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Surnames S --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

NAME: SAINT LAWRENCE BLAZON: Gules two swords in saltire, blades upwards proper hilts and pommels or, between four roses argent barbed and seeded proper. CREST: A sea lion per fesse argent and proper. MOTTO: Qui pause.

NAME: SALAZAR BLAZON: De sinople a une tour d'argent. CREST: MOTTO:

NAME: SALCEDO BLAZON: D'argent a un arbre arrache de sinople, charge d'un ecusson d'or, surcharge de cinq panelles de sinople, les tiges en haut, 2, 1 et 2. CREST: MOTTO:

NAME: SALERNO BLAZON: De gules a trois bandes d'azure. CREST: MOTTO:

NAME: SALMON BLAZON: Sable three salmons haurient or. CREST: An armed arm sable purfled or, issuing out of a cloud proper and holdi MOTTO:

NAME: SAMPSON BLAZON: Per bend or and gules a cross flory between two escallops in bend dexter and as many billets in bend sinister all counterchanged. CREST: A fret or, thereon a wivern's head erased gules collared and semee of billets gold. MOTTO: Pejus letho flagitium.

NAME: SAMUEL BLAZON: Gules on a cross between in the first and fourth quarters a lion rampant and in the second and third an eagle displayed argent a rose of the field. CREST: An eagle displayed argent above the head a crown gold. MOTTO: Habent sua sidera reges.

NAME: SAMUELS BLAZON: Argent two squirrels sejant and addorsed gules between two crosses formee fitchee in pale sable. CREST: On the stump of a tree couped proper sprouting on each side vert a squirrel sejant gules cracking a nut or, stalked and leaved also proper charged on the shoulder with a cross formee fitchee gold. MOTTO: Licet ex multo parvum.

NAME: SANDER BLAZON: Sable a chevron engrailed between three bulls' heads cabossed argent. CREST: None recorded. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SANDERS BLAZON: Argent a chevron gules between three elephants' heads erased sable on a chief azure a dagger erect proper pommel and hilt or, within two bezants. CREST: Out of a mural crown an elephant's head proper charged with a bezant. MOTTO: Nil conscire sibi nulla pallescere culpa.

NAME: SANDERSON BLAZON: Argent three bendlets sable. CREST: None recorded. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SANDYS BLAZON: Argent a fess dancettee between three crosses crosslet fitchee gules. CREST: A griffin segreant per fess or and gules. MOTTO:

NAME: SARGENT BLAZON: Argent a chevron between three dolphins naiant sable. CREST: None recorded. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SARSFIELD BLAZON: Per paleargent and gules a fleur-de-lis counterchanged. CREST: None recorded. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SARTORI BLAZON: D'oro al leone di rosso, rivolto, tenente una forbice di nero, e movente dalla campagna d'azzurro carica di una banda d'oro. CREST: MOTTO:

NAME: SAULNIER BLAZON: D'azur au chevron d'or, accompagne en chef de deux roses d'argent et en pointe d'une etoile du sec. CREST: MOTTO:

NAME: SAUNDER BLAZON: Argent a lion rampant azure crowned gules on a border of the second eight fleurs-de-lis or. CREST: None recorded. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SAUNDERS BLAZON: Per chevron argent and sable three elephants' heads erased counterchanged. CREST: An elephant's head erased argent. MOTTO: Spes mea in Deo.

NAME: SAUNDERSON BLAZON: Paly of six argent and azure on a bend sable three annulets or. CREST: On a mount vert a talbot sable eared or, spotted gold. MOTTO: Je suis veillant a plaire.

NAME: SAUVAGE BLAZON: Parti: au 1 d'or a un sauvage de carnation, ceint et couronne de lierre, tennant une massue sur son epaule; au 2 d'azur au lion d'or, arme et lampasse de gueules. Casque courrone. Lambrequins: D'or et d'azur. CREST: Le sauvage issant. MOTTO: Deus Juvat.

NAME: SAVAGE BLAZON: Argent six lions rampant sable langued gules. CREST: Out of a ducal coronet or, a lion's gamb erect sable. MOTTO: Fortis atque fidelis.

NAME: SAWYER BLAZON: Azure a fess chequy or and sable between three seapies argent. CREST: A talbot guardant proper. MOTTO: Cherches et tu trouveras.

