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The Meanings Behind the Symbols: Family Crests, Blazons, Coat of Arms, Personalized Crests

The Meanings Behind the Symbols


What does it mean if your family coat of arms bears a red stag’s head?

The pieces of art shown on this page can be purchased individually for $9.00 each. Email me at: familycrests@gmail.com if you would like to purchase one.

NOTE: the following meanings and descriptions were taken from a variety of sources, some of which have different meanings shown. The most common meanings (in my opinion) are given, but heraldic scholars may vary in the their opinion concerning the reliability of any "commonly held" historic meanings for crests and family coats of arms.



Some colors even have unique meanings in a Coat of Arms or “family crest”: 

Gold (Or)

An elevated mind or Generosity

Silver or White (Argent)

Sincerity or Peace

Red (Gules)

Military Fortitude, Magnanimity, Martyr or Warrior

Blue (Azure)

Loyalty or Truth

Green (Vert)

Hope, joy, and sometimes loyalty in love

Black (Sable)

Constancy or sometimes Grief

Purple (Purpure)

Royal Majesty, sovereignty and justice

Orange (Tenne or Tawny)

Worthy Ambition

Maroon (Murray or Sanguine)

Patient in battle, and yet victor



Shields or Crests containing furs, suggest a mark of dignity. Representing the fur coat of the Weasel is common.