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Coat of Arms Mottos

Coat of Arms Mottos


Below is a list of common Family Crest Mottos for several of our coat of arms / family crest drawings. If you don't see your Family Coat of Arms Mottos here, We probably still have it in our database of over 1 million Coats of Arms.

Abbot Benedic fontes, Domine Bless wells, O lord!

Abbot Labore By labour

Abbott Age officium tuum Act your office

Abbott Clamamus, Abba, Pater Whereby we cry, Abba, Father

Abbott Toujours pret, or prest Always ready

Abbs In te, Domine, speravi In thee, O Lord, have I put my trust

Abbs Noli irritare leonem Irritate not the lion

Abdy Tenax et fidelis Persevering and faithful

Abell Invicta veritate By invincible truth

Abercorn Sola nobilitas virtus Virtue is the only nobility

Abercorn Through Through

Abercrombie Mercy is my desire Mercy is my desire

Abercrombie Petit alta He seeks high things

Abercromby In cruce salus In the cross is salvation

Abercromby Tace Be silent

Abercromby Vive ut vivas Live that you may live

Aberdeen Fortuna sequatur Let fortune be attendant

Aberdeen Intemerata fides Faith undefiled

Aberdeen Ne nimium Not too much

Aberdour Hinc spes effulget Hence hope shines forth

Abergavenny Ne vile velis Wish nothing base

Abernethy Salus per Christum Salvation through Christ

Abinger Suis stat viribus He stands by his own powers

Ablett Pro fide ablectus Chosen for fidelity

Abney Fortiter et honestè Boldly and honourably

Abney In veritate victoria Victory is in truth

Abyssinia Vivit Leo de Tribu Juda The Lion of the Tribe of Judah lives

Accorne Stabo I shall stand

Achany Per ardua ad alta Through straits to heights

Acheson Vigilantibus While they watch

Achieson Observe Observe

Ackers La liberté Liberty

Ackworth Vincit qui patitur He conquers who endures

Acland Inébranlable Not to be shaken

Acourt Grandescunt aucta labore The acquirements of industry render illustrious

Acton Avitœ gloriœ memor Mindful of ancestral glory

Acton Vaillaunce avance le home Valour advances the man

Adair I dare I dare

Adair Loyal à mort Loyal to death

Adair Loyal au mort Loyal to the dead

Deo duce perseverandum Jay Deo et amicitiae Forman Deo et principe Lambert Deo favente cresco Bartlett Deo juvante Smith Deo lux nostra Holloway Deo, non fortuna Tilton Deo nos sagittis fido Cuyler Deo omnia plena Gourgas Deo... Ewch Ymlaen Roberts Ex candore decus Goelet, Marshall Ex cruce leo Terry Ex hoc victoria signo Rattray Ex malo bonum Appleton Ex septum unus Ketchum Exaltat humiles Sears Exemplum adest ipse homo Franklin Exitus acta probat Washington Exstant recte factis proemia Coffin... Fortis et judus Middleton Fortis que felix Minshull, Walter Fortiter! Ascende! Caldwell Fortiter et fideliter Brown Fortiter et honeste Hawkes Fortiter gerit crucem Allen Fortitude in adversity Parker Fortitudine Barry Fortitudini juncta fidelitas Bogart Fortitudo Archer Fortitudo et fidelitas Howland... In futura spector Pierce In God I trust Goddard In God we trust Scott In hoc signo vinces Eustace, Henkel, O'Donnell In justitia virtutes omnes Sims In lumine luce Thompson In me mea apes omnis Post In medio tutissimus ibis Cary,... Libertas a legibus Stokes Libertas et patria Giles Libertas et patria mea Giles Libertatem, amicitiam, retinebis et fidem Boylston Libertatem coeo licentiam detestor Hutchinson Liberté toute entière Barker Liberty above all things Brewster Linquenda tellus Boucher Listo Mason Litteras ne despice Willard... Nec quaerere nec spernere honorem Sargent Nec spe nec metu Read Nec sperno nec timeo Coggeshall Nec te quaesiveris extra Harison, Harrison Nec temere nec timide Bulkley, Combe, Cradock, Edes, Ludlow, Pickering, Sanford, Travers, Walker, Wells Nec timeo nec sperno Brown,... Palma virtuta (sic) Palmer Palmam qui meruit ferat Bult, Griswold Par pari refero Wall Paradisus in sole Hubbard Paratus et fidelis Tuckerman Parva segessatis est Cole Patior ut potior Spotswood Patria cara, carior libertas Brown, Endicott, Marchant Patria veritas tides Everett Pauper sed non in... Pugna pro patria, 1625 Reynolds Pugna pro patria, & "Paul Revere" Revere Pugna pro patria liberta Martin Purus sceleres Carter

Q Quae supra Roberts Quant je puis Sherburne Qui croit en Dieu croix Vail Qui me tanget... Si fractus fortis Foster Si je n'estoy Curwen Si je puis Livingston Si sit prudentia Eden Sic curre ut capias Currey, Curry Sic itur as astra. Optime de patria meruit Pease Sic parvis magna Drake Sic vos non vobis Sabine Sicut quaercus Chaloner Silenzio... Vincit omnia veritas Hyslop Vincit pericula virtus Thornton Vincit qui patitur Chester Colt, Disney, Lindsgeht, Merrill, Prescott, Rowe Vincit veritas Berry, Coote, Chambers, Haskell Virescit vulnere virtus Burner Virtue is honour Kendrick Virtue, liberty, and independence Barton Virtue...

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Last Updated: January 15th, 2021

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