Arcara ARCARA Arcaraso Arcarda ARCARESE Arcari ARCARI ARCARIO Arcario Arcaro ARCARO Arcarola ARCAROLA ARCAS Arcas Arcauri Arcauz ARCAYA Arcayena Arcayna ARCE Arceaga ARCEDIANO Arcega Arcegui Arceiro ARCELAY Arcelay Arcelluz Arcelus Arceluz ARCENAL Arcenault Arceneaux ARCENTALES ARCEO ARCH Arch Archa ARCHACKI Archaga Archaimbaud Archambaud Archambault Archambeault Archanbault Archangela Archanjo ARCHARD Archardta Archbald Archbell Archbishop ARCHBOLD Archbold Archbolt Archbould Arch‚ Archelli Archembaud Archenaud Archenault Archenbold Archenne Archenoul Archepole Archepoll ARCHER Archer ARCHER Archerda ArchŠri Archetti Archeveque Archi Archiaga Archibald Archibeque Archibould Archidiaconi ARCHIE Archier Archieri ArchiŠri ARCHILA Archilaga Archilla Archillas Archillo Archimbeaud Archina Archinela Archini Archipenko Archipov ARCHITEKT Archivo Archo Archpoole Archu Archubi Archue Archular Archuleta ARCHUNDIA Archushin Arci ARCIA Arcia Arciaga Arciarda Arcidiacono ARCIDIACONO Arcidiacona Arciere Arcieri ARCIERI ArciŠri Arciero ARCIERO ARCIGA ARCILA Arcilla ARCINIEGA Arcino Arciola Arcioles Arcioni ARCIS ARCISZEWSKI ARCO Arco ARCOCHA Arcola ARCOLEO Arconati ARCONDO Arcone ARCONES Arconi Arconneur Arconte Arconti ARCORACI Arcoraci Arcore Arcori Arcos ARCOS Arcucci Arcudi ARCUDI Arculus Arcuni ARCUNI Arcuri ARCURI Arcushin Arcusin ARCUTI Ard Ard Arda ARDAGH Ardaistegui Ardaiz Ardall Ardanay Ardanaz Arde ArdŠche Ardeche Ardelt Arden Ardennes Ardente Ardenti ARDERIUS ARDERNE Ardes Ardhill Ardi Ardiccioni ARDID ARDIFF ARDIGO ARDILA Ardilio Ardill ARDINE ARDINGER Ardini Ardino Ardis Ardisan Ardisana Ardison Ardissone Ardissoni Ardita Arditi Ardito ARDITO Ardiz Ardizi Ardizio Ardizzi ARDIZZI Ardizzola Ardizzoli Ardizzon Ardizzone ARDIZZONE Ardizzone Ardizzoni Ardneill Ardoan Ardobi ARDOIN Ardoin Ardoini Ardoino Ardolino ARDOLINO Ardoll ARDON Ardon Ardonceau Ardoncel Ardouin Ardovini Ardovino ARDOVINO Ardoy Ardren Ardrizzo Ardron Ardry ARDUENGO Arduengo Arduilio Arduin ARDUIN Arduini Arduino Arduo Ardura ARDUSER Ardwin Are Area Areaga AREAL Are n Areano Areanza AREAS Arebalo AREBALO Ar‚balo Arecana Areces ARECHA Arecha Arechabaleta ARECHAGA Ar‚chaga Arechaga Arechavala ARECHAVALETA ARECHE Areche Arechea Arechia Arechiga Arechu Arecia ARECO Areford AREHART AREILZA AREIZAGA ARELHANO Arelio ARELLANO ARELLO AREMA Aren Arena ARENA Arenada Arenado ARENAL ARENALES ARENAS Arenasa Arenasas ARENAZA Arenaza Arenazas Arenazio Arenberg Arencibia Arend Arendall Arendar Arendarczyk Arendarska Arendarski ARENDES Arendes Arends ARENDSE Arendt ARENDT Arendt Arendts Arendtsz Arenella Arenilla ARENILLAS Arenivar Arenoso ARENS Arens Arensberg Arenstein ARENSTEIN Arensz ARENT Arent Arentall Arentse Arentsz Arentz Arenz AREOPAGITA AREOSTATICO Ares Ar‚s Areses ARESO ARESTI Aresti Aresty ARET Aretxaga Aretz AREVALO Ar‚valo Arey Arezaga Arezzi Arezzo AREZZO Arf ARFE Arfert Arff Arffe Arfken Arfmann ARFORD Arfsten Arga Argabright Argabrite Arg ez Arg iz Argaiz Argal Argall Argaluce Argaluza ARGAMASILLA ARGANARAZ ARGANDONA Argast Argaud Argazzi Argelaga ARGELANDER ARGELES Argelich Argell ARGENAL Argenbright ARGENIO Argenio ARGENIO Argenlich ARGENT Argenta ARGENTE Argente del Castillo Argenteri ARGENTI Argenti Argentina Argentini Argentino Argento ARGENTO Argento ARGENTRE Argenziano Argenzio Argerich Argerious ARGESE Argibay Argilagos Argilas Argiles Argill Argin Argi¤ariz Argira Argires Argiri Argiris Argiro ARGIRO Argiroffo Argirolotto Argiropulo Argiros Argisiain Argiz Argizan ARGLEBEN ARGO ARGOLO Argonti Argos ARGOTE ARGOUD ARGOUDELIS Argout Argow Argrippina