NAME: SAY BLAZON: Quarterly or and gules. CREST: Out of a ducal coronet or, a bull's head sable armed argent. MOTTO:

NAME: SAYER BLAZON: Gules a chevron between three seapies argent. CREST: A hand holding a dragon's head erased all proper. MOTTO:

NAME: SCHAUB BLAZON: De sable a un belier rampant d'or. CREST: Le belier, issant. MOTTO:

NAME: SCHEMEL BLAZON: D'azur a une etoile d'or a dextre et un croissant figure tourne du meme a senestre. Casque couronne. CREST: Un demi-vol aux armes de l'ecu. MOTTO:

NAME: SCHMIDT BLAZON: D'argent au lion de gueules tenant un marteau d'argent, emmanche au naturel. CREST: Le lion issant. MOTTO:

NAME: SCHNABEL BLAZON: Coupe d'azur sur or, a un buste d'homme de profil avec un nez tres-allonge de l'un en l'autre, le buste boutonne d'or, et coiffe d'un chapeau albanais d'azur, retrousse de gules. CREST: Le buste. MOTTO:

NAME: SCHRADER BLAZON: D'argent a une tete et col de lion de gueules, couronne d'or. Casque couronne. CREST: La tete de lion, entre un vol de sable MOTTO:

NAME: SCHROEDER BLAZON: D'argent chape-ploye de gules, l'argent charge d'un arbre terrasse de sinople. Cawsque couronne. CREST: Un arbre de sinople, entre deux proboscides coupees alternativement de MOTTO:

NAME: SCHULTES BLAZON: De gules a un cygne d'argent, le vol leve, la premiere aile charge d'un ecusson d'azur surcharge d'une rose d'or. Casque couronne. CREST: Les meubles de l'ecu MOTTO:

NAME: SCHULTZE BLAZON: Ecartele de sable et de gules A la banniere, brochant sur le tout, ecartelee d'argent et de or, charge d'une aigle ecartelee de sable sur l'argent et de gules sur l'or, becque et membre d'or; la trabe de la banniere posee a dextre en pal. Casque couronne. CREST: Un vol, l'aile dextre ecartele d'argent, de gules, de or et de sable; MOTTO:

NAME: SCHUMACHER BLAZON: D'azur a une hache de charoutier d'argent, le manche en haut. CREST: Trois plumes d'autruche, une d'argent entre deux d'azur. MOTTO:

NAME: SCHWEITZER BLAZON: Parti d'argent et de gueules; a un Suisse, brochant sur le parti, habille d'azur, coiffe d'une toque du meme, l'epee a la hanche. Casque couronne. Lambrequins: A dextre sur or d'azur, a senestre d'argent et de gueules. CREST: Un bras, pare d'azur seme de boutons d'or, la main de carnation brandi MOTTO:

NAME: SCHWENCK BLAZON: De sable a deux bandes d'or, accompagne en chef d'un levrier courant en bande d'argent, collete et boucle d'or. CREST: Le levrier, issant, entre deux proboscides de sable, celle a dextre ch MOTTO:

NAME: SCOFIELD BLAZON: Argent a fess between three bull's heads couped gules. CREST: A bulls head gules collared argent attired or. MOTTO:

NAME: SCOTT BLAZON: Or, on a bend azure a star between two crescents of the field, a bordure compony gules and argent. CREST: An anchor in pale enwrapt with a cable proper. MOTTO: Sperandum.

NAME: SCROGGS BLAZON: Argent on a bend azure between two greyhounds courant bendways sable three cornish coughs or. CREST: A pewit's head argent collared sable wings endorsed bendy of four or a MOTTO:

NAME: SEARLE BLAZON: Argent a chevron sable between three wood doves proper. CREST: On a mount vert a greyhound sejant argent collared gules. MOTTO:

NAME: SEARS BLAZON: Gules a chevron argent between three eaglets proper on a chief ermine an escallop between two mullets of the first. CREST: An eagle displayed wings inverted proper. MOTTO: Honor et fides.

NAME: SEFTON (MOLYNEUX, EARL OF SEFTON) BLAZON: Azure, a cross moline or. CREST: A chapeau gules turned up ermine adorned with a plume ofpeacock's feat MOTTO: Vivere sat vincere.

