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Surnames W --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

NAME: WADE BLAZON: Gules on a saltire argent between four escallops or, a falcon's lure lined and ringed of the first. CREST: On a mount vert a rhinoceros argent. MOTTO:

NAME: WADE BLAZON: Argent a chevron between three pigeons' heads azure. CREST: A rhinocerous argent. MOTTO:

NAME: WAGNER BLAZON: De sable a un loup rampant d'arg, tenant entre ses pattes une roue de six rayons de gueules. CREST: Le lion issant. MOTTO:

NAME: WALKER BLAZON: Azure a griffin segreant or, a border ermine. CREST: A greyhound sejant collared and chained or. MOTTO:

NAME: WALL BLAZON: Azure a lion rampant between three crosses crosslet or. CREST: A naked arm embowed holding a scymitar the blade guttee de sang all proper. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: WALLACE BLAZON: Per pale azure and gules a lion rampant argent holding in his dexter paw a fleur-de-lis or. CREST: A horseshoe sable. MOTTO: Spe et industria.

NAME: WALSH BLAZON: Argent a fess azure between six martlets sable. CREST: A griffin's head erased argent. MOTTO: Firm.

NAME: WALSH BLAZON: Argent a chevron gules between three broad arrow heads points upwards sable. CREST: A sawn pierced through the back and breast with a dart all proper. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: WARD BLAZON: Azure a cross flory or. CREST: A wolf's head erased proper langued gules. MOTTO: Garde la croix.

NAME: WARRE BLAZON: Gules crusily fitchee argent a lion rampant of the last. CREST: Out of a ducal coronet or, a griffin's head argent in the beak a stag' MOTTO: Je trouve bien.

NAME: WARWICK BLAZON: Argent a fess sable fretty of the first between three fleurs-de-lis of the second. CREST: A leopard's face or. MOTTO:

NAME: WATKINS BLAZON: Argent three gauntlets proper. CREST: A cubit arm erect in armour, the hand holding the broken shaft of a ti MOTTO:

NAME: WATSON BLAZON: Azure a fess ermine between three suns or. CREST: On a chapeau gules turned up ermine a talbot statant of the second, co MOTTO:

NAME: WAUGH BLAZON: Azure on a fess argent between two stars in chief and a garb in base or, a fleur-de-lis gules. CREST: A garb vert, band argent. MOTTO: Industria ditat.

NAME: WAY BLAZON: Quarterly, 1st and 4th, azure three lucies haurient argent; 2nd and 3rd, sable two bars wavy argent on each three palets wavy gules. CREST: An arm in mail armour embowed proper holding in the hand a baton or, e MOTTO:

NAME: WEARE BLAZON: Argent on a bend vert between six crosses crosslet gules three crosiers or. CREST: A demi lion rampant argent holding in the dexter paw a cross crosslet MOTTO: Sumus ubi fuimus.

NAME: WEBB BLAZON: Sable three escallops in bend argent. CREST: A demi stag springing argent attired or. MOTTO:

NAME: WEDGEWOOD BLAZON: Gules four mullets argent a canton of the last. CREST: On a ducal coronet or, a lion passant argent. MOTTO:

NAME: WELDON BLAZON: Argent a mullet gules, ona chief of the second a demi lion rampant of the field. CREST: A demi llion rampant argent guttee de sang. MOTTO:

NAME: WELLS BLAZON: Or, a lion rampant guardant sable. CREST: A demi lion rampant sable. MOTTO:

NAME: WENDLER BLAZON: Prti: au 1 d'or a un coq de sable, pose sur un tertre de trois coupeaux de sinople; au 2 tierce en fasce d'argent; a teois roses, rangees en pal, de l'un a l'autre. Casque couronne. CREST: Deux proboscides coupees, a dextre d'or sur sable, a senestre d'argent MOTTO:

NAME: WERNER BLAZON: D'argent a la fasce d'azur, charge de trois etoiles (5) du champ. CREST: Une etoile (5) d'argent, entre deux plumes d'autruche d'azur. MOTTO:

NAME: WEST BLAZON: Argent a fess dancettee sable. CREST: Out of a ducal coronet or, a griffin's head azure beaked and eared gol MOTTO: Jour de ma vie.