Argubright ARGUDO Argue ARGUEDAS ARGšELLES ARGUELLES ARGUELLO ARGšELLO ARGšERO ARGšESO ARGUETA Argueta ARGšEZ ARGUEZ Arguiano Arguibai Arguibay Arguijo Arguille Arguilles Arguillo Arguimbao Arguimbau Arguimbaud Arguin ARGUINDEGUI Arguindegui Arguinzain Arguinzaniz Arguinzano Arguinzones Arguinzoni Arguinzoniz Arguiso Arguiz Arguizain Arguiz n Arguizan Arguizano Arguizoni Argullo Argullol Argullos ARGUMANIZ ARGUMEDO ARGUMOSA ARGUST ARGYLE Argyles Argyll Argyros ARHEIT Arhmann Arhold Arholt Arhusiander Aria ARIA Aria Ariail ARIAL Arial Ariale Arian Arianes Ariani Ariania Arianna ARIANNA ARIANO Arians ARIAS ARIAS-CARBAJAL ARIAUDO Arich Arici ARICIAGA Arick Arico ARICO Arie Ariel Arielza Arienti ARIENTI Ariento Arienzale ARIENZALE Arienzo ARIES ARIETA Arieu Arif Arifa Ariganello ARIGANELLO Arig¢ Arigo Arigoni ARIGOT Arigucci Arihood Arija Arijo ARIJON Arij¢n Arila Arilla Arillo Arillotta ARIMA Arimando Arimany Arimon Arimondo Arimont Arin ARINO Arino Ari¤o Arins ARIOCO Ariola ARIOLI Arion Arions Ariquo Aris Arismendi ARISON Arispe Ariss Arissel ARISTA ARISTEGUI ARISTEIGUIETA ARISTI ARISTIZABAL Aristo Aristondo Ariu ARIU ARIZA Arizabalaga Arizabalga ARIZAGA ARIZALETA ARIZCUN Arizmendi ARIZON Arizpe Arizpi ARJONA Ark Arkangel ARKANSAS Arkcoll Arkell ARKENS Arkenstall ARKESDEN Arkettle Arkewright Arkhipov Arkhipyev Arki Arkill ARKINS Arkinstall Arklay Arkle Arkless Arkley Arklie Arkly Arko Arkos Arkrick Arkules Arkulus Arkush Arkwell ARKWRIGHT Arky Arlandes Arlandi Arlatti Arlaud Arledge ARLEGUI Arlen ARLENGHI ARLESS ARLET Arlet Arli Arlia ARLIA Arlin Arling ARLINGHAUS Arlio ARLOT Arlot Arlote Arlott Arlotta ARLOTTA Arlotte Arlotti Arlotto Arlt Arlts Arluin Arluna Arluni ARMA Arma Armack Armacker Armacost ARMADA Armagan Armagost Armak Arman ARMAN Arman Armand ARMAND D'CHATEAUVIEU Armande Armandi Armandin Armando Armandy ARMANI Armani ARMANNI Armanni Armannino Armano ARMANO Armano Armant Armas ARMAS ARMATA ARMATO ARMATOSKI ARMATOWSKI Armaut Armborst ARMBRECHT Armbrest Armbrester Armbriester Armbrister Armbrost Armbroster Armbrust ARMBRUSTER Armbruster Armbrusters Armbruster Armbrster Armbrusters Armburster Arme Armea Armeier Armeke Armel Armelin Armelini Armelle Armelli ARMELLIN ARMELLINI Armenante Armenanti Armenaud Armenault Armend riz Armendariz ARMENDIA ARMENDT Armengaud Armengod ARMENGOL Armengot ARMENGUER Armeni Armenia Armenian Armenians Armenini Armenio Arment ARMENTA Armenta Armentano Armentarius Armentas Armente ARMENTEROS Armenti Arment¡a Armentia Armento Armentos ARMENTROUT Armer Armerer Armerina ARMERO Armes Armesley Armeson Armesone ARMESTO Armeston Armestrang ARMET Armet Armetsted Armfelt Armfield Armgast Armhold ARMIDA Armienti ARMIENTI Armiento ArmiŠri Armiger ARMIJO Armin ARMI¥AN Arminas Armine Arminger Arminia Arminio Arminios Arminot Arminson Armison ARMISTEAD ARMITAGE ARMITT Armley Armmegast Armoa Armocha Armock Armold Armoldin ARMON Armona ARMONA Armond Armone Armoniz Armor Armora Armorial Armorique Armory ARMOUR Armpruster ARMS Armsey Armson Armstead Armster Armston Armstone Armstrang ARMSTRONG Armstrong ARMSTRONG ARMSWORTH Armuet Armuna Armur ARMY Arn Arnaba Arnabal Arnabar Arnabas Arnabat Arnacker Arn ez Arnai ARNAIZ ARNAL Arnal Arnald ARNALDI Arnaldi Arnaldy Arnalet ARNALL Arnall Arnallt Arnaman Arnamann ARNAO Arnao Arnaobidao Arnaouti Arnaoutis Arnaoutoglou ARNAS Arnau ARNAU Arnaud ARNAUD Arnaud Arnaude Arnaudin Arnaul Arnauld Arnault ARNAUT Arnaut Arnay Arnaz Arnbjorn Arncliff Arndell Arndes Arnds Arndt Arndt' Arne Arnecliff ARNEDO Arnee Arn‚e ARNEIL Arneill Arnell Arnella Arnello Arnelo ARNEMANN Arnemann ARNER