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Burke's Armorial General page xv

Burke's Armorial General page xv

Many spelling errors are shown below because this was scanned and processed with OCR software. I will eventually get the spelling errors corrected.


IIERALDRY. ri, introduced the red rose of Lancaster, which became ever after tho badge of the Lancastrinns, as opposed to the white rose of York. He also had for cognizance the antelope, as well as the silver swan of the De Bohnna When he entered the lists against Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, his caparisons were embroidered with the antelope and swan. Henry of Agincourt carried a beacon and fleur-dc-lis crowned. "Tho white rose, en auleil," denotes the fourth Edward, and "tho white boar," the third Richard. Henry VI. had for badge a Panther, and also two ostrich feathers in ealtire, one silver, tho other gold. His Queen, Margaret of Aajuu, adopted a "daisy," in allusion to her name: " The dsiee o 9oure white and rede, In French called la belle Margarcte." Henry VII. carried " the red dragon " of `'Vales, and also tlvc portcullis as well AS the red and white roses combined, emblematic of the union of the rival houses. " In tho marriage procession of Henry Tudor and Elizabeth of York," says an agreeable writer, " each partizan of Lancaster gave his hand to a lady of the York party, holding a bouquet of two roses, red and white entwined; and at the birth of Prince Henry, the armorists composed a rose of two colours (tho leaves alternating red and white), as an emblematical offspring of the marriage. Horticulturists, too, forced nature into an act of loyalty, and produced a party-coloured flower known to the present day as the rose of York and Lancaster." The same cognizances were used by Henry VIII. and Edward VI., the former of whom displayed sometimes a greyhound courant and collared; and at others, after the scigc of Boulogno, a white swan, the arms of that city. Queen Mary, before her a^ccssion, adopted the red and white roses, but added a pomegranate, to show her descent from Spain; but, on assuming, the sceptre, she took " Winged Time drawing Truth out of a pit," with " Veritas temporis filia" for motto. The badges of Qucc•n ELtz.wETO were the red and white roses, the fleur-de-lis, and the Irish harp, all enaigncd by the royal crown, to which James I. added the So.otti»h thistle. Many of the greater nobility followed the royal example; Beauchamp had "the bear and ragged staff ; " I'it zAlan, " the white horse of Arundel; " Vcrc, " the blue boar; " Pcrc:y, "thc crescent and manaulc;" Stafford and Boarchier, "tho knot." Till-, 110'I"1•O. The Morro is, Recording to G}nillim, "a word, Raying, or sentence which gentlemen carry in a scroll under the arms, and sometimes over the crest." It had its origin, most probably, in the " cri de gnerre," or the watchword of the camp, and its use can be traced to a remote period. Camden assigns the reign of Henry III. as the date of the oldest motto he ever met with, that of William de b`errera, Earl of Derby, who encircled his shield with the legend, " liege, lego ; " and the same antiquary mentions the old seal of Sir Thomas Cavall, who bore for his arms a horse, and for hia motto, " Thomas credite, cum cernitia ejua equam." Other outLoritiee, however, refer to several cases, that of Trafford of Trafford in particular, and carry up the mottoes to u much carlier epooh. Bo this as it may, their general usage may be necnratcly dated, if not from an earlier period, certainly from the institution of the Order of t he Garter; and after that celebrated event they became very general, and daily gained in public favour. During the wars of Henry V., Henry VI., and Henry VIIL, innumerable mottoes graced the shields of the warriors of the time, and in the courtly days of Queen Elizabeth devices were especially fashionable. Mottoes may be taken, changed, or relinquished, when and as often Re the bearer thinka fit, and may be exactly the same as those of other persons. Still, however, the pride of ancestry will induce most men to retain, unaltered, the time-honoured sentiment which, adopted in the first instance as the memorial of Rome noble action, same memomblo war-cry, or a record of some ancient family descent, has boon hnnd; A down from sire to son throne h a long series of generations.

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Last Updated: Dec. 1st, 2021

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