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Specific History Bibliography for Surnames

Bibliography for History of Names

Aaron Aarons of Crates, Pennsylvania, from 1820-1980 by Catherine and Paul B. Shannon.

Abbott "The Abbotts of West Virginia" by David A. Turner, "An Abbott Family: A brief Account of the Antecedents and Descendants of Norman and Martha (Tidwell) Abbott" by Ruth Marcum Lind.

Abel "The Abel Keller Genealogy" by Walter R. McCarley and Florence Poe McCarley.

Abell "The Abell Family of St. Mary's County, Maryland and the American Revolution" by William Russell Abell, "Heirs of Eleanor Abell and Thomas Greenwell" by Tillie Whelan Onischak.

Abercrombie "A History of Cole, Shipman, and Allied Families" by Pauline Callaway Sheriff.

Abney "In Search of Kate" by Charlotte Ann Abney Metzger.

Abrams "The Abrams Family Genealogy, 1745-1979" by George Carter Abrams, "The Ancestors of Our Children (and Cousins, Too)" by Maynard Abrams.

Ackerman "The Ackerman Family" by Barbara W. Tobey, "Ackerman Homesteads: A Saga of Ackerman Lives and Times" by Rosa Ackerman Livingston.

Ackley "The Eckler-Ackler-Ackley Family" by Ross A. Eckler, "Dewitt Clinton Ackley, Clarissa Woodworth Ackley: Their Ancestors and Descendants" by Buel Clifford Ackley.

Adair "The Descendants of James Adair" by Miriam Dabbs Adair.

Adams "Adams Family Records: A Genealogical and Biographical History of All Branches of the Adams Family" by J. T. Adams, "Adams, an American Dynasty" by Francis Russell.

Adamson "The Adamson as We See Them" by Jack Stambaugh.

Adcock "Adcock Family and Allied Families" by Mrs. Jimmie Adcock "Adcock Kinfolks" by Robert McClane Adcock.

Addison "The Family of John Addison and Elizabeth Stones" by Herbert J. Addison.

Adkins William H. Adkins Family of American Falls, Idaho, a Genealogy of Ancestors and Descendants of William Harmon Adkins and Linnie Lee Pennington of Elliot, Colorado by Fred E. Sawyer.

Agee "The Agee Register: A Genealogical Record of the Descendants of Mathieu Agee, a Huguenot Refugee to Virginia" by Louis N. Agee, "Our Missouri Ancestors in the Counties of Calloway, Osage, Polk, Dallas, Greene: Age-Agee: The Agee Family" by Barbara Agee.

Ainsworth "The Genealogy of the Ainsworth Families in America" by Francis J. Parker, "Our Ainsworth Heritage" by Lucille Dickinson Ainsworth.

Akin "Ancestors and Descendants of Justus H. Akin of Rensselaer County, New York" by Daphne M. Brownell.

Albert "Links with the Past: A Genealogical and Historical Account of the Albert and Related Families" by Ethel Evans Albert.

Albright "The Albrights" by Shannon D. Albright, "Ancestry of Albright and Holt Families of Clay County, Missouri" by Claribel Albright McClain.

Alderman "Your Family and Mine" by Mattie Ellen Brown Trube.

Aldrich "The George Aldrich Genealogy, 1605-1971" by Alvin James Aldrich.

Aldridge "Aldridge Family Genealogy and History" by Franklin Rudolph Aldridge.

Alexander "The Alexander Family: Early Settlers of Giles County, Tennessee" by Naomah Elizabeth Alexander Lance, "The Alexanders and Descendants" by William A. York.

Alford "The Alford-Drake Family of Middle Tennessee" by Naomi Hailey, "The Alford-Kennedy Family History" by Eileen Alford.

Allan "Military Operations in Eastern Maine and Nova Scotia" by Frederick Kidder.

Allen "The Allen Family: Descendants of John and Amy Cox Allen with Allied Lines" by Lester M. Allen, "Allen and Allied Families" by Dorris Allen O'Neal Dunn.

Alley "Alley Highlights: Yesterday for Tomorrow" by Virginia Miller Carey and Garnet Alley Hampton.

Allison "Early Osbornes and Alleys" by Rita Kennedy Sutton, "Allison, Dewees, Johnson, Scruggs and Other Related Families" by Judith Allison Walters.

Allman "Allman-Allmon: Testaments to the Future" by Thelma E. Kurtz.

Allston "The Alstons and Allstons of North Carolina and South Carolina" by Joseph Asbury Groves.