Arnert Arnes ARNESEN ARNESON Arneson Arnesson Arneswold Arneth ARNETT Arnett ARNETT ARNETTE ARNEY Arnfield Arnfindsen ARNHEM Arnhold Arnholt Arnhoult Arni Arnica Arniello Arnier Arnill Arnio Arnkell Arnketel Arnn Arno ARNO Arno Arnoald Arnoaldi Veli Arnobidao Arnod Arnodt Arnol ARNOLD Arnold Arnoldi Arnoldt Arnoldus Arnoldy Arnoll Arnolt Arnone ARNONE Arnoni ARNONI Arnono ARNOPP ARNOSTI ARNOT ARNOTT Arnouat Arnoud Arnouet Arnoul Arnould Arnoulet Arnoult Arnoux Arns Arnsberg Arnsperger ARNST Arnstam ARNSTEIN Arnstein Arnswald Arnswalde Arnswelder Arnt Arnthorr Arnts ARNTSON Arntz ARNTZEN Arnu Arnue Arnuelas Arnuelos Arnuero Arnulf Arnull Arnuwin Arnwald Arnwalt Arny Aro Arob AROCA AROCENA AROCHA Aroche Aroches Arocho AROLA Arold Aroldo Aroldt Aromando AROMANDO AROMATORIO Aron ARON Aron Arondel Arone Aroni Aronica Aronio Aronne ARONNE Aronoff Aronov Aronovitch ARONOVITZ Aronowicz Aronowitz Aronowna Aronowsiki Aronowski Arons Aronski Aronsohn Aronson Aronsson Arop AROS Aros AROSEMENA AROSO Arostegi AROSTEGUI Arosteguy Arostico Arotxa AROUCHE Arouet Aroux Arouxet Arouze Arouzet Arowme AROZARENA Arp Arpa Arpadjian Arpajian Arpal Arpe Arper Arpert Arpia ARPIN ARPINO Arpio Arpke Arps Arpus Arquellada Arquer ARQUERO ARQUEROS Arques Arqu‚s Arquet Arquette Arquier Arquilla Arquille ARQUILLO ARQUILLOS ARQUIOLA Arquivo ARRABAL Arrac Arrachard Arrachart Arrache Arrachequesne Arrachion Arraco Arr ez Arraga Arragaitz Arragan Arragana Arragou ARRAIAL ARRAIS Arr iz Arrako Arram ARRAMBIDE Arramendi Arran Arrance Arrand ARRANDALE Arrando Arrandolaza Arrandt Arrangoitz Arrangoiz Arranguiz Arranomendi Arrant ARRANZ Arranza Arranzubia Arrar Arras ARRASATE Arrasate-Mondrag¢n ARRASMITH Arrasola ARRASTIA ARRATE ARRATIBEL ARRATIVEL ARRAU Arrauld Arrault Arraz ARRAZCAETA ARRAZOLA Arrazola Arrazubia Arrebo Arreboe ARREBOLA ARRECHE ARRECHEA Arrechia ARREDONDO Arregi Arregues Arreguez ARREGUI Arreguia Arreguin Arregu¡n Arreiol Arreluce Arrenberg Arrend ARREOLA Arresola Arrest Arretche Arretxe Arrezola Arri Arria ARRIAGA Arriagada Arrias ARRIAZA Arriazo Arriazola Arriazu Arriba ARRIBAS Arribeau Arribi Arribilaga ARRIBILLAGA Arribillaga Arricar Arricart Arricarte Arricau Arricauz Arriceta ARRIERO ARRIETA ARRIETE Arrieu Arrieusec Arrigan ARRIGHI Arrigo ARRIGO Arrigoitia Arrigone ARRIGONI Arrigoni Arrigorri Arrigorria Arrigorriaga Arrigorrialde Arrigotti ARRILLAGA Arrimour ARRINGTON Arriol ARRIOLA ARRIORTUA Arripillaga Arriqui Arriscado Arriu Arriumourt Arrius ARRIVE Arrivi ARRIVIELLO Arrizabalaga ARRIZZA Arro ARROBA ARROBAS Arrocet Arrocha ARROGANTE Arrojado ARROJADO ARROJO Arrojo Arrola Arrolategui Arroliga Arroligo ARROM ARRONA ARRONDO Arronte Arrontes Arroqui Arroquia Arrosa ARROSPIDE Arrotia ARROTTA Arrotz Arrotza Arrou Arrouet Arroupe ARROW ARROWOOD Arrowsmith Arroya ARROYABE ARROYAVE Arroyave Arroyo ARROYOS Arrozes Arrozet ARRUBARRENA ARRUDA Arruda ARRUE ARRUFAT Arruis Arruit Arruiz Arrundale Arrupe Arruti Arruy Arruyz Arruza ARRUZZA ARSAC Arsan Arsani Arsant Arscia ARSCOTT Arse Arseman Arsement Arsemont Arsen Arsena ARSENA Arsenault Arsendeau ArsŠne Arsene Arseneau Arseneault Arseneaux Arseneax Arseni Arsenio Arseno Arsent Arshell Arsi Arsilli Arsini Arslan ARSLANIAN Arslen Arsmith Arso ARSO Arson Arsonneau Arsonneaud Arstall Arstill Arsu Art ARTACHE Artache ARTACHE ARTACHO ARTAL ARTALE Artalecu Artalejo ARTALEJO ARTALOITIA Artannes-sur-Indre Artas Artasona ARTAU Artaud Artault Artaut Artaux ARTAVIA Artaz ARTAZA Artaza Artazain Artazo Artazona Arte Artea ARTEAGA ARTECHE Artecki Artelt Arteman Artemann ARTEMIS Arteniso Arteondo Arter ARTERBURN Arterbury