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What do the parts of a coat of arms mean ?

Here is a list of what some of the coat of arms symbols stand for:

ANCHOR: This is suppose to represent hope. ANTLERS: Strength and Fortitude. ARM CLAD IN ARMOUR: Represents a person with qualities of leadership. ARM NAKED: Symbolizes an industrious person. ARROW: Readiness for battle. BATON: Token of Authority. BATTLE AXE: Symbolizes the execution of military duty. BEAR: Strength, cunning, and protection toward one's kin and family. BEE: Efficent Industry. BLACK: (Sable) Consistancy or grief. BLUE: (Azure) Truth and Loyality BOAR: Symbol of bravery, one who fights to the death. BOAR'S HEAD: Hospitality. BOW: Readiness for battle. BULL: Bravery, Valour, generosity. The horns represent strength and fortitude. CAMEL: Patience and perserverance. CASTLE: Symbol of safety. CAT-A-MOUNT: This is a puma, or mountain lion. Represents liberty, Vigilance and courage. COCK: A symbol of courage and perseverance. Considered a badge of a hero. CRESCENT: (A slivered moon) bestoed upon a person who has been honored by his sovereign. CUTLAS: A curved sword usually used by sailors, indicating a warrior of the sea. CYPRESS: Symbolic of death and eternal life thereafter. DOLPHIN: In heraldry the dolphin has scales, and is brightly colored usually green and red or scarlet unless otherwise stated. Is said to represent swiftness, dilligence and love. DRAGON: represents valour and protection. EAGLE: A person of deeds, noble nature, bravery and alertness. EAGLE DISPLAYED: An eagle with it's wings spread, symbolizes protection. EAGLE, DOUBLE HEADED: Protection, the joining of two forces. ESCALLOP: A scallop shell. Signifies a traveler to far away places. Also the symbol of a naval commander. ESTIOLE: A star with six wavy points (looks like a starfish). Celestral goodness, and noble personage. FALCON: Bravery, foresightedness, and leadership. FETTERLOCK: A device used to hobble horses. A symbol of victory. GOAT: Symbolizes a person who wins through politics rather than war. GOOSE: Rsourcefulness. GREEN: (Vert) Hope, joy and love. GRIFFEN (GRYPHON): Valor and bravery. GOLD: (OR) Generosity and elevation of the mind. HAND: Faith, sincerity and justice. HARP: A person with good judgement. HAWK: One who never rests until the objective is achieved. HEART (burning): Intense burning affection. HEART (human): charity and sincerity. HIND: a female deer, symbolizing peace and harmony. HOLLY: Truth. HORSE: Readiness for all events. HORSESHOE: Good luck, safeguard against malicious spirits. LAUREL: Peace and triumph. LION: Dauntless courage. MERMAID: Eloquence. MULLET: A star of five points; represents divine quality from above. OAK TREE: Symbolizes great strength and age. OSTRICH: Willing obedience and serenity. OTTER: A person who lives life to the fullest. PASSION NAIL: A symbol of suffering. PEACOCK: Power, beauty and knowledge. PELICAN: (Usually bleeding at the chest) Represents self-sacrifice, and charity. PHEON: (A large thick arrow head) Readiness for battle. PORTCULLIS: (A fortified gate) Protection in an emergency. RAINBOW: Good times after bad. RAM: A leader, a person of authority. RAVEN: Divine Providence. RED: (Gules) A warrior, brave and strong but generous and just. A martyr's color. ROCK: Safety, protection and refuge. ROSE: Grace and beauty. SALAMANDER: Protection SERPENT/SNAKE: Symbol of wisdom. SHIP: Pertains to sailors, men of the sea or ancient voyages. SHIP: (without mast) Disaster at sea. SILVER: (Argent) Peace and sincerity. SPEAR/TILTING LANCE: An honourable warrior, or vallant knight. SPUR: Gold for a knight and silver for an esquire. Readiness, and preparedness. STAG: (A Male Deer) One who will not fight unless provoked. Symbol of peace and harmony. STORK: symbolizes close parental bond. Viligence if holding a rock. SUN: (In Splendor - with rays and a smiley face) Glory and splendor. The fountain of life. SWAN: Poetic harmony and learning. SWORD: Justice and Honor. TOWER: Safety and grandeur. TREE TRUNK: Symbolic of new life sprouting from old. UNICORN: Extreme courage. VINE TREE: (Grape Vine) Strong and lasting friendship. WHEEL: Symbol of fortune. WINGS: Swiftness and protection. WOLF: rewrd of perseverance and hard work. WYVERN: (A Creature with a dragon head, two legs like a rooster and a serpent tail which is barbed at the end) Valour and protection

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last updated on: September 13 2018

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