Alston "The Alstons and Allstons of North Carolina and South Carolina" by Joseph Asbury Groves.

Ambrose "The Blake-Ambrose Family History" by Irma Ruth M. Anderson.

Ames "Ames Ancestry: Europe to Maine" by Agnes H. Ames, "Descendants of Benjamin and Dorcas Ames of Connecticut, 1786-1979: A Genealogy" by Kathy L. DeLong.

Amos "Ancestry from A to Z: Amos Zoll and Related Families" by Eugene P. Amos, "Some Early Families of the Altamaha Delta" by Bessie Lewis and Minnie Tremere Martin.

Anderson "The Andersons of Rowlett's Creek" by W. Clytes Anderson Cullar and Jerry M. Flook, "Descendants of Capt. Henry Anderson, Sr., of Newberry County, South Carolina" by Lucien L. McNees.

Andrew "History of the Andrew Family" by Adelia Brown Elmer, "Thomas Andrew, Immigrant: A Genealogy of the Posterity of Thomas Andrew, One of the Early Settlers of New England" by Laurence Clyde Andrew.

Andrus "Some Descendants of John and Grace (Rude) Andrus of Preston, Connecticut, Lebanon, New Hampshire, Chelsea, Vermont" by Elizabeth Duncan Lee.

Angell "141 Years of Mormon Heritage: Rawsons, Browns, Angells-Pioneers" by Archie Leon Brown and Charlene L. Hathaway.

Applegarth "Skookum: An Oregon Pioneer Family's History and Lore" by Shannon Applegate.

Archer "The Archer Family Genealogical Record" by Julia Mallison Murden, "Growing up Black in Rural Mississippi: Memories of a Family, Heritage of a Place" by Chalmers Archer.

Archibald "Archbold (also Archibald) Genealogy and Selected Family Records and Memorabilia" by John Dana Archbold.

Armentrout "Armentrout Family History 1739-1978" by Russell S. Armentrout.

Armour "A Brief Visit with the Old Folks" by George Taylor.

Armstrong "Ancestry Descendants of Daniel F. Armstrong and Sarah Nutter" by Evelyn Crawford Fenton, "Armstrong Ancestry: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Robert R. Armstrong" by John Edward Armstrong.

Arnold "Ancestry and Descendants of John Chambers Arnold and Mary Elizabeth (Shepherd) Arnold: 1789-1967" by Marjorie Organ Regan, "The Arnold Best, Cullison and Herron Families" by Evelyn L. Strong.

Arthur "Genealogy and History of the Descendants and Ancestory of Richard Henry Arthur and Susanna Coad" by Fred E. Sawyer, "The William Arthur Family" by Robert L. Arthur.

Ash "Ash, Ashe, Stillwell: A Genealogy and History" by John Reid Ashe.

Ashby "The Ashby Book" by Lee Fleming Reese.

Ashe "Genealogy and Letters of the Strudwick, Ashe, Young and Allied Families" by Betsy Lawson Willis.

Ashley "Ashleys of the Old Colony: Based Upon the Research of R. Eugene Ashley, et al." by Robert E. Ashley.

Ashworth "Descendants of George Frazier, Joseph Journey, Patrick Calvert, Thomas Endicott, Sr., John Ashworth, Sr., as They Entered "into this Fruitful Valley"" by Gloria M. Cox.

Atkinson "The Atkinson Family Builders, the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Westward" by Virginia Atkinson Chatelain, "Early Settlers in the Ozarks: A Genealogy of Atkinson, Best, Hall, Phillips, Stokes and Webb Families" by Garner J. Phillips.

Atwood "The Ancestry of One Atwood Family" by Charles A. Atwood, "Genealogy of the Gilbert Atwood Family" by Raymond Thomas Atwood.

Ault "The Ault Genealogy" by Garnet W. Ault, "Daniel Knarr and Lucinda Ault" by Nellie Wallace Reeser.

Austin "The Austin Family of Bennington, Vermont" by Hugh S. Austin, "Austin and Rich Genealogy".

Autry "Meet Our Ancestors: Culbreth, Autry, Maxwell-Bundy, Winslow, Henley, and Allied Families" by V. Mayo Bundy.

Avery "A Family History, Gray-Avery and Related Families" by Lewis and Ruby Gray, "The Groton Averys, Christopher and James" by Elroy M. Avery.

Ayers "Ancestors of Silas Ayers and Mary Bryam Ayers" by Charles H. Ayers, "The Ayers Family: Descendants of William Eayers of Londonderry, New Hampshire" by Azuba Ruth Ward, "The Story of the Ayers Family: Pioneers in the Middle West" by Allan Joy Searle.