Arteri ARTERO ARTERS ARTES Art‚s Artes Artesa Artesani ARTESANI Arteseros Arteses Artesi Arteso Artesona ARTESONA ARTETA Arth Arthaud Arthault ARTHENACK Arther Arthill Artho Arthofer Arthrell Arthuis ARTHUR Arthurs ARTHURTON Arthus Arthuy Arthuys Arthy Artia ARTIAGA Artiaga ARTICA Articha ARTIDIELLO ARTIEDA Artieri Artiga ARTIGAS Artigas ARTILES Artiller¡a Artillery ARTIME ARTI¥ANO ARTINGSTALL Artingstall Artini Artino ARTINO Artinstall Artiss ARTIZ Artman Artmann Artois ARTOLA ARTOLACHIPI ARTON Artona Artoni ARTONI Artonio Artonstall ARTOS Artoys Artrer Artrip Artsu Artu ARTUNDUAGA Artur Artura Arturi ARTURI Arturina Arturino ARTURO Artus Artusa Artusia Artusini Artusio Artuso ARTUSO ARTUZ Artuza Artysz Artz Artzberger Artzt Artzuza ARUFE Arundale ARUNDEL Arundel ARUNDELL Arus ARUTA Aruta Arute Aruti Aruza ARVANITAKIS ARVANITIS ARVAY ARVELAIZ Arvelo Arveschoug Arveskog Arvet ARVEY Arvia ARVIDSON Arvier Arviet Arvin ARVISA Arvisais Arviset Arviso ARVISO Arviza Arvizo Arvizu ARVONIO Arvot Arvyn Arweiler Arwell Arwin Arwome ARWOOD Ary ARY Arychuk ARZA Arza Arzabal ARZAC Arzadon Arzadun Arzaga ARZALAYA Arzalaya Arzalluz Arzaluz Arzamendi ARZAMENDI Arzamian Arzat Arzate ARZBACH Arzberg ARZBERGER Arzberger Arze ARZE Arzemanian Arzeno Arzet Arzi Arzia Arziaga ARZILA Arziumanian Arzo ARZOLA ARZON Arzone Arzoni Arzonie Arzoomanian Arzt Arztmann Arzu Arzua ARZUAGA Arzueta Arzuza Asa Asagoury ASAHI ASAHINA ASAKURA ASAMOTO ASANO ASANUMA Asanza Asard Asaro ASARO Asart ASARTA ASAS Asbell Asbery Asbeth Asbetter Asbil Asbill Asbior Asbiornsen Asbjorn Asbj”rn Asbjornsen Asbjírn Asble Asbolle ASBORNO ASBRA ASBURY Asca¡n Ascain ASCANIO Ascanio Ascano Ascarelli Ascarello Ascari ASCARI Ascasivar ASCASO Asce Ascelin Ascelinus Ascelot Ascencio ASCENSAO ASCENSÇO Ascenza Ascenzi ASCENZI Ascenzo Asch Aschaffenburg Aschaffenburgh Ascham Aschauer ASCHBACHER ASCHBERGER Asche Asch‚ ASCHEBERG Ascheberg Aschenbach Aschenberner Aschenbrand Aschenbranner Aschenbrand Aschenbrenner Aschendorf Aschendorff Aschenfeldt Aschenfeldter Aschenfelder Aschenfeldter Aschenfeldt Ascher Ascheri Ascherman Aschermann Aschero Aschettino ASCHETTINO Aschevold Aschiero ASCHINGER Aschkenasi Aschkenes Aschlemann Aschpergarius Aschperger Aschustegui Ascia Asciano Ascier Asciola Ascione ASCIONE Asciutti Asciutto ASCO Ascolano Ascolese Ascolesi Ascoli ASCOLI Ascorbebeitia Ascorbebeytia Ascorbeveitia ASCOT ASCOTT Ascough Ascroft Ascum Asdahl Asdal ASDOT Ase Asebel Asecroft Asekendorp ASEL Asel Aáemacher Asemacher Asencia ASENCIO Aáenmacher Asenmacher ASENSIO Asfar Asfari Asfor Asfora Asfour Asfura Asgautr Asgot ASH Ashall Ashard ASHAUER Ashauer Aáhauer Aáh„uer Ashbach Ashbaugh Ashberg Ashbolt ASHBORJNE Ashborn Ashbourn Ashbourne ASHBRIDGE ASHBROOK Ashburn Ashburne ASHBURNER ASHBURNHAM ASHBY Ashcom Ashcomb Ashcome Ashcraft ASHCROFT Ashdon Ashdown ASHE Ashe Ashead Asheade Ashel Ashen Ashenden Ashendorf Ashenfelder Ashenfelter Ashenheim Ashenhurst Asher Asherst Asherte ASHETON Aáheuer ASHFIELD ASHFORD Ashgari Ashhurst Ashigara-Kami-Gun Ashill Ashing Ashkanezic Ashkar Ashken Ashkenasi Ashkenasy Ashkenaz Ashkenazi Ashkenazic Ashkenazim Ashkenazy Ashkeri Ashketill Ashkettle Ashkin Ashkinasi Ashlay Ashlee Ashleigh Ashleman Ashley ASHLEY Ashlin Ashling Ashman ASHMEAD Ashmon ASHMORE Ashmun ASHOFF Ashope Ashplant Ashpole Ashpool ASHTON Ashton-under-Lyne ASHURST Ashwell Ashwill ASHWOOD ASHWORTH ASIAIN ASIC Asimakopoulos ASIN Asinarius Asio Asirio ASIS Ask Askam Askanazy Askar Askari ASKE Askel ASKELAND Askell ASKELOF Askenasi Askenasy Askenazi Askenazy Asker Askervold Askervoll Asketill