Colors and Shapes of Heraldry

Colors And Shapes of Heraldry There are literally hundreds of different symbols that can appear on coats of arms. The colors that are chosen and even the shape of the shield itself can be of significance to the family. The use of animals and images on the shields meant different things at different times to different people. The colors that were used however were more constant as were the shapes on the shields: COLORS: Heraldic Modern Meaning Purpure Purple Justice, Sovereignty, Regal Gules Red Warrior , Martyr , Military Strength Azure Blue Strength , Loyalty Vert Green Hope , Loyalty in Love Sanguine Maroon Victorious , Patient in Battle Tawny Orange Worthwhile Ambition Sable Black Constancy , Grief METALS: Or Gold Noble, the Sun. Originally only princes could wear it. Argent Silver Sincerity, Peace, the Moon Shapes and Styles of Shields:

Name Description Represents Chief a bar across the top of the shield Dominion, authority, wisdom, achievement in battle Pale a center column on the shield - top to bottom Military strength, fortitude Bend a column from a top corner to opposite bottom corner A Knights scarf - signifies Defense Fess a center column - left to right Signifies the Military Belt - represents Honor Chevron a column shaped like ^ Roof of a house - signifies Protection, faithful service Cross self explanatory, top to bottom, left to right Christian, one who had served in the Crusades Saltire an x shaped cross going corner to corner St. Andrew's cross, signifying Resolution Pile A "V" shape on the front Wood used in bridge building - signifies construction, building Canton a small square located in the upper corner A flag 'added' to the arms, and may contain a charge granted by a Sovereign Bordure a border around the shield Honor, as used to differentiate between family members

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last updated on: September 13 2018

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