Ayres "Ayres Genealogy: Some of the Descendants of Capt. John Ayres of Brookefield, Massachusetts" by Thomas D Ayres, "Genealogy of the Ayres Family of Fairfield County, Connecticut" by James Noyes States.

Babcock "Record of the Ancestors and Descendants of Nathan Burch (1781-1858) and Damaris Babcock (1783-1869) of Brookfield, Madison County, New York" by Harold John Witter, "Slade-Babcock Genealogy" by Carl Boyer.

Bachman "Our Heritage, a History of the Bachmans of Litiz, Pennsylvania" by Pauline Bachman Mann.

Bacon "Three Bacon Brothers: Descendants of Theodore S. Back of Allegany County, New York" by Marian Fox Graves.

Bader "The Bader-Bauder Family of the Mohawk Valley" by Peg Bauder Nielsen.

Badger "Badger and Tankard Families of the Eastern Shore of Virginia" by Austin Kilham and Fannie Clark, "The Daniel Gill Family of Rhode Island: with Allied Families" by Lorraine Gill Cromwell.

Baer "The Genealogy of Henry Baer of Leacock, Pennsylvania" by Willis Nissley Baer.

Bagley "The Ancestry of Marie Loise Harrington and Her Bagley Descendants" by David Harrington Bagley.

Bagwell "Bagwell: The Family History Book" by Pamela Murrell Bagwell.

Bailey "The Bailey Family: History and Genealogy of Descendants of Richard Bailey of Rowley, Massachusetts who came to Michigan by way of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York: 1635-1990" by Jeanne Bailey Ransom, "Ancestors and Descendants of AugustusRudolph and Lucy Hosmer Smith of Elmore, Vermont" by Mariam Parr.

Bain "The Life and Ancestry (including the Bain Family) of John Thistlehwaite Baynes 1833-1891" by Richard C. Baynes.

Baird "A Baird Family in America and Allied Lines" by Joie Baird and Delila Baird, "Francis Baird's American Descendants from 1758" by James T. Baird.

Baker "A Baker Family Genealogy: Pioneers of North Carolina, Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri and Iowa" by Ralph D. Shipp, "The Baker Family of Westbrookville, New York" by Howard E. Case.

Balderston "The Balderston Family, Colora Branch", "Balderston Family History" by Marion Balderston.

Baldridge "Our Baldridge Forebears and Some of Their Collateral Lines" by Chester C. Kennedy.

Baldwin "The Baldwins: From Virginia Westward" by Frank C. Baldwin, "The Descendants of Joseph Baldwin" by Donald J. Sublette.

Bales "Passing the Words Along: A Continuing History of the Alonzo L. Bales Family" by Miriam Halbert Bales.

Ball "Ball Cousins: Descendants of John and Sarah Ball and of William and Elizabeth Richards of Colonial Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania" by Margaret B. Kinsey, "Ball Family Chart" by Charles M. Noble.

Ballard "The Ballard History from 1420 to 1903" by Ballard Family Association, "They Came to Texas: The Family History and Genealogy of Cecil Raymond Ballard and Maurice (Bradford) Ballard, 1734-1975" by C. R. Ballard.

Ballew "William Ballew; His Ancestors and Descendants" by Violet Ann Ballew Walton.

Banks "The Banks Family of Maine" by Charles Edward Banks, "Daniel Black Orrell and His Descendants with the Banks Family" by Robert Stanley Orrell, "The Genealogical Record of the Banks Family of Elbert County, Georgia" by Elbert Augustin Banks.

Barbee "A Study of the Barbee Families of Chatham, Orange, and Wake Counties in North Carolina" by Ruth Shields.

Barber "Ancestors and Descendants of Maj. Hezekiah Barber" by Irene Marshall Barber, "Barber "Grandparents": 125 Kings, 143 Generations" by Bernard and Gertrude Barber Bernard.

Barfield "The Family Directory" by Doris Barfield Sanders.

Barker "Barker-Harland: A Genealogical Study" by Marjorie Harland Barker Diedrich, "Odyssey of the Barkers and the Russells" by Don W. Barker, "West, Barker, Hodges: New York to Wisconsin, 1836-1846" by Beatrice West Seitz.

Barksdale "Genealogy of Part of the Barksdale Family of America" by Sarah Donelson Hubert.