Asketillus Askevold ASKEW Askey Askham Askhope Askie Askild Askildsen Askildson Askilsen Askilson Askilsson Askin Askinas ASKINS Askling ASKLUND Asknazi Asknazy Askonas Askope Askorbebeitia Askren Asktill Askvoll Asla Aslaby Aslak Aslaksen Aslakson Aslaksson Aslan Aslanian Aslanyan Aslen Asler ASLESEN Aslet Aslett Aslin Asling Aslinge Aslinger Aálinger Asman Asmann Aámann Asmann Asmar Asmer Asmir Asmun Asmus Aámus Asmuá Aámus Asmuá Asmussen Asnes Asness ASOCAR ASOMOZA Asorei Asorey Asorin Asorrei Asorrey Asp Aspa Aspall Aspanil Aspano Aspanol ASPARASSA Asparo Aspden Aspe Aspel ASPELMEIER Aspenlon ASPER Asperg Asperger Aáperger ASPERILLA Asperti ASPERTI Aspertini Aspertino Aspery Asperye Aspeshawe Aspeslagh Aspey Aspiazu ASPIN Aspinal Aspinall Aspinell Aspinwall ASPIOLEA Aspiro Aspiros Aspiroz Aspland Asplant Asplen Aspley Asplin Aspling ASPLUND Asprano Aspray Aspr‚ Aspre Aspree Asprello ASPRER Asprer Aspres Asprey Asprier Asprinio ASPROMONTE Aspron Aspurua Asque Asqueu Asqui Asquin Asquini Asquinni ASQUINNI Asquino ASQUITH ASS ASSA ASSAD Assad Assadi Assael ASSAIANTE Assante ASSANTE Assanti Assareti Assareto Assaro Asse ASSEF Assel ASSELIN Asselin Asseline Asselineau Asselle Asselot Asselote Assemacher Assemann ASSEMAT Assenat Assendrup Assen‚ ASSENHEIM ASSENHEIMER ASSENMACHER Assenmacher Assenza ASSENZA Assenzio Assenzo ASSEO Asser Assere ASSERETO Asserin Assero Asseta Assethorp Assetta ASSETTA Assewell ASSEY Asshurst Assi‚ Assier Assimakis ASSINDER Assing Assinger ASSINI Assink Assip Assiratti Assis Assisi Assiz Assize Assmann Assmus Asso Assold Assomption Asson ASSON Assone ASSONVILLE Assorini Assorino Assoro Assump‡Æo Assumpci¢ ASSUMP€ÇO Assumption ASSUN€AO Assun‡Æo Assunta Assunto Assunzione Asswein Assyrians AST Asta ASTA Astacio Astakhov Astapov Astare Astari Astaria Astarita ASTARITA Astaritta Astashonak ASTBURY Aste ASTE Asteciano Astegi Astegui ASTEGUIETA Astell Astellano Asten Astengo Asteondo Aster Asterain Asterio Asterita Astete Asthorp ASTI Asti Astiazarain ASTIAZARAN Astiazaran Astigarra Astigarraga Astill ASTILLER ASTILLERO ASTILLEROS Astin Astins ASTIZ Astle Astles Astlett ASTLEY Astling Astner ASTOL ASTOLFI ASTOLPHE ASTON Astondo Astondoa ASTOR Astor Astorg ASTORGA Astorgat Astorgio Astorgue ASTORQUI ASTORQUIZA Astoza Astrain ASTRAMOWYCH ASTRANA ASTRANDI Astraua ASTRAY Astre ASTRELLA ASTREN Astreux Astrieu ASTRION Astrolago Astrologo Astrom Astrop Astrope Astropp Astros Astrosa Astroso Astroza Astrua Astruc ASTRUP Astrus Astruz Astua ASTUDILLO ASTURIAS Asturias Ast£rias Asturiazaga ASTUTO Asu ASUA Asuar Asuara Asuero Asuey ASUNCION Asuncion Asunci¢n ASUNSOLO Asurdi Asurdia Asurmendi Asusmendi ASUSTA Asusta Asustegui Aswein Aáwein Aswell ASZALOS Atack ATAÖDE ATAIDE Ata¡de Atal ATALA Atallah Ataman ATAMANCHUK Atamanczuk Atamanczyk Atamaniak Atamanik Atamaniuk Atamanski Atamczyk Atanasio ATANASIO ATANCE Atane Atanes Atanowsky Ataodo Ata£n ATAURI Atbury Atchelay Atchele Atcherley Atcherson Atcheson ATCHISON Atchley Atchly Atcock Ate ATECA Ateck Atehey ATEHORTUA Ateie ATELA Atell ATEN Atenasio Atencia ATENCIO Ater Aterrado Ates ATESIANO Atewatr Atfield Atger Ath Atha Athalin Athan Athanaseas ATHANASIADIS-MANOS Athanasio Athanasiou Athanasious Athanasopoulos Athanassiadi Athanassiadis ATHANASSIOU Athanassious Athanaszievich Athans Athawulf Athayde Atheis Athelstan Athelston Athens ATHERFOLD Atherill Atherly ATHERNOUGHT ATHERSMITH Atherston Atherstone ATHERTON ATHEY Athey ATHIAS Athie Athill Athilston Athorn ATHY Athy Athye Atieh ATIENZA ATILANO ATILES Atis Atkenson Atkin ATKINS ATKINSON Atkirk Atkison Atkisson