NAME: SEIDEL BLAZON: Parti d'argent et de gules; a un croissant d'azure, brochant sur le parti. CREST: Un croiss d'azure; entre un vol, d'argent et de gules. MOTTO:

NAME: SELBY BLAZON: Barry of eight sable and or. CREST: A Saracen's head proper. MOTTO: Semper sapit suprema.

NAME: SELLERS BLAZON: Gules a chevron between three covered cups argent. CREST: A demi swan, wings endorsed argent. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SERMON BLAZON: Azure a griffin passant argent. CREST: A crescent sable issuing from between the horns a cross crosslet fitch MOTTO:

NAME: SERRA BLAZON: De gules a une scie d'argent, en pal. CREST: MOTTO:

NAME: SEXTON BLAZON: Argent a chevron gules between in dexter chief a spear's head, in sinister chief a pheon, and in base a horseshoe, all azure points down. CREST: A pheon azure. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SHARP BLAZON: Argent a fess azure between two cross croslets fitchee in chief and a mullet in base sable a bordure wavy gules. CREST: A celestial crown or. MOTTO: Pro mitra coronam.

NAME: SHARPE BLAZON: Or, a leopard's face azure between three falcons' heads erased sable on a border invected gules ten bezants. CREST: A wolf's head erased per pale or and azure on the neck a horseshoe argent. MOTTO: En Dieu est tout.

NAME: SHAW BLAZON: Azure three mullets in fess between as many covered cups argent. CREST: A hand holding up a covered cup proper. MOTTO: I mean well.

NAME: SHEFFIELD BLAZON: Ermine on a chevron azure with cotises engrailed between three garbs gules an anchor erect or, between two bezants. CREST: A garb in fess or, surmounted by a boar's head erased at the neck azur MOTTO:

NAME: SHERLE BLAZON: Azure two bendlets argent. CREST: None recorded. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SHIPTON BLAZON: Argent three pairs of bellows sable two and one. CREST: An eel naiant proper. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SHIRGLEY BLAZON: Sable a man's leg couped below the knee argent. CREST: None recorded. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SILK BLAZON: Azure a cross or. CREST: A greyhound courant argent collared azure. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SILLY BLAZON: Ermine three chevronels gules. CREST: None recorded. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SILVESTRE BLAZON: D'argent a un sauvage de carnation ceint et couronne de lierre, arme d'une massue reposant sur le sol; ledit sauvage pose de front entre deux bosquets de sinople mouvant des flancs de l'ecu; le tout soutenu d'une terrasse de sable. CREST: MOTTO:

NAME: SINGLER BLAZON: D'argent a trois roses mal-ordonnees de gules, tigees et feuillees de sinople, mouvant d'un coeur de gules, soutenu d'un tertre de trois coupeaux de sinople. CREST: Les meubles de l'ecu (sans tertre). MOTTO:

NAME: SKENE BLAZON: Sable a chevron between three hawk's bells or. CREST: A hart's head couped or. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SKIDDIE BLAZON: Gules a chevron argent between three stirrups or. CREST: None recorded. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SLEECH BLAZON: Chequy or and gules a sinister canton argent. CREST: None recorded. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SLEIGH BLAZON: Gules a chevron between three owls or. CREST: None recorded. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SLIE BLAZON: Gules a chevron between three owls argent. CREST: None recorded. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SMITH BLAZON: Per fesse argent and gules a bend between two fleur-de-lis counterchanged. CREST: A fleur-de-lis argent. MOTTO: Benigno Numine.

NAME: SMITH BLAZON: Sable a fess cotised wavy between three martlets or. CREST: A talbot statant sable collared and chain reflexed over the back or. MOTTO:

NAME: SOBIESKI BLAZON: D'or a un bouclier ovale de pourpre; ou, de gules a un bouclier ovale de couleur bronzee. Casque couronne. CREST: Une queue de paon au naturel. MOTTO:

NAME: SOLERS BLAZON: Play of six or and azure a bend gules. CREST: None recorded. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SOUTHALL BLAZON: Quarterly, gules and or, on a bend argent a martlet between two cinquefoils of the first. CREST: A rock sable. MOTTO:

NAME: SPAIN BLAZON: Quarterly, vert and or, over all a baton of the second. CREST: None recorded. MOTTO: None recorded.