NAME: WESTCOTE BLAZON: Argent a fess gules in chief three covered cups of the second. CREST: MOTTO:

NAME: WETZEL BLAZON: Coupe: au 1 d'or au lion naissant d'azur; au 2 d'azur a trois grenades de guerre d'or, allumees de gueules. CREST: Le lion, entre deux proboscides d'azur , ornees chacune a l'exterieur MOTTO:

NAME: WHEELER BLAZON: Or, a chevron between three leopard's faces sable. CREST: On a ducal coronet or, an eagle displayed gules. MOTTO:

NAME: WHEELER BLAZON: Or, a camel sable between two catharine wheels in pale azure on a chief of the last a catharine wheel argent enclosed by two bezants. CREST: A camel's head erased vert bezantee. MOTTO:

NAME: WHITING BLAZON: Azure a leopard's face or, between two flaunches ermine in chief three plates. CREST: A demi eagle displayed with two heads proper. MOTTO:

NAME: WIDMER BLAZON: De sable a une demi-ramuze de cerf en pal, accostee en haute de deux etoiles, et en bas de deux besants et accompagne d'un troisieme besants en pointe., le tout d'or. CREST: La demi ramure, entre un vol coupe alternativement d'or et de sable. MOTTO:

NAME: WIGGINS BLAZON: Gules three mullets argent a chief or. CREST: A spur or, between two wings proper. MOTTO:

NAME: WIGMORE BLAZON: Argent three greyhounds in pale courant sable collared or. CREST: A greyhound sejant argent collared gules ringed and garnished or. MOTTO:

NAME: WILKIN BLAZON: Gules on a chevron between three whelk shells argent a demi lion enclosed by two martlets sable. CREST: A dragon's head per pale argent and vert. MOTTO:

NAME: WILKINSON BLAZON: Gules a fess wavy between three unicorns' heads couped argent. CREST: Out of a mural coronet gules a unicorn's head couped argent. MOTTO:

NAME: WILLIAMS BLAZON: Or, a falcon volant azure. CREST: A bustard close. MOTTO:

NAME: WILLIAMS BLAZON: Or, a falcon volant azure. CREST: A bustard close. MOTTO:

NAME: WILSON BLAZON: Sable a wolf rampant or, in chief three estoiles of the last. CREST: A demi wolf rampant or, motto over, Pro legibus ac regibus. MOTTO:


NAME: WINGER BLAZON: Argent on a chevron between three mascles sable as many bezants. CREST: MOTTO:

NAME: WITTE BLAZON: De gules a deux demi-vols adosses d'argent, accompagne en chef de trois annelsts du meme, 2 et 1. CREST: Un vol d'agent. MOTTO:

NAME: WITTMANN BLAZON: Coupe: au 1 d'or a un homme issant, pose de front, mouvant du coupe, habille d'azure, ceint d'or, au rabat du meme, tenant de sa main dextre une couronne de laurier de sinople, la senestre appuyee sur la hanche; au 2 d'azur a une etoile d'or. Casque couronne. CREST: L'homme du 1, issant, tenant de sa main dextre la couronne de laurier MOTTO:

NAME: WOOD BLAZON: Sable, a bull passant argent. CREST: A demi lion rampant or, gorged with a wreath azure and gules, tied beh MOTTO:

NAME: WOODCOCK BLAZON: Azure, a fess ermine between three leopards passant or. CREST: A phoenix proper. MOTTO:

NAME: WOULFE BLAZON: Per fess argent and azure, in chief on a mount vert in front of an oak tree a wolf passant both proper, in base two salmon naiant barways in pale argent. CREST: A stork wings elevated sable. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: WRIGHT BLAZON: Azure two bars argent in chief three leopards' faces or. CREST: Out of a ducal coronet or, a dragon's head proper. MOTTO:

NAME: WYBURNE BLAZON: Sable three bars between as many mullets or. CREST: MOTTO:

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