Atkyrke Atlan Atlantique Atlas ATLEE ATLEY Atliss ATLOGICK Atmanowicz Atmore ATOCHA Atock Atondo Atorella ATOUGUIA Atrick Atrill ATSMA Attaallah Attack ATTADEMO Attal Attale Attali Attalin Attallah Attami ATTANASIO Attanasio ATTAR Attard ATTARD Attardi Attardo ATTARDO ATTARO ATTAWAY Attawell Atte Attebery Attebure Attebury Attecherch Attechirche Attefield Attehil Attelaunde Attelmann Attema ATTEN Attena ATTENBOROUGH Atter Attera ATTERBURY Attere Atteridge Atterill Attermann Atterson Attew Attewell Attfield Atthorne ATTHOW Atti Attich Attick Attie Attig Attilia Attimis Attinelli Attini Attino Attis Attiwill Attles Attlesey Attmore Atto Attolini Attone Attonville Attore ATTORE Attorelli Attorney Attorre Attree Attreed Attrell Attride Attridge Attrill Attrills Attryde Attuy Attwater Attwell ATTWOOD Atty Atuna ATWAL Atwater Atwell ATWOOD Atye Atz ATZINGER Atzo Au Au-Mont-D'Or Auad AUAD Auad AUADA Aubain Auban Aubanel Aub‚ AUBE Aub‚ Aube Aubel Aubele Aubellins Aubels Auber Auberle Auberlen Auberli Auberlin Aubert Aubertin Auberton Auberty AUBERY Aubery Aubey Aubiat Aubie Aubi‚ Aubielle Aubier AUBIN Aubin Aubineau AUBINEAU Aubineau Aubinel AUBINOE AUBLE Auboin Auboing Aubon AUBONE Aubone Aubouin Aubour Aubourg Auboyneau Aubracht Aubraie Aubran Aubray Aubraye Aubrecht AUBREY Aubrey Aubri Aubriat Aubricht Aubrier AubriŠre Aubriet Aubriot Aubron AUBROOK Aubry AUBRY Aubry Aubuc Aubuchon Aubuisson Auburge Auburn Aubury Aubus Aubusseau Aubusson Aubut Aubuy AUBY Auby AUCAMP Aucel Aucelli Aucello Auch Auchard Auchart Auchincloss Auchingloss Auchinlec Auchinvale Auchinvole Auchmann Auchner Aucht AUCHTER Auchter Auchterlonie Auchterlony AUCIELLO Auck Auckama Aucke Aucken AUCKLAND Auclair Aucler Aucocke Aucoin Aucott Aucouturier Aucutt Aud AUDA Auda Audan Auday Audby Aude Aud‚ Aude Audebert Audefroy Audelot Audemar Audemard Auden Audenet Auderesch Auderetsch Audergon Audericus Auders Auderz Audet Audette Audi Audia AUDIA Audibert Audiberty Audic Audict Audie AUDIE Audi‚ Audier AudiŠre Audiffr‚ Audiffred Audiffredy Audiffret Audig‚ Audiger Audigier Audiguer Audiguier Audin Audinat Audine Audineau Audinet Audino AUDINO Audinot Audio AUDIRAC Audirac Audirsch Audisio AUDITOR Auditore AUDITORE Auditori Audiune Audivert AUDLEY Audo Audoin Audoir Audoire Audoirre Audol Audoli Audoly Audon Audouard Audoubert Audouin Audoul Audouy Audoy Audoyn Audoynaud Audr Audrain Audran Audretsch Audrey Audric Audricq Audry Audt Auduard Audubert Audy Aue Auemann Auen Auener Auenmiller Auenmller AUER Auer AUERBACH Auerbach Auerbacher Auerhof Auerhoff Auernigg AUERSWALD Auerswald Auerswalde Auf Aufan AUFDERHAAR Aufemberg Aufenberg Auferio Aufermann Auferstandene Aufert Auffan Auffant AUFFANT Auffenberg Auffermann Auffhamer Auffheymer Auffray Auffret Auffrey Auffroy AUFHAMMER Aufhammer Aufheimer Aufieri Aufiero AUFIERO Aufman Aufrai AUFRANC Aufray Aufret Aufroy Aufzeichnung Aufzeichnungen Aufzeichnung AUGADE Augaitis Augan Augant Augard Augarde Augay AUGBORNE AUGE Auge Aug‚ Augeix Augelli Augello Augelluzzi AUGENSTEIN Auger Augereau AUGERI Augery Augesky Auget Augey Augezd AUGHENBAUGH Aughey AUGHEY AUGHTMAN Augie Augi‚ Augier Augin Auglaus AUGLIERA Augnis AUGOOD Augoustatos AUGRAM Augsburg Augsburger Augspurg Augspurger Augst Augstein AUGSTEIN Augstein Augueiz AUGUGLIARO Augugliaro Auguier Auguin AUGULIS Augurelli Augurino Augurio Augurosa Augusciak August AUGUSTA AUGUSTAT AUGUSTATOS Auguste Augusti Augustin AUGUSTIN Augustin Augustina Augustine AUGUSTINE Augustino Augustinus AUGUSTIS AUGUSTO Augusto Augustonelli Augustoni Augustowski Augustus AUGUSTYN Augustyniak