NAME: SPALDING BLAZON: Argent a two-handed sword in pale azure. CREST: MOTTO:

NAME: SPAULDING BLAZON: Per fess azure and argent a pale counterchanged. Over all on a chevron argent between 3 buckles 3 elephant's heads gorged with ducal coronets or. CREST: A Bishop's mitre or banded gules. MOTTO: Hinc mihi salus.

NAME: SPIESS BLAZON: D'azur a la bande de gules; et deux barres d'argent, brochant sur le tout, la premiere charge de trois coisettes de gules et la second de trois annelets du meme. CREST: Un homme, habille de gules, tenant de sa main dextre une croisette de MOTTO:

NAME: SPRATT BLAZON: Vert three quatrefoils slipped or. CREST: Two battle axes saltireways proper. MOTTO:

NAME: STALEY BLAZON: Argent a chevron azure between three fusils sable. CREST: MOTTO:

NAME: STAMBACH BLAZON: In R. ein mit drei r. Rosen belegter s. Sparren. CREST: Der sparren zwischen zwei s. -- r. Hornern, die aussen mit drei r. s. MOTTO:

NAME: STANCLIFFE BLAZON: Argent, a palet dancettee cottised plain gules, on a chief arched of the last three roses of the first. CREST: On a wreath of the colors, in front of a stag's head erased proper, tw MOTTO: Juste et Droit.

NAME: STANGL BLAZON: Coupe: au 1 d.argent a un More issant, habille de gules, tortille d'argent et de gules, ceint d'or, au rabat du meme, tenant un baton d'or; au 2 de gules plein. Casque courrone. CREST: Le More, issant. MOTTO:

NAME: STARKE BLAZON: Argent a chevron between three lions' heads reased or. CREST: Out of a ducal coronet or, a stag's head guardant gules armed or. MOTTO:

NAME: STEADMAN BLAZON: Argent a chevron gules between three boars' heads couped sable. CREST: A demi griffin or. MOTTO:

NAME: STETTEN BLAZON: D'or a trois losange d'azur, appointees en bande. CREST: Une tete et col de chien braque, aux armes de l'ecu. MOTTO:

NAME: STOCKLI BLAZON: D'azur a un baton d'argent a pommeau de gueules, brochant sur deux batons d'or, passes en sautoir; le tout accoste de deux etoiles d'or. Lambrequin: D'or et d'azur. CREST: Les meubles de l'ecu, soutenus d'un tertre rocheux d'argent. MOTTO:

NAME: STOCKLI BLAZON: De gueules a une fleche d'argent, posee en bande, le bois doublement croise. CREST: Un vol aux armes de l'ecu (sur l'aile dextre la fleche est posee en ba MOTTO:

NAME: STONE BLAZON: Per pale or and gules an eagle displayed with two heads counterchanged. CREST: A spaniel passant argent. MOTTO:

NAME: STONE BLAZON: Per pale or and gules an eagle displayed with two heads counterchanged. CREST: A spaniel passant argent. MOTTO:

NAME: STOWELL BLAZON: Gules a cross masculee argent. CREST: A dove, wings expanded argent holding in the beak an olive branch prop MOTTO:

NAME: STROUD BLAZON: Argent a chevron between three conies courant sable. CREST: On a mount proper a savin tree vert, fructed gules. MOTTO: Hyeme viresco.

NAME: STUDLER BLAZON: # s. schragrechtsgetheilt, mit rechtsgewendetem Steinbock verwechs. Tinctur. CREST: # s. der Lange nach gestreifter Steinbocksrumpf. MOTTO:

NAME: SUTHERLAND BLAZON: Gules three mullets or, within a bordure wavy of the last. CREST: A cat salient proper. MOTTO: Sans peur.

NAME: SVENDSEN BLAZON: Coupe d'argent sur sable; a une etoile (5) de sable de l'un en l'autre. CREST: Une etoile (5) coupee de sable sur argent, entre deux proboscides coup MOTTO:

NAME: SWEENEY BLAZON: Argent on a fess vert between three boars passant sable a lizard passant proper. CREST: A demi griffin rampant argent wings elevated and claws gules. MOTTO: Buail tre cabhair a buaig.

NAME: SWEETAPLE BLAZON: Vert on a pale argent three roses gules on a chief of the second as many apples of the third, slipped of the first. CREST: In a mural crown a plain cross gules. MOTTO:

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