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English words that originate from the German language

English words that originate from the German language:

excerpt from: http://sps.k12..mo.us/khs/german/germany/teacher/dttrivia.htm

Adidas - the sport equipment company

Baumanometer - to measure your blood pressure.

Benzin - Carl Benz, automobile pioneer

Berliner - a pastry named for the German capital city

Bunsen burner - from Robert Bunsen, 1811-99, a German chemist who invented it

Camellia - from Georg Josef Kamel, 1661-1706, a Jesuit missionary (Latinized form of his name Camellus) who introduced it to Europe from the East

Cologne - named for a German city; Kölnisch-Wasser, Cologne, or 4711 (after the Glockengasse address)

Diesel - fuel named for a German scientist

Dobermann - are named after a dog-breeder, Louis v Dobermann

Doppler - A German scientist of the Doppler effect fame

Einsteinium 253 - an element named for physicist Albert Einstein

Fahrenheit - Gabriel Daniel Fahrenheit inventer of the Fahrenheit scale for temperature

Freudian slip - Sigmund Freud, Viennese psychotherapist

Gauss - a measuring unit for magnetic force

Geiger counter - from Hans Geiger, 1882-1945, a German physicist and one of its inventors

Gestalt - theory of psychology

Hertz - as in mega hertz - mHz

Köchel/Köchel-Verzeichnis - named for cataloger of Mozart's music

Limburger - a city in Germany and famous for strong cheese!

Lutheran - from Dr. Martin Luther

Mach - Ernst Mach for whom the multiples of the speed of sound are designated

Mendelism - Mendel's law (Gregor Mendel's Vererbungslehre)

Mercedes - the car was named after Mercedes Jellinek

Mesmerize - from Friedrich Anton Mesmer, Austrian physician

Messerschmitt - aircraft named for German aviation pioneer (also briefly produced automobiles)

Möbius (Moebius) strip - named for German mathemetician and scientist August Ferdinand Möbius - Born: 17 Nov 1790 in Schulpforta, Saxony; Died: 26 Sept 1868 in Leipzig, Germany

Mozart-Kugeln - chocolate candy from Salzburg, home of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ohm - from Georg Simon Ohm (1787-1854), German physicist and formulator of Ohm's law for whom the unit of electrical resistance and the ohmmeter to measure it were named

Petri dish - from Julius R. Petri, a German bacteriologist (1852-1921)

Roentgenstrahlen - (X-rays) und roentgen (to X-ray) are named after Roentgen.

Pinscher - a dog breed possibly named after Pinzgau

Poodle - from pudeln ( I know this isn't a name, but it is a little known fact that they are German dogs, named for their water skills

Porsche - Ferdinand Porsche, automotive pioneer

Rottweiler - after Rottweil, a city in southern Germany

Wagner horn - named for Richard Wagner, composer of operas

Wankel - named for the inventor of the rotary engine

Weimaraner - a dog breed named for the city of Weimar

Werther - candy lozenges

Zeppelin - Great airships named for Graf von Zeppelin

Zinnia - from J. G. Zinn, a German botanist

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