Augustynowicz Augustynowski Augustynski Augvay AUHAGEN Auhll Auhlt Aujard Auke AUKERLUND Aukerman Aukett Aukin AUL Aula Auladell Aulagne Aulagni‚ Aulagnier Aulanier Aulard Aulat AULBACH Aulber Aulca AULD Aulde Aulea Aulet Aulette Auli Aulia AULICH Aulich AULICINO AULICK Aulick Aulico AULIE Aulig Aulina Aulinas Aulisa Aulisio Auliso AULL Aull Aulle Aullo Aullon Aulls Auln Aulock AULONITIS Auls Ault Aulton Aultz Aultzeit Aulway AUMACK Aumaille Aumais Aumal Aumale Aumalier AUMAN AUMANN Aumann AUMILLER Aumiller Aumont Aumller Aumllner AUNARIO Aunay AUNE Auneau Aunet Aunger AUNGST Aunillon AUNON Aunon Aunspach AUPART Auperlin Auphan Auphand Auphant Aupperle Auprecht AURA Aura Auramenchuk Auramenko Aurat Aurbach Aurbacher Aureati Auregli Aureillard Aureille Aureillonet Aurel Aureli AURELI Aurelia Aurelio AURENTZ Aures AURET Auret Auria Auriana Auric Auricchio Aurich Aurichio AURICHIO AURIEMMA AURILIA Aurilio AURILLAC Aurillard Aurillon AURIN Aurin Auringer AURINI Aurish Aurit Auriti AURITI Auron Aurore Aurouse Auroux AURRECOECHEA Aurrecoechea Aurrick AURTENECHE Aury Aus'm Ausbach Ausbacher Ausbrooks Ausdahl Ausdal Ausdall AUSDERAU Auseau AUSEJO Ausel Auáem AUSEN Ausensi Ausensio Auser Auáer Auáerer Auset Auseth Ausett Ausheim Ausili Ausilio AUSILIO Auslaender Ausland Auslander Ausl„nder Auslander Ausl„nder Auslee Ausley Ausling Ausloos Ausmann AUSMUS AUSONIO AUSPERGER Ausqui Ausquy AUSSANT Aussel Aussem Ausserer Aussermann AUSSICKER Aussilous Aust Aust-Agder AUSTAD Auste Austel Austen Auster AUSTERA AUSTERBERRY AUSTERI Austernin Austi Austick AUSTILL AUSTIN Austin AUSTIN Austin Austing Austins Austinus Austmann Auston Austorg AUSTRA AUSTRALIA Austria Austria-Hungary Austrian Austric Austrich AUSTRING Austro-Hungarian Austruy Austry Austwic Austwick Autee AUTEN AUTENBRIGHT Autenrieb Autenried Autenrieth Autereau Auteret Auteri Autermann Autero Auterote Auterson AUTH Auth Auth‚ Authiat Authi‚ Authier AUTHIEVRE Authi‚vre Authouard Autie Autier Autieri Autiero AUTILIO Autin Auting Auton Autore AUTORE AUTORI Autori Autoriello Autorino Autran Autrand Autret Autretsch Autrey AUTREY Autric Autricq Autry AUTRY Autry AUTUORI AUTUORO AUTY Autz Auvergne Auvigne Auvigny Auvil Auvilain Auvillain Auville Auvin Auvinet Auvrat Auvraud Auvray Auvr‚ Auvret Auw Auwaerter Auw„rter Auwarter Auwe Auweder Auwencampf Auwerder Auweter Auxais Auxer Auxier Auxili Auxilia Auxion Auxtier AUYON AUZ AUZA Auzanet AUZANNE Auzanne Auzanneau Auzanot Auzeau Auzel Auzelous AUZENNE Auzenot Auzet Ava AVAGLIANO AVAGNANO AVAKIAN Avalis AVALLE Avalli Avallon AVALLONE AVALOS Avance Avancini Avancino Avancon Avant Avants AVARD Avare Avarello Avaria Avarila Avario AVARISTA Avaro Avasis Avataneo Avati Avaza Avazis Avchen Avdakov Avdalas Avdalian Avdalovic Avdalovich Avdonin Avdonkin Avdulov Ave Aveanut Aveanux Avecilla Avedan Avedon Aveggio Aveira AVEIRO Aveiro Avelar AVELEYRA Avelin Aveline AVELING AVELINO AVELLA Avell n Avellan Avellanas AVELLANEDA Avelli AVELLINO Avello AVELLO Avello Avellon Avellone Avelyn Avemarg Avemark AVENA Ave¤a Avenabolo Avenale AVENALL Avenant Avenard Avenas Avenati Avenaut Avenaux Avendano Avenda¤o AvŠne Avenel Avenell Avenella Avenelle Avenelles Avenet Avenetti Avenevoli Aveni AVENI AVENIA Avenia AveniŠre Avenin Avenmarg Avenmark Avenmartz AVENS AVENT Avera AVERA Averay Averbach AVERBECK Averbeck Averbuch AVERELL Averett Averhagen Averhoff Averhoult Averies Averil Averill Averit AVERITT Averkamp Avernell Avero AVERO Averous Averoux Aversa AVERSA Aversano Avery Averza Averzano Aves Avesa Avesnes Avet Aveta Avetisian AVETOOM Avetta Avey AVEYARD Aveyron