Barlow "Bunches of Barlows: The Descendants of John Barlow of Wilkes County, North Carolina" by Elizabeth H. Michaels, "Haley, Marshal, Betchell, Barlow Genealogy" by Elaine Vertz Smithers.

Barnes "Barnes and Related Families, Past and Present" by Raymond Curtis Barnes, "Barnes Families of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, 1858-1909" by Marjorie Barnes Thompson, "The Westward Migration of One Line of the Descendants of Thomas Barnes of Hartford and Farmington,Connecticut" by Clair Elmer Barnes.

Barney "Descendants of Jacob Barney: Salem, Massachusetts, 1634" by Mary E. Westbrook, "Genealogy of the Barney Family in America" by Eugene Dimon Preston.

Barnhill "Crowe Family (including Barnhill line) History 1700-1972" .

Baron "David and Deborah Barronett: Their Ancestors and Descendants (including the Baron Family)" by Eva Laughlin LeBlanc.

Barr "The Family of Adam and Mary Claycomb/Barr" by Stephan A. Barr, "The Family of Matthew Alexander Barr and Wife Nancy Turrentine Barr" by Alma Fulton Kellum, "John Kendig Barr: His Ancestors and His Descendants" by Mary Alice Burchfield.

Barrett "John Clinton Barrett, Tennessee Settler in the Ozarks: The Life and Times of John C. Barrett, his Family and Descendants" by Ron Pyron.

Barringer "The Forebearers and Descendants of Henry and Abigail Barringer" by Ross Milo Curry, "John Paul Barringer, 1721-1807 of Mecklenburg and Cabarrus, North Carolina" by Sheridan Reid Barringer.

Barrow "The Barrow Family of Virginia" by Mae Belle Barrow, "Ancestry of Elihu B. Gifford (1830-1898) and Catherine Sandow Barrows (1835-1917) of Saratoga County, New York, Buffalo County, Wisconsin, and Spokane County, Washington" by Raymond L. Olson.

Barry "Descendants of John Ambrose Rowe (including the Barry Family), Weld County Pioneer, 1828-1886" by Arliss S. Monk.

Bartholomew "Record of the Bartholomew Family: Historical, Genealogical, Biographical" by George Wells Bartholomew.

Bartlet "Pilgrim, Robert Bartlett, 1603-1676, and Some of His Descendants" by Robert Merrill Bartlett.

Barton "Barton-Green and Related Families" by Ruth Lincoln Kay.

Basham "Jerry Basham and Ellen Higgs: Their Descendants, Ancestors and Related Families" by Omeegene Powers Powell.

Baskin "The Baskin(s) Family, South Carolina-Pennsylvania" by Raymond Martin Bell.

Bass "Ancestors of Moses Belcher Bass, Born in Boston July 1735, Died January 31,1817" by Susan Augusta Smith, "A Backwards Glance" by Jane Parker McManus.

Bassett "Joseph Bassett, Englishman and American" by Barbara M. Anderson.

Batchelder "The Batchelor-Williams Families and Related Lines" by Lyle Kieth Williams.

Batcheldor "The Ancestry of the Families (including Batcheldor) in Hancock County, Ohio" by Pauline Sterner.

Bateman "Descendants of Dr. Elisha Bateman" by Paul Bateman, "Bateman Family Genealogy and Related Lines" by Harris Bateman.

Bates "The Bates Family in America" by Edward Everett Lanphere, "Bates-Jacob and Thomas's Descendants" by Janice Jean Bates Miller.

Battle "A History of the Battelle (also Battle) Family in England" by Lucy Catherine Battelle.

Bauer "Alsace to America: The History of the Bauer Family" by Stephen Francis Bauer, "The Bauer Family; Descendants of Johann Jacob Bauer (1796-1858) and His Wife Mary Elizabeth (Roehner) Bauer (1794-1856) of Union County, New Jersey" by Harriet Stryker-Rodda.

Baumgardner "The Baumgardner Family" by Winifred Beatty, "A Baumgardner Family in America: An Historical Genealogy" by J. T. Baumgardner.

Baxter "Ancestors and Descendants of Jonathan Burris and Mary Jemima Boardman, with Allied Families (including the Baxter Family)", "Baxter-Short, Miller-Gill and Related Families" by Mary Cynthia Baxter Harrell.

Beal "Coombs-Beal-Higgins Family History" by Virginia L. Higgins Rose.

Beale "The Beale Family of Halifax County, Virginia" by Barkley DeRoy Beale.

Beall "Alexander Beall of Maryland, 1649-1744: One Line of Descent in America" by William Hunter McLean.

