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Kings and Queens of Spain

Sancho III the Great (Navarre) 1000-1035 Ferdinand I the Great (Castile) 1035-1065 (Fernando) Sancho II the Strong (Castile) 1065-1072 Alfonso VI the Valient (Castile) 1072-1073 Urraca (Castile) 1109-1126 Alfonso VII the Emperor (Castile) 1126-1157 Sancho III the Desired (Castile) 1157-1158 Ferdinand II (Leon) 1157-1188 (Fernando) Alfonso VIII the Noble (Castile) 1158-1214 Alfonso IX (Leon) 1188-1230 Henry I (Castile) 1214-1217 (Enrique) Berenguela the Great (Castile) 1217 Ferdinand III the Saint (Castile) 1217-1252 (Fernando) Alfonso X the Wise (Castile) 1252-1284 Sancho IV the Brave (Castile) 1284-1295 Ferdinand IV the Summoned (Castile) 1295-1312 (Fernando) Alfonso XI the Just (Castile) 1312-1350 Peter I the Cruel (Castile) 1350-1369 (Pedro) Henry II the Bastard (Castile) 1369-1379 (Enrique) John I (Castile) 1379-1390 (Juan) Henry III the Infirm (Castile) 1390-1406 (Enrique) John II (Castile) 1406-1454 (Juan) Henry IV the Impotent (Castile) 1454-1474 (Enrique) Isabella I (Castile) 1474-1504 (Isabel) Joan I the Mad (Castile) 1504-1506 (Juana) Philip I the Handsome (Castile) 1506 (Felipe) Ramiro I (Aragon) 1035-1063 Sancho Ramirez (Aragon) 1063-1094 Peter I (Aragon) 1094-1104 (Pedro) Alfonso I the Warrior (Aragon) 1104-1134 Ramiro II the Monk (Aragon) 1134-1137 Petronila (Aragon) 1137-1162 Alfonso II the Chaste (Aragon) 1162-1196 Peter II (Aragon) 1196-1213 (Pedro) James I the Conqueror (Aragon) 1213-1276 (Jaime) Peter III the Great (Aragon) 1276-1285 (Pedro) Alfonso III (Aragon) 1285-1291 James II the Just (Aragon) 1291-1327 (Jaime) Alfonso IV the Good (Aragon) 1327-1336 Peter IV the Ceremonious (Aragon) 1336-1387 (Pedro) John I (Aragon) 1387-1396 (Juan) Martin the Kind (Aragon) 1396-1410 Ferdinand I (Aragon) 1412-1416 (Fernando) Alfonso V the Magnanimous (Aragon) 1416-1458 John II (Aragon) 1458-1479 (Juan) Ferdinand II the Catholic (Aragon) 1479-1516 (Fernando) Charles I 1517-1556 (Carlos) Philip II the Prudent 1556-1598 (Felipe) Philip III the Pious 1598-1621 (Felipe) Philip IV the Great 1621-1665 (Felipe) Charles II the Bewitched 1665-1700 (Carlos) Philip V of Anjou 1700-1724/1724-1746 (Felipe) Louis I 1724 (Luis) Ferdinand VI 1746-1759 (Fernando) Charles III 1759-1788 (Carlos) Charles IV 1788-1808 (Carlos) Ferdinand VII 1808/1814-1833 (Fernando) Isabella II the Glorious 1833-1868 (Isabel) Amadeo I of Saboya 1869-1873 Alfonso XII El Pacificador 1874-1885 Alfonso XIII 1885-1931 Juan Carlos I 1975-

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