Avez Avi Avice AVICOLLI Avid Avidan Avidon Aviet Avignant Avigni Avignon AVIGNONE AVILA Avila AVILA AVILES AVILEZ Avill AVILLION AVIMELEH Avin Avi¤a Avina Avinain Avinata Avinen Avino AVINO Avi¤o Avirett Avis Avison Aviss Avit AVITABILE Avity AVNER Avocat Avogadri AVOGADRI Avogadro Avogadro's AVOLA AVOLIO Avon Avona Avonale Avondano Avonde Avondetto Avondo Avondoglio Avondon Avoni Avory Avoust Avoustin Avrahami AVRAM Avramosvsky Avramov Avramovic Avramovich Avramowitz Avreamov Avrett Avrial AVRIGIAN Avril AVRIL Avril Avrile Avrill Avrillier Avrillon Avrit Avrith Avseev AVVAMPATO Avy Aw Awad Awbery Awborn Awbourne Awde Awdith Awdokies Awdrey Awdrie Awdry Awe Awen Awer Awerbuch Awerkamp Awerschwald AWEZEC AWISZUS Awluck Awtey Awtry Awty Ax Axall Axam Axcil Axe AXEL Axelius Axell Axelrad Axelrod Axelson Axelsson Axemacher Axen Axenmacher AXER Axer AXFORD Axhalm Axham AXHELM Axhope Axhorn Axinn AXLEY Axmacher Axmann Axner Axon Axpe Axsom Axson Axstell AXT Axtel Axtell Axten Axtens Axthelm Axtill Axtner Axton Axubita Axup Ay AY Aya Ayabarreno AYALA Ayalde Ayaldebarrena Ayardi Ayarra Ayarragaray Ayars Ayarsa AYARZAGOITIA Ayaso Ayasse AYBAR Aych Aychenlin AYCOCK Aycord Aycort Aycoryd Aycourt Aydelot Aydelott Aydes Aydlett AYDON Aye Ayecke Ayen Ayendi Ayensa Ayer Ayerbe Ayerde Ayerdi Ayerdipea Ayerdis AYERDIS Ayerra Ayerre Ayers Ayersa AYERST Ayerza Ayes Ay‚s Ayesa AYESTA AYESTARAN AYESTAS Ayestas Ayet Ayette Ayffre Aygner Ayguabibas AYGUAVIVES Aykerode Aykman AYKROYD Aykroyd Aylagas AYLAND Aylard Aylen Ayler AYLES AYLESBURY AYLESWORTH Aylett Ayliff Ayliffe Aylin Ayling AYLLON Ayll¢n Ayllon AYLMER Aylmer Aylmere Aylmore Ayloff Ayloffe Aylor Aylott Aylsworth Ayluardo AYLWARD Aylworth Aymami Aymani Aymar Aymard Aymaz AYME Ayme Aym‚ Ayme Aymer Aymeret Aymerich Aymers Aymes Aymon Aymond Aymone Aymonic Aymonier Aymonin Ayn‚ Aynes AYNES Aynesley Aynesworth AYNSLEY Aynsley AYO Ayola Ayon Ayora Ayorea Ayoroa Ayosa Ayot Ayotte AYOUB Ayoza AYR Ayral Ayrald Ayrau Ayraud Ayrault Ayre Ayrea Ayres AYRES Ayreshire Ayria Ayris Ayrshire Ayrton Ayscough Ayscue Aysh Ayshcombe AYSON AYTON AYUD Ayuda Ayudarte Ayude Ayuela Ayuntamiento AYUSO Ayza AZA Aza AZABACHE Azaceta Azagoitia Azagoury AZAGRA Azagra AZAMAR AZAMBUJA Azan AZANCOT Azanza AZAR AZARA Azara Azarate Azaravich Azard Azaret Azareta Azarete Azarevich Azari Azario AZARLOZA Azarraga Azbell AZBILL AZCAIN Azca¡n Azcanio Azcano AZCARATE AZCARAY AZCARRAGA Azcoa Azcoita Azcoiti Azcoit¡a Azcoitia AZCON AZCONA Azcorbe Azcorbebeitia AZCORRA AZCUE Azcue Azcutia Azcuy Aze Azeau Azeglio Azelin AZEVEDO Azevedo AZEVEDO ATHAYDE AZEVEDO E CASTRO AZHDERIAN Azicri Azikri Azilin Azios AZIZ Aziz Azize Azkari Azkorbebeitia AZLOR Azmitia Azmuhs Azmus Aznar AZNAR Aznaran AZNARES Aznares AZNAREZ Aznariz AZNAVOORIAN AZNOE Azo AZOCAR AZOFRA Azoge Azogue AZON AZOPARDO Azorey AZORIN AZOTEA AZPEITIA Azpeit¡a Azpiazu Azpilcueta Azpiri AZPIROZ Azpiroz Azpitarte Azpitia Azpurua AZRAK Azria Aztiasuran AZUA AZUAGA Azuara Azube Azubel Azue Azuel Azuela Azuelo Azuero Azuey AZULAY Azur Azura Azurabarrena Azurdia Azurdiaga Azurdui Azure Azuri Azurmendi AZWALINSKY Azzanelli Azzano Azzara AZZARELLI Azzarelli Azzarello Azzarelo Azzaretti Azzari AZZARI Azzarini Azzarino Azzario Azzarita Azzariti Azzarito AZZARITO Azzaro AZZARO Azzaro Azzarri Azzati Azzato AZZATO Azzi AZZINARI AZZINARO Azzini AZZINNARI Azzio Azzo Azzolina Azzolini AZZOLINI Azzolino Azzone Azzopardi AZZOPARDI code of arms Azzurri Azzurrini Azzurro

AM - AZ coat of arms / family crest

AA - AM coat of arms / family crest

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