Beals "The Quaker Yeomen" by James E. Ballarts, "Memoranda of the Early Settlement of Friends in the North-West Territory, and Especially of Thomas Beals" by Gershom Perdue.

Beam "A Branch of the Beam Family Tree" by Katerine Logan Conley.

Bean "Genealogy of the Family of William Watson and Nancy Hoty Bean Roberts" by Richard C. Roberts, "William Bean, Pioneer of Tennessee, and His Descendants" by Jamie Ault Grady.

Bear "The Genealogy of Henry Baer (also Bear Family) of Leacock, Pennsylvania" by Willis Nissley Baer.

Beard "A Beard Mosaic: David Beard and His Descendants" by Virginia Beard Asterino, "History of the Beard, Bedichek, Craven and Allied Families" by Pauline Beard.

Beasley "My Folks: Pritchard, Vaught, Beasley, Sargent" by Thelma Sargent.

Beatty "Descendants of George S. Carrier and Mariah Foresman (including the Beatty Family)" by Wilma May Myers.

Bechtel "The Bechtel Family Encyclopedia" by Barbara M. Dalby.

Beck "The Anton and Rosina Koenig Beck Family and Their Descendants 1844-1979" by Lillie Beck Wasserman, "The Beck-Reinemer Family Tree" by Mrs. Clarence Beck.

Becker "Becker Story" by Dorothy Elaine Hackman Grace.

Beckham "Beckham: With Basic Information on William Beckham, William Beckham Jr., Simon Beckham, et al." by Brainard Sherwin Ferrell, "Beckhams Beckoning" by W. M. Davis.

Beckman "Descendants of Johann Bernard (Barney) Beckmann of Bishop Creek, Effingham County, Illinois" by Rich Schumacher.

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Bedford "New England Bedfords, State by State" by Florance Belle Wight, "Bedfords from Virginia to Maryland and Delaware (some Pennsylvania)" by Florance Belle Wight.

Beebe "Monograph of the Descendants of the Family of Beebe" by Clarence Beebe, "A Harkrader-Hathaway History (including the Beebe Family)" by Charles Briggs Hathaway.

Beeman "The Descendants of Thomas Beeman of Kent, Connecticut" by Gwen Boyer Bjorkman.

Beers "The Beers Genealogy" by Mary Louise Regan.

Beeson "Genealogy of the Daniels Family: Ancestors and Family of John Francis Daniels and Allied Families (including the Beeson Family)" by Hazel Marie McDaniel Daniels.

Belchem "Belcher-Henshaw and Other Ancestry of Richard Townsend Henshaw, 1882-1938, of Rye, New York" by Richard Townsend Henshaw.

Bell "Ancestral Lines and Descendants of Frances Emily (Botsfor, Morse and Jean) (Botsford) Bell" by Doreen Potter Hanna, "Backward Glimpse" by Iris Bell.

Belton "The Family of Edmund Smith Belton in America" by Blair Belton.

Bender "The Tansill, Bender, Callan, Holmeand, and Other Early American Families" by Xavier Bender Tansill.

Benjamin "The Benjamin Families from Columbia County, New York" by R. M. Benjamin, "The Benjamin Family in America" by Gloria Wall Bicha.

Bennet "A Chart of Some of the Ancestors of Benjamin Holmes West, 1861-1919; and His Wife Josepheine Bennet, 1857-1921; and a Genealogy of Their Descendants" by William J. Harrison.

Benson "The Benson Family; Descendants of Isaac Benson and Mary Bumpas, and Allied Families" by Grace Hildy Croft, "Eastmond Benson Genealogy and Biography" by T. L. Eastmond.

Bentley "Bente, Bentley" by Sylvia B. Lee.

Benton "The Benton Family" by Talcott Sebastian Visscher, "Bento-Graves Ancestry" by Blanche Benton Heller.

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Bergman The Korn Legacy (including the Bergman Family)" by Jean Millicent Korn.

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Bernard "Bernard "Grandparents" Back to 300 B.C." by Ted Butler Bernard, "Ellen Elizabeth Haynes: The New England Ancestry of Ellen Elizabeth Haynes (including the Bernard Family)" by Elizabeth Fjetland.

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Betz "The Ancestors and Descendants of Herman Buechele and Mary Rehklau and Michael Kirchner and Barbara Betz" by Ruth Buchele Doerr.

Bickel "The Sheneman-Faust-Bickel-Machling Genealogy" by Allen D. Sheneman.

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